Suherman Chef - Frankfurter Buchmesse



Suherman Chef - Frankfurter Buchmesse
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
On June 1st, 1945, Indonesia’s founding father Soekarno took stage in front of the Body for
Investigating Efforts for the Preparation of Indonesian Independence [BPUPKI]. The delegations
have been debating the readiness of Indonesian people to become a sovereign nation. With a
very low level of literacy [only 5% Indonesians were literate], minuscule GDP level, and heated
political conflicts, the conditions did look very grim, indeed.
But it was on that day that Soekarno famously remarked, “Independence is a golden bridge. It is
on the other side of that bridge that we will be free to build and improve an Indonesian society
that is powerful, strong, fit, enduring and everlasting.” And thus history noted, two months after
Soekarno gave his remarks in front of BPUPKI, he stood once again, this time in front of his nation, and declared the independence of Indonesia in spite of all the improbabilities.
Now, 70 years after the declaration of independence, Indonesia has seen a miraculous growth
despite all the challenges. Illiteracy rate dropped from 95% in 1945 to around 8% in 2010, GDP
has multi-folded from $55 in 1967 to $3,475 in 2013, number of students has exploded from
merely thousands in 1945 to tens of millions currently. Indonesia also serves as an example of a
functioning democracy, in which the people choose the path of moderation, tolerance and freedom. With all its dynamics, the people of Indonesia has displayed a notable degree of political
and intellectual maturity. What was once started as an imagination has slowly manifested into
a remarkable reality.
Indonesia was indeed built on an imagination, albeit a very strong one. How was it possible that
a group of people from more than 300 ethnicity groups, speaking more than 800 languages,
living in area with more than 17,000 islands, was able to join hands and formed one sovereign
nation if it wasn’t because of a collective imagination? An imagination so strong, it turned into a
deeply held belief, which is Indonesia. It is to celebrate this imagination and belief that we invite
you to learn more about our stories.
We are grateful to be able to participate in this year’s Leipzig Book Fair and to be chosen as the
Guest of Honour in the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair 2015. It will be a perfect opportunity for us
to share our stories through our literature, ranging from the classic to the contemporer, from the
intriguing to the inspiring. As we believe you will experience through our literature the collective
imagination that realized and upholds a dynamic nation, we see it’s only fit that our theme for
the upcoming event is “17,000 Islands of Imagination”.
It will be a joy and honor for us to embrace you as a close friend and to share our stories with
you. The stories of joy, stories of struggle, and better yet, stories of hope. Please enjoy this year’s
Leipzig Book Fair and we’ll see you soon in the 2015 Frankfurt Book Fair!
Minister of Education and Culture
Republic of Indonesia
Anies R. Baswedan
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Making A New Conversation
For Indonesia, to be the Guest of Honour of the Frankfurt Book Fair is to jump into the circle of
visibility. Indonesia, especially its works of contemporary arts and literarture, is virtually out of
sight in Germany and the rest of Europe.
Theoritically, it is impossible to overlook a country of 250 million people living in 17,000 islands.
But this is the paradox of our time. Distances shrink as the world being closely connected by
the internet, but the map is continuously highlighted by the remote control of the high and the
The power has its efficacy but also its limits. Some places remain geopolitically blurred. Indonesia is one of those places: unlike Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq, it is a nation that never
puts itself on the American warpath, a country rarely in the American news.
Indonesia cannot but stay in a semi-obscured position.
Like other countries, however, Indonesia has a desire to be recognised, and, if possible, to be
admired. This is by no means the sole purpose of our being here. For us, to take part in an international book fair like this one is to attempt a new conversation.
In a time marked both by the monotonous noise of the Market and the screams of fanatics, the
world needs to have an alternative exchange of words and gestures beyond the grip of identity politics and the violence of stereotypes. We should constantly undo the reduction of other
people to a fixed taxonomy.
