The Perfect Post Surgery Garments for Recovery and Beyond



The Perfect Post Surgery Garments for Recovery and Beyond
“THANK YOU on behalf of my
breast surgery patients! Your
products are very useful and
comforting to them. Many women
have no idea what their options are
after surgery. SOFTEE® makes the
time between surgery and recovery
emotionally easier. My staff, my
patients, and I agree that the
SOFTEE® products are wonderful.”
Stephen L. Rubin, M.D., P.C.
Surgeon Director,
Oregon Breast Center
All SOFTEE® styles are:
· Designed by a breast cancer survivor
· Covered by medicare and most insurance
· Constructed from soft cotton-poly fabric
· Prewashed for immediate wear and perfect sizing
· Latex-free, hypoallergenic and skin-friendly
· Easily customized to each individual
Step-in Convenience
SOFTEE® camisoles can be
stepped into and pulled up if
raising the arms is difficult
Roo Pocket
Our unique Roo pocket comfortably
and discreetly holds drain bulbs
and lays flat when not in use.
Discreet, Quick and Easy Delivery!
Prosthetic Camisoles
Prescribed by Surgeons and
MADE IN THE USA since 1990
The Perfect
Post Surgery
for Recovery
and Beyond
created by a
breast cancer
Covered by
and Most
Visit to find a retailer near you
Featuring Step-In Convenience and the Unique Roo Pocket offers assistance, resources and educational materials
related to breast cancer. Call us or visit our web site for information and
guidance toassist you in recovery and beyond. or 1.866.605.8585
Prosthetic Camisole
To Wear Home from the Hospital
Uniquely designed with your
post-operative needs in mind.
Specifically created for patient
comfort immediately after surgery.
Nurture yourself with the softness
and practicality of this prosthetic
camisole. Featuring our unique Roo
pocket to hold drain bulbs, this is the
perfect choice in those weeks following
surgery. Available in White only.
No fitting required
SOFTEE® Camisoles
follow blouse size
Mastectomy Slip
Your SOFTEE should
feel snug and gently hug
the body for a secure fit.
What Softee
Users Say
Prosthetic Camisole
Comfort & Confidence
Designed for ongoing comfort
and confidence. Providing shape
when you wish not to wear a bra,
this soft cotton, stretchy garment
is your perfect choice for quality
and confidence.
Available in White, Black or Beige.
Size Petite— XXLarge
Includes two adjustable breast forms.
Active Wear SOFTEE®
Designed for Active Lifestyles
Providing more support for active
lifestyles. This comfortable
SOFTEE® style is made of the same
soft fabric as all of our SOFTEE®
Camisoles. Breast forms can easily
be inserted into openings located on
the inside of the garment. Available in:
White, Black or Beige. Available with or
without Poly-fil Breast Forms. Visit for additional sizing info.
Comfort & Elegance
with Full Support
Designed with a built-in
spandex bra, inner pockets
hold a weighted prosthesis
or our Poly-fil Breast Forms
as well as the natural breast.
Available in White, Black or Ivory.
Visit for
additional sizing info.
Size Petite— XXLarge.
Includes two adjustable breast forms.
If it doesn’t say
SOFTEE® - it isn’t!
Pocketed Cami
Comfort & Elegance
with Full Support
“They are perfect. I
purchased three. The
SOFTEE® was comforting
to wear following my
mastectomies. I only wish
I was told about this
product before my
surgeries or while I was
in the hospital so I could
have had them right after
K.K. —Wisconsin
The Pocketed Cami is
identical to the
Mastectomy Slip in fabric
content and design, but is
hip length and can be tucked
into a skirt or trousers.
Available in White, Black or Ivory
Visit for
additional sizing info.
“The Support SOFTEE® is
perfect! I love it as much
as the Original, thanks.“
A.I. — Washington
Soft SilhouetteTM Bra
Softness in
“The SOFTEE® is the
most comfortable apparel
I have worn since both
mastectomies, no
binding or uncomfortable
elastic. It makes me feel
good and have shape. I
love your product. Thank
you.” D.E. — Ohio
“Congratulations on such
great customer service,
and for providing such a
great garment! Many
thanks.” Sincerely, L.S.
Charlotte, N.C.
Extra Soft
and Appeal
Made from irresistibly silky
cool microfiber with a
wide band that is fully
encased inside the fabric.
With extraordinary softness,
seamless support, and all over
stretch, this bra offers instant
comfort the minute you slip it on.
Available in White, Black, Ivory or Lilac.
Visit for additional sizing info.
Use Times
(In the Hospital)
(2-6 Weeks)
Softee ® is a registered trademark of Ladies First, Inc.
(6 weeks +)
SOFTEE® Poly-Fil
Breast Forms
lightweight breast forms
are adjustable so you can
easily add or remove
poly-fil to achieve your
individual size. Two
Poly-fil Breast Forms with
velcro are included with
the SOFTEE® Roo and
Available in White, Black
or Beige. Size Petite
through XXL.
Sold separately in pairs.
Available with or without
The Active Wear Softee®,
Mastectomy Slip,
Pocketed Cami and Soft
Silhouette Bra can be
worn with a weighted
prosthesis or Softee®
Poly-fil Breast Forms
without velcro.

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