Waggin` Tales - First Type Graphics



Waggin` Tales - First Type Graphics
Vol. 11, No. 1
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Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
‘Pause for
Summer Brings Annual Picnic
And There’s More to be Had
Than Just a Great Time!
Fred Bell
In June 2009 we attended our first basset hound picnic with
WBHR in Cody. We had recently lost our second basset hound,
but we were able to bring our third basset, Pattie, who was 10
months old at the time to the event.
Basset Stories Are Great to ‘Ear
I really enjoy hearing and reading stories about all
the great bassets people have adopted! It doesn’t matter
if they’ve adopted them from WBHR, another basset
rescue or a shelter, the stories are great to hear. It’s
fun to learn about other people’s experiences with their
bassets, pick up some new training techniques, hear
their successes of conquering an illness with their
basset and even the inevitable, sad stories of a beloved
basset crossing the bridge.
All dogs are similar to people in the respect that
each and every one of them have their own personalities.
The different stories you hear from people, tell of these
individual personalities and make it that much more
This newsletter features a few of those stories and
even a couple of poems about bassets and dogs in
general. I’m really happy that people want to talk about
their dogs and share their experiences, as well as the
emergence of their dog’s true personality, once they’ve
settled into their new family and forever life.
Some dogs are quite the characters! Some of them
love to go to dog parks and meet new friends. Some
like to stay around people more and be in on everything
they do. And still others prefer to be only dogs, to not
share their humans and to be the center of attention,
so to speak, of their family.
We do have the occasional basset hound we take
into our Rescue who doesn’t like other dogs at all!
That’s when it’s the hardest for us, as we never have a
foster home without other dogs. In this case we have to
board the basset until we can either find that foster
home without dogs (which has yet to happen!) or find
the basset their forever home.
Before arriving, my wife and I had decided we wanted to
adopt a basset hound so Pattie would not be alone. As I recall
there were at least 10 choices
for adoption at the time. We
chose Sophie, who was 19
months old.
She and Pattie get along
so well. Sophie has grown
and developed her own very
unique personality. (She also
“grew” from 43 pounds to 70
pounds!) No, she isn’t fat,
she couldn’t be since she’s
always ready to eat. (Almost
anything in fact.) To be sure
she has enriched our lives
and home here immensely. I
Picnic gave Sophie a new home
cannot really express our
love for her and hers for each of us. Even at the time we adopted
Sophie when I had just lost my job, it was one of the smartest
and best decisions we ever made – adopting Sophie.
Yes, she has known her troubles, some very serious, but the
Lord has seen us through them all and we can’t imagine the
family without Sophie!
The was photo taken the end of April, 2013, so Sophie is now
six-and-a-half years old.
Waggin’ Tales is the official publication of the Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue organization and is distributed in May and November of each year.
WBHR Director: Holly Moen
[email protected]
Editor: Michael Ryan
[email protected]
(307) 272-8089
(307) 632-5323
-continued on page 5-
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
WBHR Brings True Joy into the Lives of Adopters
As the song goes, “I bless the day
I found him” or rather the day Holly
brought Scoobers into our lives! I
couldn’t know then how much I would
come to love him and can’t imagine
not having him as my devoted best
pal, as I am to him.
He is a Bagel, a cross between a
Basset and a Beagle, a mid size,
ruggedly built dog with three colors,
black, brown and white, with short legs
and part of him is colored like an ermine
with dappled black dots on the white
fur. His ears aren’t as big as a Basset’s
are and he shouldn’t develop some of
the physical problems that unfortunately some of the Bassets are heir to.
He never wants me out of his sight
and loves to ride in my 1968 red Ford
truck whenever I can take him along,
which is 98% of the time. He pokes his
head out the window and his long ears
fly in the breeze like wings of an
I pray I could be as good a person
as he thinks I am! No matter what my
mood or temperament, he is always
happy to be with me, such devotion.
I’m thrilled he is my devoted and
constant companion.
