The Battalion Times


The Battalion Times
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
The Battalion Times
Plano West JROTC
“Driving On!”
MAJOR (Ret) John Napoli, Jr.
May 2014
What a great year this 2013-2014 has been for the mighty WOLF Battalion! Each and every cadet has made a
tremendous impact on the WOLF Battalion and the many successes we have achieved.
The All-Services Awards Ceremony has now come and gone. I believe we honored select cadets for their hard
work, dedication, and vast achievements. If you believe you deserved an award and did not get one, speak with your
instructor. Of course a BIG congratulation goes to all the awardees. And of course, to your new Cadet Battalion Commander: Matthew Harvey and new Cadet Battalion Command Sergeant Major: Ben Robertson-Powers. These two
gentlemen have worked hard throughout their time in the Corps and rightfully deserve these positions. Your new
Battalion Executive Officer, Lauren Richardson is also to be congratulated.
Another REAL BIG congratulation goes to all those selected for Texas Boys State (Matthew Harvey, Brandon
Witte, Michael Grimes, Ian Stephens, Ben Robertson-Powers, Nicholas Houlne, and John Copley) and the Military
Order of World Wars Leadership Seminar (Nicholas Houlne, Vasant Kurvari, Ji Lee, Lauren Richardson, Michael
Grimes, and Matthew Harvey) this summer. What an honor and resume' builder for the rest of their lives! Congratulation goes to our one girl (Lauren Richardson) selected for Texas Girl’s State. And ONE more congratulation goes
to: John Copley. He was just informed he was selected by General Tommy Franks’ Four-Star Leadership Team to
attend the Four-Star Leadership Seminar this summer in Oklahoma. Our cadets have risen to The Top!
A BIG congratulation goes to our seniors who were recently honored at the Plano West Senior High Awards
Ceremony. You represented yourself, the school, and the JROTC program in the finest traditions. These cadets earned
departmental and co-curricular awards from the principal and superintendent. Those recognized were: Myles Caddell,
Rhian Burnham, Lamar Hendricks, Emily Krupka, Sophia Smitherman, Jeremy Kilbride, Derrick Franchetti, Kory
Bourque, and Waiyee Hua.
And last but not least, we were informed last Friday morning that our very own Cadet Emily Krupka was reconsidered for the Air Force Academy and she has been offered the Air Force Academy Prep School option. As of
today, the 27th of May, she has decided she will take that route. That makes her our second Distinguished Graduate of
2013-2014 (Jeremy Kilbride was our first). Congratulations to Ms Emily Krupka, Class of 2019 Air Force Academy!
And now summer is upon us. For the juniors, you need to get your applications for the academies and ROTC
completed. Perhaps studying for SAT and ACT is in order.
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
For the freshmen and sophomores I recommend that you too get the study guide for the SAT and ACT, and get
some study time in. Another recommendation is to get a novel and enjoy a “summer-read” or two. Keep your mind
active during the summer.
For the seniors, I say farewell and wish you the very best. You all were awesome. Remember what you
learned, adapt, and make us proud. You are our future.
Next year’s schedule is just about set. You will find it a few pages back, and I will get it posted to the WOLF
Battalion Web site. Have a great summer, and I hope to see you all back here next year. Wolves of the West Are the
John Napoli Jr
MAJOR, Retired
Senior Army Instructor
First Sergeant Steve Ford, Army Instructor
Another great year is coming to a close, and our seniors are off to other endeavors. It has been a busy 2
months and a lot of events since I had an article in the BN Times. Our Military Ball was a great success, as well as
the JROTC Awards ceremony. Those cadets who received a national award deserved them. I would like to give every cadet an award, but a cadet has to earn it. Remember, you can only wear either the ribbon or the medal, not both.
For the returning cadets, we will have NCO/OCS on 10 August. We will teach you what you need to know
for next year’s positions.
Well, it is finally time to say goodbye to the seniors. You did an outstanding job this year! Under your leadership the battalion retained its gold star status. If you are off to a military basic training, remember to pay attention
to you Drill Sergeant! If you are off to college, remember you are paying for it, college is not free. So, don’t skip
classes, there are no free do-overs in college.
On Time On Target
1SG Ford
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Battalion Commander Myles Caddell
Howdy Wolf Battalion,
So this is it. My last Battalion Times article. Got to admit, it’s kind of difficult.
I’ve seen some incredible things this year, from all of you. The year has been a demanding, special year. I’ve gotten to know several of you much better than before, and have
had the chance to meet you as you grew from new cadets into next year’s leaders. I think the most incredible part is
seeing in you what I saw in myself, what MY old leaders probably saw in me and my fellow seniors those four years
ago. The dedication, determination, the time and effort spent on just improving the Battalion has been….staggering.