Indonesia, an “imagined community” despite of differences, is basically a perpetual dialogue.
The 17,000 islands are linked by constant cultural exchanges—and cultural changes.
Needless to say, its contemporary literature is a record of such a process. Written and read in
a naturally adoped lingua franca, it consists of literary works of people with different mothertongues. Created in a cultural setting shaped by both orality and literacy, this “literature” in not
confined to printed media. It goes, as it were, “beyond books”. It is an exciting dialectics of unity
and diversity.
For Indonesia, the 2015 Leipzig and Frankfurt Book Fair are windows to offer such an intellectual
and artistic landscape. We cannot promise you a spectacular event, but at least our presence
may invite you to a new difference. Or a new imagination.
Chairman of Organizing Committee
Indonesia as Guest of Honour
Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Goenawan Mohamad
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Chef Herman has been working as souschef for William Wongso, the Indonesian
culinary guru, for more than 10 years. He
has participated in many Indonesian food
promotions abroad, as well as catering
for many state dinners, including for Hillary Clinton. Herman debuted internationally at Indonesian food festivals at 5-star
hotels, and has cooked at the Mandarin
Oriental Hyde Park London, Lotte Hotel
Korea, Fairmont Hotel Beijing, Concorde
Hotel Singapore, The Grand Westin Hotel Berlin, King’s Hotel Perth, Ritz Carlton
Shanghai, and the Sheraton Maria Isabel
Hotel in Mexico. He also participated at
ITB Berlin, the World’s leading travel fair
in 2011 and 2012. In 2011, he won second runner up at the Korean Food Festival
In 2014, Chef Herman was invited to
teach Indonesian cooking at the Mundial
Gastronomia Mexicana in 2014. He also
joined Indonesia’s Food Diplomacy team
for promoting 30 Indonesian Traditional
Culinary Icon Dishes at prestigious culinary institutes in the United States, which
was supported by the Indonesian Ministry
of Tourism and Creative Economy.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Ahmad Tohari
Novelist Ahmad Tohari was born in Banyumas, Central Java on June 13, 1948.
He is best known for his evocative descriptions of village life. He attended the International Writers Program at the University
of Iowa in 1990, and went on to receive
the Southeast Asian Writers Award in
He is best known for Ronggeng Dukuh
Paruk (The Dancing Girl of Paruk Village),
the first novel in a trilogy used as the basis
for the film, Sang Penari (The Dancer). This
novel has been translated into Japanese,
Chinese, Dutch, German, and English. In
2007, he received the Rancage Award for
his work in the Banyumas language/dialect of Java.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Beng Rahadian
Comic Artist
From the time he was a child, Beng Rahadian has had an interest in comics and animation. During his teen years, he interned
at Studio Animik, Bandung, West Java,
before beginning his studies in Design
and Visual Communication at ISI in Yogyakarta in 1995. He actively promotes the
development of comics in Indonesia as a
comic artist, editor and publisher of comic
books. He has also founded a community
of comics, which works with Indonesian
government ministries and foreign cultural centers to promote the advancement of
Indonesian comics.
He produced the first three photo copy
editions of his debut comic titled Tehjahe
with a friend. In 2001, he won a comic
competition about Yogyakarta with his
comic book Selamat Pagi Urbaz. At that
time, he frequently visited the homes of
senior comic artists like Teguh Santosa, RA
Kosasih, to discuss the art of comic making.
