March 2016 Newsletter What`s Happening at Carberry?



March 2016 Newsletter What`s Happening at Carberry?
March 2016 Newsletter
What’s Happening at Carberry?
A Newsletter For Our Parents and Community
Emmett School District #221
Mission Statement:
Through effective leadership and collaboration with all stakeholders, the Emmett School District
will prepare each student for success in the 21st century by utilizing recognized and innovative best
educational practices in challenging, rigorous courses of study.
A Message from Mr. Parks
Greetings my friends! I hope the spring weather has brightened your spirits. I have several
things I would like to share so I am going to jump right into it.
First of all, the “bridge project” appears to be moving along quite nicely. As I have said in past
communications, the expected completion date is April 1st; however, I wouldn’t be surprised if
this project was completed sooner. I have thoroughly enjoyed greeting your children in the drop
off lane! Once Substation Road opens up, we will give the Carberry Community as much notice
as possible when we go back to the “old way” of drop-off/pick-up and busing.
Next, it’s almost time for state testing to begin. Our students in grades K-3 will take the IRI
(Idaho Reading Indicator) and our students in grades three and four will take the ISAT in ELA
(English Language Arts) and in math. The IRI window will be open from April 4 th-May 2nd and the
ISAT testing window will be open from March 28th-May 20th.
2nd & 9th – Early Release
10th—Renaissance Reading
17th—School Picture Day
18th—1st & 3rd Grade Music
Program-1:45 pm
21st-25th - Spring Break
Looking Ahead!
ISAT testing will be done a bit differently than it has in the past. For the past several years we
have utilized two labs to conduct all of our testing. Each student has to take two web based
tests in reading and in math and we can expect each of these tests to take approximately one
and a half hours. As you can see, this equates to approximately six hours of testing. We were
spending nearly a month of our time trying to get everyone into the computer labs for testing.
Spring Testing Window
I have two goals for this year: give teachers more instruction time prior to testing and save the
district money. To accomplish these two goals, we will be using four labs for our testing (Chrome
Labs) and we will also save the district money by using Title 1 staff to proctor the tests (instead
of hiring staff to proctor the tests). Theoretically, our school could test the last week of the window and complete testing within a five day period. Realistically, our plan is to test later than
normal and spread the tests out over a two week period. As we further approach the testing
window, I will send a testing schedule home with each of our third and fourth grade students.
April 6th & 13th—
Lastly, I would like to address school safety. After-school duty can be a very tricky thing when a
student is waiting in their bus line and an adult approaches to pick a child up, rather than having
the child ride the bus. If we know and recognize you, the situation is very easy to deal with; however, not all of our staff members will know and recognize the adults in our community. Please
don’t be offended if one of our duty folks stop you and ask you your name. They may also call
the front office and check to make sure you are on the contact list. The safety of your child is
April 29th— NO SCHOOL
Along these same lines, our school district has a new SRO (Officer Steve Kunka). Throughout
the remainder of the year, Officer Kunka will be doing short trainings with our students. He may
teach a lesson on bicycle/walking safety or he may teach a lesson on “stranger danger.” With
“stranger danger,” I think our parents and teachers do a great job of keeping their children away
from strangers; however, I want our SRO to teach our children strategies that go a bit deeper
than just “not talking to strangers.” I want our students to obtain a voice that will allow him or
her to verbalize that they are or are not allowed to go with certain adults. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to the trainings that Officer Kunka will be conducting, please feel
free to contact me at any time.
IRI and AIMSweb Math 4th-May 2nd
STAR Reading/Math
4th-May 2nd
March 28th-May 20th
Early Release
April 5th—3rd grade—
Micron States of Matter
April 13th—Last Early Release
for the school year
May 11th—KNDR to
Babby Farms
May 18th—3rd to Zoo
May 19th—4th grd field trip
May 25th—2nd grd field trip
May 27th—Last day
Kindergarten Registration is going on now!
Registration forms may be downloaded from the District Web Site or forms may be picked
up at Carberry School. Your child does not need to be present at the time of registration.
Please bring your completed forms to the school during regular school hours to register
your child. Parents, please bring the following materials in order to place your student in a
classroom and complete their registration.
