EPBSC Newsletter 004/15 - Exmouth Power Boat and Ski Club


EPBSC Newsletter 004/15 - Exmouth Power Boat and Ski Club
EPBSC Newsletter 004/15
Newsletter Date Sept 2015
Volume 7, Issue 01
Apologies for not getting more newsletters out but
other things always seem to get in the way (like
Inside this issue:
Fun Rallies
Rally results
Next rally date
Belsher’s Slipway
Membership Renewal Time
For 2015:
Cheques payable to Exe
Power Boat & Ski Club for
renewal forms please email
Neil or Drew
[email protected]
Andrew Langdon
[email protected]
Or download from out website
A good response so far so
keep the membership fees
coming, remember if you
want to rally you have to be a
paid up member!
If you have something that you
would like to put in the Newsletter or even on the newly
designed web page and share
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So what are you waiting for—
Get in touch NOW
round the UK there has been racing or rallying depends on your point of view from different classes that
EPBSC members and Ex-members have been involved in.
The Single Seater’s T850 have been rallying on the duck pond
as per the calendar published on the website and last Saturday
evening was no exception, although light in numbers due to
other events but an interesting first heat soon whittled the number down to just 2 runners, but that was all to change in the
2nd heat, when a false start was soon “Red Flagged” to allow
2 further boat to re-join after some frantic repairs by the owners and crews alike, alas as the light faded it was soon cut
short and the 3rd heat was held in the usual place - The pub!
Good call.
(See page 2 for the last heat’s timings).
Meanwhile the week before saw Club Members Drew and Ali
Langdon take 2nd place in both events i.e. Cowes-TorquayCowes with some very respectable timings for both legs,
1:19:59 & 01:20:59 (although ex-members Nick & Chris Dodge
took 3rd place, 01:24:54 & 01:24:20) with 14 boats potential
registered to start and only 8 finishing it sounds very much like
a normal EPBSC Single Seater rally event!
Other members of EPBSC were involved at Cowes and Torquay doing Scrutineering and even more members helping out
doing Safety/Marshall boats at Torquay, with even more members turning up at Torquay to watch and cheer on our members.
Lots more pictures and video’s available on various websites,
youtube including Boatmad/Forum etc
Other powerboating events which include EPBSC members
are and have been taking part in racing abroad and in the UK
such as Zapcats UK and next month in Malta, Jet ski International Free ride World championships UK, Ski Racing, V200
stock Bernico boat in Corsica. GRAND PRIX DE SOLENZARA
And if you know of more then let me know so I can report it
on here for all EPBSC members to enjoy?
The consultation has now finished and we eargly await the results, it’s also rumoured that the main perpetrator has now moved onto another topic around the
same area etc (Watch this space) meanwhile other things are happening in order to
keep the Exe and surrounding area’s still being made available to powerboats:
From Ed Hughes
“EPBSC has “history” with ECC. They tried to ban all powerboating on the Exe in the seventies - actually the cause for the formation of the Club. We fought a successful Public Inquiry to
establish the areas of use for water-skiing and powerboating events, both de-restricted from
the otherwise applicable 10 know limit.”
Exeter City Council is forming a new body, the Exeter Waterways Partnership Board.
The role of the Board is to develop and deliver a Waterways Strategy for Exeter:
specifically about the use, operation and management of the Canal and River and
the potential to develop the amenity for better leisure and economic outcomes.
Miles Jennings and Ed Williams-Hawkes have both
offered themselves for election to the new Board and
both need your vote. Membership of the Board will
ensure the views of EPBSC and other local water users are represented and that we are aware of the
Board's proposals.
Next Rally—Saturday 29th Sept 17:00hrs,
meet at the Duckpond tide is 4.0M