1. Enjah (in English)
2. Finding of Aceh Coffee
3. 101 Canda Kopi (Indonesia)
4. Lotif (Indonesia)
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Berthold Damshäuser
Berthold Damshäuser teaches Indonesian
language and literature at the University of
Bonn. He is a chief editor of Orientierungen, a journal on Asian cultures, translator
of Indonesian poetry into German, as well
as German poetry into Indonesian, editor
of Seri Puisi Jerman (a serial of German
poetry in Indonesian translation, together
with Agus R. Sarjono), as well as of anthologies of Indonesian and German poetry. A
member of the National Committee Indonesia, he is Guest of Honor of the Frankfurt Book Fair 2015.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Children’s Books Illustrator
The illustration styles of Indonesia’s children’s book illustrators of widely varied—
ranging from the traditional watercolor
and pencil to the digital. Even digital illustration styles vary, with specific characteristic relating to depth and solidness
of color and the approach to drawing objects. A number of illustrators have taken
to adapting the manga style. Over the
last three years, however the domination
of manga in the illustration of children’s
books has begun to wane.
A new era has emerged in which the originality of children’s book and other literary
illustrations in Indonesia is being questioned. The results of a number of discussions in various forums indicate that the
one core characteristic of Indonesian illustration is its diversity originating from the
country’s rich and varied ethnic cultures.
Each of these ethnic entities has its own
realm of imagination that is distinct from
those of the others. In this context, when
Indonesian illustrators make something
perceived as “not at all Indonesian” they
give the impression of not loving the local wisdom of the country’s widely varied
Throughout my career as an illustrator
since 2010, I have sought to find my own
characteristic illustration style. In Kindergarten, I was a voracious reader of books
filled with bright colored illustrations. In
Grade School, I became immersed in the
world of comics like the Manga series of
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Doraemon or European comics like Tintin;
all of which have left sweet memories.
In 2014-2015, I have begun to realize that
my illustration style is a mixture of both
Europe and Japan. In particular, I like the
traditional Japanese image of a red sun
that has inspired me to use bold colors in
my works.
Since 2014, I have been using bold red, ornamental elements and flying leaf to enhance my illustrations, whose characters
and other objects are done in my own absolute style inspired by the Romanticismpopularized by Casper David Friedrich that
now flows in my blood. Yet, I allow myself
artistic leeway, so if I feel that “style A” is
best for any given illustration, I will use
that, while in other illustrations I may use
“Style Z” for effect. Yet, no matter what,
these three things constitute the main
characteristics of my works.
As many as 10 books and a large number
of individual illustrations.
1. Aaron and the Magic Apple (BIP).
2. Seri Aku Anak Cerdas (4 Buku di BIP).
3. Mengenai Malaikat Allah (Qibla).
4. Milly the Milky Dwarf (MIC Publishing),
about learning the ABCs in English.
5. Best Friendku di Dunia Aquarium (Elex).
6. Petualangan Jolly & Jilly di Luar Angkasa
7. The Little Postman, a children’s story
to be published in July-August (Kiddo).
(The last 3 titles are original stories)
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Goenawan Mohamad
Journalist, Essayist, Poet
Goenawan Soesatyo Mohamad, is the full
name of this journalist, essayist, and poet,
who is best known as GM. He was born
in Batang, Central Java on July 29, 1941.
He founded Tempo magazine, one of the
most influential publications in Indonesia,
which was banned twice during the Soeharto regime era for its critical stance. He
is well known for his ‘Catatan Pinggir’ column in the weekly editions of Tempo magazine. This succinct writings have been
gathered into a series of 10 books, starting
from Catatan Pinggir 1 to Catatan Pinggir
10. A man of culture, GM was among the
founders of Lontar Foundation, Komunitias Utan Kayu, and Salihara. GM also participated in the Nieman Fellow program at
Harvard University. GM has been honored
for his work in journalism with the CPJ International Press Freedom Award (1998),
the International Editor of The Year award
from World Press magazine (1999), the
Wertheim Award (2005), and The Dan David Prize Award (2006).