Of course, I believe in treating all
of God’s creatures kindly, well maybe
not flies and mosquitoes, to name a
few! I no longer hunt in my sunset
years which he would love to do. He
is uncontrollable off a leash as he races
As always, our most sincerest gratitude to Jane
Elliott for maintaining our
web page, adding dogs, updating dogs as well as doing
home checks. WHBR really
appreciates all your help.
We would be lost without
away to track down some unfortunate creature lurking in the tall grass. I will never be able
to change that habit which I suspect may be a trait of the breed.
-continued from page 3Each dog has his or her own personality and Scoobers is mild and well behaved with
good manners, a joy to have as a companion. I shall always love him and I’ll never be able
to repay Holly for bringing so much joy and happiness into our lives.
I treasure and will always remember the day I first met him. I hope he out lives me as his
passing will devastate me.
A big thank you to Louis Walrath for sharing these touching comments with us.
In Loving Memory.......
Passing over the Rainbow Bridge
The Vines family of Worland bid a sad farewell
to Otto (10+) on Nov. 4
Rosie (6) left the Vandells all too soon on Dec. 26
Shannon and Elizabeth in Rapid City lost
Daisy (Suzette) (13) on Dec. 27 and Joel (10)
on Feb. 10
Heather in Rapid City said goodbye to Tiboy (13)
late last year
Bear (91/2) was lost to the Loomis family on
Jan. 1 in Billings
Holly and Allen said farewell to their pal
Wishy (131/2) on Jan. 11
The Erickson family in South Dakota
Buffalo Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Kurt Walters
lost Daisy (8) on Mar. 6
Our Canadian friend Lindsay said
goodbye to Toby (91/2) on Mar. 19
Popish Veterinary Clinic - Dr. Steven Popish
Violet (71/2) left the Arndt family
Westside Animal Hospital- Dr. Justin Johnson
on Mar. 19
Mobile Pet Care Center - Dr. Keith James
Rex and Pat bid farewell to Buster
(51/2) on Mar. 20
Cheyenne Pet Clinic - Dr. Christopher Church
La Zoetry Pet Clinic - Dr. Raven Novak
Loss is never easy and even more so
with an ever-loving pet. May your
sweet memories of their not-longenough life help you through the
hard times and inspire you to
extend your love to another
basset who is waiting for you.
Animal Care Clinic - Dr. Scott Moore
Riverbend Vet Hospital - Dr. William Root
Smylie Animal Clinic - Dr. Dean Smylie
If you have lost a special friend and
would like them listed in this section
please contact WBHR Director Holly
Moen per the information on page 2.
Camelot Pet Castle - Dr. Stacy Geer
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No.1
Rocky’s Memoirs Still
Available for Readers
A 199-page eBook, the memoirs can be easily downloaded
as a PDF file.
Rocky’s master, Jim Minor, notes that you will need the Adobe
Reader program (a free download from Adobe.com), but also
cautions that the download needs a large screen for reading
such as your desktop computer or laptop. Jim notes that the
download is not suitable for small screen sizes such as on an
iPad, Kindle, etc.
To order, go to the WBHR web site home page and click on
the noted link. Alternatively, you can go to Rocky’s web site of
www.rockytherocket.com and follow the directions.
If you have any questions about how to download for various
systems, etc. go to Jim’s FAQ section on the rockytherocket
web site and you will find literally every-thing you need to know.
There are numerous methods of pur-chase including major
credit cards and PayPal.
Oh, and just a reminder, that Rocky and Jim are donating all
of the proceeds to the Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue!
Good news for fans of Basset hound stories and our own
‘Rocky’ in particular. Rocky’s “Memoirs of an Abandoned
Basset Hound” is still available for purchase!
