update - Goosewaddle


update - Goosewaddle
by Donald McDermott
1 Nightly bedtime battles are no more with Melody Mates™.The collection of sweet,
slumber-inducing cushions come complete with a soft pillow, detachable blanket,
soothing lullabies, and LED lights that gently evoke starry skies.
2 Endless Games encourages families to give their kids a Passover or an Easter gift
that will last a lifetime. Check out board games like the physically challenging Crazy
Legs or Cupcake Race, the game that is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth.
3 The ultimate baby mat, the Gymotion™ Activity Playland from Yookidoo® is a colorful, on-the-go fun activity gym specially designed for multiple stages of your baby’s
development. www.creativekidstuff.com
6 Science, technology, engineering, arts, and math (STEAM) come together for
kids in exciting and educational new activities such as the DIY Prisma Paper
Chess Set and the Rami tree-building kit from Lupe Toys. www.lupetoys.com
7 Equipped with molded plastic and a removable elastic strap, the Kid Lid offers a
simple and innovative new way to protect computer keys from little fingers and
unwanted typing that disrupts movies, games, and video chats. www.kidlid.com
8 GooseWaddle baby blankets are unbelievably soft, available in classic colors,
and come in full and blankie sizes. And for every product purchased, the company will donate a super soft receiving blanket to a child in need.
4 Dedicated to decking out your little hero or heroine, Superherostuff.com is the
wildly popular superhero-themed site for everything from tees, hoodies, hats, and
shoes to backpacks and lunchboxes. www.superherostuff.com
9 Offering the comfort and quality all babies deserve at a price all parents will
appreciate, LOVE by Little Giraffe is your new go-to brand for everyday plush
blankets, toys, and more.
5 Available now at Amazon.com and iTunes, Daycare Dance Party is a brand-new CD
with an exciting mix of pop, hip-hop, and country styles from Hailey, Bailey, and Jazz.
10 Dedicated to providing families with carriers and accessories that are smart,
simple and stylish, Baby K’tan’s new Nifty Shades of Grey limited-edition print is a
versatile, eye-catching wrap that slips on like a T-shirt. www.babyktan.com
Go to www.parentguidenews.com for a chance to win these great prizes!
SK- April 2015
Donald McDermott is the managing editor.