Symphonics - FSG Australia


Symphonics - FSG Australia
Mental Health
Leisure & Event
Symphonics is an FSG Australia initiative
and was created to provide opportunities to
people who wish to share and explore their
love of music.
An enVision Program
Symphonics offers people an opportunity to
share a love of music and further develop their
musical skills by learning to play an instrument,
song writing and sound recording.
Symphonics features...
Musical Outlet
Symphonics assists participants
to learn an instrument (guitar,
bass, keyboard or drums), as
well as learning to sing or learn
Resource & Recovery
Symphonics is a recoveryfocused mental health initiative
which aims to assist people to
express themselves through their
love of music.
Social & Peer Support
Symphonics creates a sense
of belonging within a fun and
enjoyable environment whilst
meeting new people and
expressing oneself through music.
For more information
Ph: (07) 3213 7100
Unit 2 (Ground Floor) 70 Edith Street,
Wynnum QLD 4178
Email: [email protected]
Open Monday - Friday: 9am - 4pm

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