Starter at L`Escargot Restaurant


Starter at L`Escargot Restaurant
L’ Escargot
Depuis 1927
18th October - 29th November 2014
A new exhibition of mainly paintings and wall works, ‘Starter’ is hung in the main dining room
of L’Escargot and is the first of a variety of diverse exhibitions planned for the restaurant.
L’Escargot, London’s first French restaurant, is set in the heart of Soho and has been at the
centre of the art community since 1927. It houses a diverse art collection of its own with
work by Dali, Matisse, Grayson Perry, Peter Blake, Andrew Logan and many others.
The artists in this exhibition are chosen for their diversity and the discussion they bring to
their field. The artists exhibiting both in this show and in future shows over the next few
months are celebrated; some have immense experience and some however brilliant are just
beginning their voyage of discovery. All however, represent a tasty discussion about the possibilities that face artists making contemporary art today.
A restaurant is a place of consumption. These works need to be consumed, savoured, chewed
and swallowed. Some of the works may be annoying, some may fail, some may be awkward
and hard to swallow, and some will be exquisite, finely flavoured and full of delicacy and joy.
They are all however operating at the highest level and variously engage with the exotic, the
cerebral, the romantic, the emotional, the symbolic and the abstract.
The artists include: Phil Allen, David Burrows, Kate Bright, Jeffrey Camp, Alan Chan, Susan
Collins, Dan Coombs, Graham Crowley, Jeff Dennis, Yvonne Feng, Marcela Florido, Neil Jeffries,
Brighid Lowe, Alastair Mackinven, Mali Morris, Michael Page, Andrew Stahl, Mike Silva, James
Robertson and Sean Steadman.
The exhibition is curated by Andrew Stahl.
P r i vate Vie w
16th October 2014
6pm -9pm Canapes
RSVP: [email protected]
1. Jeff Dennis ‘Norwegian Wood’ 2012
Oil & charcoal on linen - 81cm x 60 cm
4. Andrew Stahl ‘Euston Road’ 2014
Oil on canvas - 90cm x 120cm
2. Kate Bright ‘Twin Falls’ 2012
Acrylic and resin on canvas - 24” x 24”
5. Neil Jeffries ‘A friend Died’ 2014
Oil on metal - 35cm x 20cm
3. Yvonne Feng ‘Chop’ 2014
Ink on paper
48 Greek Street Soho London W1D 4EF
Telephone 020 7494 1318

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