Buffalo Veterinary Clinic
120 U.S. Highway 16 East
Dr. Kurt Walters
(307) 684-2851
3155 CY Avenue
(307) 234-7333
Dr. Richard Schwahn, Dr. Tangney Gray-Dockham,
Dr. Angela O’Hearn
3740 E. Lincolnway
(307) 635-4121
Dr. Christopher Church
1439 Stillwater Ave. - Suite 3
Cheyenne (307) 775-0577
Dr. Raven Novak
5524 Greybull Highway
(307) 587-3151
Dr. Scott Moore, Dr. Amanda Marsh
Riverbend Vet Hospital
240 S. Riverbend Road
(307) 358-4910
Dr. William Root
93 W. Richards St.
(307) 358-3231
Drs. Don, Maxwell and Dean
Smylie, Dr. Amanda Ahrens
Thank You to All Our
Veterinarians and Clinics
Who Support the WBHR
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
‘Pause for
-continued from page 2We have placed a couple of bassets in the past year who
were that type, who didn’t like other dogs…at all! Both had to
wait a bit, but not terribly long in the realm of being adopted,
but a long time when you add up the boarding fees. And
please know, we work with some great doggie daycares across
Wyoming, we get a wonderful daily rate, but when you add up
three months of boarding, it’s expensive!
Right now we have one such basset up for adoption,
Dahlila. At the time of the publishing of this newsletter, we’re
working on taking in a second such basset, also trying to find
her a foster home with no other dogs, in addition to no children
under the age of 5 years old.
We have at least four open foster homes, but all have other
dogs and two of them also have children under the age of two
years old. It makes it hard to help when we don’t have the
right match for the basset. A month ago we had nine bassets
up for adoption, with two of those being in boarding.
Things change fast! We also had a couple of “foster
failures” within those nine adoptive bassets, so we’ve lost
two foster homes due to them both now having three dogs,
which makes for a house full!
We’ve been considering helping a second breed, the
bloodhound. We took one into WBHR in late February and
we found him a home in mid-March. He was only one year old
and we had Applications from Oregon, California and
Massachusetts! Duke found a wonderful home in Montana
and we hope that maybe we can help another breed, which
would require foster homes!
So please keep us in mind when you know of someone
looking for a great family dog. Tell people about us and have
them contact us with any questions they might have about
the basset hound or bloodhound breeds. We always have
bassets up for adoption and we can always use more foster
And please keep those stories, pictures and poems coming!
We really do love hearing from you!
WBHR Director
Baxter and Fannie
Robert and Kerstin Bult
Gunder and Carole Hansen
In memory of Newton
In memory of Teton and Sherlock
Susan Kostenbauer
Jeff and Ashley Lang
Joe Michaels (for Roxi and Molly)
Lorraine Reiner
Larry and Janette Richards
Anonymous - 2
Mike and Teresa Bares Family
Nathan and Thea Bryce
Roz Cummings
Rex and Pat Leaman
Pat and Paula McKenzie
Lindsay Musgrave
Stephanie and Jorge Oneto
Jerry and Judy Scheafer
Harley Williams
Bob Wirth (for Molly, Mary Jane and Diego)
James and Elaine Alsop
Anonymous - 2
Fred and Shirley Bell
Deb and Clayton Black
Claudine and George Dillman
Jane Elliott
Betty and Pete Fitzloff
Richard Hillegas and Lorie Hebert-Hillegas
Floyd and June Hill
In memory of Butch Bassity
Sharon Kettle
John Minium
Mr. Blue
Heidi and Brock Rasmussen
Larry and Regina Sortor
David, Tracey and Kylee Stai and Tilly and Sadie
Patty Thompson
Ano nymo us
In memory of Pookie
Joe and Andrea Kenney (in memory of Petey)
Holly and Allen Moen
Constance Ryan-McKenna
Challenger Industries (courtesy of Ken Keller
Nyal and Susie Q. Walker in memory of Mrs. Nell Walker
Rocky MountainCasing Crews, Inc.
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Ode to a Basset’s Ears
Michael Hagemeister
Oh, these ears of a Basset hound….
Used for drooping in the dish and then licked
And groomed before the day long nap.
Smooth as velvet, these drooping ears…
Sometimes the victims of claw marks
From being stepped on or tripped over.
But, our medicine of kindness will heal them up,
In most cases, a two-foot wingspan used
For playing airplane or rapidly flapped, (here, like this)
To imitate a helicopter taking off.
When we hold them up, they can resemble the wings
On a vampire bat (notice the length of these babies).