You all have been an inspiration, and have made this last year of mine worth doing. As you read this the instruction of your new commander is taking place, the Battalion’s history for this year is being written, and our Wall
grows with the prestige of cadets past and soon to be past. I know this has been an intense year, our academics get
harder, our schedules get fuller, our commitments and responsibilities grown in size and scope. Next year I won’t be
here to answer questions. You’ll be making your own decisions. Sometimes, they might be the wrong ones. There’s
nothing wrong with that, it’s just a part of being a leader. While making the right decision is important, it’s more
important for you to own up to these decisions, regardless of their outcomes. The leader is responsible for all his unit
does or fails to do. But he also learns to share the credit when the unit does well, and to guide those he leads when
something goes wrong.
I’ve been all too happy to spread the credit this year. You’ve done really well as a Battalion, as cadets. It’s
given me a lot of time and reason to be a proud Commander. Some of you are taking on leadership next year. I want
you to know it’s okay to ask for help. To talk to last year’s platoon sergeants, company commanders, even old staff
officers. A new perspective, another voice, can make all the difference. If you don’t have to, don’t rush your decisions.
A patient, well thought out plan typically lasts longer than on the fly thoughts. There will be times you’ll have to make
quick decisions and when this happens, don’t allow yourself to get flustered. There will be times you’ll have to deal
with people you don’t like, maybe you don’t respect. Sometimes someone you disagree with or outright hate will be in
leadership. There is a time and place for private quarrels or arguments. The Battalion is not the place. If not for your on
leadership potential, than at least for the sake of the Battalion, work professionally. Not liking someone is no reason
not to work effectively with them. You respect their rank, you respect their position, you work tactfully and with
purpose, and then you leave. Settle your differences if you can, but do so calmly and under control. To lose yourself,
regardless if you are right or wrong, is unbecoming and unacceptable, and can have serious consequences for yourself
and those around you.
That’s it. Caddell’s guidance is over. At least in this paper. Thanks for the awesome year! Keep your noses
clean, stay out of trouble, and make me proud. I might be leaving the Battalion, but I doubt the Battalion will be leaving me anytime soon.
Gig’ Em!
Myles Caddell
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Outgoing Battalion Commander’s Speech
Wow. I still cannot believe we’re all finally here.
I have to admit, it’s been quite a year. I’ve been blessed with an incredible staff, a first rate leadership chain,
and an all around incredible battalion. We’ve earned our coveted gold star yet again at inspection, performed admirably
in cadet teams and drill meets, as well as send several cadets to leadership camps, exercises and experiences that will
stick with them for the rest of their lives. I like to think so anyway, I can guarantee you they’ll stick for at least a year,
considering I’m going to be a counselor at some of the conferences we’re sending a number of cadets too.
It’s been a pretty good year for us, one that I would be happy to take all the credit for, but we all know who really made this happen. It was all of us. Every cadet who worked within their squad, every squad forming their platoon,
each company working their hardest to make this battalion what it is. I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing many of
you for the length of time here in the battalion. Some of you have known me since your first day and to see what you
all have become and what you’ll be next year is both incredible and humbling. It’s easy as a freshman to think what you
will do next year as a platoon sergeant or first sergeant, what you will think would be better, how you want to leave
your mark. I’m excited to hear what you all do, especially since next year in particular will be extra demanding with
your tri-annual inspection. From there your leadership skills will grow from squad to platoon to company, growing in
scope and demand until your senior year, and you find yourself running the entire Battalion in command or staff or in
staff or however you serve, but one skill that never goes away is knowing that to be a good leader, you have to be a
good follower. Next year, like the new freshman that will come after I leave, I will be a follower. Next year, like the
new freshman that will come after I leave, I will be a follower. I will be an MS1, Cadet E-1. Leaders come and go, they
change annually, and some leave for better things, while others decide on different paths. But Leadership is constant. If
you leave the program this summer for any reason, I guarantee you that the skills you’ve learned up to this point will
show themselves, which is why I encourage you to continue your growth and studies, and to support the program as
best you can.
I could say more, but as I mentioned at Military Ball, this night is not my night. This belongs to a new leader,
one who has shown a desire to not only lead but a willingness to follow, one who’s shown a desire to not only lead but
a willingness to follow, to bring this unit forward and continue the tradition of excellence that this year’s seniors have
worked so hard to maintain. I think it’s high time you meet my replacement.
