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New Books January - July 2010
Since its inaugeration in 2007, RIBA Bookshops Distribution has become
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RIBA Bookshops Distribution is pleased to present a preview of some of
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Archipress M
CA Press
Dom publishers
Editorial Gustavo Gili
Editorial Pencil
Future Arquitecturas
gta Verlag
Jovis Verlag
Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
Links International
Loft Publications
Pace Publishing
HK Rihan CC
RIBA Publishing
Archipress M
Archipress M
Archipress M was founded in Aarhus in 2006 with the aim of presenting and promoting the
best of Danish architecture to an international audience. Focusing on the most characteristic
architecture made by some of the most significant Danish studios, its handsomely crafted
books are used by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as Danish culture institutes
and embassies overseas.
*Previously announced
Global Danish Architecture 4:
Crisis & Tradition
Marianne Ibler, Kenneth Frampton, John Cava
In addressing the tradition, influence and what is identified as the crisis in Danish Architecture, the authors consider many
different building typologies of architecture and in that context the work of some 15 distinguished practices including:
BIG Bjarke Ingels Group, Utzon Arkitekter, Wohlert Arkitekter, Vandkunsten, Entasis, Henning Larsen Architects, and Friis &
Moltke arkitekter.
Arguably unique, certainly authoritative, this book offers a penetrative contribution to understanding the historical
development in Danish architecture.
December 2009 | 156 pages | Softback | 290 x 220 mm | 300 colour images | Code 69222 | ISBN 978-8-79187-204-4 | £43.00
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CA Press Publishing Co. is a Korean publisher engaged in publishing a wide range
of books on architecture and interior design. It produces the notable magazines; CA
(bimonthly journal of Contemporary Architecture), CONCEPT (International Magazine of
Design Competition), and MARU (International Magazine of Interior Design). CA Press
offers an insight into Korean architecture providing critical commentary on the work of
indigenous architects and designers as well as those working internationally.
CA Press
CA Press
Zaha Hadid
CA Press
This study of Zaha Hadid considers her interest
in creating a fluid kind of spatiality in which the
geometry is fragmented and, cubist-like, the
perspective points are many and varied, thus
reflecting characteristics of the modern world. Her
forms seems to contradict their own solidarity thereby
creating an intriguing ambiguity. The features and
dynamics of her architecture are all thoroughly and
fully explored in this book.
October 2009 | 224 pages | Hardback | 229 x 300 mm |
Code 70983 | ISBN 978-8-97748-327-9 | £42.00
Daniel Libeskind
CA Press
This is a study of Daniel Libeskind’s ideas and work. It discusses his design and his initial concepts and why he believes
‘architecture is a cultural science based on living, history and tradition, not a technology or a theory’. Particular attention
is paid to the significance of the iconic Jewish Museum in Berlin and through it a wider examination of his architectural
philosophy is discussed, including its source and its evolution. The narrative also explores the way in which his
architecture reflects a history and a continuing ‘story’. This book offers a rare insight into the mind and the architecture of
an exceptional architect.
November 2009 | 224 pages | Hardback | 229 x 300 mm | Code 70982 | ISBN 978-8-97748-361-3 | £42.00
99 Restaurant I, II
CA Press
The high-end interior design magazine 99 Restaurant is now available in book form. It offers a comprehensive and upto-date view of the latest trends in the fast-evolving field of interior architecture both within Korea and in other parts of the
world. Each project is accompanied by detailed photographs and plans presenting every step of the process, from initial
design concepts to the construction stage and finishing touches. This is a complete presentation of the varied world of
interior design and its highest accomplishments.
99 Restaurant I
December 2009 | 336 pages | Hardback | 229 x 300 mm | Code 70980 | ISBN 978-8-97748-367-5 | £55.00
99 Restaurant I I
December 2009 | 336 pages | Hardback | 229 x 300 mm | Code 70981 | ISBN 978-8-97748-336-8 | £55.00
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
Dom publishers
Dom publishers
DOM publishers was founded in Berlin and is dedicated to the subjects of urban development,
architecture and design in their international context. Since 2005 it has been publishing books of
the highest quality in close collaboration with architects, designers and editors.
*Previously announced
Limited Edition
Masterpieces of
Yakov G. Chernikhov
Dmitry Y. Chernikhov
Drawing on the archive of his son, this splendid large-format volume
features exclusive and previously unpublished works and documents
from the famous Russian Constructivist Yakov Chernikhov. Some 60
tables of typefaces, 50 drawings and sketches, 200 ornaments, as well
as diary excerpts and photos from the private family album make this
book an exceptional, historical record of Chernikhov’s work and ideas.
November 2009 | 400 pages | Large format |
450 x 340 mm | 350 images | Code 65464 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-661-6 | £131.95
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Construction and Design Manual:
Parking Structures
Construction and Design Manual:
Wayfinding for Tourists
Uta Keil, Ansgar Oswald
Markus Sheiber, Christian Lunger
Car Parks and other parking structures have generally been underregarded, shy and hidden sheds. However, in recent years parking
structures have been coming out of the shadows and acquiring the
confidence that comes with having millions spent on you and starring in
action films. This fine publication introduces over 30 international parking
structures, all convincing in their design and showing new trends and
innovations in the increasingly hot-housed world of parking structure
design. The book is thoroughly illustrated with images and plans.
The goal of this book is to communicate knowledge and information
which help in the planning and application of effective orientation
systems in the tourist industry. International examples from all areas
of tourism create a valuable overview of the subject. Topics covered
include: congress centres, hotels, museums, parking structures, and
medical facilities.
April 2010 | 240 pages | Hardback | 280 x 225 mm |
200 images | Code 69045 | ISBN 978-3-93866-695-1 | £51.65
April 2010 | 400 pages | Hardback | 280 x 225 mm |
350 images | Code 63991 | ISBN 978-3-93866-657-9 | £61.00
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*Previously announced
Construction and
Design Manual:
Theatres and Concert Halls
Construction and
Design Manual:
Medical Practices
Birgit Schmolke
Dörte Becker, Philipp Meuser
This work introduces the 50 best theatres and
concert halls built in Europe in recent years.
Outstanding architecture from Pritzker award
winners, Zaha Hadid, Jean Nouvel, Herzog &
de Meuron, Christian de Portzamparc and Rem
Koolhaas are represented. Also exceptional
buildings by such distinguished international
architects as UNStudio/Ben van Berkel,
Dominique Perrault and Santiago Calatrava.
Destined to become the standard book on
contemporary theatre architecture, it includes
comprehensive drawings and theoretical
contributions on design.
An authoritative and insightful book on the
wide range of modern interior architecture
used in medical practice facilities. 60 projects
are comprehensively shown with the help of
photos, plans and sketches. Also featured are
specialists’ contributions on the method of
interior architecture, within medical practice
Modern architecture has at its disposal an
almost infinite palette of materials: natural and
synthetic, transparent and solid, of the most
diverse colours and textures, making it possible
to clad surfaces of any height and of the most
diverse forms. A building’s external and internal
skins are among the key elements in creating
its architectural image, its atmosphere and
mood. The examples shown in this issue of
Speech: demonstrate that materiality is not
just something specific to individual buildings
but a relevant, clearly visible trend in modern
architecture. Each issue of Speech is dedicated
to a particular theme, examined from a
contemporary and historical perspective, and
includes examples of numerous international
and Russian projects.
April 2010 | 450 pages | Hardback |
280 x 225 mm | 500 images | Code 69047 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-694-4 | £69.50
April 2010 | 400 pages | Hardback |
280 x 225 mm | 350 images | Code 63984 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-654-8 | £59.55
December 2009 | 220 pages | Paperback |
300 x 235 mm | 300 images | English/Russian |
Code 70439 | 978-3-86922-014-7 | £15.00
Dom publishers
*Previously announced
Speech: Materiality
Architecture Magazine
Issue 4
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
About Making
Design Manual
Architectural Renderings
Franco Stella: the Architect
of the “Berlin Stadtschloss”
[Berlin City Palace]
Bernd Bess, VIilla Massimo Rom
Fabio Schillaci
Franco Stella
About Making Architecture presents a new
generation of young international architects.
Eight practitioners from different countries show
projects that illustrate their architectural stance
and design method. The book focuses on the
design process, getting the architects to talk
about the issues and ideas behind their work.
Includes projects by Stephen Bates (London),
Minsuk Cho (Seoul), Emanuel Christ (Basle)
and Mark Lee (Los Angeles).
10 selected rendering studios introduce their
work in detailed interviews providing in-depth
reports on the latest and most important
computer technologies. A standard work on
digital architecture and drafting systems,
it draws lines of tradition and incidentally
rehabilitates this independent discipline
in the broad sphere of architecture. This is
a comprehensive overview of the earliest
architectural drawings through to modern,
highly technical forms of digital rendering.
April 2010 | 144 pages | Hardback |
230 x 210 mm | 80 images | Code 67360 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-622-7 | £35.00
January 2010 | 464 pages | Hardback |
280 x 225 mm | 350 images | Code 69044 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-663-0 | £61.55
This monograph on the Italian architect Franco
Stella contains the complete designs of the
new City Palace/Humboldt Forum, illustrations
and a detailed description. The original
building dates from 1871 -1945, but with
reconstruction agreed in the 1990’s the new
building will be unveiled in 2010.
February 2010 | 160 pages | Hardback |
280 x 280 mm | 100 images |
English/German | Code 69046 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-664-7 | £33.85
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Editorial Gustavo Gili
Editorial Gustavo Gili
Founded in Barcelona in 1902, Editorial Gustavo Gili is a family publishing business specialising
in architecture, design, fashion, photography and art. With more than a hundred years of history
behind it, Editorial Gustavo Gili has the most complete catalogue of architecture and design
publications on the Spanish and Latin American market.
Graphic Work
Nuria Homs
This fourth volume of the graphic work
of Antoni Tapies contains prints created
over a productive 17 year period as
well as earlier work not included in the
previous volumes. The alphabetical
index of works and dates provides a
very useful guide.
October 2009 | 290 pages | Hardback |
280 x 220 mm | 370 images | Code 70815 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-324-2 | £75.00
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*Previously announced as Paisea 10
*Previously announced
Paisea 10
The Green Element
Paisea 11
2G Dossier
This titles explores the peripheral
landscape on the edge of towns and
cities, It considers what precisely is
meant by the term ‘outskirts’ and how it
is perceived by architects, planners and
developers. The land is frequently an area
of ambivalent topography often either
overlooked or in transition and seeming
to seek an identity between the pull of
spreading suburban concentration and
the countryside. A dialogue of polarity that
perhaps starts here.
An ever timely review that considers
country planning, the ‘green element’,
in its complexity and how we can
preserve it while at the same time,
developing the projects necessary to
the social and economic life of rural
This book analyses the way in which the
huge structures involved in the energy
production sector relate to the world which
surrounds us. Through an analysis of the
systems, sequences and sources of energy
production it methodically elucidates the
numerous facets the world of energy
presents when it comes into contact with
the territory surrounding us.
December 2009 | 112 pages | Paperback |
260 x 210 mm | 100 images | Code 69276 |
ISSN 977-1-88725-5-005 | £20.00
October 2009 | 112 pages | Paperback |
260 x 210 mm | 100 images | Code 69274 |
ISSN 188-7-25570-11 | £20.00
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Editorial Gustavo Gili
*Previously announced as Paisea 11
It also addresses how energy production
can integrate more harmoniously with the
December 2009 | 180 pages | Paperback |
210 x 150 mm | 100 images | Code 67380 |
ISSN 978-8-42522-272-6 | £36.65
Editorial Gustavo Gili
PaiseaDos 2
Atlantic USA
2G 51 MGM Architects
Morales, Giles, Marial
Laurent Beaudouin, Sara de Giles,
José Morales, Carles Muro, Ciro Najle
This series focuses on the state of landscape
architecture in a single nation. Here the
attention is on a selection of the top ten
design teams on the Atlantic seaboard, each
of which discuss ideas, methodologies,
materials, etc, and two east coast projects
undertaken. Also presented are three
upcoming young landscape designers who
also describe their ideas and their approach
in the context of a project.
October 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback | 260 x
210 mm | 100 images | Code 67549 | £27.00
DA 66: Fray Coello
Monographs of
Spanish Architects
Away from the traditional focal points of
Spanish architecture, Madrid and Barcelona,
the Sevillean studio MGM Arquitectos
stands out among the new batch of Spanish
architects, adding a peripheral condition of
sorts to the substratum of good workmanship.
The study of skins and their materials is not
restricted to merely epidermal issues, but
rather envelops and contains a whole series
of intermediary spaces that are neither exterior
nor interior, that give an added value to both
apartment and public buildings, and pick up
in turn on a whole tradition of intermediary
spaces in Andalusian architecture.
This commentary by Fray Coello – and those
who knew him well – on his work and career
includes and explains the influences, both
natural and man-made, that have helped
shape his thinking and ideas. In part it contains
sometimes quite private observations on
completed projects of the kind often confined to
personal notebooks and diaries, which, as such,
provide rare and unusually intimate insight into
his work.
