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Acacia ~ Baileyana
An evergreen tree that typically grows no taller than 20’ with a
wide-spreading canopy 20’ - 40’ wide with weeping branches
holding silvery blue-gray, feathery leaves that are tinged with
purple. Sweetly fragrant bright golden-yellow flowers.
Acacia Melanoxylon ~
A 9’ - 60’ tall tree with a dense, rounded crown of dark green
foliage and a single, stout trunk at maturity. The leaves are flat,
slightly curved with pale cream flower heads in small clusters.
Acer ~ Buergerianum
It is a small, rounded, deciduous tree that typically grows rather
slowly to 20’- 30’. Triangular, three-lobed leaves are glossy green
above and pale green beneath. Variable but usually attractive fall
color features shades of dark red and orange.
Acer ~ Campestre
Usually a low-branched with a rounded form tree that eventually
reaches a height and spread of 30’ - 35’.
Acer Negundo ~ Flamingo
A vigorous, upright to columnar, deciduous tree, bearing pinnate,
leaves that emerge pink in spring, turning green with white and
pink variegation in summer. Clusters of yellow-green flowers
bloom in spring. Reaches a maximum height of 15’ by 12’ wide.
Acer Palmatum ~ Atropurpureum
Purple-burgundy leaves on graceful branches and trunk. Leaves
fade to a bronzy green in summer and turn red in fall. Grows 15’
- 18’ tall.
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Acer Palmatum ~ Bloodgood
A deciduous tree that has attractive burgundy foliage which
emerges deep purple in spring. The lobed palm-shaped leaves are
ornamentally significant and turn an outstanding red in the fall.
Reaches 20’ by 20’.
Acer Palmatum ~ Burgundy Lace
Upright growing small tree with a wide canopy. Trees grow 12’ 15’ tall and wide in maturity. Deeply divided leaf form with
beautiful dark burgundy-red coloration.
Acer Palmatum ~ Crimson Queen
Upright grower at first then becomes gracefully arching reaching
8’ - 10’ tall & 10’ - 12’ wide. Delicate lacy dark red that persist
throughout the growing season.
Acer Palmatum ~ Dissectum Red
Can grow to heights of 6’ with spreads to match. This deep
purple-red dissectum keeps it tremendous deep color in sun or
shade better than any other red dissectum.
Acer Palmatum ~ Emperor
A compact tree, with purple leaves from spring till fall, when
they turn bright wine-red. Grows 10’ - 15’ in height & 15’ wide.
Acer Palmatum ~ Green
An upright, spreading tree with finely textured leaves that turn a
stunning mixture of yellows, oranges, and reds in fall. Grows 25’
in height & width.
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Acer Palmatum ~ Oshio Beni
A fast growing cultivar that comes out more orange red than
purple red in early spring but rapidly darkens as it is exposed to
the spring sun. Reaches 18’ - 20’ in height & 14’ - 16’ wide.
Acer Palmatum ~ Sango Kaku
This cultivar is popular due to its cool season, flaming, coral -red
bark. The soft lime green leaves are a sharp contrast to the
brilliant bark and in winter the shining stems stand out against the
white drifts of snow. Grows 20’ - 25’ & 15’ - 20’ wide.
Acer Palmatum ~ Seiryu
This deciduous tree grows 10’ - 15’ in height & 8’ in width. It
takes on a vase-shaped appearance, with multiple trunks. Spring
foliage is a beautiful bright green color. As the leaves un-fold
there is a notable splash of red on the tips of the leaves.
Acer Palmatum ~ Shishigashira
Distinctive form with dense tufts of crinkled dark green foliage.
Leaves turn golden-orange in fall when the whole plant resembles
a lion's head. Grows 10’ tall by 10’ wide.
Acer Platanoides ~ Crimson
An attractive purple-foliaged small tree with dense, upright
branching. Dark purple leaves with five sharp lobes. Purple to
golden-brown autumn foliage. Reaches 21’ tall by 12’ wide.
Acer Platanoides ~ Parkway
A pyramidal, uniformly branched tree with a strong central
leader. The dark green summer foliage changes to yellow in the
fall. Grows 40’ in height & 20’ wide.
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Acer Rubrum ~ Armstrong
Shade tree with a narrow columnar canopy of light green foliage
and very attractive yellow to orange-red fall color. Reaches 45’
tall & 15’ wide.
Acer Rubrum ~ Autumn Blaze
A fast growing tree with a dense oval crown and excellent branch
structure. Green foliage with brilliant red in fall. Grows 50’ in
height & 40’ wide.
Acer Rubrum ~ October Glory
A deciduous tree that grows 40’ - 50’ tall with an oval rounded
form. Attractive red flowers appear in early spring before the
foliage emerges. Glossy dark green leaves with red stems.
Acer Rubrum ~ Redpoint ‘Frank
Brilliant red fall color, excellent and strong branching, uniform
shape and good growth rate. Grows to a medium mature size of
45’ tall by 30’ wide.
Acer Rubrum ~ Red Sunset
This is a rounded to open-crown deciduous tree up to 70’ tall and
30’ wide with early, brilliant red fall coloring.
Acer Rubrum ~ Somerset
Its impressive bright trifoliate mid-green foliage in spring with a
long lasting intense red fall color. This upright habit has a height
of 24’ tall & 12’ wide.
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Acer Saccharinum ~ Silver
A medium to large tree from 60’ - 100’ tall. Bark is gray to
brownish gray. Deeply 5-lobed light green leaves have silvery
Aesculus ~ Carnea Red Horse
Magnificent ornamental deciduous tree, with distinctive palmate
leaves. Enormous, rich pink candle-like flowers are very
spectacular in spring. Typically grows 20’ by 10’.
Aleppo Pine ~ Pinus Halepensis
A coniferous tree growing up to 45’ high, conical in shape with a
short trunk when young and rounded to oblong with a crooked
trunk when older. Crown open with silvery-grey bark becoming
darker. Grey-green to yellow-green leaf needles.
Alnus ~ Cordata
A deciduous with a conical habit and it has broadly ovate, dark
green, glossy leaves which are heart shaped at the bases. The
leaves are preceded by groups of 3 to 6 pendant, yellow to brown
catkins. Can reach up to 75’ tall & 18’ wide.