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Husni Syawie
Indonesian Publishing Figure
Born in Manado, on September 19, 1966,
graduated from the Syariah Department
of the Islamic State University (Universitas Islam Negeri, UIN) in Jakarta. He is the
founder and director of Lentera Basritama
(2000) and Director of Serambi Publishing
(2010-2014), which publishes books about
contemporary Islam. After being selected
into the management of IKAPI DKI, he
worked his way into the position of General Secretary of the IKAPI Central Office
Currently, he is active on the committee
concerned with preparations for Indonesia’s attendance of the Frankfurt Book
Fair 2015 as Respected Guest. Since 2014,
he has served as head of the Translation
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Iwan Gunawan
Iwan Gunawan is an alumni of the Jakarta
Art Institute (IKJ) Visual Communication
and Design Department, and has lectured
there since 1993. At this time he is teaching conceptual and sequential art, and
illustration. He also teaches visual Narration in the IKJ Master program. Currently
he holds the position of director of the Urban Art and Cultural Industry Program at
the IKJ Graduate School.
Besides his educational activities, Iwan
also works as an illustrator and graphic designer. Iwan has won several honours for
his illustration works, including IKAPI Best
Children’s Book Illustrator for his work
titled Perang yang Disesali (1992) and
for Best Mascot Design for “Mat Bondol”,
which he created for the National Sports
Week (1996). In 2006, Iwan founded Sequen, an Indonesian comic magazine, as
well as
Iwan has participated as a speaker, judge
and director for various events, including
the Indonesian Comic Exhibition, in collaboration with Pengki and the British Council,
in 2001 and 2004; and the solo exhibition
“Retro Man“ by Indonesian comic artist
Mansur Daman (2012) at Bentara Budaya,
in cooperation with the Comic Community
of Indonesia; as well as acting as curator
for the joint exhibition by Priyanto S. and
S. Prinka titled “Politik Gambar Dua Empu”
(2014), in coolaboration with DKV-IKJ at
Taman Ismail Marzuki.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
John H. McGlynn
John H. McGlynn first came to Indonesia in
1976 as a college student and enrolled at
the University of Indonesia where he studied Indonesian language and literature. In
1978 he returned to the United States and
obtained a Masters degree in the field of
Indonesian language and literature from
the Department of Southeast Asian Studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor.
In 1987, following years of working as a
translator and interpreter, he and four Indonesian writers—Sapardi Djoko Damono,
Goenawan Mohamad, Subagia Sastrowardoyo, and Umar Kayam—established the
Lontar Foundation which, 28 years later,
continues to be the only organization in
the world whose sole focus is the translation of Indonesian literature. The Foundation has produced close to 500 titles
containing translations of literary works
by more than 500 authors. John has also
produced 24 documentary films on Indonesian writers and 30 films on Indonesian
oral traditions.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Juergen Boos
CEO Frankfurt Book Fair
After training as a publishing manager,
Juergen Boos studied business management at Mannheim University. He worked
for several years as sales director for Droemersche Verlagsanstalt, Carl Hanser Verlag, and Springer Verlag in Berlin, where
he went on to become director of international sales. In 1997, he moved to Verlag Wiley-VCH in Weinheim as executive
director of marketing, sales and distribution. He has been director of the Frankfurt
Book Fair since April 2005.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Laksmi Pamuntjak
Laksmi Pamuntjak was born in Jakarta,
December 22, 1971. Among her published
works are two poetry collections: Ellipsis (one of the Herald UK Selected Books
for 2005); The Anagram (2007); and the
philosophical analysis of The Iliad, which
was published as Perang, Langit dan Dua
Perempuan (2006); as well as short fiction
inspired by a number of paintings under
the title of The Diary of R.S.: Musings on
Art (2006); along with a series of four independent volumes published as The Jakarta Good Food Guide.
