SUPPORT OUR TROOPS Sunday, March 13th Greg Norman`s


SUPPORT OUR TROOPS Sunday, March 13th Greg Norman`s
is hosting a benefit
“Scents for Soldiers”
with Christina Shealy
to help bring some of the
"Wounded Warriors" from
Walter Reed Hospital,
Camp Lejeune & Ft Mead, etc.
to the B E A C H!
Sunday, March 13th
Greg Norman’s
Australian Grille
(Barefoot Landing) 2:30 - 5:00 pm
There will be music, delicious hors d’oeuvres,
happy hour drinks & lots of fun! Accepting donations of
$8 per person/$15 per couple
Or you can donate any of the items listed below…
GIFT CARDS: (Restaurant, shopping or Gas cards.) Electronic games,
music, DVD’s, portable DVD players, IPODS, etc. CLOTHING:
Zippered hooded sweatshirts, PJs for men & women (M, L, XL), slipper
socks, etc. FOOD: Cookies, pies, cakes, pies, snack items, microwave
popcorn, etc. PERSONAL : Toiletries, Axe body spray, combs, brushes,
and ponytail holders, etc. Misc: Wallets, Renuzit Crystal Elements,
magazines (new), stamps, paper, playing cards, weight lifting gloves, etc.
BABY items: baby diapers, pull ups, baby wipes, etc.
How will you express your gratitude?
What is your freedom worth?
Support Our Troops
Greg Norman’s
Australian Grille
Honoring those who give so much
and working together to let our
soldiers know we care.