Alnus ~ Rhombifolia
A deciduous tree. Fast growth rate, 50’ - 90' in height with 25’ 45' spread. Has an oval to pyramidal shape. Simple leaf type,
rhombic shape, double serrated margins. The color is bright green
above paler below.
Arbutus ~ Marina Strawberry
An evergreen tree, growing to 25’ - 50’ tall with a broad dense
crown. When the older bark to peels away from the trunk it
revealing the beautiful shiny red new bark underneath. Clusters of
white-blushed-pink flowers are produced year-round.
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Arbutus ~ Marina Strawberry
A large tree that can reach 50’ tall with gorgeous bark and dark
green leaves. Its flowers are pink, borne in pendant clusters in the
summer. The fruit is large, red and quite ornamental.
Arbutus ~ Unedo Strawberry
Grows to 35’ high with equal spread. The white flowers and
edible red strawberry-like fruits appear in the fall through the
winter. Trunk and branches shred their bark exposing the red colored new bark.
Arbutus ~ Unedo Strawberry
A small evergreen shade tree that grows 20’ - 35’, with its shiny
dark green color and attractive bark and multi-trunk branching
habit. The flowers and fruit are also attractive.
Betula nigra ~ Dura Heat
A fast-growing, nicely forked with a dense canopy of emerald
green foliage throughout the season. The pointy leaves turn an
outstanding yellow in the fall. Reaches 50’ in height & 45’ spread.
Betula nigra ~ Hertiage
Exfoliating grayish-red bark in youth developing into orangebrown after 5-7 years. Foliage diamond shaped with good yellow
autumn color. Predominantly upright habit with fast growth rate
to 60’ - 80’ tall & 40’ wide.
Betula Papyrifera
A deciduous tree of conical outline, with white bark peeling to
reveal pale orange under bark; yellow male catkins and dark green
leaves turning yellow in autumn. Grows 36’ tall by 24’ wide.
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Betula Pendula ~ Crimson Frost
An amazing hybrid of birch with deep purple leaves and the
famous white bark; a spectacular accent tree with a loose, open
habit and fine. Grows 40’ tall by 25’ wide.
Betula Pendula ~ Cutleaf
This deciduous tree typically grows 80’ tall & 30’ wide. Takes on
a narrowly conical shape with weeping branches. The foliage is
green during the summer and is a pleasing yellow color in the fall.
Betula Pendula ~ White Birch
Graceful, open-branched pyramidal form tree. Distinctive flaky
white bark makes interesting landscape show. A wonderful yard
tree that has terrific yellow fall color. Fast grower to 30’ - 35’ or
taller & 15’ - 20’ wide.
Betula Populifolia ~ Whitespire
A deciduous tree with a distinctive and refined pyramidal form.
Has dark green foliage throughout the season and the pointy
leaves turn an outstanding yellow in the fall. Grow to be about
40’ tall with a spread of 30’.
Betula Utilis ~ Jacquemontii
This deciduous exhibits the brightest white bark of any tree for a
truly distinctive and exciting show! Graceful, open-branched
pyramidal form. A wonderful landscape tree with terrific yellow
fall color. Fast grower to 35’ - 40’ tall & 18’ - 20’ wide.
Calocedrus ~ Decurrens
An evergreen tree growing to 49’ tall by 6’ wide at a slow rate.
One of nature's more aromatic trees. It is known for its slim
elegant look.
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Camellia Japonica ~ Debutante
Abundant, large, light pink, peony style blooms make a delightful
contrast to the glossy, dark green leaves.
Camellia Japonica ~ Elegan
Slow growing, upright to spreading small tree with age. Oval,
glossy, leaves bears anemone-shape rose-pink blooms.
Camellia Japonica ~ Kramer’s
An upright tree with large, produces double, big, bountiful
blooms of rose-red. Height: 10’ - 12’. Width: 3’ - 10’
Camellia Japonica ~ Lily Naff
A large, broadleaf evergreen small tree that has an upright
spreading habit and attractive smooth gray branches with glossy,
dark green leaves and it bears soft, silvery pink blooms.
Camellia Japonica ~ Ms.
Medium, pure white, formal double blooms. Flowers contrast
well with the glossy, dark green foliage. Moderate growing 6’ 8’ tall & wide. Larger with age.
Camellia sasanqua ~ cleopatra
Bears semi-double flowers in a clear pink. Slow growing, upright
to spreading small tree with age. Oval, glossy, leaves and profuse
winter to spring blooming flowers .
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Camellia Sasanqua ~ Shishi
The growth habit is generally bushy when they are young, but as
they age they will eventually grow into attractive small trees 10’ 15’ tall. The foliage is glossy and dark green.
Camellia Yuletide ~ Multi
Produces a profusion of uncommonly cup-shaped, brilliant blooms
which are small, single and fiery red, centered with bright yellow
stamens in late fall/early winter. It has evergreen glossy textured
Canadian Chokeberry
A pyramidal tree that grows 20’ - 30’ in height. Foliage emerges
as bright green but turns purplish for most of the summer.
Carpinus Betulus ~ horn beam
A deciduous tree growing to 82’ by 65’ at a medium rate. The
bark is smooth & greenish-grey. The leaves are alternate with
prominent veins giving a distinctive corrugated texture, and a
serrated margin.
Cedrus ~ Altantica Glaucia
A tall, evergreen conifers with a broad conical crown and needlelike foliage. Needles are triangular on cross section, arranged
singly in an open spiral on long shoots, and in dense spiral
clusters, with a central bud, on short shoots.
Cedrus ~ Deodara
A large stately conifer with horizontal spreading branches and a
conical shape. It can grow to 150’ tall with a 40’ spread at ground
level. The stiff, needle-like leaves are about 2” long and borne in
dense whorls of 20-30 per cluster.
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Cedrus ~ Libani Pendula
Leaves are green-blue. Strong main leader branch with all other
branches coming straight down. Thin whimsical tree. Grows 14’
tall by 4’ wide.
Celtis ~ Hackberry
A medium to large sized deciduous tree that typically grows 40’ 60’ tall with upright-arching branching and a rounded spreading
crown. Mature gray bark develops corky ridges and warty
texture and greenish flowers appear in spring.
