Fine Arts Week - Kalayaan College



Fine Arts Week - Kalayaan College
Official Newsletter of Kalayaan College
APRIL 2008
“The truth will set you free.”
Volume 7, No. 10
KC‟s Fourth Commencement Exercises
Inside this issue:
A Note from the
Conversation with
F. Sionil Jose
Japanese Students
from SOKA
Greens „R Us
Candidates for
Fine Arts Week:
Fine Arts Week
Kalayaan College
in Action
Messages to the
Class of 2008
This special issue of the KC Newsletter
is dedicated to the fourth batch of graduating students who fulfilled their requirements in AY 2007-2008.
popularizing the
The commencement exercises will be
held on April 26, 2008 at Teatro Marikina
with retired Supreme Court Associate Justice Flerida Ruth P. Romero as guest of
honor and commencement speaker.
In charge of revising
amending Book I
of the Civil Code,
“Mother of the
Family Code.” The Code was signed
into law by President Corazon C. Aquino
in 1987.
There are 30 graduating students, 3 of
whom are graduating with honors: 1
magna cum laude and 2 cum laude. They
are: Andrea Francesca F. Buencamino,
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (magna
cum laude), Arabella Ramona C. Rivera,
Bachelor of Arts in Journalism (cum
laude), and Erin Joan C. Yang (cum laude).
Honor diplomas will also be awarded to
the following students who have excelled
in their major fields: Maria Reyzle Lyn D.
Baytion, Bachelor of Early Childhood Care
and Development;
Augusto Carlo B.
Juarez, Bachelor of Arts in Public Administration; Leo Andrew C. Lao, Bachelor of
Science in Computer Science; and
Rachelle S. Tibayan, Bachelor of Arts in
Our Commencement Speaker:
Flerida Ruth P. Romero, Supreme Court
Justice from 1991 to 1999, began her career as a dedicated and insightful professor
at the University of the Philippines and as
Director of the U.P. Law Center where she
spearheaded significant actions in legal
Under Justice Romero‟s able direction,
the Law Center pioneered in legal education, holding conferences and fora on
various aspects of the law for judges of
the lower courts and bar review classes.
It also initiated an educational program
for ordinary citizens in schools, NGOs
and barangays to familiarize them with
their rights and responsibilities under the
Justice Romero is similarly wellknown as a specialist in labor relations
law. She taught at the U.P. Asian Labor
Education Center and was appointed the
first Labor Arbitrator by the government
in 1972. She has written and lectured on
the subject and has presented papers on
labor-management relations at national
and international conferences. She has
the distinction of being the first Filipino
to be appointed Judge of the Administrative Tribunal of the International Labour
Organization in Geneva, a position she
held from 2000-2005.
APRIL 2008
A Note from the Editor
Conversation with F. Sionil Jose,
National Artist for Literature
Undoubtedly the most highly charged
moment in your life as students is graduation. It
is the climax of your strivings, the culmination
of all your efforts (and four years of lost sleep).
Equally important, it marks a major transition
period from your life as a student to life in the
real world. Ahead are new beginnings, new
possibilities, new hopes--- a totally new life.
This is your moment and we share your sense
of excitement and anticipation. We are
confident that the skills you learned in
emotional and spiritual values you imbibed
through four years of learning will pay off in the
years ahead.. As you learned to discipline
yourselves, to buckle down to work in your
struggle with tough assignments, to respond to
teachers who challenged but nurtured you, to
develop camaraderie with your fellow students
who worked with you on projects that demanded
a high degree of competence and creativity, you
have come a long way indeed from the fresh
young men and women who entered Kalayaan
College four years ago. In those four years, you
have come to discover yourselves and learned to
make decisions on your own as mature
Now as you leave the nest, may you continue
to hold fast to your ideals and be true to your
selves. And as you learn to fly, may the Kalayaan
College experience be part of the wind that holds
up your wings,
Congratulations, dear graduates. Good luck
and God speed.
Thelma B Kintanar
Editorial Staff
Dr. Thelma B. Kintanar
Dr. Emeteria P. Lee
Jaclyn Marie L. Cauyan
Riverbanks Center, Marikina City
Telefax: (632) 998-1724 and (632) 934-4865
E-mail: [email protected]
From left to right: Dr. Thelma Kintanar introduces the guest speaker; students listening to the speaker; F. Sionil Jose shares his experiences; and the
library’s collection of the author’s books.