Laksmi Pamuntjak’s essays, poetry and
short stories have been published in various international literary journals and
anthologies, including The World Record
and the introduction for Not a Muse: International Anthology of Women’s Poetry
(2007). At this time Laksmi is Indonesia
Editor for Margins, the cultural journal for
the Asian-American Writers’ Workshop
based in New York.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Prof. Dr. Martina Heinschke
Prof. Dr. Martina Heinschke. A scholar of
Indonesian languages and literature. She
is an Associate Lecturer at Hamburg University, Department of Southeast Asian
Studies. She graduated in 1991 with a
doctoral thesis on Angkatan 45. Literaturkonzeptionen im gesellschaftspolitischen Kontext. Zur Funktionsbestimmung der
Literatur im postkolonialen Indonesien
(Angkatan 45. Literary concepts and their
socio-political context in postcolonial Indonesia). Her publications mainly concern
about modern literature in independent
Indonesia (Pramoedya Ananta Toer, Sitor
Situmorang, Ayu Utami) and include several entries to Kindlers Literatur-Lexikon.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Milena Karas
Milena Karas was born in Koeln in 1982,
and studied at Schauspiel-Studio Frese
Hamburg. Since gradutaing in 2006, her
acting skills have been seen in a large
number of German television productions, including some by Schauspiel-Studio
Frese Hamburg. On the big screen she has
appeared in the comedy “Das Hochzeitsvideo“, directed by Sönke Wortmann.
Apart from, Milena Karas has worked as a
narrator, a voice over artist, as well as a
reader for audio books, including literary
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Poet and Essayist
Nirwan Dewanto is a poet, essayist, literary editor, and art curator. His poetry
books, Jantung Lebah Ratu (2008) and
Buli-Buli Lima Kaki (2010), won the Hadiah
Sastra Khatulistiwa awards in respective
years. He also writes lyrics for pop music,
jazz, and keroncong. His poetry has been
translated into a number of foreign languages. He manages the Lembar Sastra
column “Lembar Sastra”, which features
the works of new writers, for Koran Tempo
newspaper’s Sunday edition. His essays
deal with literary works and issues relating to literature, art performances, visual
art, and culture in general.
He is a co-founder and assists in managing
Komunitas Salihara, a private sector art
center in South Jakarta. For the past several years, he has been active as a curator
for visual art exhibitions, including exhibitions featuring the works of S. Teddy Darmawan, Dipo Andy, Nasirun and Hanafi.
As an author, he has participated in a
number of residence programs, including
the International Writing Program at the
University of Iowa, the House of Literature
in Paros (Greece), and the University of
Wisconsin—Madison. A collection of his
poems translated into English will soon
be published under the title The Origin of
Happiness (Asal-Usul Kebahagiaan).
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Petty Elliott
Petty Pandean Elliott’s fascination for food
and cookery goes back over 13 years when
she began teaching modern Indonesian
cooking classes for her friends and neighbours in UK. Petty participated in the BBC
Masterchef competition in 2001. In Jakarta
she has been hosting classes and cooking
demonstrations, writing regular columns
and features about food in magazines and
newspapers for the past 10 years. Her first
cookbook Papaya Flower, Manadonese
Cuisine, Provincial Indonesian Food was
published in 2009 and a second, Contemporary Indonesian Food in January 2012.
Petty was a contributor to the Miele Guide,
a restaurant guide in Asia from 2008 to
2013. She writes for Now Jakarta magazine
and her weekly food column appears every
Saturday in the Jakarta Globe newspaper.
Collaborating with some leading establishments, including five star hotels in Jakarta,
Petty promotes modern Indonesian food
paired with wine and promotes local cooking ingredients.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Putri Mumpuni
Putri is a multi-talented young chef with
a growing portfolio in promoting Indonesia cuisine internationally, including in the
United States, Korea, Singapore and the
Czech Republic. Putri was a finalist of the
“Top Chef Indonesia” competition, Season
I, in 2013. She was a part of the Indonesian Food Diplomacy team promoting Indonesian cuisine to culinary universities
in the United States in 2014, including at
the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) in
Napa Valley, International Culinary Center
(ICC), Suffolk Country Community College
Culinary Program (SCCCC) and College of
Culinary Arts at Johnson & Wales University, in New York, USA.
