2011 LABC Brochure - Juravinski Cancer Centre



2011 LABC Brochure - Juravinski Cancer Centre
Driving Directions
From Toronto or Niagara Falls:
• QEW Hamilton to Highway 403 west Hamilton
• Hamilton Convention Centre, take the Main St.
East Exit and follow directional signs,
(1/2 block east of Bay Street)..
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
The Day at a Glance
8:30 -9:00 am ..... Registration/Displays
All participants are encouraged to register online at:
From Brantford:
• Take Provincial Route 403 E to Hamilton
• Take the Main St./HWY 8 E Exit
• Turn slight right onto Main St. W/HWY 8 E
• Turn left on Summers Lane
Registration Details
30 - Before Sept. 30, 2011
35 - After Sept. 30, 2011
Sponsors (at time of printing)
light breakfast, nutrition breaks & lunch are included
9:00-9:30 am......Welcome
9:30-10:30 am......Keynote Address
10:30 -10:50 am......Health Break
10:50-11:50 am......1st Concurrent Session
(details inside)
Events like these are not possible
without the generous financial support
from our Sponsors.
12:00 -1:20 pm......LUNCH – Chedoke A
8:30 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.
Convention Centre
1 Summers Lane, Hamilton, Ont.
1:20- 2:30 pm......2nd Concurrent Session
(details inside)
Presented by:
2:30- 2:50 pm......Health Break
2:50- 4:00 pm......3rd Concurrent Session
(details inside)
Hamilton Convention Centre
“Thank You!”
1 Summers Lane
Hamilton, Ont. L8P 4Y2
tel: 905-546-3000
Additional Information
Those who are having difficulty registering
may call (905) 575-6398 and leave a
message. Messages will be answered
within 3 business days.
Efforts are made to keep the cost of
attendance affordable for survivors of
breast cancer. If financial restrictions
would keep you from attending, please
contact us at (905) 575-6398 (voicemail box).
4:00 pm......Conference Ends
Hotel Accommodations
Planning Committee
Emilia Timoten, Kathie Ward, Nancy Knox,
Callista Phillips, Marcela Moyano,
Mary DeCarolis, Mary-Ann McGrath,
Bindi Dhesy, Carmela Oliverio,
Karen Madden, Danielle Kroesbergen,
Susan Gudelis, Laurie Bennett, Suzanne
Richardson, Marcia Smoke, Krista Hay,
Richard Singh, Leslie Maskell, Shelley
Chambers, Kathy Coskey, Cathy Bennett,
Kathleen Bell, Kim Pudlo
Visit www.tourismhamilton.com for a listing
of hotels in the Hamilton area.
Parking Information
Parking is not included in the registration
fee. Parking at the Hamilton Convention
Centre is operated by the City of Hamilton
and prices are subject to change.
Recently the cost of special event parking
was about $10.00.
Session 1
10:50 am
11:45 am
Chedoke C
Webster A /B
Albion A /B
Webster C
Pamela Piotrowski
Pamela Bowes
Helaine Guther
Dr. Karen Fergus
– Registered Dietitian
Nutrition 101 - Getting Back to Basics
– Vocational Counsellor
Returning to Work After Breast Cancer:
Navigating the Transition Successfully
– Social Worker
Leaving a Legacy
Putting Breast Cancer on the ‘ToDo’ List:
Young Women’s Issues
This workshop will focus on how and why to prepare
This talk will focus on the unique issues that young
family favourite, sometimes you need to go back to
In this session, Pamela will cover helpful strategies on
children of all ages for a parent’s advancing disease.
women face following a diagnosis of breast cancer.
the original recipe for good nutrition. Do you follow
how to transition back to work. Information will include
Tools such as scrapbooking, memory boxes, music
Although breast cancer is devastating at any age,
Canada's Food Guide every day? Are you selecting
understanding the return to work policies and how to
CDs and videos will be considered. Identifying ways to
it is particularly difficult for younger women whose long-
low fat dairy products to keep your bones strong?
exit safely off income programs, (such as CPP Disability
prepare support for the future will be discussed. It is
term life goals with respect to career, family, and
Join Pam as she invites you to search through your
and Long Term Disability, tips to be fully prepared to
anticipated that this workshop may be emotionally
relationships are just starting to be realized.
collection of nutrition tidbits to find the true meaning
return and things to keep in mind when searching for
difficult for participants.
of good nutrition.
a new position.
There is always something new in nutrition. But like the
11:40 - 12:00 pm Question & Answer Period followed by lunch
Session 2
Keynote Speaker
Learning to Laugh
When Life Stinks!
1:20 pm
1:45 pm
Phil Callaway is an
award-winning author
and speaker, known
worldwid e for hi s
humorous yet perceptive
look at life. In this funny,
yet inspirational talk,
Callaway uncovers five
secrets that separate
those who resign from those who rejoice in life.
Brimming with hope, this talk will inspire you
with the stories of others who have overcome
great obstacles with confidence, perseverance
and joy.