Myles Caddell
Outgoing Battalion Commander
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Battalion Executive Officer Rhian Burnham
Once upon a time there was a small wolf that was within the last few years of growing up. He was
all alone in the world, for he had yet to find a suitable pack. One day the wolf was wandering
through the forest when he came upon another lone wolf.
“what are you doing?” our little wolf asked.
“Just looking” the lone wolf answered.
“Looking for what?” our little wolf inquired.
“Just looking for…. For… I’m not exactly sure. I guess I’m looking for a place I belong, but not a physical place, like
a….. aaa….i don’t know?” the lone wolf looked at our little wolf sideways.
“Sounds like you’re looking for good friends, who make you feeling like you belong with them more than anything.
See the CSM’s for more
Rhian Burnham
Battalion Command Sergeant Major Lamar Hendricks
any place” our little wolf observed
“W---hy yes! it seems that I do indeed need a person to call a friend.”
“Yes so let us be friends, we can be lonely together.” Our little wolf exclaimed
“Where are you heading?”
“I don’t know just some place to call home.”
“Ok let’s go find a wolf pack!!!!!” The lone wolf starting to sing Disney songs
“It doesn’t have to be a wolf pack”
“But first let me take a selfie!!!” The other wolf shouted
See the S1’s for more
Lamar Hendricks
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Alpha Company Commander Jeremy Kilbride
Hello wolf battalion,
Its Kilbride again.
It’s sad to think that this is the last time I’ll be able to do one of these articles, but all of
us are moving on to bigger and better things. Things like College, the army or even just life far
after high school.
Anyways Congratulations on a great year and I hope to be able to come back and visit you all someday. Study
hard for exams and then have a great summer, because fall will be here sooner than you think.
J. Kilbride
Bravo Company Commander Matthew Harvey
Incoming Battalion Commander Speech
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. My name is Matthew Harvey and I’ve been given the honor
of being the Wolf Battalion’s Battalion Commander next year. I’d like to take a moment to express my thanks to Major Napoli and First Sergeant Ford for training me to take this position. I’d
also like to thank my parents for supporting me, and also Mr. Caddell for a job well done this
This upcoming year will test us, and by test, I mean inspect. The Cadet Formal Inspection is the
most important event in JROTC. It occurs every three years with mock-inspections each year in
between. This year and last year were mock-inspections; they were basically practice. However, next year is the official CFI, which means that the Wolf Battalion’s rating will be determined by how well we do. We have the ability to
earn the: Merit Unit (white star), Honor Unit (blue star), or Honor Unit with Distinction (gold star). We currently rate
as the gold star, but this can change next year. Our gold star that we are so proud of can turn into a blue or white star,
or even no star at all! I want the Wolf Battalion to continue on with a gold star. Despite my wishes, it is not determined by me alone; each and every one of you cadets has a role to play. We’ll work altogether to achieve the gold
star, and prolong the 15 years in a row, that the Wolf Battalion has indubitably been an Honor Unit with Distinction.
But why stop there when we can do more? A 576/600 is required to maintain the gold star, but who wants to be
known as the battalion that just slipped by? Instead, we will aim for a higher score; a 590/600 is respectable, and a
higher score even more. We have the ability to improve and will do so!
The CFI is not the only event that requires our attention. We need more cadets to join teams. You’ll get to
make new friends and it’s a fun experience! The more people we have on teams, the better we’ll do at drill meets; going to drill meets will earn you participation awards as well as competition awards; but the most prestigious award
you can get is a letter for a letterman jacket. Football games, parades, open houses, the battalion picnic, and the end of
the year social are all events that you cadets should attend. Each one allows you to make friends and enjoy the event,
and participating in the football games and open houses, or any other school event that JROTC assists, will get you
one step closer to a school service ribbon. Nonetheless, the events that need the most participation at the moment are
the NCO/Cadet of the Month or Officer of the Quarter. They are the least attended, even though they require the least
effort, so I ask of you all to go and compete against other cadets to win an award.
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
And last but certainly not least we are students first and cadets second. The most important thing that each and
every one of us can do is make sure that we are continually passing our classes at all times. If we’re not passing, we
can’t participate and thus, no awards, decorations, or letters. If you need help in any subject, just ask. Somewhere in
this battalion, there is a student that is good at whatever you are having trouble with. I can’t stress this enough, we all
need to be passing all of our classes, all the time, to be successful.
With this, I conclude by saying that we cannot make a great battalion without every one participating. Keep up
with your studies, and find something and get involved. Thanks again Major Napoli, and thank you Booster Club for
making tonight special.