The Journalism Program invited National Artist Francisco
Sionil Jose to have a “Conversation” with its students on journalism
in the Philippines.
Well known for his fiction, Mr. Jose has also had a
distinguished career as a journalist. He was for many years editor of
various publications of The Manila Times (i.e. The Manila Times in
the 50s and 60s when it was one of the largest and most prestigious
newspapers in the Philippines) and was editor of the weekly Asia
Magazine in Hongkong in the 60s.
Most important, he founded, edited and published Solidarity in
1966. For many years, it came out every quarter, covering social,
political and cultural issues not just in the Philippines but in
Southeast Asia, and publishing new and established writers in the
region.. Some of the best thinkers from Southeast Asia wrote in its
pages or participated in seminars it sponsored on issues like land
reform, the squatter problem and slums in the city, public health and
population, etc. Every two years, it sponsored a conference of young
writers in the region and published their recent works. It fully lived
up to its billing as a journal on current affairs, ideas and the arts.
Sionil Jose stressed that journalists, particularly in the
Philippines must have a sense of history and a sense of nation. Only
from these perspectives can they fully understand the depth and
complexity of our poverty, not just of body, which is grave indeed,
but also in many ways, of mind and spirit. He also stressed how
literature illuminates journalism; literature, as he has said many
times, “presents us with problems, complex equations that deal with
the human spirit and how often the choice between right and wrong
is made. In this process, we are compelled to use our conscience, to
validate the choice we make, and render the meaning, the pith of our
APRIL 2008
Japanese Students from SOKA University
Left photo: Fourth
batch of Japanese
students during their
courtesy call with
the KC Officers
Kalayaan College welcomed the fifth batch of SOKA
University visiting students namely Yoko Fujiki, Shinichi Nakano,
Ai Murakami, Hideyuki Sambommatsu, Satoko Suga, Yuko
Tokunaga, Nobuo Toyama, and Akio Yanagisawa last January 30,
2008. They enrolled in the intensive English proficiency program of
KC which lasted for three weeks. The class was taught by Prof.
Bernadette Pablo and Prof. Teresita Ignacio. A culminating activity
was held on February 18, 2008 where the Japanese students
prepared a short program with a choral presentation, a mini-skit, a
song, and dance numbers, with KC officers, faculty, staff and
invited students in attendance. A short fellowship followed.
Subsequently, another group of Japanese students from SOKA
University taking English classes at UP Diliman visited our College
last February 21, 2008. During the brief program, the students were
given by the KC officers a brief orientation about the College‟s
vision and mission and the partnership between SOKA and KC. The
students were given a chance to mingle with the KC students during
the break. An insightful exchange of ideas followed when the
students asked our President, Dr. Abueva, questions about learning,
good governance, and life in general.
Right photo: Japanese students with
KC Officers and their
teachers, Prof. Teresita Ignacio and Prof.
Bernadette Pablo
during the Closing
The continuing program of SOKA and KC strengthens the ties
between the two institutions as well as exposes the students to the
cultures of the countries involved.
Greens „R Us
Greens „R Us, an organic trade show initiated by Kalayaan
College‟s Business Alliance Organization in cooperation with
Riverbanks Development Center and Organic Producers Trade
Association (OPTA), was held last March 1, 2008 at the Riverbanks
Mall Activity Area. It featured different products such as organic rice,
vinegar, soaps, vinaigrettes, and other organic goods from local
organic producers such as Pamora farms and other independent
producers and a seminar about organic products. The event aimed to
promote entrepreneurship among Business Administration students in
KC as well as other business schools; promote environmental
awareness and also celebrate Women‟s Month.
Left: A participant
receives a Certificate
of Recognition from
Dr. Jose Abueva and
Ms. Ching Maipid of
Riverbanks Development Corporation
Bottom: Participants
pose for a picture with
Dr. Abueva and Ms.
The seminar, with its theme, Doing Business with Nature, aimed
to encourage a different way of doing business in a sustainable way.
Different colleges such as OLOPS College and PSBA were the few
colleges who sent representatives to the event.
In her opening remarks, Dr. Thelma B. Kintanar welcomed the
guests to the seminar. Undersecretary Teresita Castillo of DENR was
the keynote speaker. Ms. Mara Pardo de Tavera, a well known pioneer
in organic products in the Philippines talked about the difference
between real organic producers and fraudulent organic producers. Ms.
