FINAL Flourish Promo Flyer


FINAL Flourish Promo Flyer
with Staci Frenes
Discover the JOY
of sowing your unique
gifts and TALENTS
into the life GOD has given you,
and be amazed at the beauty
that grows there.
Flourish events are designed to
inspire, encourage and equip all of
Options include single-day
conferences, weekend retreats, or
[email protected]
us along the creative spectrum
concerts and can be tailored to fit
in our unique God-given gifts—
most group sizes and budgets.
from homemakers to professional
Sharing the themes from her book,
Flourish, Staci offers valuable
insights about how to cultivate a
life in which our unique gifts and
talents find their full expression.
“Staci has a winsome style of weaving
Sample outlines and discussion
questions available upon
her music, personal stories, and the
biblical narrative into a rich and
compelling invitation to follow where
Jesus is leading.” -Mary Graves,
Pastor, Trinity Presbyterian Church
Menlo Park. CA
For video, music and book
samples, visit