Always up for new challenges, Putri accepted an invitation to teach an Indonesian culinary program at Stratford University, Virginia, USA in September-November
2014. Upon completion of the program,
she led her team of culinary students
from the University to cook Indonesian
dinners for high profile diplomats, which
were hosted by the Indonesian Embassy in
Washington DC.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Sabine Müller
Sabine Müller works as a freelance translator (Indonesian, English) and editor. She
studied ethonology, malailogy and sociology in Koeln, and completed a program
for the Teaching of German as a Foreign
language at Heinrich-Heine Universität
Düsseldorf. Sabine lived in Indonesia for
several years and studied for one year at
Gadjah Mada University, Yogyakarta. She
then taught German at Politeknik Cimahi,
as well as working at the Goethe-Institut
cultural centers in Bandung and Jakarta.
The focus of her translation work is Indonesian literature, poetry and contemporary drama.
She is a member of the Association for
German Literature Translators (Verband
deutscher Literaturübersetzer, VDÜ).
Along with a number of other German
translators who are active in cultural matters, she actively motivates and supports
the translation of Indonesian literature
into German.
Her journalistic writing deals with the
themes of international cooperation, development politics, culture and intercultural communication. She also frequently
translates written materials on these topics from English into German. Sabine currently lives in Cologne.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Sapardi Djoko Damono
Sapardi Djoko Damono was born in Solo,
Central Jakarta, on March 20, 1940. He
has been writing poetry since 1957, when
he was still a high school student, but did
not publish his first collection of poems,
Duka-Mu Abadi, until 1969. He has also
published a number of other books of poetry, including Mata Pisau, Akuarium, Perahu Kertas, Sihir Hujan, Hujan Bulan Juni,
Arloji, Ayat-Ayat Api, Mata Jendela, Ada
Berita Apa Hari Ini, Den Sastro, Kolam, Namaku Sita, and Sutradara Itu Menghapus
Dialog Kita. Among his published volumes
of fiction are: Pengarang Telah Mati, Pengarang Belum Mati, and Pengarang Tak
Pernah Mati; which were then published
in a collection titled Trilogi Soekram.
Since 1978, Sapardi has also published a
number of non-fiction books, including
Novel Indonesia Sebelum Perang, Sosiologi
Sastra, Puisi Indonesia Sebelum Kemerdekaan, Drama Indonesia, Sastra Bandingan, Bilang Begini Maksudnya Begitu,
Kebudayaan (Populer) (di Sekitar) Kita,
and Alih Wahana. His poetry has been
translated into a number of languages, including Arabic, Chinese, Japanese, Korean,
Thai, Hindi, Malayalam, Portuguese, English, Dutch, German, Italy, Javanese and
Balinese. In 1986, a number of his poems
and essays were published in a Japanese
language volume. From 1998 through
2012, a number of his poems have been
published in English language collections,
such as Watercolor Poems, Suddenly the
Night, and Before Dawn.
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Sisca Soewitomo
Culinary Pioneer
Sis Cartica Soewitomo, popularly known
as Sisca Soewitomo, has been active in the
world of cooking from a young age. Most
of her more than 120 recipe books have
been best sellers.
Born in Surabaya, East Java on April 8,
1949, Sisca studied baking at the China
Baking School in Taiwan and the American
Institute of Baking, Manhattan, Kansas,
Sisca is currently busy hosting a popular
cooking show on the Indonesia television,
and touring the country to demonstrate
how to cook. She has also spent years
working as a food stylist for various food
product commercials.
- Step by Step: 85 Resep Kue Indonesia +
- Step by Step: 50 Resep Lauk Sambal
- Step by Step: 50 Resep Sop & Soto ala
Sisca Soewitomo
- Hindangan Nasi ala Sisca Soewitomo
Resep Sajian Tahu Tempe Favorit ala
Sisca Soewitomo
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015
Guest of Honour at Frankfurt Book Fair 2015