October 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback |
300 x 230 mm | 100 images | Code 69279 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-314-3 | £28.37
September 2009 | 74 pages | Paperback |
320mm x 210mm | 110 col & 49 b/w images |
Code 67546 | ISSN 0214-9249 | £20.00
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
Editorial Pencil
Editorial Pencil
Editorial Pencil edits technical publications specifically directed at the architecture
and construction sectors. Thanks to their collaboration with architects they
can perform an exhaustive analysis, both of the selection of works and of the
information received from architecture studios that collaborate with them.
Architecture 2
for Educational
Editorial Pencil
Continuing the example of Singular Architecture
1 readers are again offered a ‘Project File’, the
focus of which is educational centres. Exhaustive
studies of selected classical and contemporary
projects are presented each with the intention of
illuminating the modern history of architecture.
This title follows the evolution, transformation,
adaptation and design of a variety of exceptional
educational buildings: kindergartens, schools,
institutes, universities and other similar notable
facilities are discussed.
December 2009 | 200 pages | Hardback |
330 x 240 mm | 800 images | Code 67501 |
ISBN 978-8-49359-806-8 | £47.60
*Previously announced
Living in Collectivity
Editorial Pencil
An ever present and critically important social need, collective housing remains at the top
of the political agenda in many countries. This title focuses on a selection of international
projects and considers them in terms of their differing usage contexts and degrees of density.
The publishers’ trademark attention to a high level of detail remains constant throughout the
technical analyses.
December 2009 | 330 pages | Hardback | 320 x 240 mm | 200 images | Code 67502 |
ISBN 978-8-49364-721-6 | £78.00
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Future is a magazine dedicated exclusively to architecture competitions, analysing
all their different phases and identifying various disciplines around the world. The
magazine aids the promotion and understanding of public, private, open and
restricted competitions. Looking at several different competitions every issue, it
shows a wide range of projects being developed around the world.
Future Arquitecturas
Future Arquitecturas
Future 19/20
Future 19/20 focuses on the latest international competitions. The Congress Palace in Badajoz in Spain, Thu Thiem Urban
Area in Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam, an Office Building in Preston, UK, a Tourist Hospice in Olivenza, Spain, a Finnish Embassy in
Tokyo, Japan and the Grand Scenic Space in Granada, Spain, are all discussed and beautifully illustrated in this groundbreaking magazine..
November 2009 | 224 pages | Paperback | 390 x 280 mm | 10000 images | Code 69010 | ISBN 978-8-46135-429-0 | £15.50
Panorama 3
October/November 2009
Architecture Newspaper
International Edition
Future 18
Future 18 focuses on a selection of international design
competitions: the Library + Theatre in Bodo, Norway; the
University Campus in Guadalajara, Spain; the Museum
Louvain La Nueve in Belgium; and a football stadium
in Zaragoza, Spain. Other features include architects
Francisco Mangado, DRDH architects, Coop himmelb(l)
au and Tectonics Architects. There is also commentary
on two competitions to design skyscrapers: the eVolo
Skyscraper competition and the ThyssenKrupp Elevator
Architecture Award.
Panorama Architecture Newspaper is an exciting new channel
for architecture news, reaching a niche market of over 25,000
architects, designers and construction professionals across the
world. Published 5 times per year, Panorama aspires to become a
point of reference for architectural news, research and opportunities.
This issue of Panorama discusses among many projects, Jean
Nouvel’s new Louvre - the first universal museum to be built in the
Middle East, Coop Himmelblau’s, Strongoli museum in Calabria,
Italy, the regeneration of Corby town centre, the new Cooper
Union in New York and Ruiz Larrea y Asociados’ Social Housing in
Mostoles, Madrid, Spain.
July 2009 | 120 pages | Paperback | 390 x 280 mm | 1200 images |
Code 69009 | ISBN 978-8-46133-947-1 | £15.00
November 2009 | 24 pages | Paperback | 415 x 297 mm |
206 images | Code 70928 | £3.50
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
gta Verlag
gta Verlag
Since 1968, more than 200 titles have been published by the Institute gta and later by gta publishers.
Their list, which addresses professionals, scholars and interested laymen, includes titles on
architectural theory and practice, the history of architecture, urban and regional planning, landscape
architecture and historic preservation. gta Verlag is dedicated to representing and promoting the
world-leading scientific teaching and research of the Faculty of Architecture at ETH Zurich.
ETH Sports Center Science City
Threshold to Landsape
Hubertus Adam, Kaspar Egger, Stefan Geiser, Kurt Murer, Martin Tschanz
The new triple sports centre was officially opened on the ETH
campus at Hönggerberg in May 2009. This attractive and
spacious sports complex, with its versatile range of potential
uses was designed and built by the architectural team Dietrich
| Untertrifaller. The low-rise building is ideally embedded in
the landscape, and one of its major characteristics is the
exemplary sustainability of its energy balance. This architectural
monograph documents the previous building designed by A.H.
Steiner, as well as the planning, execution and usage of the
new complex.
December 2009 | 96 pages | Hardback |
270 x 230 mm | 80 images | Code 70985 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-268-1 | £29.00
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*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Landscape Videos from
Zürich/Cadrages ll:
Blickland Schaften ZH+DVD
Sacrality and Aura
in Architecture
EM2N [Architects]
This title focuses on video work made within
the department of Landscape Architecture at
the University ETH (Swiss Federal Institute of
Technology) in Zurich.
Are sacrality and aura still essential aspects
of architecture? What kinds of reflection and
responsibility are needed after the experience
of Modernism so that architecture is able to
re-explore its irrational, at times even magical
means? Three prominent architects, Mario Botta
Gottfried Böhm and Rafael Moneo discuss
these questions.
EM2N stands for topicality, originality, highly
expressive concepts, and intelligent solutions.
With unconventional and innovative projects,
the young team has established itself as one
of the most successful architectural offices in
Switzerland. Projects include the ToniAreal, the
conversion of the viaduct arches in Zurich and
the cultural and conference centre in Thun. This
monograph includes a detailed interview with
the two partners in the office, Mathias Müller
and Daniel Niggli, revealing the way they think
and work.
November 2009 | 70 pages | Hardback |
210 x 163 mm | DVD + 60 images | Code
69165 | ISBN 978-3-85676-265-0 | £21.00
November 2009 | 80 pages+DVD | Paperback |
180 x 150 mm | 40 Images | Code 69169 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-251-3 | £10.00
Edited by Christophe Girot, Sabine Wolf
Discusses the contribution landscape videos
are making to the changing visual culture of
landscape architecture.
gta Verlag
*Previously announced
Edited by Ilka Ruby, Andreas Ruby
Mario Botta, Gottfried Böhm, Peter Böhm,
Rafael Moneo
December 2009 | 196 pages | Paperback |
270 x 230 mm | 330 images | Code 69167 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-262-9 | £48.00
New Monte Rosa Hut
Tonatiuh Ambrosetti
The new alpine ‘hut’ on Monte Rosa, at an
altitude of 2883 meters (9458 feet) near
Zermatt was opened in September 2009.
This innovative building emerged from a
collaborative effort between the Swiss Federal
Institute of Technology (ETH) in Zurich, the
Swiss Alpine Club (SAC), and many experts
and specialist manufacturers. It is also the
result of pioneering technologies in design,
calculation and building construction. In the
form of discussions, essays on special topics,
photographs and plans, this volume documents
the building’s genesis and planning and the
construction of what is a milestone in high
alpine architecture.
February 2010 | 152 pages | Hardback |
270 x 230 mm | 100 images | Code 70984 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-274-2 | £39.00
UK orders delivered
within 3 working days
subject to availability
Jovis Verlag
Jovis Verlag
Jovis Verlag, a publishing house founded in Berlin in 1994, specialises in
architecture, design, construction, urbanism, contemporary art and photography.
Books are often written in partnership with cultural or business institutes as well as
leading architects and experts. Care is lavished on both the content and design of
the books, making for an end product of the most exceptional quality.
TV Towers - 8559m
Politics and Architecture
Friedrich von Borries, Matthias Bottger and Florian Heilmeyer
This book provides an insight into the classic architectural and structural battle,
to be larger, to be higher, to go further, that has been raging between TV Towers
over the last 100 years. It also sheds light on the associated societal and political
contexts these towers grew up in.
Since World War II, hardly any other kind of structure has represented the longing
for societal, economic and political change. This title takes a look at the TV Towers
in prominent cities around the world and seeks to explain how this architecture has
expressed the citys’ ambition, desire and aspirations of power.
September 2009 | 272 pages |
Paperback | 240 x 170 mm |
125 images | Code 70628 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-024-1 | £28.00
M8 in China
Contemporary Chinese Architects
Edited by Peter Cochola Schmal, Zhi Wenjun
M8 in China shows a surprising range of work by contemporary Chinese
architects. This publication presents eight private, flexibly operating offices of a
completely new generation, whose works reveal some fascinating connections
between tradition and the western avant garde. Almost all the designs are
characterised by great sensitivity towards regional and historical references, while
simultaneously integrating traditional techniques of craftsmanship and modern
know-how. Whether it is an artists’ hostel demonstrating exciting interplay between
volume and empty space and light and shadow, or a museum with a facade
made of bamboo-clad concrete like a massive artificial cliff, or a tea-house at
the foot of a mountain with a traditional wooden roof and regional slate walls, all
24 selected projects represent impressive evidence of the high quality of a new
Chinese architectural language that has long established its approach within the
global context.
September 2009 | 160 pages | Hardback | 297 x 210 mm |
140 images | Code 70466 | ISBN 978-3-86859-025-8 | £28.00
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Architecture 1994 - 2010
Frank R. Werner
Buildings by these Graz-based architects have for
many years graced contemporary architecture with their
vital, unmistakable formal language and new building
typologies. This new monograph focuses on works dating
from 1994 - 2010, and older seminal projects, it clearly
shows the architects’ memorable style and humanity and
why they deserve world-wide recognition.
April 2010 | 272 pages | 320 x 240 mm | Hardback |
300 images | Code 70998 | ISBN 978-3-86859-033-3 |
Jovis Verlag
Turn of Landscape
New Landscape Lusatia
Post-Mining Landscapes
Edited by IBA Fürst-Puckler-Land
Edited by IBA Fürst-Puckler-Land
Edited by Donata Valentien, Alex Maclean [p]
In 2010 the last stage of the International
Building Exhibition (IBA) Fürst-Pückler-Land
takes place in the Lusatian Lakeland. It has
been working to create a new face for the
region located between Berlin and Dresden.
With the economic, ecological impulse from
IBA for the required transformation, this is
far more than an ordinary exhibition – it is
a future-oriented programme for the former
mining region. These pages provide us with
a detailed account of developments and
present 30 large-scale and small-scale projects
from the ‘horizontal Eiffel Tower’ to a floating
diving school above a flooded mine. All the
projects demonstrate the imaginative diversity
of what will have been a successful ten-year
On the basis of examples from the UK, France,
Portugal, USA and other world regions, these
conference proceedings demonstrate the
unique opportunities for landscape revival in
former mining areas. Where else is it possible
to redesign a landscape from the roots: from
remodel to future usage?
One of the fundamental questions facing current
and future generations is how best to improve
the quality of urban living – a consideration that
inevitably raises ecological, environmental and
landscape issues. This book explores these
issues in relation to two extreme examples, the
cities Las Vegas and Venice.
March 2010 | 240 pages | Hardback |
240 x 170 mm | 170 images | Code 71017 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-042-5 | £19.80
March 2010 | 240 pages | Hardback |
240 x 170 mm | 100 images | Code 71015 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-043-2 | £16.80
March 2010 | 256 pages | Paperback |
275 x 205 mm | 200 images | Code 71018 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-056-2 | £34.80
Large-Scale Projects
in German Cities
Urban Development 1990-2010
The Design of
Agricultural Land
A Utopia of Modernity
Zlin. An Anthology
Edited by Jörg Softcoverhröder,
Kerstin Weigert
Edited by Katrin Klingan, with Kerstin Gust
Edited by Federal Ministry of Transport,
Building and Urban Affairs
The concept of ‘new land’, its design,
management and community value are among
the many related themes discussed in this
comprehensive survey.
Can large-scale housing development
achieve an urban renaissance? Large housing
estates have long been regarded as examples
of poor construction, political indifference and
social alienation. But in Germany reunification
and globalisation are in many areas leading to
the recognition that urban development calls
for large-scale residential provision with high
design values; well-built structures that address
social diversity, heterogeneity, integration and
coherence. This publication contains just such
models for future living conditions; examples of
good design that set high standards of global
This collection of international projects in rural
areas addresses questions of spatial strategies:
What form do they take? What impact do
they have on rural ways of life? What effect
does the concern for food production have on
architecture in both rural and urban areas? Do
they encourage migration to urban centres?
It makes clear that more research is needed
in order to understand better the dynamics of
rural areas and to address current and future
For many, Zlin in the Czech Republic is a model
for the corporate city; an example of planning
and architecture aimed predominantly at the
commercial profitability of the Bat’a shoe
company. International debate explored the
degree to which Zlin - the first city in Europe
based entirely on functionalistic principles should be regarded by planners and architects
as a guide to future planning and construction.