Described as “Dave Barry with a message”,
Callaway is a popular speaker for corporations,
conferences, camps, and marriage retreats.
He is a frequent guest on national radio
and television, and partners with Compassion,
an international child development agency.
He is the best-selling author of twenty-five books.
Phil’s writings have won more than a dozen
international awards.
He lives in Alberta, Canada with his wife Ramona.
Apart from spending time with his family, one
of Phil’s greatest passions is telling stories that
help people laugh and learn about the things
that matter most.
Dragana Skokovic-Sunjic
Dr. Barbara Strang
Dr. Mary DeCarolis
Ryan Clarke LL.B.
- Pharmacist
Natural Health Products:
The Good, The Bad & Maybe Helpful?
The Long-Term Effects of Breast Radiation Therapy
Follow Up Care: You and your Family Doctor
Becoming Your Own Self-Advocate
This session will include a description of the long-term
What do you need to know when you are discharged
It is important for everyone who enters the health care
side effects of breast radiation therapy and the
from the cancer centre? This session will focus on the
system to learn how to be an effective self-advocate.
Natural health products are widely used and
management of these effects. Strategies to minimize
“need to know” information as you transition back to
Whether you need to advocate to your health
promoted. Is there enough evidence for their use?
the late effects of radiation therapy by using new radiation
the care of your family doctor.
care professionals, government officials or institutional
What supplement and vitamins are needed and how
therapy technological advances will be presented.
administrators, you’ll learn the basic steps necessary
much? Is the dose the same for everyone? How do our
1:45 pm
2:10 pm
to get what you need.
medications and natural health products interact?
Dr. Som Mukherjee
Margaret Forbes
What are the best resources for reliable information
Managing Long Term Side Effects of Chemotherapy:
The Road to Recovery
Getting the Monkey off My Back!
In this breakout session, long-term side effects of
This session will consider the impact of a breast cancer
chemotherapy will be discussed. Chemotherapy-
diagnosis on all facets of life and provide resources for
related cognitive dysfunction (chemo-brain), peripheral
moving forward and empowering yourself.
about natural health products? Does Natural always
equal Safe?
neuropathy (numbness and tingling), weight gain and
early menopause will be discussed. Strategies to help
women deal with these side effects will be presented.
2:10 - 2:30 pm Question & Answer Period followed by a break
Session 3
2:50 pm
3:15 pm
Chedoke C
Webster A /B
Albion A /B
Arlaine Wright-Fitzgibbon
Dr. Erin MacLellan
Dr. Arianna Dal Cin
- Fitness Instructor
Slow & Steady Wins the Race
Sex following breast cancer - a forgotten burden
Breast Reconstruction: At Time of Mastectomy or Later?
A review of the physiology of the increasingly common phenomenon of sexual
This talk will address the difference between immediate and delayed
Many women who have had breast cancer face the post treatment challenge
dysfunction with the earlier diagnosis and more effective treatment options for
breast reconstruction. Participants will gain an understanding as to when
of getting back into shape. Those who weren’t exercising before often wish
breast cancer will be discussed. The presentation will include management
immediate breast reconstruction is recommended. The controversies of
to add exercise to their lifestyle. This talk will focus on how to get started by
options for women and partners suffering with painful sexual intercourse and
breast reconstruction in women with locally advanced breast cancer will
setting small achievable fitness goals and using “baby” steps to succeed.
other related barriers. A discussion of how to encourage greater dialogue between
be discussed.
affected women and health care professionals will conclude the session.
Jan Park-Dorsay - RN-NP
3:15 pm
3:40 pm
Dr. Nicole Hodgson
Participants attending this session will learn about the latest research results
Tetyana Klassen - Registered Sex Therapist
“Re-Storying” Intimacy:
Finding One Another in New, Unexpected Chapters of Life
for exercise and breast cancer. Specific topics, such as exercise safety,
When breast cancer becomes a part of a couple’s story, emotional and
What is a prophylactic (preventive) mastectomy? Indications for a
exercising with a PICC or bone metastases, and lymphedema will be
sexual intimacy between partners often feels threatened. Couples can work
prophylactic mastectomy, different types of prophylactic mastectomies,
covered. Health professionals may not always know the latest evidence
together to learn how to co-author their new story as they shift expectations
and the associated risks and benefits will be discussed.
about exercise. Becoming knowledgeable about exercise helps breast
and explore new meaning of what intimacy now means to them.
Breast cancer & exercise: What’s the latest?
Prophylactic Mastectomy:
To Do or Not To Do?
cancer survivors exercise confidently and safely.
3:40 - 4:00 pm Question & Answer Period Please leave completed evaluations at Registation Desk
The opinions expressed during these educational sessions are those of the presenters and do not necessarily represent the views of the Juravinski Cancer Centre
or Hamilton Health Sciences. The information is presented for the purpose of advancing the participants education regarding breast cancer.

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