2012.fin5.fi Accommodation


2012.fin5.fi Accommodation
Within about 80 km of the competition center you can find self catering holiday cottages and houses, camping areas, hotels, bed
and breakfast,commercial lodging services, school lodging as well
as caravan and camping parks.
Contact persons:
Arja Närvä [email protected] +358 45 312 0524, +358 50 911 2236
Riitta Kulmala [email protected] +358 40 539 4370
Olja Vokulova [email protected] +358 50 926 44 93
Teuva • Jurva • Närpes 9.-14.7.2012
Fin5 O R I E N T E E R I N G W E E K
A major sports event in
South Ostrobothni 2012
Pässilä in Jurva, the terrain where Nikkari-Jukola was held ten years ago, will host the two first
stages of the 2012 Fin5 orienteering week. After
a rest day the slopes of Parra in Teuva awaits
the competitors. These two hill areas rise above the expanses of South Ostrobothnia to offer
both challenges and variety to the stages.
The surrounding area offers an abundance
of interesting destinations. The ”red gold”
of Närpes, cultivation of tomatoes, can be
witnessed in the extraordinary amount of
greenhouses. Moving along the sea shore
from Närpes will take you to the atmospheric streets of Kaskinen, the smallest city in
Finland. Keep going south and you end up
in Kristinestad, one of Scandinavia’s best
preserved wooden towns and the first Cittaslow city in Finland, a city which is sure
to offer a memorable visit.
Närpes OK, Suunta-Jurva and Teuvan Rivakka
are the organisers of the event. The event centre will be located in Teuva. The competitions
start on Monday 9.7.2012 and ends on Saturday 14.7.2012.
The villages hosting the events are traditional entrepreneurial regions. The woodworking, furniture, metal, and plastic industries as well as extensive agriculture
are symbols of the South Ostrobothnian
entrepreneurial spirit.