LRTrek - ActFX Algorithmic Trading


LRTrek - ActFX Algorithmic Trading
Author: Black
These strategies are a homemade version of the FXTrek Intellichart Linear Regression. This version may not be
exactly the same as the Intellichart version.
With a standard Linear Regression line - the kind used by most common charting programs - a LR period of "1" is
not recognizable. A LR period of "2" is virtually the same as the Close price. And the LR extends from there.
The Intellichart LR 2 is different. It seems to take the difference between the Open and Close of a period, and extend
it to the same amount and direction - long or short - into the next period. The result is a doubled difference into the
next period. The Trader can see in advance that the LR is what he is working with, all during the time that the new
period is forming. The part that I haven't tested is exactly how the other LR periods work in the Intellichart.
What I have attempted to do with these scripts is to re-create the Intellichart LR 2. Any further LR period - LR 3, LR
4, LR 5, etc. - is simply an average of the of LR 2's over the given number of periods. The scripts are set so that they
will not work with a period less than LR 2.
If "0-Close, 1-High_low" is set to 0 then all script does is to buy or sell if the LR is greater than or less than the
previous Close.
If "0-Close, 1-High_low" is set to 1 then all script does is to Sell if the LR is greater than the
previous High, or Buy if the LR is less than the previous Low (depending on "Switch" of course).
ActFX Algorithmic Trading

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