But then we can gently tie them in a love knot to show
A face of dignity and intelligence… momentarily (it’s okay…
It doesn’t hurt them).
(Here, these next ones are really fun to do.)
They can be used to play see no evil,
Speak no evil, or… smell no evil (well… sometimes).
With kindness, we can lift one ear
And softly whisper, “Hello… hello… hello….” and hear
The echoes come out the other side (notice the eyeballs).
Keeping them so they are always ready (“For what?” you ask).
(Here, let’s get closer for this one.)
How I love the sound of heart beat
When they’re wrapped around my neck.
Oh, these ears of a Basset hound….
Hooray, I’ve Got a Home!
Since our last newsletter these bassets
have found their ‘Forever Home’
Simon is simply delighted to be with Eric and Jodi in
Lucy is loved by Keri up in Gillette
Joel has a new role taking care of Shannon and Elizabeth
in Rapid City
Hunter is hunting for a new home no longer thanks to
Eric and Kira in Mills
Jedd is with Julie and just a stone’s throw from Joel in
Rapid City
Gracie joins Mike and Liz in thankful prayer in Casper
Chico is “the man” in Casper for Eric and Leigh
Ben is the new king of the house with Pete and Nadine up
in Billings
Cooper thinks he has Danial and Amanda over a barrel in
his new digs in Mills
Roger is A-OK with Jason and Melissa near Ben in Billings
Duke has found no hazards in his new home with Jeremy
and Camille in Three Forks, Montana
Daisy is in full bloom in British Columbia with Christine
Barney couldn’t be happier with David in Englewood,
Lucy has found true love in Cheyenne with David and Molly
Copper is the new man on the beat in Gillette with Michael
and Casey
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Living the Life of Riley
Reilly Thanks to the WBHR
Fred Bell
It’s been 18 months since we adopted Reilly. Her actual
birth date was unknown, but with a graying muzzle and a crusty
nose, she was estimated to be five years old. Reilly is truly
something indeed.
First of all, we had not before had three basset hounds
together in the house, for short visits we had previously had
five bassets here for maybe four hours. But this was different,
much to the other two bassets’ disgust, Reilly wasn’t just
visiting. It took a while to settle “territories”, but now after a
year there are few disputes.
So, it was a good idea to expand the family. Still, I never
realized how different it would be with three basset hounds –
I’m continually pleased with how incredible each one is.
Thank You to All Our
Veterinarians and Clinics
Who Support the WBHR
8000 Easy Street
(307) 472-6911
Dr. Keith James
2001 Buckskin Dr.
(307) 682-2001
Stacy Geer
Still, there have been many surprises if Reilly is compared to
basset hounds that were here, but have passed away and with
the two that have been with us these past five years. Not only
is Reilly red and white with only a black nose (all our other
bassets have been tri-color), she has several very distinct
characteristics. At any time and any place if you talk to her and
pet her – as soon as you stop she goes into a one-year old
puppy mode. She will race around the house and often pick up
objects to carry (like the kitchen floor mats!) and sometimes will
bark. If it happens to be 3am – oh boy! So, for an “older” dog,
she is still very playful.
Actually, compared to all other bassets I’ve known, Reilly
-continued on page 10-
Westside Animal Hospital
631 S. Ash Street
(307) 472-5600
Drs. Doug and Laura Johannessen
3025 Ft. Sanders Road
(307) 742-6042
Dr. Christa Branch and
Dr. Amanda Van Pelt
Mountain View Pet Spa
Pets Are People, Too!
Camelot Pet Castle
830 Skyline Road
(307) 745-7341
Dr. David Evertson and Dr. Dana Petersen, Owners
260 Crescent Dr.
(307) 472-7297
Sherri Johnson, Owner
256 S. Douglas
(307) 754-9393
Dr. Teri Oursler
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
For the love of a basset...
Show Your Love
and Support
There’s something brand new for you note writers from
WBHR - your choice of a 12-pack of cards featuring some of
our inspiring bassets and their stories. On the front is one of
our rescued bassets, the back highlights their story and the
inside is blank. The cards measure 5.5 inches wide and are
4.25 inches high.