Arestina Jurados (Pamora Farms), Dr. Erwin Cruz (a veterinarian), and
Mr. Antonio de Castro gave examples of businesses such as Free
Range Chicken, Grimo Chicken and Vermi culture respectively.
At the end of the seminar, students from different universities and
colleges were acknowledged by KC President Dr. Jose V. Abueva.
They were awarded certificates of participation by Kalayaan College.
Planned as early as December 2007, the event proved
successful and demonstrated the resourcefulness and environmental
awareness of KC Business Administration students. Therese Anne
M. Tuason, BS Business Administration.
APRIL 2008
Candidates for Graduation
Ferlyn R. Alfon
BA Public Administration
Juancho Lorenzo A. Ancheta
Certificate in Fine Arts
Eldon Vincent T. Anselmo
Certificate in Fine Arts
Edgar Joseph A. Baltazar Jr.
BA Psychology
Juan Paolo V. Banaag
BA Psychology
Glenys Alene T. Banal
BA Journalism
Maria Reyzle Lyn D. Baytion
B Early Childhood Care and
Andrea Francesca F. Buencamino
BA Journalism
Paolo Jose R. Cantiller
Associate in Arts and Sciences
Cled D. Ceballos
B Early Childhood Care and
Honors Diploma
Magna Cum Laude
Emil Xavier S. Cruz
BA Journalism
Leonil Fernando R. Cutab
BA Psychology
Maria Katrina V. Dayrit
BS Business Administration
Maria Jesusa C. De Jesus
B Early Childhood Care and
JK Amir L. Demeterio
BS Business Administration
Adrian Raymond Gil P. Espiritu
BA Public Administration
Augusto Carlo B. Juarez
BA Public Administration
Honors Diploma
Leo Andrew C. Lao
BS Computer Science
Anna Katrina L. Liscano
BA Public Administration
Matthew Z. Marte
BS Psychology
Honors Diploma
APRIL 2008
Juan Paolo A. Martinez
BS Business Administration
Francis Javier B. Nicolas
BS Psychology
Lorenzo Miguel B. Quimson
BS Computer Science
Jean-Michael B. Red
Certificate in Fine Arts
Arabella Ramona C. Rivera
BA Journalism
Cum Laude
Conrad Jerbie M. San Jose
BA Psychology
Rachelle S. Tibayan
BA Journalism
Honors Diploma
Therese Anne M. Tuason
BS Business Administration
Eugene P. Volante
BS Business Administration
Erin Joan C. Yang
BA Journalism
Cum Laude
Fine Arts Week: “Mapagpalayang Katotohanan”
Kalayaan College held its annual Fine Arts Week from February
26 to March 1, 2008. The event was hosted by the school‟s Fine Arts
students with the theme, “Mapagpalayang Katotohanan” in celebration of truthful freedom. The event also launched the Fine Arts‟ organization called LOKAL (Likhang Operta sa Kalayaan). The festive event was spearheaded by faculty moderators Ms. Roselle
Pineda and Ms. Teta Tulay together with LOKAL‟s Chairperson, Ali
Another National Artist Visits KC
As an opening event, the committee put up an art exhibit at the
Kalayaan College lobby which showcased the masterpieces of our
very own talents. Abdulmari Imao, National Artist for Sculpture,
opened the exhibit and later gave a talk on the Ukil, as an original
Filipino motif in art.
The first four days of the FA week were packed with art fora and
art workshops. The topics discussed during the fora are the following: NPC Press Freedom Mural Controversy (by Neo-Angono Artist
Collective), State of Culture and the Arts (Sinag Bayan Arts Collective), Independent Filmmakers Dialogue (Jon Red, Ricky Orellana,
Souther Tagalog Exposure and student filmmakers). The workshops
centered on: Mural-Making (Neo-Angono Artists Collective), Songwriting (Bobby Balingit), Poster-making (Boy Dominguez), and
Silkscreen Printing (Don Salubayba).
The five-day festivity ended with a concert held in the Porch along
Katipunan Ave. Extension. The venue was packed with KC students
and outsiders alike enjoying the lively music and the high-spirited
crowd. The concert featured stellar acts from different bands composed of Kalayaan College Students. John Kalvin G. Carreon, LOKAL Organization Committee Head.