Matthew Harvey
Incoming Battalion Commander
Echo Company Commander Terry McGivern
Hello Wolf Battalion,
Throughout my life, I have found it is of dire importance to stay motivated. You must stand
tall when you are knocked down, and face the very people who are watching and waiting for you to
fail. Life is not a test of talent or god given gifts. Life is a test of determination. Those who work hard and stop at
nothing will overpower those who do nothing and expect everything. Those who get back up and brush themselves off
in the wake of their most recent failure are the ones who will succeed. These are the people who understand that no
matter how difficult life can be, you MUST. KEEP. GOING.
You simply cannot afford to sit and wallow in your self pity for even one second, because that one single moment could mean the difference between winning and losing a race. You cannot put things off until “tomorrow.” Today turns into tomorrow and tomorrow turns into the next day, and before you know it, the opportunity you had has
flown out the window and landed on someone else’s doorstep. The sad truth in the matter is that time does not stop for
anyone. The World does not stop spinning because you want it to, and the universe will not pause for you to catch up
with it.
You must stay on top of your game or you will fall behind. There are no second chances, no do-overs. There
are consequences for every action you take, and you must accept those consequences, like it or not. Do not waste your
time sitting around and only thinking about yesterday. Do not waste your time sitting around and wondering why you
are where you are in life. Accept it, determine the path you wish to go down from there, and then take that path. Apply
yourself and stay motivated. Do not get sidetracked and do not stop or slow down for anything.
There will be failure, there will be anger, there will be pain and there will be times when you want to throw it
all away. However, you must remember that the very best people in this world have failed many times. Had they not
kept going, the world would be a drastically different place. So keep going. Keep dreaming that dream and keep reaching for that goal you thought you would never accomplish. The world will not stop for you, and you must not stop for
the world.
Terry McGivern
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Battalion S-1 Waiyee Hua
As the two wolves walked on through the forest they passed this little girl in red who was looking
for a US president who was hunting vampires…
“That’s weird’ our little wolf commented
“I’ll say” the lone wolf replied
They walked far, deeper and deeper into the woods, meeting more and more lone wolves and our
heroes and their new ’pack’ overcame some pretty crazy stuff including, but not limited to, construction at their ‘home base’ as they were trying to train younger pups (they had to go to pup named Jasper’s base). They
had their first competition against other packs at a field called Denton, their first ceremony where they recognized
their leaders for the year, their first time serving the rest of the forest critters, and another competition when it was
really cold at a lake really far away called Wichita Falls.
See the S3’s for more
Your little Asian S-1,
Waiyee Hua
Battalion S-3 Kyle Skinner
They also did a showy parade for all the critters of the forest and they helped many, many times
with the older guys’ wolf pawball games. They had a competition at a village called Lewisville;
they helped the forest some more by cleaning up Coyote Creek; they had another, other competition
at a place real close by called Ft Worth; they celebrated with a picnic, did another parade for Christmas time, had another, other, other competition at a village named Birdville, and then they had an
inspection that got moved around till it was held in January!
They cleaned the creek again since it had gotten really dirty, and then had their last competition.
Phew! They finished the year up at a place with a lot of mosquitoes, sent their best, youngest wolves to training camp,
had a really nice party, and gave special awards to their oldest wolves.
See the S6’s for the end!
Kyle Skinner
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
Battalion S-6 Emily Krupka
They all had come a long way through the year, and the senior wolves were all set and ready
to go on to join bigger wolf packs where they would be considered ‘fish’.
However they would miss the younger wolves of their pack and so they wrote a little story
that was an analogy for the awesome time they had spent growing in the wolf pack they had created. In this story they told them how much they would miss them, how much they love them, and
how much they would miss their Army Wolf and their Senior Army Wolf.
We started out as LET 1s just like some of y’all, new to the whole idea of JROTC and gradually moved our
way up the ranks, all along making great friends like YOU! We will never forget you and the great memories we made
this year and for the past years. Keep the battalion great and make us proud! And listen to senior people!! Don’t make
us come back from college!!!!
