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It may be unnerving and upsetting at first
glance to believe that I Hope You Fail.
The world is focusing on self improvement, weight loss, cosmetic surgery and
the latest fashion and I am providing you
with a series that says I Hope You Fail.
Dr. Jamal Bryant
Whenever you find someone who is a
great success, you will have found
someone who has had many failures.
Failure is the price tag for success. The
only people who really learn how to fight
at something are those people who have
failed at something.
The devil does not like us because even
though we've failed, we still have confidence. Failure is the price and we have
to make up in our minds that we are willing to fail in order to succeed.
I Hope You Fail will lead you to succeed
and push you into your purpose. I Hope
You Fail will cause you to be determined
to break a generational curse. I Hope
You Fail will give you the confidence you
need and push you into your purpose. I
Hope You Fail will cause you to chase
God. So if you're ready to succeed and
you want it all, the best thing I can tell
you is that I Hope You Fail.
Sermons Included:
1. I Hope You Fail
2. I'm Confident
3. I've Got Nothing to Loose
4. I Got A Lot On Me
5. I Want It All
6. Running On Empty
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