This collection of writings reflect on Corbusier’s
assessment that “Zlín is a shiny phenomenon”
and the enormous interwar construction
activities of Tomáš Bata, who hired renowned
architects and changed a town of three thousand
inhabitants into an agglomeration with 43,500
November 2009 | 200 pages | Hardback |
320 x 240 mm | 250 images | Code 71019 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-055-5 | £42.00
March 2010 | 352 pages | Hardback |
240 x 210 mm | 270 images | Code 71020 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-022-7 | £39.80
November 2010 | 300 pages | Paperback |
240 x 170 mm | 255 images | Code 71022 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-034-0 | £28.00
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Jovis Verlag
Modern Nordic Architecture
and Postwar Germany
Caroline Spliid Høgsbro, Antje Wischmann
September 2009 | 176 pages |
Paperback | 240 x 170 mm |
12 images | Code 70469 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-027-2 |
How can ‘Nordic modernism’ be defined? Did German
city planners look to the North for inspiration after the
Second World War? In what way did the social model affect
architecture and city planning in the Nordic Countries? What
specific features characterise architecture and town planning
in the Nordic countries compared with post-war Germany?
The 50th anniversary of Interbau 1957 presented a timely
opportunity to reappraise the Hansaviertel in Berlin and the
New Building movement. In this context, Nordic conceptions
of architecture and town planning seemed particularly worthy
of critical reflection.
The well-known Swedish ‘people’s home’ (folkhem), as well
as various national strands of modernisation, architectural
preferences, and even geopolitical considerations play a role
in the formation of the Nordic model.
The contributors to this volume have taken the example of
the Hansaviertel as an opportunity to investigate the NordicGerman exchange of modernist ideas – aesthetically,
socio-culturally and thematically.
Metropolis 3: Education
Designs for the Future
of the Metropolis
Edited by IBA Hamburg
Shanghai (Urban Public)
Space (2 volumes)
Edited by Anke Haarmann
Shanghai has been growing since Deng
Xiaoping declared the city as the “Head of
the Dragon” in 1992, effectively making it the
economic motor for the entire country. Housing
developments multiply with breathtaking speed;
entire districts are demolished, the residents
are relocated, multilevel roads are built into
the cityscape as new districts are selected for
This book documents the exhibition and
conference “Shanghai (Urban Public) Space”
held in 2008 curated by Anke Haarmann.
It presents the works of the participating Chinese
and German artists including; Pu Jie, Wang Wei,
Dieter Hassenpflug, Sonia Schoon, Rufina Wu
and Stefan Canham.
September 2009 | 64/128 pages | Paperback |
210 x 130 mm |100 images | Code 70471 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-026-5 | £22.00
Metropolis 4: Metrozones
Designs for the Future of
the Metropolos
International Building
Exhibition BA Hamburg:
Interim Presentation 2010
Edited by IBA Hamburg
Edited by IBA Hamburg
The transition from industrial to information
societies calls for innovative architecture
in which a new and necessary kind of
learning can develop. Outstanding potential
exists in urban communities where there
is a concentration of formal and informal
educational facilities, but suitable space
and buildings are needed to create inviting,
encouraging and inspiring settings in which
learning can flourish. This title reveals and
considers the innovative initiatives taking place
in this context at Hamburg’s IBA
Volume 4 of the Metropolis series
discusses strategies and offers visions for
the transformation of urban spaces into
Metrozones. It shows how waste ground,
unused and unoccupied spaces in cities
and industrial areas can offer opportunities
for creative exploitation and sustainable
December 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
260 x 240 mm | 250 images | Code 69155 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-070-8 | £29.80
April 2010 | 288 pages | Paperback |
260 x 240 mm | 300 images | Code 71011 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-071-5 | £32.00
In Spring 2010 Hamburg’s International Building
Exhibition will mount a major presentation of
its plans, publicising projects and making it
possible for the first time to examine construction
sites. The key themes will be cosmopolis - the
question of co-existence in our increasingly
international cities; metrozones - access to
conceivable new urban spaces, and urban
centres and climate change and the issues of
suitable solutions and resource conservation.
This publication explores the background
of each project location and IBA’s projected
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April 2010 | 192 pages | Paperback |
240 x 125 mm | 180 images | Code 71000 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-072-2 | £9.95
Edited by Claudia Lüling
Intended for planners and architects, but
also for the interested layman, Energizing
Architecture outlines the huge variety
of design of photovoltaic modules, using
realised buildings as examples. A system
catalogue gives detailed descriptions of all
material aspects and suggests possibilities
for an original, aesthetically pleasing use of
June 2009 | 176 pages | Paperback |
235 x 170 mm | 176 col & 150 b/w images |
Code 67489 | ISBN 978-3-93963-371-6 | £35.00
*Previously announced
Hold It!
The Art & Architecture
of Public Space
Structure in Mind
The Architecture of
Burkhard Pahl and
Monica Weber-Pahl
Folke Köbberling, Martin Kaltwasser
Public space is under siege. The compulsion
to consume, increased monitoring and
continuous traffic expansion threaten
fundamental change to the appearance of
cities. In 1998, Folke Köbberling and Martin
Kaltwasser began implementing their concept
of an artistic and architectural aesthetic
of resistance to this appropriation. Using
‘structural interventions’ in streets, squares,
bridges, parks and interior spaces they
propose alternatives using urban ‘waste’:
rubbish, and other discarded or donated
August 2009 | 320 pages | 210 x 170 mm |
Paperback | 70 col images | Code 69076 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-029-6 | £29.80
Structure in Mind thoroughly explores the
architecture of Darmstadt based practice
Pahl and Weber-Pahl. It showcases a wide
range and scale of work from the past 20
years – not least the Metropolitan Railway
Station in Bochum, the delicately ornamented
footbridge of the IBA Emscher Park and the
internationally acclaimed re-interpretation of a
ski jumping hill in Willingen, Germany – all of
which demonstrate the confident handling of
supporting structures and a creative application
of materials.
October 2009 | 224 pages | 300 x 242 mm |
Hardback | 200 col & 100 b/w images |
Code 69012 | ISBN 978-3-86859-016-6 | £49.50
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Textile architecture
Berlin New York Dialogues
Building in Context
Negotiating Spaces
The New Exhibition Building of
the Museum of Contemporary
Art, Leipzig
Edited by Sylvie Krüger
Edited by AIA New York Chapter, Center for
Architecture and German Architecture Centre
Textiles are among the materials with the
most promising future in architecture. Even
though they are frequently reduced to mere
decorations in an everyday context, their
enormous versatility coupled with their inherent
sensual quality gifts them with tremendous
architectural potential. Presenting projects by
prominent architects such as Rem Koolhaas,
Herzog and de Meuron, Kengo Kuma, and Graft
Architects, this book provides a richly illustrated
overview of the wide scope and versatility of
textile architecture.
This book explores the mechanisms of urban
regeneration that are changing the built
environment in Berlin and New York.
September 2009 | 224 pages | Hardback |
275 x 205 mm | 200 col & 150 b/w images |
Code 69067 | ISBN 978-3-86859-017-3 | £49.80
April 2009 | 152 pages | Paperback |
255 x 190 mm | 100 images | Code 67487 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-011-1 | £30.33
Three areas of each city are examined through
various frameworks: community activism,
gentrification, open space, governmental
intervention and the idea of culture as catalyst.
Jovis Verlag
Energizing Architecture
Design and Photovoltaics
*Previously announced
Edited by Paul Grundei, Stephanie Kaindl,
Christian Teckert, Barbara Steiner
This book studies the uses of GfZK-2, the
Museum of Contemporary Art in Leipzig and
the dialogues between the architecture and
the processes that occur within and around it.
The artistic and curatorial exhibition concepts
realised in the GfZK-2 are presented alongside
essays examining the performative concepts of
the architectural space. Technical data and texts
provide an insight into the building process.
June 2009 | 256 pages | Paperback |
240 x 180 mm | 100 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 67498 | ISBN 978-3-86859-007-4 | £32.00
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Jovis Verlag
*Previously announced
Portfolio collection
PORTFOLIO presents the work of carefully selected, innovative, national
and international architects. The collection is not meant to embrace the
designers’ whole life work, but it presents the general theoretical orientation
of their architecture as well as the characteristic architectural statements,
namely their style, art of detail, and the choice of materials used.
The similarity to an architecture magazine is deliberate: a clear visual design
shapes the bilingual volumes of the collection, attracting readers who are
not only professionals and journalists but also laymen, students, architects
in training — all those who show interest in the ‘producers’ of contemporary
architecture and their work.
The Post Socialist City:
Continuity and Change in
Urban Space and Imagery
Edited by Marina Dmitrieva, Alfrun Kliems
Urban planning under socialism cannot be
envisaged without its ideological purport.
Socialist ideas were realised in buildings, street
ensembles and squares, in films, literature
and the visual arts. This volume examines how
Eastern European cities are still dominated by
large industrial complexes and panel buildings.
The shaping of the post-socialist city with its
symbols, functions and metaphors could not
completely do away with references to its
social heritage.
November 2009 | 208 pages | Paperback |
240 x 165 mm | 30 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69180 | ISBN 978-3-86859-018-0 |
*Previously announced
Wingårdhs Portfolio
Falk Jaeger
CBA Christian Bauer
Ulf Meyer, Lukas Roth
Although arguably the most successful
Swedish architect, Gert Wingårdh is far
from the architype of a typical Swedish
architect. His work both in Sweden
and internationally, reflects a distinct
cosmopolitan influence and the solutions
he develops for a range of construction
tasks are similarly multiform. With each
new design he succeeds in finding
a suitable architectural language, but
always with an emphasis on functionality,
sustainability and aesthetic and
atmospheric qualities. This monograph
represents a comprehensive assessment
of his work and ideas.
In recent times Luxembourg has advanced
into a centre of contemporary architecture.
Among works by prominent architects the
oeuvre of one Luxembourg office stands out:
Christian Bauer and Associates. This practice
has enhanced the city and its surroundings
with remarkable buildings such as schools,
banks, museums, houses and offices. This is
the first monograph to present the practices’
extensive and diverse output.
November 2009 | 144 pages |
275 x 210 mm | Paperback | 100 images |
Code 70997 | ISBN 978-3-86859-035-7 |
March 2010 | 160 pages | 275 x 210 mm |
Paperback | 120 icol & 80 b/w mages |
Code 70996 | ISBN 978-3-86859-036-4 |
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Roger Anger:
Research on Beauty
Architecture 1953 - 2008
Anupama Kundoo
Roger Anger was one of the most sought
after and exciting French architects of
the 1950s and 60s. Sculptural plasticity
and original modernity identify his unique
architectural language. This is amply
demonstrated by the 100 buildings in Paris
his practice designed. The three 28 storey
housing towers in Grenoble, the highest
residential buildings in Europe at the time
and the recipient of the Belgian Premier Prix
International d’Architecture in 1967, remain
as an icon of the city and a spectacular
example of his work.
July 2009 | 192 pages | Hardback | 280 x 210
mm | 40 col & 180 b/w images | Code 69011 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-006-7 | £32.78
*Previously announced
a:p Chromatophoric
Designing for 3D Media
a:p Color Spaces
Jovis Verlag
*Previously announced
Edited by Friederike Tebbe, Christuane Fath
M. Hank Haeusler
a:p Architecture;
Where does today’s young generation of
architects stand? Are there new fields of
practice and research in architecture? The
a:p series asks these questions, focusing on
the crossovers between architecture and art,
introducing relevant and exciting contemporary
positions. It will present projects and events
constructed, planned and imagined; colours
and materials; unconventional theories and
surprising methodologies and approaches.
The series centres on selected architects
and artists whose diverse development of
urban space means they are associated
with successful innovative approaches in the
international architectural scene. Following
leads between material and information,
between social requirements and advanced
technology, they generate sustainable
architectonic strategies for short and long-term
Between two and four new volumes will be
published annually – plans include books on
OSA – office for subversive architecture, ifau
and Jesko Fezer, and the artist Gunda Förster.
Future facades will become 3D displays.
New developments in display technology, so
called voxels, allow revolutionary architectural
expressions. Whereas before spatial
expressions have been largely determined by
the physical attributes of the building material,
voxel displays will shift these borders. This title
looks at the latest developments of the 3D
technology and considers its significance for
our understanding of space and architecture.
How consciously do we experience colour,
light and space? How do colours influence our
perception, change the effect of something
built and thereby shift the relations of space
and our judgement? Friederike Tebbe examines
the manifestations of colour, its perception, and
interpretation in relation to her own architecture
and in other practical and theoretical contexts.
July 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback |
200 x 170 mm | 56 images | Code 69013 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-396-9 | £24.20
June 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback |
200 x 170 mm | 100 col & 30 b/w images |
Code 63925 | ISBN 978-3-93963-353-2 | £24.20
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
a:p Disembodiment
Jose Salinas: Knobs Design
Urban Planning and the
Pursuit of Happiness
Edited by Isolde Nagal
KNOBS (Knowledge Based System) focuses
on architectural design on all scales: furniture,
interiors, buildings and urban design. It argues
that architectural design is the augmentation
of interactive environments shaped by
external machinist systems of information
that transform and generate new topological
configurations. This books is about the work,
ideas and teaching of Jose Salinas.
