Southwind, Eastern Tennessee`s White Lightning Trail, Seaside



Southwind, Eastern Tennessee`s White Lightning Trail, Seaside
by Doc Lawrence
Vol. 6, Issue 6 | July 2012
by Mark Silver of Argenti Designer Jewelers, LBTS
Many years ago when I lived in New Delhi, India designing clothing
and fabrics, a fellow master came over to me and described the
beautiful red Ruby gemstone ring he was wearing. He told me
that Ruby gem will teach you how to become a vehicle through
which divine love and joy can flow. He furthered to say, “this love
will then touch others around you, even if they are not wearing Ruby
themselves.” I keep this idea deep in my mind, always...
Ruby & Diamond
Ring in 18 K White
Gold by Argenti
KNOXVILLE, TN— It’s an easy drive to this renaissance city. Knoxville’s roots extend
before the Revolutionary War. Many of Washington’s soldiers settled here. Local history incorporates the Civil War, music and moonshine, which Hollywood labeled White
This regal red gem is the most commonly mentioned stone in the Bible and some say the
Ruby was the most precious of the twelve stones made by God when He created the world.
Nowadays many gemologists believe that Ruby is considered the most powerful gem in the
Dandridge is Tennessee’s second oldest city and home to super market staple Bush
Beans. Bob Jarnigan led a tour of the old inns, cemeteries, springs and historic courthouse, including some of his family legacy. Modern juxtaposed with
early America makes a charming
Which color would you spontaneously associate with love and vivacity, passion and power?
It’s obvious, isn’t it? Red for ruby. Ruby-red. This is how the name ‘Ruby’ was derived from
the Latin word ‘rubens’, meaning red. You may have someone refer to Ruby’s color as ‘pigeonblood-red’, but the term ‘Burmese color’ is a more fitting description and in the top luxury
gemstone category. This is the red color of the Ruby, the king of the gemstones and the color
of love. The most important thing about this magnificent stone is its color that always radiates
warmth and a strong sense of vitality.
East Tennessee is lush with endless green acres.
This is Tennessee’s lake country.
The TVA’s dams created spectacularly beautiful lakes that remain unspoiled. Douglas Lake is part of the
Dandridge experience and is a fisherman’s paradise, rich with small
mouth bass and deep-water pike.
Placed under a pillow the Ruby may ward off bad dreams. When Ruby rings are worn on the
left hand it is certain to receive total protection and when given as a gift, the ruby is a symbol
of friendship and love.
In England, Ruby to this day enjoys popularity among royalty and is considered a noble gemstone. Aristocracy still uses this gemstone for coronation rings and Fergie, the Duchess of York
received a Ruby engagement ring from Prince Andrew.
Russellville, another trail stop, has the Longstreet Museum. The Civil War Sesquicentennial includes the well-marked Civil War Trail and leads to the home where Confederate Within the power of Ruby is its encouragement to help follow your dreams and your bliss,
General James Longstreet set up headquarters in 1863-1864. The facility is perfectly helping you to change your world. Encouraging passion, joy, laughter and courage...a pure
zest in your life. It improves motivation and setting of realistic goals and if you wish to increase
preserved and skillfully curated.
your ability to dream... in particular wish to experience lucid dreams, put a piece of ruby stone
under the pillow. You should soon discover how to use Ruby stone to overcome sexual dysMorristown was Davy Crockett’s home. After a stop at
function and attract new love. Thereafter this gem will then fire your passions and keep you
ancient Bethesda Church, the Davy Crockett Museum
motivated. Wearing this beautiful red stone may allow you to see your own strength and your
provided a chance to tour the folk hero’s boyhood
creative potential from a heart based perspective. Perhaps at that time you will be ready to
abode and try to learn some of the theme song lyrics
release negative energy.
from the Fess Parker TV show about the Tennessee
Congressman who died fighting at the Alamo.
Are you searching of a tool for empowerment? Ruby Gemstone might just be the stone you
Tennessee showcases full-flavored and popular Grainger country tomatoes; Ritter Farms have been seeking. I am lucky to be born in July and fortunate enough to have designed a
in Rutledge is a major grower and supplier. East Tennessee’s arts and crafts rank with Ruby ring for myself. I idolize looking at this deep rich color finding my love for this glorious
indigenous music. Joppa Mountain Pottery allows visitors to watch a lump of clay molded birthstone never ends.
into a vase or jug.
The Cumberland Gap National Park, a centerpiece of the White Lightning Trail, encompasses the routes explored by Daniel Boone that began the westward expansion of early
America. 20,000 acres, 50 miles of hiking trails and the view from Pinnacle Overlook
make this a vacation highlight. The city of Cumberland Gap features Appalachian cuisine
at Webb’s Country Kitchen before bedtime at the regal Woodlake Golf Club Hotel.
Carla’s Café in New Tazewell’s serves fresh everything with a Paula Deen-like “howdy
y’all.” You need the energy from Tennessee ham, country sausage homemade biscuits
with red-eye gravy to view the exhibitions at the Abraham Lincoln Library and Museum
on the campus of historic Lincoln Memorial University in Harrogate. This is the world’s
largest Lincoln and Civil War collection.
Maynardville fits the Moonshine Trail perfectly. It’s in the lyrics of the theme song in the
movie “Thunder Road” and is the home to Country Music’s Roy Acuff.
The Museum of Appalachia encompasses 65 acres of all you can learn
in a year. Music, folk art, livestock,
history and heritage, food all presented with warmth and good will.
E. L. Morton, the dynamic head of
Campbell County’s Chamber of Commerce, is a master storyteller. After
lunch at the spectacular McCloud
Mountain Restaurant we drove to
the Caryville Moonshine exhibit and
I learned about the opportunities for
fishing on nearby lakes. “Some of
the best in America,” Morton said.
“Rocky Top,” a Tennessee anthem, is a popular
request at the Museum of Appalachia in Clinton.
Visit Clinton’s Green McAdoo Cultural Center. Much like Little Rock’s Central High School,
this museum memorializes the struggle to break the yoke of racial segregation. Blocks
away, Hoskin’s Drug Store, a step back into America of the fifties, has an inviting soda
fountain. The lovely ladies “talked” me into a genuine milkshake.
Knoxville is the unofficial capital city of East Tennessee. The Tennessee Theatre, the official state theatre of Tennessee and home to the Knoxville Symphony and Opera is noted
for its opulent Spanish-Moorish design and Italian terrazzo floors in the Grand Lobby.
Knoxville, progressive and modern, has preserved much of its past. Dining at The Crown
& Goose means a glass of Jack Daniel’s on ice, devouring a platter of artisinal chesses
and Benton’s world-renowned ham and bacon, followed by grilled bison served with
ample pourings of Malbec.
The White Lightning Trail is bedrock southern and birthplace of much of America’s music.
The state and national parks preserve the natural beauty and abundant wildlife.
Food from local farms is abundant and Tennessee-size cocktails and fine wine are never far from a dinner table.
Veteran journalist Doc Lawrence, a familiar face in
South Florida, enjoys a national reputation as a top
travel, wine and food, arts and lifestyles columnist.
The Atlanta resident has close ties to the Sunshine
State, writing regularly about Florida’s diverse
culture from Pensacola to Key West. Doc’s popular
syndicated radio show, “Southern Ways,” debuted
last spring. Contact: [email protected]
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