Install SMART Notebook 14


Install SMART Notebook 14
SMART Notebook 2014
The district has purchased a site license for the new SMART Notebook 2014. This program may be installed on
any school computer, and it may be installed by faculty at home as well.
Uninstall SMART Notebook 10 or 11
The previous version of Notebook will need to be uninstalled first. Click Start Button > All Programs > SMART
Technologies > SMART Tools > SMART Uninstaller:
Click Next on the Uninstaller Wizard. Check the top four boxes, click Next, and then click Uninstall:
A User Account Control window will pop up to ask if this program should make changes to the computer. Click
Another window may pop up to ask if you want to remove the installed Gallery files. Click No.
Click Finish, and then restart the computer.
Install SMART Notebook 14
Double-click the District Resources shortcut and navigate folders to Technology > SMART > Install. Right-click
on the Notebook 14 folder and click Copy.
Now click the Start Button
> Computer. Double-click Local Disk (C:), and then click New Folder. Name the
folder Temp Install, hit Enter, and then double-click to open that folder.
Right-click inside the Temp Install folder and click Paste. Open the Notebook 14 folder and double-click the
smartesi2014 file. You will also see the Notebook 2014 Key file, which you will need to open later.
A User Account Control window will pop up to ask if this program should make changes to the computer. Click
Be sure to uncheck the box in front of Check for newer versions, and click Next. In the next window, accept the
terms and click Next again.
Leave the default install location, and click Next. In the next window, select all four items and click Next.
You may get this warning window. Click Continue.
Leave both boxes checked and click Next. In the next window, leave the box unchecked and click Next.
Uncheck the box in front of Enable the Customer Experience, and click Next.
This next step is essential! To keep the install from taking over an hour, you must uncheck the Essentials for
Educators box. These extended galleries have been downloaded and saved to the District Shared folder. They
can be installed after the Notebook 14 install has been completed.
Check only Lesson Activity Toolkit.
Be sure the other boxes are unchecked,
before clicking Next.
It is not necessary to select any other languages, so just click Next. Click Install on the following window.
The installation typically will take about 10 minutes. When complete, click Finish.
Before entering the product key on the next window, be sure you have opened a browser and logged into
LightSpeed. A working Internet connection is required to register the license.
The license number can be found in the same
folder as the installation file. Open the file named
Notebook 2014 Key, copy the text, and paste here.
You may use this license number to install
Notebook at home, but it is not to be shared
or made available to others in any way.
Check the box for I accept the terms, and then click Next. On the following window, leave Submit request
automatically checked and click Next.
Click Finish, and you are ready to begin using Notebook 14. Be sure to delete the Temp Install folder you
To install at home, copy and paste the Notebook 14 folder from District Resources > Technology > SMART >
Install onto a USB drive and follow these directions.
For additional functionality, please look for other Notebook guides on the Technology Help Desk > SMART
Notebook Resources district webpage:
Install Additional Galleries
Control Notebook with Maestro for iPad
Use Response VE with Clickers & Student Devices
If you have any issues with the installation, please call the Tech Office at 636-271-1402.