October 2009 | 144 pages | 200 x 170 mm |
Paperback | 150 col & 30 b/w images |
Code 69064 | ISBN 978-3-93963-397-6 |
Arnold Bartetzky, Marc Schalenberg
The planning and subsequent use or
‘appropriation’ of urban spaces is the focus of
this book. Its thesis is that urban planning is
more than shaping ground spaces or building
complexes; implicit is the promise for better
conditions for living. Both the pursuits of the
planners and those of their target communities
are discussed and explained here in several
European case studies.
September 2009 | 208 pages | Paperback |
240 x 16.5 mm | 50 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69063 | ISBN 978-3-86859-020-3 |
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Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
The Belgian association, Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne (AAM) was created in 1968 by
architects and historians interested in the quality of urban life. Its purpose is to encourage debate
about architecture and town planning, to collect and preserve the archives of architects and the
history of modern architecture and to produce books, exhibitions and lectures which emphasise
architecture and highlight the work of Belgian architects situated in Belgium and abroad.
Hanger A380
2/3/4 Architects
Marc Emery, Eve Jouannais
Architecrt Jean Mas of 2/3/4 Agency delivered to Air France an
outsize aircraft hangar in Roissy for the eagerly awaited A380
Airbus. To provide a secure home and a base for maintenance
for this unprecedented aircraft required exceptional technical
prowess and imaginative assurance. This title shows how the
project unfolded.
I 260
I 261
October 2009 | 244 pages | Paperback |
270 x 200 mm | 150 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69735 | ISBN 978-2-87143-210-4 | £24.00
Ante Prima / AAM Éditions / SilvanaEditoriale
A Biography of Antony
Bechu Architect
Jean-Paul Viguier
Lionel Blaisse
Bill Lacy, Paul Ardenne
A man of many facets and strong political views, this fascinating biography examines the
character, career, and the intellectual development of Antony Bechu as they evolved over his full
and eventful life.
After studying at the special School of Public Works then at the school of fine art in Auguste
Perret’s workshop, interrupted by his commitment to the Resistance Movement, Antony Béchu
took his career as engineer and architect to South America.
In the post-war years Antony Bechu also took an active part in the in the Operation Million and
the reconstruction of France. Following this, his convictions drew him to the Confederacy of the
Intellectual workers, and at the Labor Union of Architecture, he was responsible for reforming
the Mutual Insurance Company of French Architects. He also sat on the National Council of the
Order of Architects before eventually finishing his career at the Academy of Architecture.
January 2010 | 176 pages | Paperback | 240 x 116 mm |
100 col images | Code 70782 | ISBN 978-2-87143-231-9 | £17.35
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The Jean-Paul Viguier agency is a part of
the most dynamic architectural practice in
France. Since its formation a large number of
remarkable projects in France and abroad have
been applauded and given huge exposure.
These include the development of the site
of Pont-du-Gard, the extension of France
Télévisions, the Sofitel Water Tower hotel of
Chicago and the extension of the McNay Art
Museum in San Antonio.
This book presents a cross section of recent
works complete with background and plans.
January 2010 | 176 pages | Paperback |
270 x 119 mm | 100 col images | Code 70784 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-229-6 | £35.65
Richard Scoffier
Why compare the latest projects by the
architect Christian Hauvette with machines
or, to take the analogy even further, with
monsters? What is it that pushes Richard
Scoffier, architectural critic and professor, to
draw these comparisons? Through the use of
photos and an interview, Chirstian Hauvette
provides an answer that is both personal
and architectural, one that guides us through
some of his most successful buildings and
October 2009 | 248 pages | Paperback |
280 x 220 mm | 117 col & 19 b/w images |
Code 67033 | ISBN 978-2-87143-215-9 | £33.05
Christian Biecher
Philippe Trétiack, Cristina Morozzi
The Ecological City
Cyrille Poy
When half of humanity lives in cities, the
architecture and the town planning of these
urban areas are called on to play a major role
in limiting their ecological footprint. Associates
of Architecture-Studio and their team have
developed, through their projects, knowledge of
and a particular focus on the environment and
on vernacular cultures. The project of Deh Sabz,
a new ‘green city’ of more than three million
inhabitants in the North of Kabul, is particularly
extraordinary because of its size and specific
features of the site. This project is a testimony
to the work of one of the biggest agencies of
French architecture, which along with a regard
for the social, topographic and cultural contexts,
has no other ambition than to participate in
the assertion of contemporary and responsible
October 2009 | 272 pages | Paperback |
240 x 160 mm | 70 col & 30 b/w images |
Code 69725 | ISBN 978-2-87143-209-8 | £10.15
Universities in the City
The Development of the
Left Bank, Paris
Florence Accorsi
Origami, a playful world on the knife-edge
of modernist precision and clear-cut folds; a
world in which Christian Biecher has immersed
himself with a single-mindedness not all that
distant from obstinacy. His interest in folds
can be seen in his renovation project for the
Budapest stock exchange, the buildings he has
designed in Prague, the Fauchon gourmet food
shop in Paris and in Beijing, the proposal for a
school complex in the form of a facetted shell
and the reception building on Place des Fêtes
in Paris, the Nissen corner building in Kyoto,
the white mesh inspired by a traditional kimono
motif for Harvey Nichols in Hong Kong and the
Sora community centre in Shiki, Japan.
Universities in the City presents the first
academic buildings built on the Paris Rive
Gauche site, a former industrial borough
planned by the SEMAPA. The architectural
agencies Rudy Ricciotti, Agence Nicolas
Michelin et Associés, FCLP, Atelier
d’Architecture Chaix and Morel et Associés,
Jean Guervilly and Françoise Mauffret, X-TU,
Frédéric Borel Architecte and Ateliers Lion
Architectes Urbanistes have designed new
education units, opened to the city and
intended to welcome 30,000 people from
various disciplines.
October 2009 | 176 pages | Paperback |
270 x 190 mm | 50 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 67035 | ISBN 978-2-87143-211-1 | £24.80
October 2009 | 176 pages | Paperback |
240 x 190 mm | 50 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69723 | ISBN 978-2-87143-219-7 | £24.70
Paradoxical Architecture
Fabre/Speller Architects
Xavier Fabre, Vincent Speller
Architecture is paradoxical; it always refuses to
fit into the slot assigned to it. Made to serve, it
always offers more than its simple use. Over the
past 20 years, the architects Fabre and Speller
have developed an innovative approach to
architecture that flies in the face of contemporary
Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
Christian Hauvette
Monuments, Machines,
It is an architecture that follows in the wake of
poetic rationalism and theoretical questioning
instigated by Aldo Rossi, with whom they
designed the art centre in Vassivière. This
book, associating the main buildings they have
designed with their reflections on architecture,
reveals a project approach based on typological
imagination, discretion and the aesthetics of
distancing and the importance of the poetic
power of the setting.
October 2009 | 208 pages | Paperback |
270 x 205 mm | 75 col & 75 b/w images |
Code 67036 | ISBN 978-2-87143-207-4 | £21.10
What’s in the Fridge?
(Architects 5+1AA)
Paul Ardenne, Photographs by Ernesta Caviola
The architects of the agency 5+1AA, Alfonso
Femia and Gianluca Peluffo, are responsible
for the restructuring of two former symbolic
industrial buildings in Milan
he Ice factory, built in 1899, situated near the
harbour zone of Porta Vittoria was used for the
manufacturing of ice. The Ice Palace was built
nearby in 1923. Having been one of the first
covered ice rinks in Europe in 1957, it then
welcomed a variety of popular cultural events
until in 2002. It has now closed its doors to the
public for renovation. The air and unique light
circulating between the two buildings and the
proximity of Milan has encouraged the architects
to ‘reinvent’ them and to revive the spirit of the
September 2009 | 224 pages | Hardback |
209 x 165 mm | 100 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69734 | ISBN 978-2-87143-224-1 |
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
AAABC of Urbanity
Anthony Béchu, Lionel Blaisse
From the renovation of the Olympia to the
Beijing Olympics, from the Place Vendôme
town houses to the China Executive
leadership Academy in Pudong, Shangai.
Antony Béchu is ever experimenting and
renewing major urban principals based on a
respect for other cultures. This illustrated book
focuses on several of his key projects.
October 2009 | 278 pages | Paperback |
280 x 220 mm | 180 col & 20 b/w images |
Code 60049 | ISBN 978-2-87143-164-0 | £21.40
Hot House Sea Bathing:
A Villa in Marseille
Jean Baptiste Pietri Architect
Vizzion Awards 2009
European Architecture
Sefik Birkiye, José Baganha
With both competition and curiosity in mind,
VIZZION Europe, a real-estate company based
in Brussels, decided to create a competition
for projects that highlighted the remarkable
urban planning of European cities. It is open
to students in the penultimate or final year of
study. The goal of the VIZZION Europe 20082009 prize is to encourage future architects to
work on the kind of architecture and urbanism
that is respectful both of the environment
and specific local needs. This prize goes to a
building plan or a group of buildings situated
in a traditional urban context and incorporating
mixed use facilities. An international jury met
in Brussels in January 2009 and designated
10 prize-winners and 24 honourable mentions
from among the 118 entries submitted from 17
European countries.
June 2009 | 48 pages | Paperback |
210 x 190 mm | 35 col & 20 b/w images |
Code 69722 | ISBN 978-2-87143-226-5 | £10.15
Welcome to Saint-Mesmes
LAN Architects
Caraine Merlino, Manuel Orazi
The Parisian Practice LAN Architecture has
designed a head office for Marchesini France
in Paris. The office is composed of two distinct
structures, one contains flexible work spaces, the
other encloses a showroom, maintenance space
and storage areas. The entrance is defined by
the intersection of the two structures. The office
spaces are raised above ground level to give
a sense of floating while below the workshop
is anchored to the ground, giving a feeling of
solidarity. Delivered in 2008, the completed
project is detailed here and its performance is
explored from many perspectives.
October 2009 | 3 vols of 64 pages | Paperback |
272 x 272 mm | 50 images | Code 69731 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-223-4 | £24.00
European Parliament
after Ten Years
Science + Architecture
Brunet Saunier Architects
Lionel Blaisse, Photographs by Georges Fessy
Muriel Gremillett et al
It is rare for even highly symbolic buildings
to arouse interest a posteriori. Nevertheless,
architecture is by definition long-lasting! On
the occasion of its tenth birthday the European
Parliament in Strasbourg was re-visited by its
architects, the Architecture Studio. This title
describes the occasion and their current and
retrospective thoughts on the architectural,
environmental, contextual, regional, social and
political fate of the prestigious building, which
in session accommodates 785 Members of the
European Parliament.
The Institute of Vision adjacent to the hospital of
Quinze-Vingts in Paris opened in March 2008.
A project of the architects Brunet Saunier, it is
one of the biggest research centres in Europe
dedicated to eye disease and treatment.
November 2009 | 192 pages | Hardback |
250 x 250 mm | 150 col images | Code 69728 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-220-3 | £24.00
November 2009 | 144 pages | Hardback |
240 x 160 mm | 150 col images | Code 69729 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-221-0 | £19.00
Aurelien Gillier
Located near the old port in Marseille is the villa
known as Les Bains de Mer Chauds, designed
by Jean-Baptiste Petri. This villa slots perfectly
into a mixed and complex urban metropolis. Its
formal language respects the Mediterranean
atmosphere and culture specific to Marseille and
the surrounding coastal region.
Not a ‘house’ or even a building in the accepted
sense, but a dwelling in a different register:
an encampment. An environment of decklike terraces and balconies, the sensation of
merged internal and external environments,
and the natural elements of sun and sea. The
rich association of ideas and materials offer an
extraordinary experience as readers are taken
through the spaces and levels provided by Jean
Baptiste Pietr’s structure.
Octobert 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback |
260 x 260 mm | 87 col & 12 b/w images |
Code 69732 | ISBN 978-2-87143-227-2 | £19.00
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This title presents the genesis, development
and the significance of the building in terms of
the relationship it forms between structure and
Marilyne Desbiolles, Francis Rambert
The Nice tramway terminal, designed by
architects Marc Barani, is an innovative
architectural project rewarded recently with
the Equerre d’Argent 2008 and one of five
finalists for the Mies van der Rohe prize. Set
between steep hills and the sea, Nice presents
serious spatial problems for any large scale
infra-structure development causing the project
to be modelled around the existing buildings.
The outcome, as this book describes, is a
construction that imaginatively and effectively
fulfilled the architecture, landscape and urban
design requirements of both architect and client.
It also represents an exceptional example of
sustainable development within a high-density
district marked by a heavily used motorway
November 2009 | 176 pages | Paperback |
270 x 190 mm | 100 col & 50 b/w images |
Code 69736 | ISBN 978-2-87143-228-9 | £24.00
Ecocities: Sustainable City
Panorama of Sustainable
Development Projects
in France, 2009
Muriel Gremillet
This book presents the projects, initiatives
and ideas stimulated by a competition
announced in 2007 by the French Ministry
of Ecology, Energy and Sustainable
Development. The competition was for
projects that addressed an eco-district
and eco-city theme for the purpose of
encouraging local authorities to invest in a
‘green city’ concept.
