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The Libroff Group:
Established in 1989, the Libroff Group is a pioneering force in breakthrough, game-changing out-of-home
communications. Over the past two decades, we have established ourselves as an innovative player in
outdoor and indoor advertising spaces, having conceptualised, developed, implemented and maintained
attention-grabbing sites in the regional market.
Our emphasis on research and development has led to the creation of many previously-unseen outof-home structures such as the culturally-relevant Rebana Ubi (a traditional Malay instrument) massive
outdoor structure in Kuala Lumpur, cutting-edge gantries and awe-inspiring building wraps.
Securing Libroff’s position as a one-stop hub for all outdoor communications needs are three different
divisions, namely Libroff Sdn. Bhd. (established in 1989), the specialist in building gantries, unipoles,
overhead bridges and advertising spaces in integrated transport terminals; Libroff Media Sdn. Bhd.,
(established in 2005) a division focused on the development of Rebana Ubi archways; and a dedicated
printing company, Libroff Printing Sdn. Bhd. (established in 1990).
As a fully integrated solutions provider for cut-through out-of-home communications, we have total control
of our processes from blueprint and printing to installation, lighting as well as maintenance, allowing us to
consistently identify and apply new ideas to push the frontiers of the industry.
We seek to elevate and transform the
out-of-home landscape through innovation
and creativity.
Conventional billboards and lightboxes are
now a huge blind spot; to ensure effective
delivery of branding and advertising messages,
we will require a paradigm shift in the way we
experience out-of-home communications.
Our Vision
& Mission
We strive to become a hub for new ideas.
Through research and development as well as
strategic partnerships and joint ventures with
specialist companies both within Malaysia
and abroad, we are committed to creating
an inflow of bigger, better, more sustainable
communications technologies and ideas.
We champion the right of individuals,
organisations, brands and governments to
deliver powerful, hard-hitting communications.
We are a new medium of expression for those
who wish to deliver their messages in a highimpact, high-visibility, high-profile manner.
Libroff believes in creating outdoor communications that are attractive,
memorable and easily recognisable. Our innovative spirit is apparent at
sites such as the massive Rebana Ubi archway along Jalan Syed Putra,
Kuala Lumpur that symbolises the essence of Malaysia’s rich cultural heritage.
Our gantries, foot bridges, building wraps and unipoles dominate the skylines
of many of the region’s major cities, a testament to our commitment to creating
high-impact, high-visibility and high-profile out-of-home communications.
One such notable out-of-home communications medium would be the building
wrap that envelopes Maju Tower, which bears a welcoming message to Dato’ Sri
Najib Razak upon the start of his tenure as Prime Minister; and another, a gigantic
Malaysian flag to commemorate the country’s 48th year of independence, that was
also accorded an award in the Malaysian Book of Records.
Working in tandem with the Malaysian government, Libroff is currently the only
outdoor communications expert with the concessionaire agreement to build
Rebana Ubi archways at prime locations all across the country, providing
advertisers the best exposure of any out-of-home communications medium.
To further cement our outdoor dominance, we will soon be erecting five more
archways in the states of Pahang, Johor and Perak. Each and every one of these
Rebana Ubi archways will act as powerful channels for meaningful campaigns,
such as the 1Malaysia movement, which helps deliver the Prime Minister’s vision
of a united nation by elevating the spirit and values of togetherness and a sense
of belonging among all Malaysians.
Building wrap on Maju Tower.
Overhead bridge along Jalan Tun Razak.
The Rebana Ubi archway (Pintu Gerbang) at Jalan Syed Putra.
Outdoor Structures
Over the years, we have created an impressive range of gantries,
foot bridges, unipoles and building wraps that have become landmarks
for cities around Malaysia and across the region.
Furthermore, Libroff retains full ownership over the gantries and
overhead bridges along major roads and locations. Prime locations
include Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Duta, Jalan Damansara, Jalan Kuching,
Jalan Istana, and Subang Jaya.
Our gantry creations serve a dual purpose; as wayfinding structures
to guide road users towards important areas such as city centres,
highways and interesting locales, and as highly-visible advertising
channels for the corporate sector. These gantries are located in prime
hotspots with a high volume of traffic for even better impact.
Our unipoles and foot bridges provide a hard-hitting, attention-grabbing
medium for advertisers along prominent, high-traffic areas, while our
building wraps dominate with their imposing size and immense clarity.
Notable clients that have perused one or more of these structures
include leading telecommunications, automotive, oil and gas players,
consumer goods brands and more.
Gantries along major highways in Malaysia.
ZIP Systems
for Stunning
ZIP Systems
Working with French-based Prismaflex international, a leading manufacturer of advanced
billboard solutions, we are able to adopt the easy-to-use ZIP system, a revolutionary
frame system that allows for cost-effective, time-saving installation of artwork. Used
extensively in Europe, it negates the need for the conventional sheet-based billboard
artwork and instead provides a quick, easy and efficient zip-in, zip-out methodology.
Our specialized ZIP system is incorporated into all our gantries for easy installation and
maintenance. They can be installed and fixed unto walls or structures without the need
of special equipment; only the zipping tool is required.
Quick and easy setup with ZIP systems.
Lighting Technology
Lighting Technology
Working with the German lighting specialist Licht Konzept,
we are able to apply cutting-edge lighting technologies to
enhance the presentation of our out-of-home solutions.
