40 years of Boney M. Daddy Cool – The Musical Show


40 years of Boney M. Daddy Cool – The Musical Show
40 years of Boney M.
Daddy Cool – The Musical Show
The audience can expect over 20 world hits
from the legendary group Boney M. Songs like
“Daddy Cool”, “Sunny”, “Ma Baker” or from Milli
Vanilli “Girl you know it’s true” and “I’m gonna
miss you”. The two-hour “Daddy Cool” Show
guarantees an electrifying party-feeling and
great entertainment with show-stopping dance
The Musical “Daddy Cool” produced by and
based on Frank Farian’s music, started in 2006 in
London UK and finally tours the rest of Europe.
Come and join the musical journey through the
exciting times of the 70s, 80s and 90s.
Frank Farian is the founder of legendary groups
like Boney M., Milli Vanilli and La Bouche.
He also received the “Echo”-Award for his lifetime achievement. And now he looks back onto
his carrier through the show. Songs like “Rivers
of Babylon”, which is most likely one of the most
famous once won’t be missed. This song and
many more, frame the story.
A highlight of the Daddy Cool Musical is the
up-to-date musical performance of the songs.
Excellent performers lead you through a night
of memories and also new discoveries.
The Musical is about the young man Sunny from
Jamaica. He moves to London to start his career
as musician and dancer. It is not easy for him
because he gets into the middle of two rival
dance-groups and also bumps into the love of
his life. But the conflict between their mothers
threatens the end of the relationship. But all bad
cannot prevent a Happy Ending!

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