Fabrice Dusapin
Philippe Trétiack, Pascal Dusapin
Traditionally, museum and gallery exhibits
are displayed in cases or hung at eye level.
However, nowadays discerning visitors are
not necessarily content with this simple and
traditional setting. This book offers a wide
selection of designs for varied exhibitions,
from a Swarovski bathroom to an entire
architectural piece showcasing “innovative
high-grade glass and gift articles”.
Featured designers include JOIDesign
Innenarchitekten, 3Deluxe, Ichiro Nishiwaki
Design Office, Blacksheep and more.
Les Archives d’Architecture Moderne
Tramways of Nice
Atelier Marc Barani
Many cities from all over France responded
to the invitation and the projects submitted
represent an exciting and imaginative array of
green initiatives and good practice.
December 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
240 x 170 mm | 150 col images | Code 70785 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-236-4 | £17.30
December 2009 | 128 pages | Paperback |
240 x 116 mm | 100 col images | Code 70786 |
ISBN 978-2-87143-235-7 | £17.30
104 - Atelier
Novembre Architectes
Transformation of an Old
Parisian Funeral Parlour
into an Arts Centre
11-21 Rue d’Alsace, Paris
Conversion of a Parisian
Building Anthony Bechu
Christine Desmoulins
Muriel Gremillett
Working on projects in historic settings calls for special discipline.
Evidence that the Atelier November practice has this quality and
a sensibility to match is clear as readers follow this account of the
transformation of a neglected city mortuary north of Paris into a
dynamic new arts centre. The agency’s positive approach to the past
led the architects to develop a well thought out and controlled design.
Their solution was fully able to meet the needs of this unprecedented
artistic concept located in Paris’ 19th arrondissement. Covering over
40,000 m², CENTQUATRE, a centre of artistic creation, offers spaces
in which to create works of art and exhibit them along a new street
running through the building, a route that also develops links with the
surrounding district. The successful result is further proof of Atelier
Novembre’s considerable skills and experience in working on cultural
facilities in historic settings.
This is the story of a renaissance. The renaissance of a building
nestling up against the Gare de l’Est, a building which, in its architect’s
imagination, was to express the might of the newly established
Eastern Railways Company. Over the years, this railway city has fallen
into disrepair and has been cut off from its surrounding district. That
is, until today, some two years after renovation work began, following
the SNCF’s sale of the building in June 2006 to the Commissioners
of Works, Atemi, and ING Real Estate. Here the work carried the
added demand of respecting the building’s history, which located
between the Gare de l’Esr and Gare du Nord and spread over
25,000sqm symbolised the forward looking aspirations of SNCF and
French Railway. The architect, Anthony Béchu, was given the task of
renovating the edifice without betraying its history, of giving new life
to 11-21 rue d’Alsace in its original colours: the pale pink tones of
the brickwork, the blue of the decoration punctuating its façade. The
renovation also included the re-creation of a glass roof in its original
location, a new pedestrian passage, a street between the Gare du
Nord and the Gare de l’Est and the installation of the world’s largest
private hanging garden. A renaissance completed in Autumn 2008.
October 2009 | 144 pages | Hardback | 265 x 225 mm | 75 col &
75 b/w images | Code 69724 | ISBN 978-2-87143-203-6 | £20.35
October 2009 | 144 pages | Paperback | 270 x 200 mm | 50 col &
50 b/w images | Code 67030 | ISBN 978-2-87143-216-6 | £20.55
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Links International
Links International
Founded in Barcelona by Carles Broto in 1996, Links International works with expert
professionals to create useful and beautiful books that incorporate the latest trends and
techniques in architecture, construction and interior design. Titles are translated into several
languages and sold all over the world.
Architectural Design
Smart Interiors
Carles Broto
A variety of beautifully illustrated case studies of small interiors,
ingeniously designed to maximise the space makes this an
indispensible source book. Featuring thorough technical information,
ground plans, materials, specifications on fixtures and furniture, this
book provides ideas on every aspect of the design process from the
ground up.
These homes are ‘streamlined’ inside and outside with dozens of
new and innovative solutions to storage problems and an array of
imaginative, multi-purpose design solutions where space is a limited
February 2010 | 168 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 280 col & 130 b/w images |
Code 69364 | ISBN 978-8-49696-994-0 |
Architectural Design
The New Apartment
Architectural Design
The New House
Architectural Design
Apartment Interiors
Arian Mostaedi
Jacobo Krauel
Carles Broto
This book presents a selection of the most
interesting proposals in interior design. They
show a return to more humanised concepts
based on the profound relationship between
people and space. In offering solutions
to different types of apartments, the book
successfully strikes a balance between function
and aesthetics, between the essential and the
non-essential. Included are floor plans, technical
specifications, materials used and commentary
on each project, all provided by the designing
architects themselves. Eldridge Smerin, Drewes
Architects, GAP Architetti Associati are just
two of the architectural luminaries who have
contributed to this fine selection.
Tezuka Architects, Mathias Klotz, Jarmund/
Vigsnæs, Propeller Z are just a small sample
of the distinguished architects who have
contributed to this informative and stimulating
collection of 12 case studies.
This book presents a selection of the most
interesting designs in apartment interiors.
Floor plans, technical specifications, details
of materials used and commentaries on
each project are included, all provided by the
designing architects themselves. Lazzarini
Pickering Architects, Carloratti Associaties
and Michele Saee Studio are just some of the
outstanding architectural talents who have
contributed their work to this fine selection.
February 2010 | 168 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 260 col & 134 b/w images |
Code 69365 | ISBN 978-8-49696-999-5|
The houses in question have been ingeniously
designed to take account of and resolve
the ever-pressing problem of limited space.
Also provided is expert commentary by the
respective architects accompanied by indepth
detail including site plans, material resources,
and specifications.
January 2010 | 168 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 270 col & 140 b/w images |
Code 69366 | ISBN 978-8-49696-997-1 |
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January 2010 | 240 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 750 col & 150 b/w images |
Code 69262 | ISBN 978-8-49696-991-9 |
Stylish Hotel Design
Applied Caligraphy
Carles Broto
Marco Campedelli
New materials for construction and interior
design are appearing at such a rate that it is
almost impossible to keep abreast of what is
available and how it can be best put to use.
Although the properties of these new materials
can reduce a project’s environmental impact,
for example, or make it more affordable or
more versatile, surprisingly few architects
and designers adopt them, while the vast
majority restrict themselves to old forms and
conventional construction methods. In this title
Dimitris Kottas discusses what can be achieved
with today’s wealth of innovative materials.
Clearly divided into different categories, the
information provided offers professionals an
essential tool for achieving the results that
best suit their own and their clients’ needs and
With ever-increasing numbers of sophisticated
and experienced travellers, and the growing
exchange of information on destinations, hotels
have discovered that they must constantly
keep upgrading and improving in order to hold
their appeal for discriminating guests. The
innovative designs contained in this volume
redefine the concept of what a hotel should
be. With thorough documentation, floor plans,
the architects’ own sketches and notes, and
hundreds of vibrant colour photographs this
book provides an engaging and stimulating
Caligraphy differs from computer graphics
because of its quality and unquestionable
originality. An inscription carried out by hand
arguably communicates much more than
standard typography.
January 2010 | 240 pages | Hardback |
280 x 200 mm | 240 col & 144 b/w images
| Code 69371 | ISBN 978-8-49696-938-4 |
January 2010 | 240 pages | Hardback |
280 x 280 mm | 240 col & 144 b/w images
| Code 69370 | ISBN 978-8-49696-980-3 |
February 2010 | 300 pages | Paperback |
230 x 230 mm | 460 col &182 b/w images |
ISBN 978-8-49696-987-2 | Code 69375 |
Multi-Purpose Complexes
Houses in Style
High Density Architecture
for the Future
Dimitris Kottas
Eduard Broto
This book examines a collection of today’s
most innovative projects, creating multipurpose
spaces that encompass an extensive
and diverse range of users and activities.
Functionality and symbiosis between the
different uses is clearly reflected in the
selection, which also includes commentary
and explanations from the architects involved.
Their choice of materials and a wealth of
photographs, floor plans and sections further
inform the presentation and survey.
February 2010 | 300 pages | Hardback |
280 x 260 mm | 460 col & 182 b/w images |
Code 69209 | ISBN 978-2-91703-139-1 | £55.00
Gathered here is a collection of inscriptions,
titles and signs found at work in diverse
commercial sectors: packaging, fashion,
publishing and advertising. This book contains
projects by 23 professional caligraphers - all
divided into different subject areas - which
clearly and persuasively demonstate that
calligraphy and hand-crafted graphics in
general are the exclusive or primary medium for
Roberto Bottura
Eduard Broto
The wide array of designs presented in this
volume offers a varied vision of the latest
trends in renovating buildings. Reputed
architects suggest inventive solutions for
giving old structures a fresh, renewed look
and for creating effective spaces for domestic
use. Each project description includes a
detailed explanation through the use of plans,
sketches, notes, construction explanations,
material details and photographs.
In Eduard Broto’s insightful new study of the
issues facing new architecture, he reflects on the
many different ideas proposed by contemporary
architects who respond to the challenges of
creating efficient and habitable high density
cities, all over the world. The book features
architectural and town planning proposals that
are part of a comprehensive effort to tackle the
demands presented by the need for sustainable
development. From single buildings, mixed-use
complexes and large scale works - including
KPF’s master plan for a new city in South
Korea and Hydronet the visionary network of
infrastructure proposed for underneath San
Francisco - we see the level of engagement
necessary to address the world-wide rise in
population numbers anticipated for urban areas.
December 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
260 x 240 mm | 458 col & 185 b/w images |
Code 69211 | ISBN 978-8-49696-909-4 |
Links International
New Building Materials
February 2010 | 416 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 390 col & 145 b/w images |
Code 70986 | ISBN 978-8-49279-636-6 | £35.00
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Links International
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Architectural Design
Compact Houses
Architectural Design
Carles Broto
Architectural Design
Superb Cabins
Carles Broto
Carles Broto
A variety of beautifully illustrated case studies
of small houses ingeniously designed to
maximise their limited space makes this
an indispensable sourcebook. Featuring
thorough technical information such as ground
plans, details of materials used, furniture
specifications and fixtures, this book provides
ideas on every aspect of the design process
from the ground up.
This book features dozens of apartment and
loft interiors from around the world, all created
by internationally renowned architects and
designers. It focuses on the technical aspects
of each project and on the solutions employed
in adapting fixtures and furniture to fit into
small spaces. Each of the projects is illustrated
with full-colour photographs, floor plans, and
By applying first-rate modern design technology
to an age-old concept, the award-winning
architects featured in this book have reinvented
the cabin. Capitalising on space and light,
while also ensuring comfort, these cabins are
invaluable case studies for any professional in
the fields of architecture and design. Illustrated
with full-colour glossy photographs and floor
plans, each project is expertly explained by the
best authority available; the designing architects
November 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 350 col images & 120 b/w
images | Code 69263 |
ISBN 978-8-49696-992-6 | £29.99
November 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 350 col images &
120 b/w images | Code 69264 |
ISBN 978-8-49696-996-4 | £29.99
November 2009 | 192 pages | Paperback |
370 x 240 mm | 360 col & 140 b/w images |
Code 69268 | ISBN 978-2-91703-137-7 |
*Previously announced
Architectural Design
Today’s City Houses
Pilar Chueca
Through recent examples by renowned
international architects such as Norisada
Maeda, MVRDV, Atelier Tekuto, Lorcan O´Herlihy
Architects and Sugiura Office, among others,
this book analyses the difficulty of integrating
new residential builds on difficult sites.
November 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 350 col & 120 b/w images
| Code 69266 | ISBN 978-8-49696-993-3 |
*Previously announced
Compact Interiors
*Previously announced
Architectural Design
Great Spaces
Home Interiors
Jacobo Krauel
In this volume, the works of architects such as
Takao Shiotsuka, Gracia Studio, Jay Kammen
and Simone Micheli are examined. Including
floor plans, technical specifications, details
of materials used and commentary on each
project, this book uncovers stimulating answers,
ingenious solutions, unexpected points of view
and proposals which influence the concept of
architectural interiors.
November 2009 |192 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 270 col & 70 b/w images
| Code 69265 | ISBN 978-2-91703-136-0 |
FREE POSTAGE for all UK online orders over £60
*Previously announced
Architectural Design
Wood Cabins
Carles Broto
The projects featured in this book demonstrate
a wide range of different uses of wood in home
construction. Each of the projects is clearly
explained by the designers themselves. All the
examples selected share the highest degree
of architectural quality due to innovative uses
of wood as well as the architects’ demands
for environmentally sustainable construction.
Outstanding photographs accompany the
working plans.