Cercis Canadensis ~ Avondale
Deciduous ornamental redbud cultivar with deep purple to pink
flowers appear in the spring on the branches and main trunk,
almost so thick you rarely see the branches. Growing 10’ - 15’ in
height and width.
Cercis Canadensis ~ Forest
An excellent for almost any landscape. The leaves emerge in
spring with a dark red-purple color and fades throughout the
season. Reaches 20’ - 30’ in height & 25’ - 35 spread.
Cercis Canadensis ~ oklahoma
A deciduous, spreading tree. Leaves have round ends and are
shiny, waxy, deep green, up to 4 inches long heart-shaped foliage
and small, deep crimson, pea-shaped blooms. Foliage turns a
lovely yellow in fall. Heights 20’ - 30’ & width 15’ - 20’.
Cercis Occidentalis ~ Multi
A deciduous multi-stemmed tree growing as wide as it is tall with
a dense rounded crown and many angled branches with magenta
flowers that occur in spring. Height 6’ - 20’ tall & same in
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Cercis Occidentalis ~ Standard
A small deciduous tree or shrub to 15’ tall or more and as wide. It
has attractive 3 inch long heart-shaped leaves that emerge in late
winter a pale-green color, tinged red, and age to a blue-green,
then turn yellow before dropping in the fall.
Chamaerops ~ Humilis
An evergreen, attractive multi-trunked habit forming rounded
clumps. Attractive, compact blue-green crown. Slow grower to
10’ - 15- tall and wide.
Chitalpa ~ Pink Dawn
Small deciduous tree tends to be multi-stemmed. Long, narrow,
bright green leaves back large clusters of trumpet-shaped pale
lavender flowers with pale yellow throats. Fast growing to 25 ft.
high, equal width.
Cinnamomum Camphora ~ Multi
This beautiful evergreen tree has glossy foliage that is light green
in color. The new foliage comes in with a tinted red color.
Eventually, this tree becomes quite large in size 50' - 60' tall &
60' wide.
Cinnamomum Camphora ~ Std
This large, round-canopied, evergreen tree has broad, largediameter and can reach 70’ in height with a broad spread usually
40’ - 50’. The glossy green, thin but leathery leaves give off a
camphor aroma.
Cladrastis ~Lutea
A vase-shaped spreading tree with dark green foliage that turns a
delicate yellow or orange in the fall and smooth light gray bark.
Slow grower reaching over 30’ in height & width.
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Cocos Plumosa ~ Queen Palm
A tall, elegant and easy palm to grow. Their large dark green
foliage and slender trunks are perfect for a back drop to a tropical
back or front yard. Will grow up to 50’ tall.
Cornus dogwood ~ Florida
A deciduous tree, semi rounded top; horizontal low branches
creating a layered look. Height 15’ - 30’ & width 15’ - 20’. 4"
white flowers in spring; glossy red fruit in fall.
Cornus dogwood ~ Florida
Cherokee Brave
A vigorous grower, reddish-pink to burgundy spring blooms have
a white center. Red berries in fall compliment deep burgundy-red
foliage . Grows 20’ in height.
Cornus dogwood ~ Florida
Cherokee Princess
A small ornamental tree, maturing at 15’ tall by 25' wide.
Medium to dark green foliage above but silvery-green below, fall
color is red to crimson-purple.
Cornus dogwood ~ Florida
This elegant pink dogwood has slender arching branches with dark
checkerboard bark . Produces masses of fragrant, deep pink
flowers even before the branches leaf out. Grows 20’ - 30' tall.
Cornus dogwood ~ Kousa Multi
A small tree; typically multiple stems, wide branching. The
flower makes this tree a must in a landscaping setting. White to
yellow bracts surround a cluster of small flowers. 10’ - 20’ in
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Cornus dogwood ~ Kousa Std
A stunning flowering tree with good fall color. Grows 15’ - 30’
tall with a vase-shaped habit which eventually matures to a more
rounded habit. The four white petal-like bracts surround the
center cluster of insignificant, yellowish-green, true flowers.
Cornus dogwood ~ Red Twig
A grow fast to 8’ - 12’ tall & wide with dense branching and
foliage . It provides a long season of interest in the garden with
its variegated leaves, attractive berries, pretty fall color, and red
winter stems.
Cornus dogwood ~ Stellar Pink
A small deciduous tree with a dense, upright habit, typically
maturing to 15’ - 20’ tall & as wide. The true dogwood flowers
are actually tiny, yellowish green and insignificant, being
compacted into button-like clusters.
Cotinus ~ Purpureus Smoke Tree
This slow growing, open-crown, round, small tree eventually
reaches 12’ - 15’ tall & 10’ - 12’ wide. The large panicles of
wispy dark pink flowers produced in spring and early summer give
the effect of a cloud of smoke.
Cotinus ~ Purpureus Smoke Tree
A small deciduous tree with natural low branching. Mature height
is 12’ - 15’. The intensity of the purple coloration in the leaves
fades somewhat to purplish green.
Cupressus ~ Glabra Limelight
An erect and slender growth habit and capable of year-round light
yellow to lime-green color foliage. Grows 25’ tall by 15’ wide.
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Cupressus ~ Italian Cypress
An evergreen species that forms 60’ tall columnar conifer which
stays less than 10’ wide. It bears erect branches forming a solid
wall of foliage, which is scale-like and dark green in color.
Cupressus ~ Tiny tower
A slow-growing, upright, columnar, evergreen tree with deep
blue green foliage. Height 8’ & spread 2’.
Cycas Revoluta ~ Sago Palm
One of the most primitive living seed plants, are very unusual and
popular ornamentals. A rugged trunk, topped with whorled
feathery leaves. Grows over 20’.
Dicksonia Antarctica ~
Australian Fern
A slow-growing tree fern, forming a thick trunk up to 45’ tall.
The trunk is usually solitary and is densely covered in matted,
brown aerial roots, with persistent leaf bases towards the crown.
Dodonaea ~ Hop Seed
An evergreen narrow linear leaf, alternate; top glossy underside
lighter. Flowers small clusters of greenish-white flower; bloom
in early spring. Grows 12’ - 15’ tall.
Elaeocarpus ~ Decipiens
An evergreen and is suitable for lawn or park tree planting. It
displays glossy green foliage and then they turn bright red before
dropping. Produces blue-black, olive-like fruit in winter. It
grows moderately fast to 40’ - 60’ tall & 20’ - 30’ wide.