All our lighting products and solutions undergo a thorough
inspection to ensure they are of the correct size and are
suitable for varying lighting conditions for each site.
For instance, in the case of our massive outdoor structures,
big-sized billboards and other oversized applications such as
on overhead bridges, we use high-performance spotlights.
These spotlights can be directed vertically or horizontally,
and positioned against rain. They are powerful enough to
illuminate structures even up to 35 metres high, creating
high-impact, dramatic displays.
We also used breakthrough tubes and lights. Our T5 tubes
meet the highest standards of architecture, design and
cost-efficiency, and can be used to spectacularly illuminate
structures up to four metres high. For better flexibility and
infinite applications, LED strips are a great choice, as they
come with flexible joints for easier handling while allowing
you to determine the amount and density of the plates to be
used. These strips are ideal for a variety of uses including
signage and safe illumination for architecture as well as
interior and exterior spaces.
The Rebana Ubi archway, as seen during the night.
Shopfronts equipped with LED strips.
LED Signage
With our outdoor and indoor communications
solutions, bulky lightboxes and heavily-framed
poster sites are no longer relevant. Our advanced
LED signage solutions are slimmer, lighter, energyefficient, mercury-free and come with a variety
of green features in line with our commitment to
the environment.
Our highly-customisable LED signage, on the
other hand, allow for a diversity of creative
applications to further increase the impact of
communications while again being imbued with
eco-friendly features.
On top of that, we use frameless systems that not
only enhance the visual prominence of advertising
messages but are easy to install and maintain.
LED signage used in indoor and outdoor communications.
Libroff also provides LED lighting in a wide
assemblage of applications. Most often used in
street lamps, indoor lighting and downlights, LED
lighting delivers not only better luminance than
mentol bulbs, but is also the perfect alternative for
those who want to stay in line with greener initiatives.
This technology is currently being implemented at
the Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA).
Libroff brings your communications to life with advanced technology that makes
out-of-home advertising simple, cost-effective and impactful.
Our partnerships with counterparts such as Licht Konzept from Germany
as well as Prismaflex International from France have provided us with access to
cutting-edge new concepts in lighting, displays, installation and more.
These partnerships allow us to apply advanced LED lighting technology for
custom-made, energy-saving, brilliantly captivating illumination.
The use of LED lighting is a great leap forward from conventional fluorescent
lamps. Lower energy consumption provides massive savings on electricity, while
longer lifespans effectively reduce maintenance costs. LED lighting is also highly
durable and reliable for added savings, and comes with a diversity of creative
applications, as it is not limited by shape or size.
Libroff’s biggest engineering breakthrough comes in the form of the LED
lightbox, a never-before-seen addition to the LED display family. It is through
meticulous research and development, and by drawing on the expertise of
our German partner, that we are able to combine advanced electronics with
cut-through engineering to create this frameless system.
This unique system is designed to allow the cooling profile of our LED module to
be fixed into the frame, leading to the creation of slim, sleek and very lightweight
LED lightboxes. The flexibility of this technology allows for infinite applications;
from showroom structures to wall decorations and single or double-sided
displays, making our frameless system the perfect solution for all your out-ofhome communications needs.
Frameless displays of the backlit, double-sided and
single system.
Dynamic Displays
Over the past two decades, we have established ourselves as an expert in
out-of-home communications with an innovative and pioneering spirit.
Our experience in the field is such that we now have full ownership and
management rights for the advertising space of one of the country’s
leading transport terminals, the new Integrated Transport Terminal –
Southern Sector.
This means that we are responsible for creating, installing, maintaining,
marketing and managing all media offerings, outlet signages and
directional signages within this terminal.
Owning the rights to these spaces allows us to maintain a clean, clear
environment that enhances the impact of our vibrant advertising media,
providing a colourful, captivating contrast against a clutter-free, minimalist
background. Most importantly, all signages and sites within the terminal
are built on our specialised LED technology, making the new Integrated
Transport Terminal – Southern Sector a breakthrough achievement.
Exercising full ownership of advertising space.
Libroff is Malaysia’s only full-service provider for out-of-home communications solutions, managing
everything along the value chain including providing printing and installation services.
We employ the latest in large format printing technology, including a Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR and a Jeti UV
Galaxy RTR.
The Jeti 3324 Solvent RTR is a 24 Spectra high-performance juggernaut with a backlit option
that enables printing on both sides. It allows for perfect registration on either side of a printed material,
and is ideal for eye-catching double-side backlit signages.
Our wide format Jeti UV Galaxy RTR utilises 48 Spectra heads and environmentally-friendly inks to produce
the fastest output of any UV roll-to-roll grand-format printing in the market today. With the flexibility of
printing in 6 colours with true 600 dpi solution, this printing technology produces the highest quality prints
in its class, producing 80 square metres an hour (or 862 square feet per hour), and can be run with just
a single operator.
Superior Colour Flexibility
The use of environmentally-friendly UV-curable premium inks also adds incredible flexibility to our printing
solutions; these specially formulated inks yield a wider range of colours and exhibit superior adhesion to
a variety of materials such as fabric, canvas, vinyl, plastic film, polyester, glass and paper.
Excellent Image Output
Our printing technology comes with a powerful on-board software that automatically compensates the
level of saturation, thus safeguarding image output. This is the first technology of its kind in the grandformat printing arena.
Printing Technology
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