November 2009 | 192 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 228 col images |
Code 69267 | ISBN 978-2-91703-138-4 |
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Illustrated Typography
Minimum Dwelling
Motion Graphics Now
Daniel Blanco
Eduard Broto
Links International
*Previously announced
Daniel Blanco
The projects in this book maximise space and
minimise impact in domestic environments in
both overcrowded towns and cities and rural
settings. Contributions from award-winning
architects around the globe along with young
emerging talent are brought together in this
book to provide a source of inspiration for
anyone who dares to experiment with space.
All the projects are illustrated with full-colour
photographs and accompanied by clear
explanatory texts.
This title showcases a comprehensive
selection of recent designs whose intelligent
use of technology make them a cut above
the rest. Internationally renowned designers
and graphic studios have contributed their
finest work making this collection an essential
resource tool for professionals and amateurs
alike. The book also features an accompanying
DVD, which presents the designs as they were
supposed to be seen: in motion.
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 459 col images |
Code 69205 | ISBN 978-8-49696-988-9 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 458 col & 190 b/w images
| Code 69193 | ISBN 978-8-49696-977-3 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 451 col images |
Code 69206 | ISBN 978-8-49696-989-6 |
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Architectural Design
New Domestic Interiors
Playgrounds Design
A welcomed compilation of some of today’s
finest illustrated typographies, drawn by hand or
composed digitally by world renowned as well
as emerging designers.
Full-colour images accompanied by explanatory
texts offer readers the chance to explore a
highly diverse range of styles that have been
applied to a wide variety of uses. Whether a
poster for a social event or an international
marketing campaign, professional and amateur
designers alike will be able to use this book as
an indispensable tool for creating original and
eye-catching fonts.
Architectural Design
New Concepts in Housing
Carles Broto
Carles Broto
Carles Broto
Including in-depth technical explanations and
hundreds of colour photographs, this book is
as attractive as it is practical. With dozens of
new proposals for house design, each project
is accompanied by a comprehensive analysis
of each phase in the design and building
processes. It also includes a breakdown of the
materials and techniques used, making this a
necessary volume for architects and designers.
Presenting a selection of some of the most
interesting proposals in interior design. Floor
plans, technical specifications, materials
used and commentaries on each project
are included, all provided by the designing
architects themselves. John Pawson, Claesson,
Koivisto & Rune, and Norisada Maeda are just
some of the outstanding architectural talents
who have contributed their work to this fine
Details a wide-ranging selection of imaginative
solutions in playground design. Included are
the design components (surface materials,
different types of swings and slides, climbing
equipment) as well as the functional
considerations (different types of activities for
different age groups). With attractive full-colour
photographs and thorough explanations, this
is a unique and complete source of inspiration
for the design professional and student alike.
November 2009 | 360 pages | Paperback |
270 x 240 mm | 451 col images |
Code 69207 | ISBN 978-8-49696-998-8 |
November 2009 | 240 pages | Paperback |
320 x 240 mm | 300 col & 100 b/w images
| Code 69256 | ISBN 978-8-49696-995-7 |
November 2009 | 504 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 756 col & 452 b/wimages
| Code 69035 | ISBN 978-8-49696-960-5 |
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Links International
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Contemporary Architecture: Shaping Space & Form
Bars and Restaurants
Inflatable Design & Architecture
Jacobo Kraue
Jacobo Krauel
The wide array of designs presented in this
volume offers a varied vision of the latest trends
in bar and restaurant interiors. The selection
is an excellent cross-section of some of most
exciting dining rooms at the forefront of design.
With the creative impulse given free reign these
designs have inevitably been excellent testing
grounds for studying different developments
in architectural language, use of materials
and volume design. Each project is elegantly
illustrated with full-colour photographs, floor
plans, sketches and detailed commentary from
the respective design studios.
This volume covers a wide variety of situations
in which inflatable architecture and design
have been applied with surprising results: from
eye-catching, temporary art installations to
more permanent projects such as Grimshaw
Architects’ famed Eden Project. The full-colour
photographs and explanatory texts will serve as
inspiration to architects, designers and artists
alike in search of new ideas to enrich their work.
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
260 x 240 mm | 453 col & 181 b/w images |
Code 69200 | ISBN 978-8-49696-979-7 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 451 col & 183 b/w images
| Code 69195 | ISBN 978-8-49696-986-5 |
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Creative Shop Windows
Urban Furniture Selection
Jacobo Krauel
Jacobo Krauel
*Previously announced
Creative Events
Jacobo Krauel
This book explores the exciting creative corporate
events planned by architects and designers that
explore new opportunities for design. It includes
scores of projects, complete with commentary,
full-colour photos and plans.
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 452 col & 189 b/w images |
Code 69181 | ISBN 978-8-49696-962-9 | £39.00
*Previously announced
Houses by the
Pacific Ocean
Carles Broto
This title highlights the most inventive shop
windows for the creative shopper. Unlike most
visual merchandising books, this avoids the
repetition of theories of colour and lighting and
instead serves as an essential and relevant
reference tool for window display designers.
Benches, rails, street lamps, posts, footpaths,
bridges and fountains – this must-read for
planners and urban designers contains all
of the elements that go into the design and
furnishing of an urban environment. The pieces
covered in this volume are custom designed for
specific projects; and all of them are explained
from the drawing board to installation; from the
original sketches and lists of materials, to the
finished product in its setting.
However different their styles and the uses to
which they are put, houses near the sea have
one common characteristic; the fundamental
role played by the presence of the sea in the
overall design. The sea often determines not
only the orientation of the dwelling but also
the layout of the spaces and the whole design
concept. This detailed title includes expert
commentary, photographs, floor plans and
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
260 x 240 mm | 457 col & 189 b/w images
| Code 69203 | ISBN 978-8-49696-981-0 |
November 2009 | 180 pages | Hardback |
300 x 240 mm | 270 col & 110 b/w images
| Code 69204 | ISBN 978-8-49696-985-8 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 456 col & 183 b/w images |
Code 69189 | ISBN 978-8-49696-984-1 |
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*Previously announced
*Previously announced
New Concepts
Architectural Models
Living in High Density
Event Art
Elías Caballero
Jacobo Krauel
Ariadna Alvarez
This volume is a collection of the most recent
techniques and styles of architectural models.
The combination of modern technology with
today’s market needs has led to innovation and
new methods in communication. This book
presents the different forms of models used to
represent and communicate architecture to the
observer. Volumetric forms, realistic reproductions
as well as the latest technology are discussed in
this indispensable guide.
This book presents various apartment
blocks from around the globe. Included are
conventional vertical dwellings, buildings for
specific groups and residential complexes which
share a common spirit: rigour, imagination and
respect for the persons who will occupy them
and the environment around them.
These works provide stimulating answers,
ingenious solutions, unexpected points of view
and proposals that will influence residential
architecture. Featured architects include Ábalos
& Herreros, MVRDV, Lacaton & Vassal, FOA,
Coop Himmelb(l)au and many more.
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
260 x 240 mm | 456 col images |
Code 69197 | ISBN 978-8-49696-990-2 | £55.00
November 2009 | 250 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 285 col & 80 b/w imges |
Code 67474 | ISBN 978-8-49696-942-1 | £37.00
*Previously announced
Links International
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Smart Home Extensions
Prefabulous Architecture
Carles Broto
Jacobo Krauel
Event Art presents a selection of projects
specially designed for corporate or institutional
events. Space design, graphics, lighting and
other technical aspects are highlighted, and
every project is illustrated with full-colour
photographs, plans, drawings and descriptive
text from the planning architects and designers
themselves. Featured work by 46 firms, including
Yann Kersalé, NOX, Zaha Hadid & Patrik
Schumacher, Cristina Guadalupe, Electroland,
Ball Nogues and Jakob + MacFarlane
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
280 x 280 mm | 275 col & 130 b/w images
| Code 67472 | ISBN 978-8-49696-941-4 |
*Previously announced
Colour, Graphic and
Roberto Bottura
The 32 extension projects in this book have
been carried out on country houses and urban
dwellings, temporary or permanent residences,
built in gardens, attics, patios, inner courtyards,
backyards and even in the air. Extensions of
every use are looked at and are all thoroughly
documented at every step of the design process,
both technically and graphically. Comments from
the architects themselves; Alison Brooks, 3RW
Architects, Bob 361 Architects, Plasma Estudio
and Herrman & Koch are included.
Prefabulous Architecture takes the reader
on a journey through what can be achieved
in the field of prefabricated housing. Projects
from some of the world’s top architects are
accompanied by full-colour photographs, floor
plans and clear explanations, providing anyone
interested in this area, whether architects or
future prefab residents, with a comprehensive
selection of different possibilities.
This selection of projects demonstrates how
graphics and colour can reinforce the strength
of spaces. The spatial application of colour
is explained by the creators of the projects
through texts and photographs. This is an
essential book for exploring the specific uses
and trends in colour. Work from some of today’s
finest contemporary architects make this an
excellent source of inspiration.
November 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
280 x 280 mm | 280 col &120 b/w images |
Code 67456 | ISBN 978-8-49696-904-9 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 457 col &184 b/w images
| Code 69194 | ISBN 978-8-49696-978-0 |
November 2009 | 300 pages | Paperback |
220 x 220 mm | 454 col & 187 b/w images |
Code 69196 | ISBN 978-8-49696-976-6 |
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
Loft Publications
Loft Publications
Loft Publications was born in Barcelona in 1997 with the objective of publishing desirable and
authoritative books on architecture, interiors, design and lifestyle. A drive to combine quality and
accessibility has ensured that the company has prospered ever since, producing books that
have been translated into more than 15 languages.
*Previously announced
Cloud 9
Rooftop Architecture
Edited by Loft Publications
This book uncovers one of the most interesting
architectural trends of recent times: the remodelling of
under-utilised spaces at the tops of buildings. These
projects reveal the infinite ingenuity of architects and
designers, while if we look beyond their architectural
value to the overcrowded nature of large cities, the
use given to these areas reveals a more rational,
sustainable and intelligent application of architecture.
November 2009 | 192 pages | Hardback |
215 x 260 mm | 210 col images | Code 67959 |
ISBN 978-8-49246-397-8 | £30.95
ROOFTOP_Everland:Maquetación 1
ROOFTOP_Limes Hotel:Maquetación 1
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Integer euismod, metus id mattis dapibus, augue sem tempor nisi, vitae ultricies eros risus a massa. Donec id
tellus eget urna nonummy euismod.
*Previously announced
Step Outside:
Urban Terraces & Balconies
Terraces and balconies have the potential
to become the crowning element of a
building. They are extensions of enclosed
habitable spaces to the open air and also
external private areas in, and from which
to view the urban landscape. This book
includes abundant design information to
shape stylish and unique open spaces
in residential environments and includes
garden plans, practical ideas and valuable
advice on materials and planting in a
variety of locations and climates.
November 2009 | 216 pages | Hardback | 250 x 300 mm |
212 col images | Code 67954 | ISBN 978-8-49246-392-3 | £35.40
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Página 162
Paris, France | 2008 | © Markus Fierz
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nulla et neque. Vestibulum in risus. Praesent orci tellus, varius vel, imperdiet nec, laoreet sit amet, arcu.
Integer euismod, metus id mattis dapibus, augue sem tempor nisi, vitae ultricies eros risus a massa. Donec id
tellus eget urna nonummy euismod.
Timber up your home
This title looks at a wide range of
contemporary architecture using wood,
presenting the most famous and significant
projects in the world. Organised according
to topographic parameters, the book reveals
the most fashionable trends in construction,
architecture and design. This material,
which has been used for building since the
dawn of man, is blessed with a variety of
characteristics which afford its great versatility.
Used for structural work, it is also effective for
insulating against temperature and noise and
is very ecological.
June 2010 | 288 pages | Paperback | 194 x 235 mm |
212 col images | Code 71259 | ISBN 978-84-96936-97-3 | £29.95
Loft Publications
Renovated Spaces
New Life for old homes
1000 Details in
Renovation has become a popular architectural
topic and many spaces can be transformed into
a dwelling, such as old water tanks, industrial
spaces, old flats and warehouses. Whether
dealing with old homes that need upgrading
for a new family, or spaces that had a former
non-residential use, the renovation plans always
take on the characteristics of the previous
construction, they emphasise elements of
historical value, and are adjusted according to
clients’ needs and budgets.
This book serves as a reference catalogue for
architects, designers and constructors. The
material has been selected for its capacity
to inspire and propose innovative ideas on
how to approach the design or construction
of different parts of a project. Divided into
fifteen thematic chapters, the details included
are numbered from 1 to 1000 and each
one is illustrated with close-up photographs
and drawings, and they are explained with
concise descriptions next to the images. A
glossary of participating architects, designers
is also included.
This special monograph is a compilation
of current and representative projects of
Álvaro Siza, one of the most prestigious
international architects on the contemporary
scene. Siza’s extensive career has been
acknowledged by the most prestigious
architectural prizes, such as the 1988 Mies
van der Rohe Award, the 1992 Pritzker Prize,
and the 2009 RIBA Award. His works are
presented in their different categories such
as cultural spaces, leisure centres, office
developments, public buildings, homes,
and commercial spaces. A wide selection
of images, graphs and documents offers
readers the opportunity to visit the work of
this architect in detail.
