Conjunction Junction


Conjunction Junction
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Conjunction Junction
Conjunctions are words that join, or connect, parts of a sentence together.
Coordinating conjunctions are used to join independent clauses to make
compound sentences.
Directions: Using the lists of coordinating conjunctions, combine the
independent clauses to create compound sentences.
but for
1. Sierra No. 3 is a a 19th-century steam locomotive.
It is owned by Railtown 1897 Historic Park in Jamestown, CA.
2. This famous train was used in the movie Back to the Future, III. It didn’t actually fall
off a cliff as shown in the movie.
3. Sierra No. 3 was involved in several wrecks. The train was valued and repaired
each time.
4. Clint Eastwood himself rode the Sierra No. 3 in films. He thought of the train “like a
treasured old friend.”
5. Today, the Sierra No. 3 pulls cars along on a six-mile round-trip track. Passengers
view wildflowers along the way.