There are two packs with Pack A featuring Nick, Toby,
Diamond and Cyndi and Pack B highlighting Chloe, Hugo,
Daisy and Ripley. Each pack has three cards of each basset and
are available at $15 per set which includes shipping. Please
note which pack you desire when ordering.
Also, a few 2014 WBHR calendars are available at the special price of only $5 which includes postage.
Iris Folding Greeting Cards
These beautiful cards are decorated with the iris paper folding technique.
Each card is blank inside and lined with white card stock. Designs include two
basset hounds, two poodles, two cats, a Scottie and a bulldog. The cost of the
cards is $4.75 each which includes postage and mailing envelope.
These lovely handcrafted charm bracelets are available with either dog, cat or
horse charms and in a variety of colors. Each bracelet is $5. Shipping costs vary
depending on quantity of bracelets ordered. One, two or three bracelets ship for
$2.25 and four, five or six bracelets ship for $4.50. Shipping costs are added into
the total price.
Order the quantity of bracelets you want and after we receive your order we
will contact you about what charms and colors you would like for each bracelet.
Made by Back Alley Metals of Red Lodge Montana, these fantastic metal basset
hound pieces are sure to please any basset lover! Available as an ornament, magnet or
hitch plug.
Magnets are 4x2¾” and are “rusted” color. Ornaments are 4x2¾” and red, green,
yellow or blue in color. Hitch plugs are “rusted” color and 8x5½”. The hitch plugs will
take approximately two weeks before shipping. Basset magnets and ornaments are
$10 and the hitch plug is $49. All prices include shipping.
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Show Your Love
and Support
.....they light up our lives
Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue Decals are 4" tall and 6" wide. They are suitable for
placement on outside windows and come with instructions to apply them. $6.00 each,
which includes shipping.
WBHR has for sale a cookbook of recipes for dog treats! This cookbook is
8½” x 11" in size, with over 40 pages of great treat recipes for your dog! The
covers can also be personalized, such as “Toby’s Treats” and they can also be
made for other breeds, not just basset hounds. The cookbooks are $20.00 and that
includes shipping. Personalized cookbooks are $23.00 (dog’s photo and name).
Please order well in advance of any gift giving ideas, as they do take some time to
Supplies are dwindling fast on WBHR T-shirts! Choose from any of the three adult
colors - Yellow Haze, Stone Blue or Cedar. The shirts feature the ‘Opt to Adopt’ logo
on the front and the Wyoming Basset Hound Rescue logo on the back. The price is
just right, too, as it’s $13 for sizes Small through X-Large and $14 for XX- and $15
for XXX-Large. We’ve even got youth shirts at only $11 in red, indigo blue and yellow
haze in small (6-8) and medium (10-12). Postage is $2.50 per shirt.
Perk Up Soon Design
Heard you’re feeling droopy
Missing You Design
This is me.....
This is me.....
Hope you perk up soon...!
This is me...when you are near
I miss you...!
.....when you aren’t here
We have two greeting cards to offer for sale. The basset pictured is Mena, who was rescued by an animal
sanctuary in Nebraska. The back of each card tells her story to her new, forever home. The pictures above are of
the front and inside, right of each card. These are high-quality, 5x7 cards, with a glossy finish on the outside and
a mat finish on the inside. The cost of the cards, which includes envelopes, is $1.50 each with an additional $.50
shipping per card for a total of cost of $2 each.
For questions about any of these items, please email Holly at:
[email protected]
WBHR Merchandise
Make Great Gifts
Spring/Aummer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Reilly Shows Who’s the Boss
When Going for Her Walks
-continued from page 7doesn’t bark very much. But when she decides to bark, it’s a
deep and very solid heavy bark. (If you closed your eyes, it
would be easy to think it was a Great Dane barking.)
Then there is her walking gait – it’s sort of a comical bounce.
We’re pretty sure she previously had gone on walks, but it was
very obvious she had not before worn a harness with leash. For
the first few months it was a real ordeal to get a harness on her,
because she was so excited about a walk, she would roll over,
jump, run a circle or even lie down.