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Ensete ~ Glaucum Snow Banana
Grows up to 17’ tall and produces a very large white flower head.
Five inch fruits develop within the flower head.
Ensete ~ Ventricosum Red
Abyssinian Banana
Medium to large tropical ornamental. Huge 10’ - 15’ bright
green leaves with red midrib rise from tall trunk. Fast growing to
15 to 20 ft. tall.
Eriobotrya ~ Deflexa Bronze
Loquat Multi
A beautiful, small, broad-leaf evergreen tree. It has beautiful
branching structure and is usually multi-trunked. Grows up to
Eriobotrya ~ Deflexa Bronze
Loquat Standard
This rounded, spreading, evergreen, small tree reaches a height of
15’ - 20’ with a 10’ - 15’ spread. The large, leaves are a bright
red-bronze or coppery color when young and maintain this color.
Eriobotrya ~ Japonica Bronze
An evergreen tree with simple, leathery leaves and small white
flowers having fuzzy yellow olive-sized fruit with a large free
stone. Reaches 12’ - 24’ tall.
Eucalyptus ~ Globulus Blue gum
One of the most widely cultivated evergreen trees. They
typically grow from 98’ - 180’ tall. The bark sheds often, peeling
in large strips and leaves are narrow, sickle-shaped and dark
shining green.
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Eucalyptus ~ Globulus Blue gum
Foliage consists of dark green sickle-shaped leaves. The foliage of
nearly all species has a strong pungent odor similar to
menthol. Reaches 60’ - 70’ in height.
Eucalyptus ~ Leucoxylon Rosea
A popular tree for its abundance of large mainly red flowers that
cover the tree in late winter and early spring. A small tree
growing up to around 24’ high and develops an open spreading
crown, once the tree is established.
Eucalyptus ~ Nicholii Willowleafed Peppermint
Ornamental, erect tree with grey-green to blue willowy foliage
and pink to purplish new growth. Rough, fibrous, grey brown
bark. Reaches height of 35’ - 40’ & width 30’.
Feijoa ~ Sellowiana Multi
An attractive fruit bearing evergreen with a multi stems. Known
for its juicy 2" fruits and its edible flowers. It may be grown as a
thick hedge or trained to a small tree. If left without pruning it
may reach 15' tall.
Feijoa ~ Sellowiana Standard
Medium sized tree that grows to 25’. The leaves are ornamental,
with silvery undersides and glossy green on top. Flowers usually
bloom during summer and the petals are edible.
Fraxinus ~ Autumn Applause
This dense, oval, male selection with good branch structure
exhibits good reddish maroon fall color on narrow leaflets.
Reaches 40' high x 25' wide.
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Fraxinus ~ pennsylvanica Green
A medium-sized deciduous tree reaching 36’ - 75’ tall. The bark is
smooth and gray on young trees, becoming thick and fissured with
age. The winter buds are reddish-brown, with a velvety texture.
Fraxinus ~ Raywood Ash
A deciduous tree which is capable of reaching more than 80’ in
height but will more commonly be 40’ - 50’ tall with a 25’ spread
in a landscape, opening into a full, rounded canopy with age. The
leaves turn various shades of red to purple.
Geijera Parviflora
An attractive evergreen, typically growing 30’ - 35’ tall and 20’
wide, with an upright, oval silhouette and rough dark gray bark.
Branches are composed of strong, wind-resistant wood and are
directed upward.
Ginko Biloba ~ Autumn Gold
Fan shaped leaves give a unique texture. Large statured tree with
a broad-spreading habit. A male culivar that will not produce
fruit. Leaves turn a uniform golden yellow in fall and persist for
several weeks. Grows 45’ tall by 35’ wide.
Ginko Biloba ~ Fairmont
A narrow, upright pyramidal tree with golden-yellow fall color.
It has regular branching. Reaches 75’ tall & 25’ wide.
Gleditsia ~ Triacanthos
A deciduous tree growing to 65’ tall by 49’ at a medium
rate. Compound leaf; yellow to yellow green fall color with
fragrant, greenish yellow flowers.
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Gleditsia ~ Triacanthos
One of the finest and most popular shade trees, valued for its
delicate, ferny appearance which casts a dappled shade below;
upright spreading and fast growing. Dark green foliage, leaves
turn an outstanding yellow in the fall. Grows 45’ tall & 40’ wide.
Fuyu ~ Persimmon
This non-astringent, large, round, flattened fruit has reddishorange skin when ripe. The tree bears at a young age and is a
heavy producer. The fruit is seedless and is excellent for fresh
eating or cooking
Hachiya ~ Persimmon
Vigorous trees that produce sweet rich delicious fruit in
November and make great indoor patio plants. Can reach 30 feet
tall with a 30-foot-wide canopy.
Juniperus ~ Scopulorum Wichita
Has attractive silvery blue foliage. The scale-like leaves are
ornamentally significant but remain silvery blue through the
winter. Grows 12’ tall & 5’ wide.
Juniperus ~ Spiral
A narrow, pyramidal evergreen with dark mint green
foliage. This dense, rapid grower makes an excellent sheared
topiary. Reaches 12’ - 15’ in height & 3’ in width.
Koelreuteria ~ Bipinnata
Chinese Flame
A yellow carpet of fallen petals, delicate leaflets which cast a
mosaic of welcoming shade, and large clusters of persistent rosecolored, papery capsules. Upright, spreading crown; often multi
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Koelreuteria ~ Paniculate
A small, open-branching, irregularly-shaped, deciduous tree with
a rounded crown which typically grows 30-40' tall and as
wide. Leaves emerge pinkish bronze to purplish in spring, mature
to a bright green in summer and turn yellow in fall.
Lagerstroemia ~ Catawaba
A moderate grower reaching up to 15 feet tall with an equal
spread, growing in a rounded, dome-like habit . In mid summer,
the vibrant, deep purple flowers emerge and dominate the scene.
Lagerstroemia ~ Catawaba Std
A medium sized tree, with a fine rich purple bloom color.
Flowers begin to emerge in the early summer after foliage, in
panicles of crinkled small flowers with a crepe-like feel and look.
Grows up to 20’ tall.
