Your Sponsorship of this Event Supports:
Meals On Wheels/Nutrition Programs: These life-saving programs
serve frail and homebound seniors from Palm Springs to North Shore
Salton Sea. Each homebound senior is personally served by our
trained drivers who also conduct a wellness check with each visit. For
many, our driver is their only contact with the outside world. Over
120,000 meals are served each year through our Meals On Wheels
Program and an additional 40,000 meals are served in a social setting
at seven senior centers throughout the Valley, including Thermal,
Mecca, Coachella, Indio, Cathedral City and several senior living
communities. Since we only request a small donation, if possible, from
our clients your support is critical to continuing the program. In turn
our commitment is to make sure that no senior ever has to make a
decision between buying their medications or paying for their food.
Fall Prevention Program: The one thing that could rob an older adult
of their independence is a devastating fall. Fear of falling is a major
problem that can lead to isolation and early death. Mizell Senior Center
is the only senior center in the Coachella Valley that has made fall
prevention a priority program. Our program is nationally approved and
taught by medical professionals. In addition, as part of the program we
make personal visits to participant homes to assess for fall hazards
and make recommendations for improvement. Tragically, 25% of
seniors who fall and break a hip die within one year of their injury.
With your support, we are expanding this program valley-wide this
year. We remain committed to keeping seniors and older adults active
and independent.
Programs and Services: From a variety of instruction and fun
programming to over 20 exercise classes each week, Mizell Senior
Center has a commitment to keeping seniors active and engaged. We
have legal, health insurance, and mental health counseling as well as
weekly seminars on important medical issues. Most of our members
live alone and have extremely low incomes. Mizell Senior Center
stands ready and in some cases is their only resource. Our Behrend
Computer Learning Center hosts a variety of computer classes from
Microsoft programs to Facebook, iPhone and iPad, to learning how to
use Amazon and e-bay. Our popular music programs welcome
musicians from around the world and many times we have over 100
audience members enjoying the music and singing. Our annual flu
shot clinic is attended by 100’s and we administer over 400 free flu
shots each year. Mizell Senior Center has over 2700 members and
counts over 50,000 visits each year for our wide variety of programs
and services.
Our Commitment: Mizell Senior Center is NOT your Grandma’s Senior
Center. Our commitment is to provide programs and services that are
relevant to our members of all ages and are designed to support
continued independence, health, and well-being. We cannot do this
without calling upon the generosity of our community. Your support is
a vital component to our continued ability to provide innovative and
relevant programming to our members and to insuring that no senior in
our Valley ever goes hungry. You are the vital link in our ability to
continue providing these services. We respectfully ask for your
assistance and sponsorship.
Live at the
Gala Emcee and
Special Performance by
Dr. Ronald Fragen and Carol Fragen
Eric A. Rudolph and Bob Iles
August 25, 2015
Dear Mizell Senior Center Supporter:
You have never been to an event like Mizell Senior Center produces. No gowns, no tuxedos, no long
speeches, just an experience like no other. We create The Musical Experience of the Season. In 2013,
we sold out and got rave reviews for the transformation of the Air Museum into the Hollywood Bowl and
the re-creation of the famed 1964 Beatles concert including the landing of a Beatles carrying DC-3 jet. In
2014, we asked “Where were you in ‘62” as we brought you back to Mel’s Diner and the simpler times of
a bygone era with American Graffiti. In 2015, we created An Evening at the famed Apollo Theater in New
York with a stroll through Central Park.
This year, we are transporting you to one of the most famous nightclubs: The Cocoanut Grove at the
historic Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. The Cocoanut Grove has been described as the biggest, best,
most famous, and most expensive nightclubs in the United States. Featuring some of the most famous
stars of the era, such greats as Barbra Streisand, Sammy Davis, Jr., Judy Garland, Liza Minnelli, Liberace,
and in June of 1967 The Supremes graced the stage of this historic club.
Our annual gala, “The Supremes – Live at the Cocoanut Grove” will be held on Saturday, February 27,
2015 at the Palm Springs Air Museum honoring Harold Matzner. You will be transported to Los Angeles
and the sights and sounds of Hollywood Boulevard before experiencing The Supremes - Live at the
Cocoanut Grove. Of course, we will have Grauman’s Chinese Theater, The Hollywood Sign, and The
Brown Derby, and more of the sights of Hollywood in its heyday as we enjoy cocktails and our silent
auction. Then it’s off to the Cocoanut Grove with The Supremes recreated by SUPREME REFLECTIONS.
