Blaze Rush – Medium VR intensity - Targem



Blaze Rush – Medium VR intensity - Targem
Blaze Rush – Medium VR intensity - Targem Games
This futuristic racing game can be with up to eight players with the gamepad controller. Players can choose from 16
different vehicles, each with its own level of mass, acceleration, and handling. Using the left thumb stick to steer, racers
drive around two different tracks each with its own objective. The first track is a simple three-lap race to the finish, while
the second race forces the drivers to outrun each other to avoid being crushed by a pursuing steamroller. Various
upgrades in the game allow players to speed up or access weapons which can be used against other racers. To use a
picked-up weapon, simply press the left trigger or the <X> button on the controller. To use a boost upgrade, press the
right trigger or the <A> button.
As with any racing game, staying towards the inner part of the track while passing the other races is your best chance for
victory. Boost should mostly be used for the straightaways or else your vehicle is likely to fly off the track; however, you
may also try to use the boost feature while behind enemy vehicles to try to launch them off the track. For the first map,
select a vehicle with high acceleration, while for the second map, a medium mass vehicle with high acceleration is
Setup Notes:
Make sure to use a static IP address and turn off Wi-Fi. A player who starts the game in Desktop Mode (right-click the
application) can host up to 7 other players.
Eagle Flight
– Extreme VR intensity - Ubisoft
Start the tutorial by pressing any button. At any time during the tutorial, you can quit and search for a multiplayer match by
pressing the F12 key on your keyboard. Once the match has finished, any player can hit F11 to start a new round.
In this post-apocalyptic setting, you control an eagle flying through a dilapidated Paris searching for prey to feed your
young. Although you have the aid of two other eagles to help you, there is another family of eagles also trying to feed their
eaglets. In order to move, tilt your head inside the Oculus Rift to turn and use the Xbox One controller to shoot a powerful
screech using the <X> button that will take down the opposing player or press the <B> button to launch a wind trap that
will bring down the unfortunate bird behind you. For each prey you bring back to your nest, you earn one point. The first
team to score three points wins.
Stretch your neck before playing as this game will definitely give your muscles a workout. Cover your teammates,
especially the one holding the prey, to ensure successful recovery to the nest.
Open Issues: NONE
Edge of Nowhere
– Medium VR intensity – Insomniac Games
Progress through the Antarctic by running and jumping over obstacles. Use stealth to avoid monsters or your pickaxes to
fight them. Adapt to ever-changing environments which crumble away as the player navigates through the level.
The Edge of Nowhere demo does not automatically fade back to Oculus Home upon demo completion; instead, it will
pause on a black screen. Brand Ambassadors must press <Esc> on the keyboard once the demo has finished (the end of
the demo occurs shortly after the user navigates into a library). It is easy to get lost on the path, so guide the player
toward the climbable ice walls to progress in the demo.
Throwing rocks will distract some monsters making it easier to progress as enemies will easily gang up on the player in
Open Issues:
[Softlock] At the end of every game (if the user beats
the game within the time limit), the demo does not
automatically fade back to the Oculus Home screen.
Click either <Esc> or the Xbox home button to
bring the user back to the Oculus Home screen.
Damaged Core
– Medium VR intensity – Insomniac Games
Listen to the VO’s instructions to progress through the tutorial, shooting enemy units and projectiles highlighted in red.
Enemy units will have a red triangle around them. On occasion, the user will be instructed to hack cameras or other robots
to teleport to other locations. This is achieved by looking at the highlighted terminal/location and holding the <A> button.
Some weapons have an alternate firing mode; cycle through them using the <D-Pad>. Hack one of the flying cameras to
avoid taking fire and constantly switch robots after the one you are inside starts to die.
Open issues:
[Crash] Pressing the <Xbox> Home button on the
controller while the game is loading will crash the
game and freeze the HMD image.
If this occurs, click “X” on the demo window or
press <Alt>+<F4> to exit. This issue can be
nauseating for users, so be vigilante of users
pressing gamepad buttons as the demo loads.
Feral Rights
– Easy VR intensity – Insomniac Games
You play the role of Kai Mora, child of a local island chieftain who is murdered in a bloody massacre. You return as an
adult seeking revenge for the ones who killed your parents. This third-person fighting game starts off with your spirit guide
showing you how to use your map (press the <Back> button) and your tracking sense (by pressing down on the right
thumb stick). You move with the left thumb stick, perform a light attack with the <X> button and a heavy attack using the
<Y> button. Use the <A> button to jump and the left trigger to block. You can also do a jump kick by pressing <A>, then
<Y> and perform other combo moves. Later on in the game you can turn into a jaguar by pressing the right trigger and a
panther by pressing the left bumper button.
Jump kicks and fighting as a jaguar are extremely powerful techniques that easily defeat even the biggest and toughest
enemies. When the player character mentions there being a choice of paths, make sure the user selects the path to the
right to avoid a dead end.
Open issues: NONE