Untitled - MaxFlight


Untitled - MaxFlight
FS-VC Dual System
360 Degree Pitch & Roll <<Unlimited Motion>>
Fully Interactive – 2 Sets of Throttles & Joysticks
Microsoft Flight Sim X & Combat Sim 2
10 Roller Coaster Tracks with varying intensity
Customers can design their own unique tracks
– Millions of combinations!
High Definition 3D Projection
4 Licensed Ride Films Options
2 Seats
HD GoPro Cockpit Camera
Flight Sim X
High Definition 3D
Dozens of Aircraft Options
Fly From Hundreds of Major Cities
Around the Globe
Highly Detailed Cockpits
Test your skills in the Reno Air Race!!
Take on Your Friends in a World War II
10 Different Roller Coasters!
Air Fighter HD-3D!
HD 3D Bermuda Triangle Undersea
• This Is an Edu-tainment Passive Ride
• Passengers get to experience a narrated underwater
mini-sub ride while exploring an area of the Bermuda
Triangle that has had a lot of mysterious ship and
aircraft disappearances.
• Fish, porpoises and other sea creatures seem to jump
right out of the screen with the High Definition 3D
• Passengers have to hold on tight when their mini-sub
gets sucked down into uncharted territory through a
methane gas pocket!
• Great utilization of the simulator’s unlimited 360
degree pitch & roll motion capabilities!
HD 3D Solar Coaster
• Solar Coaster is also an Edu-tainment Ride.
• Guests are transported to a futuristic theme park in
outer space that travels around the entire Solar
• The narrated space coaster tour travels by the Sun
and describes the nature of each of the 9 planets.
• Travel distance is shortened via worm-hole “jumps”.
• This is another ride that fully utilizes MaxFlight’s
unlimited pitch & roll motion capabilities.
• Great for a fun learning experience!
Star Trek Ride
MaxFlight is Installed in Over 40
Countries Around the World!!
Fun Park - Finland
A360 Café – Aeroville Shopping Centre
Paris, Fance
Pattaya, Thailand
Adventure Landing – Jacksonville Beach, FL
National Naval Aviation Museum – Pensacola, FL
Action Zone – Abu Dhabi, UAE
Tamdeen Entertainment - Kuwait
Safari Land – Illinois
Swiss Museum of Transport
Playdium – Ontario, Canada
Museum of Flight – Seattle
The London Science Museum
By Metropolis Entertainment Ltd.
Air Zoo - Michigan
USS Midway – San Diego
USS Intrepid – New York City
IAAPA Expo – Orlando 2010
IAAPA Expo – Orlando 2012
IAAPA Expo – Orlando 2013
MaxFlight Advantages
The World’s ONLY Unlimited Pitch & Roll Simulator!
Small Footprint – Only 220 ft² (21m²)
High Volume
Replay Value – Guests will ride again and again
Solid Revenue – No need for costly updates year
after year to maintain ride appeal
Great Capture Rate
Crowd Pleaser – Very entertaining to watch as well
as ride!
Lead Attraction Status – Amazing word of mouth
marketing potential…watch your foot traffic soar!
Excellent Return on Investment!!
Contact Info
MaxFlight Corporation
7 Executive Drive
Toms River, NJ 08755
+1(732) 281-2007
Ext. 403 for Frank McClintic, CEO
[email protected]