dream on - York Wallcoverings


dream on - York Wallcoverings
Dreams embody potential, charming as a whisper and shining like the promise of tomorrow, full of whimsy
and optimism. Now renowned designer Candice Olson brings the playful edge of bright daydreams and bold
possibilities to the realm of décor. Be curious, express yourself and feel good about who you are… Dream On.
One could become ensnared in this simple textured mesh. The
appearance of the loosely woven netting seems to imply a soft supple
hand, similar to a gauzy theatrical scrim. The quarter-inch webbed
pattern is available in four understated color ways including glacial blue,
beige and white, or pale smoke and steel with white. Combine with
Bountiful in related colors.
So very pretty, how the cleverly applied colors in this raised duotone
print create a wide ombre band of fantasy flowers and leaves. The result
is a fresh and romantic approach to a wide vertical floral stripe. Select
from lovely palettes such as palest shell pink with blush, or cream with
beige pearl, and four more. Consider Gravity as coordinating wallpaper.
Softly glowing quarter-inch ribbons of ruching create vertical stripes on
this interesting pattern. The compact pleats catch the light and cast
miniature irregular shadows in a most attractive design. Composed of
vinyl, you can rest assured this wallcovering is durable, washable and
suitable for high-traffic areas. The four colors include golden beige, ice
blue, greige or soft beige; some of which will blend well with Bountiful.
In an interesting scheme utilizing negative and positive spaces, this
pattern appears to have a solid backdrop with an overlay of netting the
thickness of yarn and done in a trio of colors. A large irregular ogee
design is formed where the mesh is eliminated so the background
shows through. Five selections include pearl with white plus light and
dark taupe, or white with pale blue, teal and light taupe.
Refined, tasteful, gracious; this solid pearlescent wallpaper possesses
minuscule fibers that suggest a hand-crafted origin. Available in four
lovely colors including spicy chai brown, rich cream fraiche, glacier blue,
or London fog grey. Pair with Embroidered Circles in the same delightful
This uncommon geometric pattern has architectural character. Two and
a half-inch squares form a grid and contain triangles that appear to cast
shadows, adding additional visual depth to the raised contemporary
design. Among the six selections is grey with russet and cream, or beige
with teal and khaki.
In a burst of creative inspiration, the artist fashioned this large-scale
patchwork of variegated pearlescent colors. The pattern resembles
the layers of mineral grain in a beautiful slice of onyx or the strata of
sedimentary rock in a sunlit Four Corners slot canyon. Available in seven
captivating palettes; select from various blues, with tan and beige, or
purples with tan and yellow, among others.
Beautifully inconsistent, inch-wide lines form an organic ogee pattern;
a contemporary take on a classic design. The backdrop is solid, while
the wavering bands are formed of matte and metallic inks. The sinuous
result is a handsome wallpaper which comes in six splendid palettes.
Select from cream with silver and gold, or navy with medium blue and
gold, among others.
Circular scrolls cast distinct shadows on a solid ground which is similar
to hand-made paper. The contemporary design is slightly raised, with
texture that contributes to the three dimensional appearance, and the
scale is bold. Available in six palettes: among them is pearlescent beige
with tan and greys, or deep indigo blue with black and cream. Echo is a
potential coordinate in compatible colors.
Close up you see a small raised pebbled texture. Stand back and see
an intricate woven pattern like a charming cobbled street in soft neutral
colors. The allover pattern comes in five softly glowing variations,
including pink pearl with grey, or aqua with cream and beige. Mix and
match with Rhapsody in blended color ways.
This clever collection of dots in various sizes creates the illusion of wide
and narrow vertical stripes reminiscent of ombre. The raised texture
could be compared to a stylized faux animal appearance or perhaps a
delicate lace. The abundance of colors includes grey with shimmering
pewter, or seafoam with brushed silver. Consider using this pattern with
Contessa in similar colors.
Impressive in size and captivating in pattern, the radiating lines in
this ogee print are reminiscent of art deco design in the heyday of
Hollywood. Imagine the glamour of 1930s movie theaters where
dashing men in tuxes and ravishing women in satin emerge from black
limousines. This retro design would be stunning in a contemporary
home. Among the five color ways is aquamarine, khaki and silver, or
taupe, sage green and beige with brown. Use with Mosaic in compatible
On a softly glowing field, much like hand-crafted paper is a pattern of
embroidered rings. Two inches in diameter, the circles are stitched in
alternating matte and glittering metallic threads in perpendicular rows.
This distinctive wallpaper comes in four lovely shades including rich
crème fraiche, London fog grey, glacier blue or spicy chai brown.