Hindu Studies Online


Hindu Studies Online
The Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies online
courses give an excellent, thorough grounding
in the beliefs, practices, and traditions of Hindu
culture and their impact on Hindu identity.
The OCHS brings the best academic standards
online with first-class tutors using the latest
course-delivery software creating a community
of learning.
“The tutors, the course design, the content –
it’s like having Oxford in your pocket!”
Fr Dennis Nichols, Anglican minister, USA
Understanding Hindu Identity | Vedas and Upanishads
Bhagavad-gita | Mahabharata and Ramayana
Hindu Studies Online
With the Oxfor d Centr e for Hindu Studies
Study when it suits you!
»» Courses run for seven weeks
»» All materials delivered online
»» Your tutor is available by email
»» Forums make it easy to share with tutors and
fellow students
»» Lectures available in video and mp3
»» Lecture notes available online and as pdf
»» Audio interviews with specialists in Hindu
Studies at Oxford University
»» Supplementary materials from the OCHS
teaching and research programme
»» Essay-based assessment (optional)
The Oxford Centre for Hindu
Studies is an institute for the
study of Hindu culture, religion,
languages, literature, philosophy,
history, arts, and society, in all
periods and parts of the world.
Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies
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