From left to right: Dr. Abdulmari Imao; his other works
Dr. Abdulmari Asia Imao, National Artist for Sculpture, graced
the first day of the Fine Arts week by opening the art exhibit and
giving a talk on the Ukil. He is the second National Artist to visit
KC this year.
The first Muslim to be honored as National Artist for Sculpture, he is also a painter, ceramicist, documentary film maker,
cultural researcher, and writer. He is best known for his indigenous Ukil, sarimanok, naga motifs, Islamic calligraphic sculptures, and the sari mosque. Through his works, he has helped
revitalize Muslim art by fusing the traditional and the contemporary.
APRIL 2008
Fine Arts Week
APRIL 2008
Kalayaan College in Action
APRIL 2008
Messages to KC
Class of 2008
As you complete your studies with us, dear Graduates, I wish to
remind you of a basic commitment and some ideas that we at KC have
endeavored to inculcate in you and would like you to pursue in life.
In accordance with our Vision we hope to have instilled in you as
budding professionals and leaders “a commitment to the ideal of building a
just and humane society, fulfilling the material and spiritual needs of our
nation, and contributing to global peace and human development.”
Learning from each other as teachers and students, we have also
sought to:
Develop your critical and creative faculties in the basic fields of
knowledge as the foundation of your professional education;
Develop your skills in communication in Filipino and English,
mathematical reasoning, and scientific thinking to help you to
compete in our fast-changing environment;
Deepen your appreciation of our ethnic and cultural diversity and
encourage you to enhance your proficiency in your mother
tongue or regional language;
Deepen your understanding of Filipino social and cultural
realities and their transformation in the light of accelerating
Acquaint you with developments in Information Technology (IT)
and its use in research and the creation of new knowledge;
Imbue you with a sense of history and a social conscience as
you participate in the nation’s development and social
Enhance your appreciation of the visual and performing arts and
how these can enrich your lives;
Make you understand the meaning and responsible exercise of
human rights and academic freedom in a democracy; and thus
Help you to become true professionals and good leaders and
citizens fully conscious of your rights and duties in promoting the
common good and national interest, and the welfare of
I wish to impress upon you the truth that fulfilling the fundamental
commitment and some of the objectives I have stated above will require
your continuing interest and effort. But let me also assure you that their
fulfillment will be to your own benefit and satisfaction and for the common
Congratulations! May God Almighty bless you and your family.
Once again, congratulations. May the road you take lead you to a
meaningful future. Though parts of it may be narrow, winding, rocky or
uneven, we know you will eventually find your way to a brave new world
where freedom and justice prevail. Our good wishes go with you.
Vice President for Academic Affairs
I extend my warmest congratulations to our students who are
graduating this year. They have gone through four years of rigorous mental
work in college. Now they must face up to the unforgiving demands of the
real world. They would need all the learning they acquired in school to
meet these challenges but purely intellectual ability, no matter how
exceptional, would not be enough. They would need the ability to work with
real people, to cooperate with them, perhaps even to lead them, in order to
achieve their life’s goals. There is no doubt in my mind that they have these
I wish our graduates all success in their endeavors.
Vice President for Finance and Development
Congratulations to you all. As you leave the portals of Kalayaan
College to work out your future, in truth, our common future, we feel sad to
bid you farewell. We are nonetheless glad, knowing that we have invested
in the next generation. You are our human capital. You belong to the
significant number who will become the next generation parents, teachers,
bankers, artists, media practitioners, leaders and professionals in all walks
of life. We hope Kalayaan College has helped instill in you the values of
love of country and responsible and active citizenship, not only technical
knowledge and skills.
We pray you can face both mundane and esoteric problems like the
rice and water shortage, the thirst for truth (“The truth will set you free.”),
climate change and other challenges you are heir to. Be not complacent.
Always do your bit.
Go forth and enjoy your youth and countless blessings even as you
realize that Filipinas kong mahal and planet Earth need your energies,
idealism, brains and brawn. God bless you always.
Vice President for Student Affairs
Congratulations! It has been a long haul but you have successfully
completed all the requirements of your respective courses. You have
hurdled all the challenges and difficulties involving long hours spent on
myriad readings, researches, papers, examinations, et al; interspersed with
various activities both academic and non-academic.
Now you are ready to face the future – with confidence in your
enhanced ability and personal strength – and go on to the next stage of
your life: work and/or further studies.
May God bless you.

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