February 2010 | 420 pages | Paperback|
220 x 220 mm | Code 71257 |
ISBN 978-84-92463-57-2 | £29.99
March 2010 | 292 pages | Hardback |
215 x 245 mm | Code 71260 |
ISBN 978-84-96936-78-2 | £34.95
March 2010 | 192 pages | Hardback |
230 x 230 mm | Code 71258 |
ISBN 978-84-96936-98-0 | £29.95
Blue Homes
Sustainable Homes
Architectural Photography
Eugeni Pons
Javier Barba
This book brings together the best designed,
best looking and most functional eco houses
in the world today. Built to make maximum
use of resources, reduce their impact on
the environment and improve the quality
of life of their occupants, green homes are
no longer only an option available to a few
environmentalists; they have currently become
one of the strongest design tendencies.
This volume features houses made of local
materials, natural resources for air-conditioning,
and active systems such as photovoltaic
panels, to mention a few. All the projects are
an example of stylish, durable and sustainable
architectural solutions.
Eugeni Pons was born in Barcelona in 1964.
His interest in photography began when he
was only thirteen. With his first serious camera,
a Canon AE-1, he took up experimental,
architecture and landscape photography. After
creating his own advertising photography
studio with a colleague, he decided to go by his
own and oriented himself towards his authentic
matter of interest: architectural photography.
He started collaborating with architecture and
design magazines and introduced himself to
the most successful architects in Barcelona,
which made his first collaborations possible.
He now continues collaborating with several
international newspapers, magazines and
publishers, and has won five LUX architecture
photography awards.
Javier Barba was born in Barcelona to a family
of architects. He studied in the city’s School of
Architecture and after working in his father’s
firm, he established his own practice, BC
Studio. The projects designed by BC Studio
are based on the concepts of integrated and
Bioclimatic Architecture, respecting nature and
its resources. In 1989 their project Semi-buried
House was chosen by the commission of
the European Community as one of the best
examples of bioclimatic construction. Fitting
each site with a building appropriate to its
characteristics and understanding the needs
and aspirations of the clients are essential
factors in the development of all of BC studio
April 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback|
215 x 215 mm | Code 67955 |
ISBN 978-84-92463-93-0 | £35.00
May 2010 | 304 pages | Hardback |
287 x 287 mm | Code 67957 |
ISBN 978-84-92463-95-4 | £40.00
June 2010 | 256 pages | Hardback |
265 x 203 mm | Code 71262 |
ISBN 978-84-92463-58-9 | £35.00
Alvaro Siza Architect
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Pace Publishing
Pace Publishing
Pace Publishing was founded in 1987 and is located in Hong Kong with additional offices in
Guangzhou, China. It specialises in producing books, magazines and directories on interior
design, landscape design and architecture. Recognised as one of Asia’s leading publishers in
these fields, Pace currently publishes around 40 titles every year.
*Previously announced
ha –
Housing Architecture
Ideas and Concepts
George Lam
The intriguing intent of this book is to document un-built, on the drawing
board projects, in a dashing and stylish way, to capture the spirit of the
future. Plans, projections and technical details from over 40 housing
projects worldwide are featured, employing a multitude of differing
design styles.
March 2010 | 256 pages |
Hardback | 283 x 242 mm |
350 col & b/w images |
Code 64185 |
ISBN 978-9-62772-350-9 |
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Xtra Hotels
SPACE: Shopping Mall
Diane Tsang
Diane Tsang
As the home away from home, hotels have to be comfortable and
inviting in ambience, interior design, services and facilities. The design
not only has to be unique, but memorable. Whether you’re looking for
the elegant, the classical, the quirky or the homely, there’s a hotel for
you. This book presents 17 projects from elegant to homely, classical
and quirky, and is illustrated by stylish and informative photography.
Shopping malls have become part of our modern culture, an
attempt to commodify and create an entire subculture around the
simple act of going to a shop to buy something; a sophisticated
strategy to persuade people to identify as consumers and in the
process spend more money. This title presents a selection of malls
with personality. Mainly showing projects from the bustling cities of
East Asia, criteria include good visuals, good signage, good layout,
good design and interesting architecture. Temples for the shopper
of the future.
March 2010 | 228 pages | Hardback | 250 x 250 mm |
250 col images | Code 64171 | ISBN 978-9-62772-395-0 | £24.50
March 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback | 283 x 242 mm | 350 images |
Code 64182 | ISBN 978-9-62772-375-2 | £19.50
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*Previously announced
*Previously announced
SPACE: Club House
SPACE: Entertainment
SPACE: Exhibition
Diane Tsang
Diane Tsang
Presenting some of the most exclusive
establishments in Asia, this title mirrors the
stylish contemporary design that the private
club so often requires. Clean and elegant
designs, bars that are quiet to behold, private
rooms where the business stays behind closed
doors - all the touches that mark out the most
chic clubs - can be found here. Also featured
are residential clubhouses, with their chrome
gyms, swimming pools of purest spa water and
fragrant bathrooms of bliss.
This book focuses on the design of those
places where the modern consumer goes
to have serious fun. Leisure facilities are
a huge industry nowadays, and design is
constantly innovating in the eternal search for
the perfect cinema, the most delicate bar, the
sharpest and least violent after-hours club.
From lounge bars to bowling alleys, Space:
Entertainment features worldwide designs in
mouth watering detail by the likes of Japan’s
Glamorous and England’s Blacksheep.
Traditionally, museum and gallery exhibits
are displayed in cases or hung at eye level.
However, nowadays discerning visitors are
not necessarily content with this simple and
traditional setting. This book offers a wide
selection of designs for varied exhibitions,
from a swarovski bathroom to an entire
architectural piece showcasing “innovative
high-grade glass and gift articles”.
Featured designers include JOIDesign
Innenarchitekten, 3Deluxe, Ichiro Nishiwaki
Design Office, Blacksheep and more.
March 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback|
283 x 242 mm | 350 col. images & b/w plans |
Code 64184 | ISBN 978-9-62772-377-6 |
March 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback |
283 x 242 mm | 350 col. images & b/w plans |
Code 64183 | ISBN 978-9-62772-376-9 | £19.50
March 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback |
283 x 283 mm | 350 colour images |
Code 64181 | ISBN 978-9-62772-374-5 | £19.50
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
LUXE Clubhouse:
Simon Wong Design
Landscape Design
@ USA 2
George Lam
George Lam
The LUXE series of monographs is devoted
to the work of Simon Wong and his team
at Simon Wong Design, one of the leading
interior design firms in East Asia. It is a
common trend to provide clubhouse facilities
in any luxury residential development in
Asia. LUXE Clubhouse documents eight of
Wong’s residential clubhouse designs. Each
is presented in great detail, with extensive
photography illustrating the finished project,
coupled with plans, sections, elevations and
detailed drawings.
In this book over 50 recently completed
projects from a variety of landscape architects
are featured, giving both an overview of current
US trends and a detailed examination of work
from some of the major names. Landscape
Architects featured include Brown, Richardson
& Rowe, Charles Anderson, Dirtworks, Edwards
Landscape, GLS, Lenkin Design, Mayer Reed,
McIntosh Poris Associates, Pressley Associates,
Rios Clementi Hale Studios, Sawyer Berson,
Suzman & Cole Design Associates, SWA,
Terry Guen Design Assoc and Thomas Balsley
March 2010 | 224 pages | Hardback |
292 x 283 mm | 350 colour images |
Code 64192 | ISBN 978-9-62772-341-7 |
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
242 x 283 mm | 500 colour images |
Code 64167 | ISBN 978-9-62772-326-4 |
Pace Publishing
*Previously announced
Diane Tsang
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within 3
working days
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HK Rihan CC
HK Rihan CC
HONGKONG Rihan International Culture Co. Ltd is one of the foremost publishing houses for
books on architecture in Asia. Initially Rihans emphasis was on architectural art and printing, but
Rihan’s editorial policy has changed over the past 10 years to a broader focus on architecture.
Over this time RIHAN has published hundreds of titles including Architecture X File, Space X File
and Landscape X File.
RIHAN has also established strong trade relations in many countries including Britain France,
Germany and Japan. The aim is to develop good communication in all territories and to create a
platform for Chinese architecture and Chinese architects and designers to showcase their work.
800 Housing
Volume 1
800 Housing
Volume 2
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
These two volumes are HK Rihan’s lead titles for 2009. The work of scores of architects from many countries has
been gathered together in this comprehensive set. The emphasis is on residential projects, offering a valuable record
of the development and ideas at work in this sector.
Completing the presentation are details of projects by, among others, Carlos Ferrater, Atelier 17 Architects &
Associates, Jorge Rangel, Arquitectonica Internation, Baumschlager & Eberle.
October 2009 | 294 pages | Hardback |
320 x 240 mm | 700 images | Code 70990 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-056-0 | £40.40
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October 2009 | 300 pages | Hardback |
320 x 240 mm | 720 images | Code 70991 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-057-7 | £40.40
HK Rihan CC
Public Space
Extreme Hotel
Stylish Restaurant
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
A highly visual guide to the design of
contemporary public interior spaces.
Projects like Studio B+BA, Hermers, Office
Bottega + Enrhardt and Center Course in
Seoul, demonstate the highly successful
application of design principles as well as
the imaginative 3-dimensional use of interior
space. Among the featued dresigners are
Acconci Studio, Concrete, Ippolito Fleitz
Group and ISSHO.
This title explores how hotels and bars
should not be seen as merely temporary
accommodation and simply sources
of alcohol. It considers a selection of
exceptional hotel and bar buildings in China
and in other in regions around the world, the
book talks in terms of the local context, their
architecture, design, and their effectiveness
in providing all that is to be expected and
experienced by their guests. The standard of
presentation in this book turns the featured
buildings into platforms for communicating
fresh and original ideas on the design of
such interior spaces.
An exuberant collection of exceptional
international restaurants of diverse types and
styles. Examples from China, Japan, Korea
and countries in the West are included. It
includes a study of light, colour, furniture and
furnishings and the effects they can create
and the ideas they can generate. This is a
visual delight and a feast for the mind.
October 2009 | 264 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 532 images | Code 70988 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-051-5 | £35.90
December 2009 | 256 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 450 images | Code 71280 |
ISBN 978-9-88179-036-2 | £35.90
December 2009 | 320 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 560 images | Code 71281 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-034-8 | £45.00
In Home
Commercial Geometry
100% Office
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
Examples of international residential interior
design projects in which fundamental
design considerations are coupled with the
importance of users’ needs. Featuring work by
Andrew Maynard Architects, Filippo Bombace,
Waro Kishi and Ippolito Fleitz Group this title
promises to become a valuable reference book
for the designer and architect.
A comprehensive and integrative approach
to the interior design of commercial buildings.
Plans, drawings and commentary from
architects allow for a fuller appreciation of
myriad factors and decisions that require
attention as the design process unfolds.
The importance of office environments for
millions of workers and companies can hardly
be underestimated. Ultimately high levels of
efficiency depend to a great extent on good
design. Assembled here is a remarkable
collection of commercial office designs by
architects from many different countries. Though
diverse in scale and context, the clear evidence
of creative intelligence in the design makes
the book a coherent and valuable guide to
contemporary challenges and achievements in
this sector.
December 2009 | 256 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 450 images | Code 71282 |
ISBN 978-9-98187-580-8 | £35.90
December 2009 | 256 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 450 images | Code 71283 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-030-0 | £35.90
December 2009 | 256 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 450 images | Code 71284 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-035-5 | £35.90
Xing Rihan
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HK Rihan CC
Entertainment Matrix
Xing Rihan
Contemporary social interests and
preoccupations in different cultures emerge
from these case studies of architectural
projects designed for leisure and recreational
pursuits. Ideas from Chinese and international
architects and designers are considered in
the context of the exciting and purpose built
December 2009 | 512 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 780 images | Code 71285 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-037-9 | £71.80
Xing Rihan
A two-volume collection of exceptional, award-winning commercial
interiors that offer valuable ‘problem solving’ and inspirational reference
points for professional designers. Among the projects included are: Breil
Shanghai, Sixty Hotel, La Perla Uomo Milano, Hyundai, Coffee Company,
The Clinic, DJS, Chinese Arts & Crafts Re-branding, Danbo Fun Fastfood
Chain and Yi-Spa. This wide variety of projects includes shops, hotels, spas
and clubs, night clubs and restaurants.s
October 2009 | 288/272 pages | Hardback | 280 x 240 mm | 1064 images |
Code 70987 | ISBN 978-9-88178-054-6 | £73.60
Concept Architecture
100 x 400 [2 volumes]
Architecture Made in China
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
Contains over 400 international case studies
on archtecture, landscape and interior design
from concept to completion. Among the work
featured are projects by Keith William, Daniel
Libeskind, Mario Botta, Ofis Architekti, Platt
Byrard Dovell White Architects, Shoei Yoh +
Architects and Hans Hollein.
The growth rate of the Chinese economy is well
known but what structures are being built in this
explosive economy? Do we know the Chinese
architects and their works?
Developments in technology, material science
and chemistry play an ever-increasing role in
contemporary architecture and construction.