Lagerstroemia ~ Cherokee Red
It bears clusters of crinkled, subdued-red (or powdered coral-red)
flowers at its branch tips among glossy, dark green
leaves. Reaches 8’ - 10’ tall.
Lagerstroemia ~ Dynamite Multi
A deciduous, upright, multi-stemmed tree. Foliage emerges
reddish in spring, matures to dark green in summer and turns
orange to red in fall. Grows 5’ - 20’ tall.
Lagerstroemia ~ Dynamite Std
A fast growing shade tree with broad, upright growth habit.
Showy, ruffled, fire red flowers followed by vibrant orange-red
fall foliage. Reaches 20’ tall.
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Lagerstroemia ~ Muskogee Multi
A very tall and vigorous growing habit with small alternate leaves
that are glossy green in the summer and in the fall they turn
yellow and red. Grows up to 20’ - 25’ tall & 10’ - 15” wide.
Lagerstroemia ~ Muskogee Std
A small deciduous tree that makes an excellent specimen. Light
lavender-pink flowers appear amid glossy green foliage that turns
red in fall. The cinnamon colored bark is smooth, peeling to a
shiny light gray. Growth to 15’- 20’ tall,&15’ wide.
Lagerstroemia ~ Natchez Multi
A deciduous, upright, spreading, multi-stemmed tree. Features
dark green foliage turning orange to red in fall, dark cinnamon
brown bark and white flowers from mid-summer to early fall.
Lagerstroemia ~ Natchez Std
A small tree with smooth, dark cinnamon-brown exfoliating bark.
Glossy dark green leaves turn vibrant orange-red in fall. Panicles
of pure white, soft textured flowers.
Lagerstroemia ~ Tuscarora
A deciduous small tree with profuse crepe-like coral-pink flowers.
Exquisite orange-red foliage color in the fall. Smooth, mottled,
light cinnamon brown bark adds year-round interest.
Lagerstroemia ~ Tuscarora Std
This tree will grow 18'-25' high and 15'-18' wide; it has deciduous
green leaves that turn to orange, red, and yellow in the fall. It
produces showy red flowers and has brownish green, droopy
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Lagerstroemia ~ Zuni Multi
A deciduous featuring larger, dark lavender flower trusses,
improved hardiness, and handsome peeling bark. Excellent fall
foliage color from orange-red to maroon.
Lagerstroemia ~ Zuni Std
A small deciduous tree that makes an excellent specimen. Light
lavender-pink flowers appear amid glossy green foliage that turns
red in fall. The cinnamon colored bark is smooth, peeling to a
shiny light gray. Growth to 15’- 20’ tall.
Laurus Nobilis ~ Saratoga Multi
A small tree that tops out at about 20’ - 25’ tall and has glossy,
oval leaves are olive green with a lighter underside and new
growth has a red tinge.
Laurus Nobilis ~ Saratoga Std
With glossy, fragrant foliage, a striking display of creamy-yellow,
early spring flowers, this vigorous evergreen reaches 20’ - 25'.
Ligustrum Texanum ~ Cone
An evergreen with dark green and glossy oval leaves, showy
clusters of small white flowers followed by black berries. Grows
8’ - 10’ tall.
Ligustrum Texanum ~ Patio
A compact, upright growing, vigorous evergreen with large,
glossy, deep green leaves. Reaches 10’ tall.
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Ligustrum Texanum ~ Tier 2
A compact, upright growing evergreen. Unsheared plants produce
white blossoms in spring followed by blue berries. Prune to
maintain poodle shape.
Ligustrum Texanum ~ Tier 3
Thick, dark green, glossy, oval leaves 2 inches long. The new
growth in the spring is a light green. The leaves turn dark green
and leathery as they mature. Flowers form clusters of small
creamy white, fragrant flowers in the spring.
Liquidambar ~Festival
This narrow deciduous tree reaches 60’ - 75’ tall. It has a lighter
green color, which turns shades of yellow, peach, pink, orange
and red in the fall.
Liquidambar ~Palo Alto
A reasonably upright habit and brilliant orange-red autumn color.
This leaf color is similar in appearance to that of some Japanese
Maples, turning a darker red before falling. It reaches 50’ tall.
Liriodenron ~ Tulipifera
A large, stately, deciduous tree that typically grows 60’ - 90' tall
with a pyramidal to broad conical habit. It is named and noted for
its cup-shaped, tulip-like flowers that bloom in spring.
Magnolia Grandiflora ~ Little
A more compact and upright form than other Magnolias. Reaching
20’ tall & 10’ wide. The leaves are elliptic to oval dark green and
the underside often has a cinnamon-brown pubescence.
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Magnolia Grandiflora ~
Majestic Beauty
Extremely over-sized foliage in deep and glossy green larger than
usual and blooms heavily and grows in a pyramidal shape. Can
reach up to 50’ in height.
Magnolia Grandiflora ~ Samuel
An evergreen with its huge, beautiful, saucer-shaped, fragrant
flowers clearly a foot across. A moderate rate to a height of 35’ 40’ feet.
Magnolia Grandiflora ~ St.
A more compact and bushy form of Magnolia with enormous
creamy white solitary cup shaped flowers. It has bright green
glossy leaves with wavy margins.
Magnolia Soulangena ~
Features enormous cup-shaped and fragrant deep pink flowers in
early spring, upright spreading habit of growth; an ideal feature in
the average home landscape. Reaches 20’ tall.
Magnolia Soulangena ~ Star
A multi-stemmed, spreading tree, 25’ tall with a 20’ - 30’ spread.
With bright, attractive gray bark and pink-tinged, white, saucershaped flowers in spring .
Magnolia Stellata ~ Royal Star
A deciduous early bloomer with large, fragrant, double white
flowers appearing before the foliage emerges in spring. Reaches
10’ - 20’ tall & 8’ - 15’ spread.
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Malus ~ Echtermeyer Weeping
An attractive, small, weeping ornamental tree. The weeping side
limbs produce large purplish-red flowers. New foliage has a
purplish tinge and turns to bronze-green as the leaves mature.
Grows 15’ - 20’ tall.
Malus ~ Fuji
A very attractive apple. The colors can vary from red/pink flush
over yellow to a deeper speckled pink. The flavor is mild, and
pleasantly sweet with very little tartness.
