Spring 2013 Newsletter


Spring 2013 Newsletter
What’s in a Number?
While I’m not quite there myself, Meals on Wheels is turning 45 this year and we think our
volunteers are FABULOUS! We depend on our volunteers to prepare and deliver 1,500 meals
to over 1,300 clients throughout Greenville County. That’s no easy task—considering we need
nearly 150 volunteers each day to make it happen. On April 23rd we will host our annual
Volunteer Appreciation Breakfast at the Hyatt in downtown Greenville. This is our small way
of saying ‘Thank You’ for all the significant contributions volunteers make to Meals on Wheels.
We invite all of our corporate route partners, event, seasoned route drivers and meal-packaging
volunteers to join us! We wouldn’t be 45 and FABULOUS without you!
2012 Numbers
pounds of pet
food collected
& delivered
Volunteers: Our Driving Force
“For me, volunteering
to deliver meals is the
ultimate ‘feel good’
situation. The smile
on [the client’s face]
when I knock on their
door with a hot meal is
such a blessing. This is
a great way to follow
God’s command and
love our neighbor.”
David Batson
volunteer since 2009
patrick chitwood
volunteer since 2010
“I have met double
amputees who
answer their doors with all the dignity of
any other person… At
first I thought that we
would deliver meals
to those who couldn’t
get out. In a very
short time I realized
that the volunteers
are a safety check for
these people.”
“Meals on Wheels
to me is a service
that I consider a
blessing in my life.
I look forward to
every Monday and
Tuesday—for the
fellowship I have with
everyone at Meals on
Wheels and my folks
who get the meals.”
maureen mcgregor
volunteer since 2008
martine zimmer, volunteer since 2001
“[The clients] offer their friendship unconditionally. They never judge
you, they take you as is and are so appreciative. I feel enriched by
them and very grateful for all the things I have. I sincerely hope that
Meals on Wheels will be there if and when I need it.”
Gearing up for Wheels for Meals
April 27 is shaping up to be another memorable morning in Greenville as Meals on
Wheels enjoys the 7th annual Wheels for Meals at Furman University. Riders can
choose between the 25-mile, 43-mile, 62-mile and 100-mile routes. With support
from sponsors led by Fluor, the event has become a favorite of cyclists of all
levels. Participants and volunteers are encouraged to take part in the fundraising
efforts of the event at www.MealsonWheelsGreenville.org. For more information
contact Heidi Wright at 233.6565 or [email protected]
Looking Back: Sweetheart Charity Ball
On Saturday, February 2 the Sweetheart Charity Ball, presented by BB&T, proved to be
a wonderful evening and the back drop of the newly renovated Hyatt Regency was the
perfect venue. Introduced for the first time in the event’s history was an interactive cellular
bidding system sponsored by HTI. Lori Center, Director of Community Ministries for St.
Francis, was recognized as the Sweetheart of the Year.
Part of the Healing Process
“I never thought this would happen,” fifty-eight year old Christine O. says. “Never.”
One day she was walking to her car and realized how short of breath she was. She was alarmed
when her skin began ballooning. After taking herself to a clinic, the nurse sent her to the
Emergency Room, where she was diagnosed with Congestive Heart Failure. Later that month,
she was back to the doctor for a stress test. He did not have good news. Christine would need
triple-bypass surgery. The words hit her hard. It was not what she was expecting.
The doctors asked if she had anyone they could call…she said no.
After Christine’s surgery, the doctors said her heart was strong but they had to take away her driving privileges for
some time. They surprised her with a referral to Meals on Wheels of Greenville.
“When you are healing your heart, cooking for yourself is the last thing on your mind,” she says. When she receives
her delivery, it is a nutritious meal prepared and delivered by loving hands. For someone like Christine, the delivery is
more than just a meal. The visit from a volunteer lifts her spirits on her low days. And at least until she is back on her
feet, Meals on Wheels will be there as part of the healing process.
Energy-Saving Tips from Duke Energy
Duke Energy wants to help you make the best use of every dollar you spend on energy-related costs:
• Adjust your thermostat – we recommend 78 in summer, 68 in winter. For every
degree change, you can save about 2 percent on your heating or cooling costs.
• Use ceiling fans or portable fans wisely – cut them off when you’re not in the room.
• Use programmable thermostats – costs have dropped in price the past few years.
• Check and replace your filters monthly.
• Use shades and blinds to your advantage – keep the sun out in summer and let it in during winter.
For more energy efficiency tips from Duke Energy, visit www.duke-energy.com/youtility.
Petfood Project
Mission Statement
To provide all the pet food
needs for the clients of Meals
on Wheels in 2013! We need
your help to collect 2,200 lbs of
food each month.
Thank you to
Benjamin Franklin Plumbing,
Mister Sparky, Entire Image,
One Hour Heating & Air
Conditioning, Wize Guyz, and
Bug Avengers.