Your S6
Emily Krupka
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
“Tentative” CALENDAR OF EVENTS 2014-2015
PWSH JROTC Instructors Return
CDR/Staff School
OCS/NCO School
Club Fairs (previously: schedule pick up)
School Starts
Labor Day (No School)
Discount Card/Peel-to-Save Fundraiser
Denton Drill Meet
***Officer Comm. / NCO Promotion
Car Wash (Booster Club)
Wichita Falls Drill Meet
PWSH Homecoming Parade
Lewisville Drill Meet
Ft Worth Drill Meet
Raytheon Trip
Battalion Picnic
Car Wash (Booster Club)
Middle School Recruiting
Thanksgiving Holiday
Grand Prairie Drill Meet
***Plano City Parade
Winter Break
Class Resumes (students)
***Cadet Assistance Formal Inspection
Candy Fundraiser
Birdville & Colony Drill Meet
Sonic Fund Raiser (Booster Club)
Spring Break
Mesquite Drill Meet
PISD Leadership Camp
***Military Ball
End of Year Social
***JROTC Awards Ceremony
City of Plano Memorial Day
Last Day of School
PWSH Graduation/Color Guard
28 Jul 14
08 Aug
11-13 Aug
14-15 Aug
25 Aug
01 Sep
02 Sep-03 Oct
20 Sep
25/30 Sep or 01 Oct
27 Sep
04 Oct
15 Oct
18 Oct
25 Oct or 01 Nov
04 Nov
08 Nov
15 Nov
24-28 Nov
06 Dec
13 Dec
22 Dec 14- 02 Jan 15
06 Jan 15
02 Feb-27 Feb
21 Feb
09-13 Mar
04 Apr
08-11 Apr
25 Apr
07 May
21/20/15 May
25 May
05 Jun (students)
09/10 or 11 Jun (2:00 P.M.)
All Schools
All Schools
PWSH Auditorium
1 Location
Wichita Fall
PWSH (Brinker to PWSH)
Ft Worth
Arbor Hills
1 Location
CDRs, CSM, Staff
Selected Cadets
All Cadets
All Cadets
All Cadets
Interested Cadets
All Cadets
HQ, A, & C & F Cadets
20 Jr/Sr
Available Cadets
HQ, D, & E Cadets
Select Cadets
All Schools
All Cadets
S. Grand Prairie
Rifle Teams
All Cadets
All Schools
All Cadets
All Schools
All Cadets
PWSH (A2078)
All Cadets
All Schools
Interested Cadets
Richland/Colony, TX
Select Jrs. & Srs.
All Schools
All Cadets
TBA in Mesquite, TX
Select Cadets
Southfork Hotel, Plano All Cadets
PW Presentation Rm Interested Cadets
PWSH Auditorium
All Cadets
Memorial Park, Plano PWSH 2015(Select Cadets)
All Schools
All Cadets
Dallas Convention Ctr Select Cadets
*** Mandatory Cadet Attendance
12 Aug - Summer School Graduation/PWSH (12 August 2014/6:30 P.M.)
TBA - Color/Sabre Guard, Ushers/Security/Drill Team Escorts for SR High and H.S. Home
Football Games [SR High Games: 29 Aug, 19 Sep, 03 Oct, 17 Oct (Homecoming), 31 Oct/ Senior Night]
[Booster Club Concession Night: TBA - will need 8-10 parents at Clark Field]
- Ushers/Escorts for Open Houses at All Three Schools, Both Semesters (SR High: 23 Sep & TBA / H.S.: 15 Sep & TBA)
TBA - Ushers/Escorts at Senior High for College Night (TBA/PWSH/1830-2100)
TBA - Rifle Team Postal Matches (11 – 12 postal matches will be shot throughout the school year)
TBA - Veteran’s Day Activities (Senior Ctr/Heart Hospital Plano/Plano West/Shepton/Jasper/District/ Spec Requests) TBA College Options Academic & Leadership Bowl (Lev I: TBA & Lev II: TBA)
TBA - Color/Sabre Guard for School, Community Activities, and PWSH Soccer Games
TBA - Cadet Officer of the Quarter (2 - 1st semester/ 2 - 2nd semester)
TBA - NCO and Cadet of the Month Boards are usually last Tuesday of every month
For additional information, call MAJ Napoli, Plano West Senior High, (469) 752-9782 or 1SG Ford, Shepton HS (469) 752-7700 or
Jasper HS (469) 752-7459.
Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
HQ Company waiting for the Awards Ceremony to Start Cadet Noah Gonzalez Receiving an award Echo Company Commander Terry McGivern receiving an award Outgoing Battalion Commander Myles Caddell passing command to the incoming Battalion Commander, Matthew Harvey Battalion Commander Myles Caddell delivering his outgoing speech Charlie Platoon leader and graduating senior Ho receiving his Senior Gift. Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
HQ 1sg Bourque receiving the Hendricks Scholarship at the Plano West Awards Ceremony Alpha Company Commander Jeremy Kilbride being recognized at the Plano West Awards Ceremony HQ Commander Sophia Smitherman also being recognized at the Plano West Awards Ceremony All the graduating seniors who were recognized at the Plano West awards Ceremony Plano West Wolf Battalion class of 2014 Volume 15 Issue 7
30 May 2014
NCO School for 2014 class OCS School for 2014 Class Command and Staff for 2014‐2015 school year