Malus ~ Granny Smith
A fast grower that produces a fruit that is tart and delicious. In
the spring your Granny Smith Apple Tree will leap to life with
beautiful white blooms.
Malus ~ Honeycrisp
This tree is one of the most vigorous and hardy of apple trees.
Has an exceptionally crisp and juicy texture. Mature height is
Malus ~ Prairifire
A dense, rounded, deciduous tree which typically grows 15’ - 20'
tall with a similar spread. New growth is reddish maturing to
dark green. Persistent, small, dark red-purple fruit.
Malus ~ Purple Prince
Stunning clusters of fragrant pink flowers along the branches in
mid spring, which emerge from distinctive rose flower buds
before the leaves. It has attractive light green foliage which
emerges purple in spring. Grows up to 20’ tall.
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Malus ~ Red Delicious
Most popular and famous dark red apple, very crispy with a sweet
flavor. Showy clusters of lightly-scented white flowers with shell
pink overtones along the branches in mid spring, which emerge
from distinctive pink flower buds.
Malus ~ Snow Drift
A splendid tree and little pruning is required to develop a well formed, rounded canopy. The bright white flowers in the spring
give a refreshing look to the landscape and are followed by small,
red-orange fruit.
Malus ~ Spring Snow
A dense, upright, white-flowered crabapple that typically matures
over time to 20’ - 25' tall by 15’ - 20' wide. This is a fruitless
crabapple. Single, fragrant, white flowers bloom in spring.
Maytenus ~ Boaria
A very attractive evergreen tree that grows to about 30’ tall and
spreads to nearly an equal width with a rounded crown and
weeping and pendulous branches of small bright green leaves that
are held perpendicular to the stem.
Maytenus ~ Boaria Green
This graceful specimen tree has a broad crown of weeping foliage
with light green, star-shaped flowers in late spring. Height
reaches 25’ - 45’ with a 25’ spread.
Nerium ~ Cherry Ripe
Producing large clusters of dark cherry red flowers on this
durable rounded evergreen. Will easily reach 6’ - 8' high and
may reach 12'.
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Nerium ~ Mrs. Roeding
A wonderful easy-care, small tree, with long, dark green leaves
and an abundance of single or double, sometimes the double pink
flowers are fragrant.
Nerium ~ Salmon
A fast growing evergreen that can grow up to 15’ high. Are
extremely drought resistant and require very little water and will
bloom most of the year.
Nerium ~ Sister Agnes
A fast growth. Leaves are narrow, with long, dark green leaves
and an abundance of single or double, sometimes fragrant flowers
that are pure white.
Nyssa ~ Sylvatica
A slow-growing, deciduous tree with a straight trunk and rounded
crown. Small, greenish-white flowers appear in spring and are not
showy, but they are an excellent nectar source.
Olea Europea ~ Bonita Multi
An evergreen tree, 25' tall, strong upright habit, nearly fruitless,
coarser foliage. Produce only a few tiny fruit making them more
desirable for landscape purposes.
Olea Europea ~ Majestic Beauty
This evergreen tree will grow to about 30' tall and has willowlike, gray-green foliage, but bears little or no fruit.
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Olea Europea ~ Swanhill
A large evergreen tree that grows slowly to moderately to 20’ 30’ feet. It is naturally multi-trunked. The leaves are stiff and
leathery to two inches long, medium gray-green above and silvery
white beneath.
Olea Europea ~ Wilsonii Multi
This fruitless variety of olive is a clean and well-shaped tree that
produces “virtually no” fruit and therefore eliminates messy fruit
drop. Reaches 25’ - 30’ tall.
Olea Europea ~ Wilsonii Std
Medium growing evergreen tree to 25’ tall and wide.
Known as 'semi-fruitless'; typically will not produce fruit but
sometimes may produce a small crop depending on weather.
Philodendron ~ Selloum
A lacy tree that is capable of supporting itself at massive heights
by producing tree-like bases. The deep green leaves are simple,
large, deeply lobed, and are usually drooping.
Photinia ~ Fraseri Multi
Growing 12’ - 18’ high by 8’ - 12’ wide, forms an upright
silhouette of glossy, evergreen leaves. One of the most striking
features is the burgundy-red new foliage which contrasts nicely
against the dark green mature foliage.
Photinia ~ Fraseri Std
Evergreen, handsome small tree of moderate growth to 15' with
canopy of 10’ - 12'. New spring leaves, 2” - 5" long, are striking
reddish bronze; older foliage dark green above, lighter on
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Pinus ~ Canariensis
A large evergreen tree, growing to 90–120’ tall. The green to
yellow-green leaves are needle-like, in bundles of three.
Pinus ~ Eldarica
A pyramid-shaped pine with widely spaced branches. Evergreen
reaching 30’ - 50’ with a spread 15’ - 25’ at rapid growth rate.
Pinus ~ Pinea
An evergreen tree growing to 32’ by 32’ at a medium
rate. These trees have been used and cultivated for their
edible pine nuts.
Pistachia ~ Chinensis
A small to medium-sized tree. Grows up to 60’ tall and
the leaves are deciduous. The fruit is a small red drupe, turning
blue when ripe, containing a single seed.
Pistachia ~ Chinensis Keith
A wonderful tree with outstanding brilliant red/orange fall color.
Mature height is around 35’ tall.
Pittosporum ~ Tenuifolium
A small evergreen tree, that has a columnar shape becoming oval
with age. This tree has small glossy green leaves with a touch of
silver to them. Reaches up to 30’ tall.
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Platanus ~ Acerifolia
A popular, durable and attractive shade tree; interestingly shaped
leaves and beautiful white and brown mottled bark. The large
serrated lobed leaves turn yellow in fall. Grows 90’ tall.
Platanus ~ Acerifolia Columbia
Popular for strong growth and large deeply serrated leaves.
Anthracnose and mildew resistant foliage and pyramidal form.
Height 70’-100’.
Platanus ~ Acerifolia Yarwood
Fast growing coarse textured tree. Exhibits white exfoliating bark
at a young age. Yellow fall color. Reaches 50’ tall by 40’ wide.
Podocarpus ~ Gracilior
An evergreen tree that can grow up to 50’. It has a soft, graceful,
billowy appearance of bright green new growth, dark green
mature leaves, and weeping branch tips.
