What do Margaret Cho, Bill Nye, and Johnny Depp


What do Margaret Cho, Bill Nye, and Johnny Depp
What do Margaret Cho, Bill Nye, and Johnny Depp
have in common?
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3/8/16 3:54 PM
They will all speak up
for reason on June 4!
Reason Rally 2016 will have a fantastic roster
of speakers and entertainers joining tens of
thousands of people who want reason and
science to drive public policy.
Buses will be going to the Rally from all
over the country. Catch one and join us!
It’s a party with a purpose! We’ll show the media
and the politicians that those of us who are
atheist, secular, unaffiliated or just reasonable
are a voting bloc to be reckoned with.
June 4, 2016
Lincoln Memorial
Washington, DC
We’re here, we’re growing, and we vote!
SPEAKERS: Kelly Carlin / Comedian n Margaret Cho / Comedian n Richard Dawkins / Evolutionary biologist n Johnny Depp / Actor
n John de Lancie / Actor, singer, comic n Yvette d’Entremont / SciBabe n Lawrence Krauss / Theoretical physicist n Maryam Namazie /
Civil-rights activist n Bill Nye / Scientist and educator n Killah Priest / Musician n Paul Provenza / Comedian n Carolyn Porco /
Planetary Scientist n James Randi / Magician n Cara Santa Maria / Biologist n Eugenie Scott / Physical anthropologist
n Julia Sweeney / Comedian
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3/8/16 3:54 PM