Now, she’s still very excited about walks, but she tries to
cooperate to get the harness on. She’s also different on walks,
she can be very set on where and which direction she wants to
walk – not so easy to “steer” as the other bassets. It was also
obvious she had never used or seen a doggy door before moving
here. That was fairly awkward for her first six months.
So, Reilly was six this past June, making her the oldest of our
three, even if she does still act as the youngest. Also, her nose
‘No, this way!’
is no longer crusty. She’s a real treasure and we’re blessed to
share “life with Reilly”!
P.S. One special thing Reilly often does is when she either
comes up to you or you towards her, she “waves” with her
right front paw, but does not even want to shake hands.
Then there is her posture when she wets – she doesn’t really
squat like every other female basset I’ve ever seen, but sort of
“humps up” – it’s really easy to think she’s getting set to do
“business”, except she humps up even more for that chore! Ha!
Then there is the detail of “eating” clothing items. Count
in past year is five socks (Shirley’s), three handkerchiefs (mine)
and one wash cloth. Lately though she has behaved or at least
has us carefully trained not to be careless. Her wash cloth
count would have been three also, but I managed to catch her
twice and take them away from her.
She also often likes to do “business” in the back yard right
on the sidewalk just past the back door! So, sometimes you
have to watch it! Ha! She’s 1st class.
Thank You to All Our Veterinarians and Clinics
Who Support the WBHR
Powell Veterinary Service
522 So. Division
(307) 754-3034
Dr. Lyle Bischoff and
Dr. Bryan Neves
510 College Meadows Dr.
(307) 674-4111
Dr. Peter Pelissier Dr. Christian
Newton, Dr. Amber Ingersoll
1650 Commercial Lane
(307) 672-5533
Dr. Mark Schreiber
1247 County Lame 14
(307) 347-2358
Dr. Steven Tharp
200 E. Lakewood Road
(307) 682-1507
Dr. Marshall Kohr,
Dr. Darren Lynde
Animal Clinic of Billings
1420 10th Street West
(406) 252-9499
Dr. Ken Brown, Dr. Darleen
Miller, Dr. Anne Ball
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Lolly is a 14 month old basset who came into WBHR with her litter of 5 puppies, on
July 25th. The puppies have all found new homes and Lolly is now in foster. She is
housetrained, current on her vaccinations, spayed and micro-chipped. Lolly has come
a long way from when we got her. She is no longer shy and leery of new people. She
comes right up to you and introduces herself, politely asking for a tummy rub!
Current Residence: Casper
Snickers is an 12 month old basset hound/dachshund mix, who came into WBHR
from an area shelter. She weighs about 20 pounds, is spayed, current on her
vaccinations and housetrained. Snickers has a LOT of energy and will need to get a
lot of exercise and interaction with her family. She’s still a puppy! Snickers would
be great as an only dog and possibly fine with another dog, too.
Snickers is very loyal and intelligent! She knows how to use a doggie door and she
Current Residence: Laurel, Montana
not a bark
er or a digger. Snickers would really benefit to
Reilly came into WBHR from an area shelter as an unclaimed stray. She is about 5
years old, weighs around 50 pounds, is housetrained and rides really well in a car.
Reilly is current on her vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed. She does well with
children and loves adults, especially men. She warms up to other dogs and likes to
play with them. Reilly isn’t too shy to offer her tummy for rubs! She is a great, allhave someone who would exercise with her and
play with
her would
every day,
lovesof a family.
girl and
love as
to be
long walks and rides, too!
Current Residence: Casper
Rusty came into WBHR from an area shelter as an unclaimed stray. He is around 7
years old, house trained, neutered, current on his vaccinations and he knows how to
use a doggie door. Rusty is doing very well with the two dogs at his foster home, but
barks at their cat. He is great with the kids and just an all-around happy boy. He’s
not very big, around 45 pounds or so.