Podocarpus ~ Henkelii
A very tall, straight stemmed forest tree, reaching 60’ - 90’ in
height. Its trunk can grow to massive proportions, becoming
fluted and spirally twisted with age. It is an evergreen tree with a
dark grey to pale grey-brown, longitudinally fissured bark.
Podocarpus ~ Macrophyllus
An evergreen tree growing to 32’ by 16’ at a slow rate. It is in
flower from Apr to May, and the seeds ripen in October.
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Prunus Avium ~ Bing
A deciduous tree with clusters of fragrant white flowers and dark
green foliage which emerges bronze in spring. The pointy leaves
turn yellow in fall. The fruits are showy dark red drupes carried
in abundance in mid summer.
Prunus Avium ~ Lapins
One of the most versatile of all Cherry trees the enormous fruits
which are a dark red almost black in color have a truly exceptional
Prunus Avium ~ Stella
Sweet cherry with large dark red or black fruit. White flowers
appear in mid-spring, followed by delicious, juicy cherries which
are ready for picking in late July. It is a vigorous grower, starting
with an upright habit, spreading as it matures.
Prunus Caroliniana ~ Compacta
An evergreen tree with dark green, glossy leaves. The leaves give
off a fragrance similar to maraschino cherries when crushed, but
be careful they are poisonous!! In the spring fragrant white
flowers blossom.
Prunus Cerasifera ~ Krauter
A magnificent display of soft pink flowers appear just before the
leaves emerge in spring. The rich, deep purple foliage adds
tremendous color and contrast throughout the season.
Prunus Cerasifera ~ Mt. St.
A deciduous tree with fragrant pink flowers in April. Rich purple
foliage all summer. Vigorous small tree with upright branches.
Mature height of 20’.
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Prunus Cerasifera ~ Purple
A dwarf flowering plum with single pink flowers. The deep purple
foliage holds it's color well in summer heat. Deciduous reaching
10’ tall.
Prunus Cerasifera ~
New foliage which unfolds as ruby red, then turns reddish-purple
for the rest of the growing season. Its fast growth rate and upright
nature quickly forms a 15’ - 25’ tall, dense silhouette.
Prunus Rosaceae ~ Blireiana
A great spring blossom specimen, this small tree rewards with a
dramatic spring show of fragrant double-pink flowers and pleasing
bronzy-purple autumn color.
Prunus Salicina ~ Elephant
Grows 15’ - 20’ with a somewhat wider spread. They produce
round to heart-shaped fruit ranging in color from green to yellow
and brilliant red to deep purple-black.
Prunus Salicina ~ Santa Rosa
One of the most flavorful, aromatic Japanese plums when fully
ripe. Beautiful 8’ - 10’ tree, weeping growth habit - long slender
limbs bow gracefully to the ground.
Prunus Serrulata ~ Amanogawa
A tall wide fully hardy perennial deciduous tree with pink flowers
in late spring and mid spring. This is a rounded tree which has a
fast rate of growth with an ultimate height 29’.
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Prunus Serrulata ~ Kwanzan
Has double-pink, very attractive flowers and is usually purchased
and planted for this reason. The upright-spreading form, reaching
15’ - 25’ tall, is quite attractive.
Prunus Serrulata ~ Royal
A deciduous tree that grows to 20’ in height. It bears ascending
branches thus forming an oval to rounded crown at maturity.
Deep rich red foliage all summer, which turns fiery bronze.
Prunus Serrulata ~ Shirofugen
A deciduous tree with a spreading habit. It has large, oblong, dark
green leaves which are bronze-red when young and orange-red in
autumn. It forms clusters composed of fragrant, white, double
flowers that emerge from pink buds and become a pale pink.
Prunus Subhirtella ~ Pendula
Large magenta buds along the graceful weeping boughs open to
double pink flowers. New bronze leaves appear after blooms and
mature to green.
Prunus Subhirtella ~ Pendula
A small, hardy deciduous tree with dark green, serrated foliage
that turns yellow or orange in autumn before falling. Bark is
brownish-grey, white flowers cover the tree in early spring .
Prunus Subhirtella ~ Weeping
Grows 20’ - 30’ tall & spreads 15’ - 25’ in a graceful weeping
habit. Light pink (almost white) blooms in spring. Leaves stay
glossy green throughout the summer and turn a vivid yellow.
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Prunus Yedoensis ~ Akebono
A medium sized tree with a stiff, upright-spreading habit,
eventually becoming umbrella shaped. Flowers are double pink
and fragrant. Dark green glossy leave emerge as flowers
fade. Fall color is yellow to orange.
Pyrus Calleryana ~ Autumn
A cultivar with a distinct beautiful rounded, spreading habit. It
has white flowers in spring, dark glossy foliage, and brilliant red
fall color.
Pyrus Calleryana ~ Bradford
It has many vertical limbs with embedded bark packed closely on
the trunk and grows about 40’ high by 30’ - 45’ wide but the
crown is dense. It does put on a gorgeous, early spring display of
pure white blossoms.
Pyrus Calleryana ~ Capital
This tree has a narrow growth habit with luscious shiny green
leaves that hang vertically from branches with an attractive curl.
Leaves turn a reddish-purple in autumn and lovely white flowers
bloom during Spring months.
Pyrus Calleryana ~ Chanticleer
A tall and narrowly upright accent tree covered in attractive white
flowers in spring followed by small inedible fruit. The glossy
heart-shaped leaves turn an outstanding deep purple in the fall.
Pyrus Calleryana ~ Redspire
Quickly grows 35’ - 45’ high & 20’ wide, with upright-spreading,
thornless branches. The leaves emerge as red/purple, then
become 1.5 to 3 inches long, glossy green with wavy margins and
a red blush.
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Pyrus Calleryana ~ Trinity
A deciduous tree that reaches 30'. Leaves turn bright orange in
the fall. Gray trunk takes on checkered appearance when mature.
Beautiful clusters of white flowers appear in the spring.
Quercus Agrifolia ~ Coast Live
An evergreen tree with a rounded shape and dense foliage. The
trunk is often bent with multiple gnarled branches spreading in all
directions. They grow up to 80’ tall.
Quercus Alba ~ White Oak
Grows upright and its bark is whitish gray. It can grow from 80’
- 100’ tall ,3’ - 4’ in diameter around the trunk and can spread
from 50’ - 80’.