Remember to have your child’s immunizations updated before registration. If you are not sure
if your child has adequate immunizations, feel free to contact the school nurse. Immunizations
requirements for kindergarten are 5 DTP, 4 Polio, 2 MMR, 3 Hepatitis B, 2 Varicella, and 2
Hepatitis A.
You will also need to provide your childs’ original state issued birth certificate, and proof of
These three items are required to place
your child on a classroom list.
From the Office……
Arriving at school!! ~ Students are not to be on school grounds before 8:30.
When students arrive at school they can go to one of three places. The playground, the cafeteria or a prearranged place (music or Title room). Students
are not to wander the halls or down by the classrooms.
Go Home Plans…….
If your child’s plan for going home changes, please be sure to send a note with your child. If
you are calling the office with the change of plans, please do so no later than 15 minutes before the end of the day. The child will not be allowed to change the plan without a note or
phone call from the parent.
From the Lunchroom!
Parents, check your students lunch accounts to make sure they do not
owe any money. Charge slips are put in the teachers boxes every
Monday. Ask your student if they have one in their backpack.
Attention Carberry Families:
Are you letting your Box Tops expire??? Please
watch the expiration date on each Box Top. We are
unable to collect the 10 cent value on the Box Tops
that have expired.
Thank you for the tremendous amount of Labels for
Education UPC's that have come in. Continue to
collect so we can order some new playground gear for
the kids!
The March meeting will be tomorrow
morning at 8:30 am in the staff lounge.
We will discuss plans for teacher and staff
appreciation in May, and potential
fundraising changes for next year.
Emmett School District #221 Preschool Screening
Join us for a fun family night at
Carberry Gym from 6:30—8:00 pm.
This reading night is designed to
encourage all students to pick up a book and search out
new areas of interest.
Screening Available for 3-5- year olds
Children who demonstrate developmental delays
in one or more of these
Developmental areas including:
*Speech/Language *Thinking Ability
*Self-help Skills *Social Skills
*Motor Skills *Emotional Concerns
*Other Concerns
If you live in the Emmett School District and
You have concerns about your 3-5 year old
Please call Butte View Complex at 365-4791 for an
Appointment for the Screening on Monday, March 7th, 2016.
Lots of fun games and planned activities will include…
Castle Blocks
Quarter Staff Battle
Highland Sheep Toss
Arms and Armor Display
Making chain mail
Register your future
Maypole dance
Registering now for
Making a mask
Live music
school year.
Library News
Congratulations to the following classes who had the most AR points for the second trimester:
2nd grade: Mrs. Walker’s class with 220 points
3rd grade: Mrs. Donaldson’s class with 120 points
4th grade: Mr. Bennetts’s class with 361 points
Way to go everyone! Those classes have earned a party in the library.
In February we had the author, Chad W. Trisef, visit and give an assembly to the 3rd and 4th graders. He
wrote the Oracle series and talked to the students about his travels and his experiences. It was a wonderful
assembly and many of the students bought the books. He’s just in the process of releasing book 5. There will
be 7 books in the series when he’s done.
We had a special visitor on March 2nd, Dr. Seuss’s birthday. The Cat in the Hat went around to each classroom and gave every student a Dr. Seuss eraser. We had a lot of fun!
Remember to have your child continue reading for their free Roaring Springs ticket. They have to read recreationally (not homework) for 10 hours. All the forms are due back to their teachers by March 31st so I can get
the tickets ordered.
Cat in the Hat pays a visit
to a Kindergarten class.
Chad W. Trisef,
signing a book fro a 4th
grade student.
4th Grade Visitors!
The fourth graders have had an exciting week! They have had
visitors from the Boise Art Museum where they learned about
comparing and contrasting abstract and realistic art, specifically trees,
and it ended with the opportunity to create their own abstract or
realistic drawing of a tree.
In Reading they read about service dogs, guide dogs, and search and
rescue dogs. Inspired by the stories, therapy dogs from the
community were invited to visit with them. During this visit, the
students had the opportunity to learn the differences between
service dogs and therapy dogs and they were given the joy of petting
the therapy dogs.
Pictured here we have Berny and Hailey the therapy dogs and in the
background you can see some of the art the students created.