Current Residence: Casper
Susie came into WBHR from an area shelter as an owner relinquishment. She is 7
years old, knows how to use a doggie door and is housetrained. Susie is current on
her vaccinations, micro-chipped and spayed. Susie weighs 45 pounds and is always
Special Event
on the go. She is good with kids, as she gives them smooches. She rides fairly well in
a car, with some whining to start out with, but settles inT-Shirts
after a bit. Susie
Be love
a home where she can be around people a lot and not just left outside. Susie is very
happy and active and would love to have another dog that would play with her.
Current Residence: Cody
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Summer Is Fast Approaching and That Means......
Annual WBHR Picnic in Casper on June 14th!
Everyone (and we do mean everyone!)
has probably been counting down the days
until this year’s WBHR Annual Summer Picnic. Well, hang on just a little bit longer as
this year’s event is slated for Saturday, June
14, at the Beartrap Meadow County Park
just south of Casper.
As always, you can pre-register (which
we greatly appreciate) or check-in at the site
beginning at 10 a.m.
Saturday, June 14
Registration - 10:00-11:30 a.m.
Lunch - 12:00-1:00 p.m.
Activities - 1:00 p.m.-whenever!!!
Lunch will get going at 12 noon (maybe
even a bit earlier if the hounds have anything to say about it!) with all kinds of fun
-continued on page 13-
Beartrap Meadow County Park - Casper
Extra Special!!
Suggested Lodging
Holly has blocked 10 rooms at a special
rate, but you must make your reservation
by May 29
LaQuinta Inn - 400W. F Street - Exit 188B
(307) 265-1200
$79 ($99 after May 29)
Reference ‘WBHR Group’
Get Your
for the
Spring/Summer 2013 Vol. 10, No. 1
If I
Were a Dog
activities beginning at 1 p.m. and lasting until, well, lasting
until everyone is simply dog tired.
Once again, the WBHR has been able to hold the registration fee at just $5 per person with children under 5 free.
The deadline for registration is June 7, but you can register before the picnic from 10-11:30 a.m.; however, we would
prefer pre-registration to help set numbers for the food, drinks,
As in the past, the WBHR will provide the lunch, drinks,
cups, plates, plastic ware, napkins, dog tie-outs, pooper
scoopers and dog water. Attendees should bring their own
dog water bowls and leashes as well as chairs and ground
If you have any questions or would like to help organize
please call Holly Moen at (307) 272-8089 or email her at:
[email protected]
(Please clip and return lower portion via mail,
call the phone number or email
to the address listed below.)
Please fill in the form below to let us know the
number of people and dogs attending this year’s
picnic! This will greatly help us in figuring the
amount of food and drinks needed. The cost is
$5.00 per person and children under 5 are free.
Hope to see you there!
Name: ___________________________
# of people attending: _________
# of dogs:
Deadline: June 7
A Jack Russell Terrier has get up and go, If I were
one, I’d be too slow. If you want calm, don’t make the
error of bringing home a Jack Russell Terror.
A Chihuahua is a tiny little pet, about the smallest you
can get. He’s such a cute, tiny pup, that he will fit
right in a cup.
I’d like being a Golden Retriever. They are so gentle,
you become a believer, in having a dog to share your
life, be you child, husband or wife.
I would make a lousy Pekinese. My fly-away hair
would make me sneeze. My upturned sinuses wouldn’t
drain, and I might drown if caught in the rain.
A Dachshund might be my breed of choice, but I’d have
an awfully shrill little voice. I’d also be so close to the
floor, Mom wouldn’t have to mop anymore.
I would make a good Pit Bull example, my kindness
and gentleness are ample. People would have nothing
to fear, when Bonnie the Pit Bull sauntered near.
Being a Bulldog would make me wheeze. It’s so sad
they can’t breathe with ease. Their squished up noses
look adorable, but disfigure their sinuses something
Mail to: WBHR, P.O. Box 2131, Cody, WY
Email to: [email protected]
Holly at (307) 272-8089
If I were a Basset Hound, my ears would drag the
ground. My nose and tail would be far apart, a good
predicament if I had to fart.
I think I’d settle for being a mutt. No matter the mix,
I’d have a cute butt. My heart would be purebred, can’t
you see? You don’t have to have a pedigree.