Quercus Coccinea ~ Scarlet Oak
A large tree with a rounded, open habit which eventually matures
to 70' tall. Leaves are 3-6" long and deeply cut with bristletipped, pointed lobes. Foliage is a glossy green in summer turning
to scarlet in fall.
Quercus Douglasii ~ Blue Oak
A deciduous oak tree, usually growing to 30’, although this oak
can sometimes can go to 50’. It has blue-green leaves and lightcolored bark.
Quercus Kelloggi ~ California
Black Oak
A large deciduous tree with a broad rounded crown with lower
branches nearly touching the ground. Mature bark is dark brown
to black appearing furrowed into small irregular squares. The
bright green leaves are deeply lobed.
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Quercus Lobata ~ Valley Oak
A large, majestic, deciduous oak, up to 70’ or more, with huge,
wide-spreading limbs. The massive trunk, broad crown and
weeping branches make a picturesque, vase-like form.
Quercus Palustris ~ Pin Oak
This tree is 60’ - 90' tall at maturity, usually forming a straight
trunk that remains undivided, except toward the apex of the
crown. Trunk bark of mature trees is gray or brownish gray,
Quercus Phellos ~ Willow Oak
This deciduous oak grows into a dense rounded crown, with bark
that is smooth and reddish brown when young, becoming rough
and furrowed with age. The shiny light green leaves are slightly
wavy, long and slender with smooth margins.
Quercus Rubra ~ Red Oak
A deciduous tree with a rounded to broad-spreading, often
irregular crown. Grows to a height of 50-75'. Dark, lustrous
green leaves (grayish-white beneath) turn brownish-red in
Quercus Shumardii ~ Red Oak
An upright tree which can attain a height of 120’. It is fast growing, with an open canopy and stout spreading branches.
Leaves are a rich green that turns scarlet in the fall.
Quercus ~ Suber Cork Oak
An evergreen broadleaf tree growing to 65’ by 49’ at a slow
rate. Has small, leathery leaves & thick furrowed bark.
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Quercus Virginiana ~ Southern
Live Oak
A majestic and very beautiful medium-sized evergreen; often
cultivated as shade tree for it wide-spreading crown.
Quercus Wislizenii ~ interior
Live Oak
Has a large, helmet like canopy and dense leaf foliage that make
this oak a year round shade tree. These oaks produce smaller,
pointed acorns in the fall.
Rhus Lancea ~ California
A rare and easily grown broad-leafed evergreen tree to 25' tall
with trifoliate leaves, small yellow flowers and autumn berries.
Robina Ambigua ~ Purple Robe
A deciduous tree that grows 25' - 40' tall & 12' - 25' wide with
compound green leaves. It has blue, pink, and purple flowers that
bloom from April to June.
Salix Babylonica ~ Weeping
A hardy deciduous tree forms a gracefully rounded crown to about
50’ in height with a spread just as wide. Bark is dark gray and
deeply furrowed. Branches divide into many thin stems that hang
in pendulous curtains to the ground.
Salix Blanda ~ Blue Fan Giant
A deciduous tree that grows to a height of 70’ or more. It has a
wide crown and shallow roots and slender leaves, usually not
strongly weeping in habit.
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Sapium Sebiferium ~ Chinese
A fast-growing deciduous tree with a rounded or conical crown
and an open, airy look. Grows to 40’ tall with a 20’ spread. The
leaves are diamond shaped, abruptly pointed at the tip. In fall the
Schinus ~ Molle
An evergreen tree that grows 25’- 40’ tall with rough twisted
dark gray bark and a wide weeping habit, spreading as wide as
tall. It has bright green compound leaves and fragrant whitish yellow flowers.
Sequoia Sempervirens ~ Aptos
An evergreen tree that is able to reach 100' - 300' tall. This tree
has dense blue-green foliage and horizontal branches with
branchlets that hang down.
Sequoia Sempervirens ~ Filoli
A fast growing evergreen tree has been selected for its graceful,
drooping, unusually gray branches with dense blue-green foliage.
It grows to 30’ or more.
Sequoia Sempervirens ~ Santa
A massive conifer, strongly pyramidal in shape, with dense,
horizontal branches. It usually reaches 40’- 60' tall. The bark of
this tree has been photographed often, a rich reddish brown,
Sequoia Sempervirens ~ Soquel
Has an impressive, pyramidal shape formed by sturdy, horizontal
branches that arch gracefully upwards at their tips. The foliage is
also striking with a bluish cast and grey undersides and contrasts
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Syagrus Romanzoffiana ~ Queen
A tall slender palm, grows to about 65’, with a grey trunk, and
slightly plumose leaves. They also develop a large, very attractive,
yellowy gold inflorescence.
Thuja ~ Spiral
Has bright emerald green foliage and a narrow, pyramidal habit.
Average height 12’ - 15’ & width 3’ - 4'.
Tilia Cordata ~ Littleleaf
An ornamental shade tree because of its attractive foliage, dense,
low-branched, pyramidal to ovate form and tolerance for urban
conditions. This is a medium to large deciduous tree, typically
growing to 50’ -70’.
Trachycarpus ~ Windmill Palm
A beautifully compact and grows to heights of 20’ - 40’. It has
single stems with large, 4-foot-wide fans of sword-like leaves. It
produces large plumes of yellow flowers in early summer.
Tristania Conferta ~
An upright, evergreen tree that grows 40’ tall in cultivation and
up to 60’ - 70’ tall in nature. A moderate to fast growing tree
which produces a beautiful, dense symmetrical rounded head with
large glossy lance-shaped leaves.
Ulmus Parvifolia ~ Chinese Elm
A medium-sized deciduous tree that typically grows to 40’ -50’
tall with a rounded crown and long pendulous branching.
Insignificant, small, reddish-green flowers appear in late summer.
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Washington ~ Rubusta
An evergreen, columnar, bushy palm tree. The fan shaped leaf
fronds are rounded, dividing into linear segments with gray green
margins. The trunk on a young tree is red/ bronze in color and
on a mature tree it is gray in color.
Zelvoka ~ Green Vase
This popular form is a fast grower to 70' tall with a width of 35' 40'. It maintains a vase-shape with upright arching branches. The
fall color is bronze-red.
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