Hello Colorful Friends!



Hello Colorful Friends!
Hello Colorful Friends!
I hope that you enjoyed your introduction to working with White! It is a
very useful all-around color that is beneficial in every situation. You may
have noticed a little pep in your step, or people around you may have
commented on a clearer happier you. If this has been the case for you,
white is already taking its course. Make sure to try working with White for a
few minutes each day, so you can really start to notice its positive effects.
This is Part 2, in which we focus on the radiant Ruby Red light. Please listen
to the accompanying mp3 that came with this color, it will help you to get
comfortable with Ruby Red and its properties.
Much Love,
Color Me Happy
Part 2
A Guide To Changing Your Life With Color
By Dougall Fraser
Need a boost of vibrant health and passion? Ruby Red
is for you.
Ruby Red
The color of the healer and the emotional body
Ruby Red Light is located in the center of the chest. It is the color of
emotional and physical wellness. Ruby is seen around physicians, medics
and throughout the world of healthcare. Ruby Red is the heart center; it
holds our secrets and desires. This light helps us to connect with our
passion and the ability to love deeply.
Ruby Red teaches us about love and the connection to our own inner
healer. We all have the capacity to send powerful love and light to
others. More importantly, Ruby Red empowers us to connect with our
own hearts so that we can manifest joy, love and serenity in our lives.
If you or someone in your life is struggling with an illness, use Ruby Red to
send healing and loving energy.
To download your free meditation that comes with this color, please click
Your goal with Ruby Red is to open your heart. I believe that our hearts
are our connection to the Universe, God, and all divine energy. When our
hearts are open, we are limitless in the good that we can receive. We
can better perceive the energy of others and send compassionate
healing energy to them. Our wisest inner selves are awoken and take
action in our lives with grace and integrity.
Begin working with this color in the same way that you did with White.
Imagine a vibrant ball of Ruby Red light, this time in the center of your
Pay close attention to your physical heart as you invoke Ruby Red. As
your heart pumps blood through your circulatory system, know that the
Ruby Red light flows throughout your entire being without any effort on
your part. If you do any kind of activity that raises your heart rate, let your
heartbeat remind you of the Ruby Red light.
Do your best to feel things as passionately as possible when working with
Ruby Red. If anything makes you laugh, revel in that laughter as deeply
as you can. When eating a food that you enjoy, savor the pleasure that it
gives you. When you are around people that you love, appreciate them
and allow those wonderful positive feelings to wash through you
completely. The point here is to wake up your heart and keep it open to
receiving joy. The more you open your heart with Ruby Red, the more joy
you will invite into your life.
When working with Ruby Red, I also like to envision a red rose bud in my
heart center. As that rose blooms, each petal represents a layer of my
emotional nature.
With Ruby Red, you can expect to feel heightened emotions and
compassion. You may have deep belly laughs and moments of great joy
with friends. You may also notice yourself brought to tears for some
reason. Don’t be afraid of this, it is a cleansing cry that will sweep out
some untouched sadness left in the corners of your heart. Either way,
Ruby Red always leaves you feeling loved and supported.
A basket of Shiny Red Apples
Red Roses
I hope that you will enjoy working with Ruby Red, it is a very powerful color
that has helped many of my clients!
In the next few days, you will receive an email with another one of my
favorite colors:
Purple, the color of leadership and destiny.
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