Bonnie Sargent
Spring/Summer 2014 Vol. 11, No. 1
Can You Provide a ‘Forever Home’ for Me?
Chloe is a petite little girl who came into WBHR as an owner relinquishment in
April, 2011. She was around 4 years old then and weighed 34 pounds. Chloe was
spayed, house trained, current on her vaccinations and micro-chipped. She also
knew how to use a doggie door! Chloe is a special girl, as she is missing her leftfront leg. She originally came from a hoarding situation in Colorado and the person
who took her, and 24 other dogs, was going to shoot her, along with a few of the
others! Fortunately a friend of this person got Chloe out of there.
We don’t know how she came about losing her leg, but it has been some time ago, as
she is completely healed up. She does have some problems moving around, such as
negotiating stairs. Chloe is now in a Forever Foster Home. Chloe is one of two
bassets WBHR has in a Forever Foster Home. Please see our web site for complete
information on the ‘Forver Foster’ program.
Forever Foster Residence: Casper
Happy Spring and what a good time of year to take in a new family member! Hi,
I’m Dahlila and I’m 6 years old. I was relinquished to WBHR due to my family
having premature twins and because of their health issues, they couldn’t have
dogs in the house. My dander and hair was a health risk for them. I miss my
family and the sweet little girl there, but I’m ready to be a part of a new family,
with hopes that it will be my forever home! I am spayed, heartworm negative,
current on my vaccinations, I weigh about 50 pounds and I am micro-chipped.
I’m also house trained, I sleep all night, I know how to use a doggie door and I
walk well on a leash; I love to go for walks! But…I don’t like other dogs, so I’m
looking for that forever home who doesn’t have any other dogs. I’ve never been
around cats, so I don’t know yet if I would like them or not. I love people and
children, as attention is what I’m all about. If you are looking for that perfect,
sweet girl, I’m the one for you!
Current Residence: Casper
Hey there, I’m Dalyla! I’m a 9 year old basset hound looking for a forever home
where it’s pretty laid back and not too busy. I came into WBHR because I’m not good
with small children. I’ve been around children over the age of 5 and have been fine
with them, but I just don’t care for the little tikes and I let them know about it! I am
current on my vaccinations, spayed and I am house trained. My previous family says
I’m okay with cats and other dogs, but it’s yet to be seen about the other dogs. I don’t
like bossy females!
Current Residence: Greeley, Colorado
If you would like more information on adopting or fostering any of these bassets, please contact
Holly at (307)272-8089 or email at [email protected]
e of
Vol. 8, No. 2 Fall/Winter 2011
Fall/Winter 2011 Vol. 8, No. 2
To the following
people for all their
help since our last
newsletter, whether
with fostering,
transport or placing
basset hounds
Joan Adsit, Marcia Bean, Roger Bird, Basset
Rescue of Calgary, Amanda Cloyd, Heather and TJ
Cunningham, June and Floyd Hill, Sylvia and Wes
Huber, Brittney and Sherri Johnson, Shauna and Judy
Lumbardy, Melissa and Jason Lyon, Keri Mann, Julie
and Janelle Mason, Marti O’Grady, Kaitlin Oress,
Kathy Pfaffinger, Erika and John Phillips,
Matt Rader, Shanda Rothenberger, Helen and
Michael Ryan, June and Ron Sargent, Emily and
Trevor Smith, Kathy Sorensen, Larry Sortor, Ann
Spragg, Lindsey Tempest, Leigh and Eric Van Tassel,
Sally and Edward Vine, Bob Wirth and Marilyn and
John Zilinski.
“It is amazing what you can accomplish
if you do not care who gets the credit.”
Harry S. Truman
Fo st er H om
on Assistan
Monetary D
Do ggie Tre
ift Certifica
Don’t forge
r w b site
to check ou
for donation
via Pay Pal!
Please contact Holly Moen
[email protected]
(307) 272-8089
Maybe a Little Large?
Holly (Adopted as Ellie)
Checks Out One of the Great
WBHR T-Shirts at
Her New Home with
Sharyl McDowell
Photo by Sharyl McDowell
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