File - Bluebonnet Chapter


File - Bluebonnet Chapter
Meeting: January 14, 2016
Workshop starts at 9 a.m.
Lunch at 12:30
Meeting at 1:00
True Red
Bright Orange
Cad Yellow
Sour Apple
You need to run the toaster through the dishwasher, sand some to give it some tooth, prime with
Painters Touch Black Primer. Then, basecoat with black (this makes it easier to correct any mistakes later). Put on the pattern (just flowers, you can add leaves and small flowers later. You will
need to undercoat all flowers with white so colors really show up. The rest we will do in class.
See you in January.
2016 Schedule of workshops and Paint-ins will be released after the Transitional Board meeting.
Get ready for a Painting Party!!! Sandi Strecker is Fun-Fun-Fun and adorable! You will LOVE
painting with her. She attended the Creative Painting Convention in Dallas a couple of years
ago and fell in love with "her Texas girls"!!
Dates: Thursday April 28 and Friday April 29
Time: 9:30-4:30
Place Bob Duncan Community Center-Main Hall
Cost: $100 for two days PLUS $65 for two wood pieces
Sandi designed the Santa just for us! Please contact me to hold your place. I will have some
wood to deliver at the January meeting. Contact me soon to get your wood early!
Invite your friends from other chapters! We will be paining in the BIG main hall so will have
plenty of room. This could actually turn into a fund raiser if we "pack the house"!! Feel free
to Facebook, email, announce to your friends to join us.
I will only take two day registrations until I have covered the seminar costs.
[email protected] or call 817-477-3415
2016 Events
Rosemary West Workshop June 1-4
SDP San Diego June 6-11
Painting Palooza -Oklahoma City September 26-30
Bluebonnet Retreat November 4-5-6
It is going to be a super great year! Let's Paint!!!
Election of 2016 Officers
A vote was not taken at the last Bluebonnet Meeting for the 2016 officers. The following
was sent to members.
It is moved and seconded to accept the slate of officers for 2016 as
Vice President, President Elect - Connie Alexander
Vice President, Membership - Janice Hendricks
Secretary - Diane Goodwin
Treasurer - Sandy Jump
Official results of the vote on the Slate of Officers for 2016.
with the November general meeting minutes.
To be filed
Bluebonnet Chapter has 57 members. 42 responded with a yea vote, which
constitutes a quorum. The motion has passed.
Nancy Genetti, Parliamentarian
Approximately 165 teddy bears were delivered to Meals on Wheels this week. It
was such a pleasure to be a part of this project. The people at Meals on Wheels
are so appreciative and delighted with what we do. Nedra Colter, the Manager,
told me she has one of each of our project for the last 20 years. That's awesome! We'll do it again next year because that's what Christmas is all about.
Thanks to all of you who painted the cute little bears.
A few Photos from November Meeting
November 12, 2015
The meeting was held at the Bob Duncan Community Center and was called to
order by President Armida Guzman at 1:00
p.m. The secretary was present.
The minutes were approved as printed.
Treasurer: As of November 9 the total balance was $13,781.45
Vice President/Programs: Pat Hooper will teach flowers on a toaster in January.
She has the pattern today. Items for next year’s workshops and fund raisers
are on display. We need to vote on them today.
Newsletter: Nancy Genetti needs articles as soon as possible.
Vice President/Membership: 21 members have paid for next year. We have one
new member today, Debbie O’Farrell.
Bluebonnet Boosters: Jana Reynolds is doing well after her surgery. Jeanette Johnson is not doing well and Barbara Gerlach’s husband is not doing
well after his surgery. Prayers are needed for all the above.
Christmas Party: 33 members have paid for the party. More raffle items are
needed. Bonnie Riley thanked members who have contributed to her kitchen
Community Service/Meals on Wheels:
Pat Hooper has 132 painted teddy bears
ready to deliver to Meals on Wheels.
Community Service/Memory Boxes: No boxes were delivered this month.
Hospitality: Libby Conant was thanked for the wonderful meal. She was
asked to send the recipes to Genetti for the newsletter.
Paint-In: The Board discussed having paint-ins only on Board Meeting days.
Board members could stay after the meeting and paint. We will also have
some fundraisers instead of regular paint-ins. Details will be discussed at
the next Board Meeting – January 7.
State Fair: Members received 24 ribbons.
Ways and Means: Big raffle money needs to be turned in by the Christmas
Party. Several projects have been discussed for next year. The Big Raffle
will be a two set luggage. Members will be asked to submit a design to
paint on the luggage.
Decorative Painting Month: We were only allowed to use one library this
year. We were asked to think about another way of showing our projects next
year. Diana Pfau will ask if we can change our Art Show at the Community
Center to October.
A seminar with Sandi Strecker has been scheduled for April 28
and 29, 2016. The seminar will cost members $100.00 including food. Wood
pieces will run around $70.00 unless Pfau can find a cheaper source. The
retreat will be November 4, 5, 6. We were asked to support a convention in
Oklahoma September 2016. Kathy George will be coming for probably 3 days
March 2017.
Door Prizes: Carol White, Bonnie Riley, Joyce Beale, and Vickie HessMiller.
Raffles: Maria Persuitte won both raffles.
The meeting adjourned at 1:40p.m.
Diane Goodwin, Secretary
A Few of the Christmas Party Photos

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