Our guest MC is the legendary Tony and Emmy award winner, Jennifer Holliday who made her Broadway
debut in Dreamgirls. Be sure to bring your dancing shoes because this show will take you back with the
sounds of the most famous female vocal group of all time. People will be talking about this “Musical
Experience” for years to come!
by the numbers . . .
According to the National Meals On Wheels Association, 8.8 million of America’s seniors – nearly 1 in 6 –
may not know where their next meal is coming from. Programs like Meals On Wheels are critical to solving
this national crisis. The nutritious meals, friendly visits and safety checks delivered each day are often all
it takes to enable our seniors to live independently in their own homes. And, when they do, we all save
billions of tax dollars in avoided hospital, health care and nursing home costs. Investing in Meals On
Wheels is a win-win. The fact is, the more we invest in Meals On Wheels, the more we save. For every
dollar invested in Meals On Wheels, we can SAVE up to $50.00 in Medicaid spending. This translates to
saving $21.7 Billion in California alone!! Federal funding for this program only covers 38% of the actual
cost. That is why we need your support! Help us . . . help our community.
Did you know?
• We deliver over 120,000 home delivered meals each year to frail, homebound seniors from
Palm Springs to Salton Sea
• 40% of our home delivered meals are in the Eastern Coachella Valley and the number of
meals served has increased over 500% in the past two years
• We provide an additional 40,000 meals in a social setting at Valley Senior Centers
including: Mecca, Thermal, Coachella, Indio, LaQuinta, Cathedral City, and Palm Springs
in order to encourage seniors to reduce isolation and become involved in their local
community center
• Meals on Wheels maintains a fleet of eight vehicles to service our home delivered meal
routes. Some routes are over 120 miles round trip each day
• At the Mizell Senior Center alone we serve 75 – 120 meals each day on site
This year, more than ever, we need your support to continue our vital programs. So, please join us for this
one-of-a-kind evening by returning the enclosed Sponsorship Form before December 18, 2015. This will
make sure you are in all of the pre-event materials for your sponsorship level including your name on
pre-event advertising, social media, and the invitation. An earlier commitment will gain additional
exposure through our “Save the Date” September mailing.
• 90% of our Meals on Wheels clients live at or below the Federal Poverty Level
This event reaches the largest and fastest growing market in the Coachella Valley: The active senior and
Baby Boomer market who together hold the largest disposable income in the history of the US. In
addition, the generosity and commitment of our donors and sponsors help us continue to provide over
160,000 meals yearly through our Valley-wide Meals On Wheels and Nutrition Programs at seven Valley
senior centers. Mizell has made a commitment that no senior in our Valley, living alone, and without food,
would continue going hungry. Your support will help us make sure we keep that commitment to the
thousands of seniors we serve each year. Seniors rely on your generous support to guarantee that our
unique programs and services continue to support them in living active, productive lives. Take a look at
the back page of this brochure to get a sense of all we do.
Seniors and Baby Boomers are Worth Your Marketing Dollars
• Represent nearly 40% of our local adult population
• Control 77% of the wealth with over $1.6 Trillion in spending power
• Fastest growing population segment
• Account for 60% of all Healthcare Spending and 74% of Prescription Drugs
• Account for 80% of Luxury Travel
• Own 70% of all Money Market and Retirement Accounts
• Purchase 4% of all new automobiles and 80% of new luxury cars
• Older adults and Baby Boomers are the fastest growing real estate market,
especially in the luxury home market
Your commitment to the seniors of our community will not be forgotten . . . and with your help, Mizell
Senior Center will continue to provide them with support they deserve and the dignity and respect they
have earned. We look forward to your reply and participation.
Thank you for your support from your event co-chairs!
Dr. Ronald Fragen and Carol Fragen
Eric A. Rudolph and Bob Iles
• All Meals on Wheels drivers are fully trained, CPR certified, and provide wellness checks
during their visit
Mizell Senior Center serves more people in one day than many organizations serve in one year!
We need your help! Call 760-323-5689 x118 to become a Sponsor

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