The work of architects - both completed and
work in progress - exhibit and explain the
application of these developments. Supported
by drawings, diagrams, renderings and images
this book examines numerous projects and the
interdependence of science and construction
in architecture. Included are commercial, public
and cultural projects by BmasC, 3Deluxe,
N!STUDIO, SAKO Architects, JensenandSkodvin
Arkitektkontor As, 2B Architectes and Saucier +
Perrotte Architects.
October 2009 | 556/460 pages | Hardback |
285 x 285 mm | 415 images | Code 70989 |
ISSN 199-2-430-513 | £143.65
Commercial Space [2 volumes]
This book provides the answers to these
questions and insight into the ideas and styles
of Chinese architecture. Readers can share
the dialogue between such architects as Ma
Qingyun, Wang Xingtian, Ronald Lu, Tang Hua,
Yung Ho Chang, Wu Gang.
November 2009 | 368 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 1210 images | Code 70992 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-055-3 | £49.35
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November 2009 | 276 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 840 images | Code 70993 |
ISBN 978-9-88178-059-1 | £36.80
HK Rihan CC
Contemporary Architecture
[2 volumes]
Rural House
[2 volumes]
Xing Rihan
Modern Housing
[2 volumes]
Xing Rihan
Xing Rihan
Some 100 international works from leading
design companies demonstrate the health of
functional architecture at large today. Projects
by Concrete, 100% Interior, Sylvia Leydecjer,
Alessio Patalocco Architect, Lervik Design and
Kinney Chan and Associates with briefs for
public libraries, schools, stadia, exhibition halls
and museums all testify to some of the exciting
and original structures to have been built in
modern times.
With few exceptions the dominant
characteristics of cities are noise, traffic and
overcrowding. Escaping to a rural environment
seems increasingly the solution and in many
parts of the world this has accelerated an
interest in rural housing. Using architectural
projects by Garduno Arquitectos, Gassnerand
Zarecky, Graft, Philip Lutz Architektur, Studio
For Architecture and Oyler Wu Collaborative,
these two volumes show how that interest has
developed and the design and construction
taking place in rural areas.
The shape and cultural taste of cities is amply
evident in their architecture. The developments
in urbanisation and construction since the
1980s have brought in their wake many changes
in modern housing. In this context, we can
consider in these volumes works by a number of
exceptional architects which mark this transition
and point the way to future designs and city plans.
The architects include: Pascal Arquitectos, Ronald
Janssen Architecten, Atelier Tekuto,Byoungsoo Cho
Architects, Teruo Miyahara, Kow, Issho and Herault
Arnod Architects.
March 2010 | 272 pages| Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b/w images |
Code 71287 | ISBN 978-9-88187-5-891 | £41.00
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b/w images |
Code 71289 | ISBN 978-988-18758-7-7 | £41.00
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b/w images |
Code 71291 | ISBN 978-9-88187-585-3 | £41.00
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b/w images |
Code 71288 | ISBN 978-9-88187-5-884 | £41.00
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b/w images |
Code 71290 | ISBN 978-988-18758-6-0 | £41.00
March 2010 | 272 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 500 col & b.w images |
Code 71292 | ISBN 978-9-88187-581-5 | £41.00
Public Landscape
3rd Edition
Xing Rihan
Landscape is the carrier of various functions
and processes. The space and environment
in which we live, the language and spirit of
place can be variously interpreted and have
a profound impact and influence on much of
what we do and think - in action and at rest. The
landscape works examined in this series are
gathered from the Pacific Asia region and other
areas around the world providing an abundance
of examples varied in scale, character and
context. With such chapter headings as City
Landscape, Natural Landscape, Architecture
Landscape and Exhibition Landscape, this book
offers a wide scope for review.
January 2010 | 256 pages | Hardback |
280 x 240 mm | 520 images | Code 71293 |
ISBN 978-9-88187-5-882 | £35.90
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trade updates
RIBA Publishing
RIBA Publishing
RIBA Publishing is one of the leading providers of high quality information for
architects and other built environment professionals. With over 30 years’ experience,
it publishes authoritative, comprehensive and practical information in the fields of
architecture, design and construction.
Shaping the City
Stephen Bayley
April 2010 | 192 pages | Hardback |
297 x 210 mm | 200 col images | Code 68970 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-329-1 | £19.95
This book is an objective and entertaining
assessment of the city’s architectural history
and recent regeneration, taking the reader on a
journey of the city which was once proud and
wealthy, then declined into ruin, and is now
visibly resurgent. Written by Stephen Bayley, The
Observer’s architecture and design correspondent,
it is beautifully illustrated with photos and plans of
the city. This is a valuable and enlightening book for
professionals, academics, journalists and anyone
interested in understanding the context of the recent
regeneration of Liverpool.
A client’s guide to engaging an architect
November 2009 Revision
Royal Institute of British Architects
Straightforward and completely up-to-date, A client’s guide to engaging an architect
sets out everything that a client – whether for domestic, commercial, small or large
projects – needs to be aware of when appointing an architect. As well as explaining
the considerable added value that the right architect can bring to the success of the
project, the guide talks you through the forms of appointment. General background
information outlining the importance of the brief and project management is supported
by an explanation of the RIBA’s industry-standard Outline Plan of Work.
November 2009 | 32 pages | Paperback | 210 x 148 mm | Code 70615 | ISBN 978-1-85946-358-1 | £10.00
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RIBA Publishing
Approved Document G:
Sanitation, hot water and
water efficiency
Biodiversity for Low and
Zero Carbon Buildings:
A Technical Guide
2010 edition
Dr Carol Williams
Communities & Local Government
A Studio Design Guide
Michael Stacey
This compact and accessible book is an
informative, inspirational, and highly-illustrated
introduction to the design potential of concrete
and its vital role in contemporary architecture.
It mixes key issues such as design, aesthetics,
and sustainability with useful technical content,
from guides to the basic principles (such as
column sizes, slab thicknesses and types) to
how to achieve many different concrete finishes.
The new 2010 version of Approved Document
G (sanitation, hot water safety and water
efficiency) will be available from March 2010,
and will come into force on 6th April 2010.
The revised Part G features enhanced hot water
safety and efficiency measures for all new
homes, with in-built protection from hot water
scalding in baths using protective devices to
limit hot water temperature, and the introduction
of a new standard of 125 litres of water per
person per day.
The built environment has the potential to have
a major impact on biodiversity, not least with the
increasingly demanding requirements to design
more energy efficient and airtight buildings,
leaving less space for species to inhabit. Up until
the publication of this book, there was no one
place where architects, developers, consultant
ecologists, and all those involved in low and
zero carbon buildings could find out about how
to incorporate provisions for biodiversity within
their developments. In this groundbreaking
book, author Dr Carol Williams has specially
commissioned architects to produce some
much needed model designs and practical
guidance for the industry.
March 2010 | 60 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | Code 68817 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-323-9 | £12.50
March 2010 | 128 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | 80 images | Code 70194 | ISBN
978-1-85946-353-6 | £30.00
May 2010 | 192 pages | Paperback |
210 x 150 mm | 100 col images |
Code 69039 | ISBN 978-1-85946-334-5 | £18.95
Guide to Part G
Guide to RIBA
Agreements 2010
Loft Conversion
Project Guide
Roland Phillips
Construction Products Association
This is an essential reference handbook to
understanding the new and substantially
updated 2010 Approved Document G of
the Building Regulations which comes into
force on 6th April 2010. It offers the reader
professional advice about how to comply with
the new requirements for water efficiency, hot
water supply, and sanitary conveniences. It
is a fully referenced guide which allows the
busy construction professional to grasp the
provisions of Part G efficiently and effectively.
The 2010 edition of this guide explains how
to use the brand new and comprehensively
reviewed suite of contracts for professional
services known as the RIBA Agreements 2010.
With worked examples and guidance about
matters affecting professional contracts, it is
designed to be read in conjunction with the
Notes and Model Letters accompanying each
of the contracts in the suite. Clients will also find
that it helps them understand the professionals’
role and the responsibilities of each party to the
This easy-to-use guide to loft conversions –
the first to be supported by the department
for Communities and Local Government –
provides building control officers, builders and
DIY enthusiasts with up-to-date and reliable
guidance on achieving compliance with the
Building Regulations.
March 2010 | 104 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | 25 images | Code 69153 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-333-8 | £25.00
March 2010 | 72 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | Code 69966 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-348-2 | £25.00
February 2010 | 176 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | 160 images | Code 70564 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-357-4 | £29.95
John Griggs
This guide is ideal for practising architects and
part 2 and 3 students.
The author has brought together solutions
offered in the Approved Documents and
third-party guidance, such as industry literature,
in one concise and fully illustrated guide.
Starting with chapters on the existing structure
and proposed structure, the guide is then
divided into chapters on the main considerations
for a loft conversion, covering topics such as fire
safety, windows and doors, and insulation.
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
RIBA Publishing
*Previously announced
Sustainable Concrete
Rough Guide to Sustainability
3rd Edition
Nicol Stuart Morrow
David Bennett
Brian Edwards
Architects and other construction professionals
working in England and Wales must understand
the implications of the Party Wall Act 1996 and
the detailed procedures it entails. This practical
guide illustrates sound practice for architects and
all those acting as party wall surveyors. Providing
concise and accessible explanation of the Act
itself, it enables the reader to act confidently and
effectively in the face of party wall issues and
disputes, and ensuring a clear understanding of
how the Act can impinge on building design and
construction. As well as concisely describing the
Act itself, it explains how the Act impinges on
building design and construction and equips the
reader to respond confidently and effectively to
party wall issues as they arise.
Based on new thinking and real world
evidence, Sustainable Concrete Architecture
offers a rational method for accounting for the
carbon impact of concrete in contemporary
architecture. Highly illustrated and detailed in
scope, the book marries technical know-how
with inspirational case studies.A technical
front section looks at recent innovations in
concrete technology with a comprehensive,
balanced account of the material’s embodied
energy and impact-in-use. The second half
of the book sets out a series of cutting-edge
case studies of different building types
constructed in concrete.
A comprehensively updated and restructured
third edition of the no-nonsense guide to
sustainability. It offers a clear explanation of
theory, policy and design approaches and is
an essential reference book for design and
built environment students and practitioners. Written by Brian Edwards, Professor of
Sustainable Architecture at the Royal Danish
Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture.
Packed with illustrations this is an essential
reference book for design and built environment
students and practitioners.
January 2010 | 152 pages | Paperback |
276 x 219 mm | Code 69967 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-310-9 | £35.00
April 2010 | 272 pages | Paperback |
246 x 296 mm | 250 col & b/w images | Code
69976 | ISBN 978-1-85946-352-9 | £40.00
February 2010 | 280 pages | Paperback |
200 x 200 mm | 300 col & 100 b/w images |
Code 69040 | ISBN 978-1-85946-332-1 | £29.95
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
*Previously announced
Good Practice Guide:
Fee Management
Good Practice Guide:
Marketing Your Practice
A guide to letter contracts
for very small projects,
surveys and reports
Party Walls:
A Practical Guide
Roland Phillips
Helen Elias
Fee Management is a straightforward
professional guide for architects about
calculating and negotiating fees to maximise
profits. Clear and practical advice puts equal
emphasis on good administrative procedures
and on the softer skills of negotiation and
selling the architect’s unique skill in adding
value to construction projects. Packed with
worked examples, this book explains the
anatomy of a fee offer, advises on getting
paid, and sets out the essential management
tools for keeping track of the whole process.
Fee Management will allow architects to
cost architectural services on a rational basis
and, importantly, to ensure that clients are
persuaded of the worth of such services.
A practical and accessible overview of how best
to approach the marketing of an architectural
practice. Concise in style and comprehensive
in scope, the topics range from defining a
marketing strategy that meets your individual
needs and budget, to creating a corporate
identity, PR, advertising, and making successful
award entries. This book draws on the
experience and marketing skills of a range of
industry insiders from successful architectural
practices to award-winning design and
advertising companies. This is a clear, hands-on
approach that can help you give your practice
the edge.
November 2009 | 152 pages | Paperback |
246 x 189 mm | Code 61859 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-180-8 | £19.95
December 2009 | 200 pages | Paperback |
246 x 189 mm | Code 69154 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-307-9 | £19.95
FREE POSTAGE for all UK online orders over £60
Roland Phillips
A clear, simple guide to forming binding
contracts between architects and other building
professionals and their clients in letter form. For
use on very small projects where more complex
forms of contract might be inappropriate and
aimed at architects, architectural technologists
and building surveyors.
Contains two model letters with legal
watchpoints, all backed up by several worked
examples. Model letters are available as free
June 2009 | 40 pages | Paperback |
297 x 210 mm | Code 68969 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-314-7 | £15.00
Dom publishers
[phase eins]
The Architecture
of Competitions
Benjamin Hosbach,
Christian Lehmhaus
Construction and
Design Manual
Edited by Joachim Fischer,
Philipp Meuser
August 2009 | 560 pages |
August 2009 | 300 pages |
Hardback | Code 67361 |
Hardback | Code 63989 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-688-3 | £69.00 ISBN 978-3-3866-697-5 | £69.00
Construction and
Design Manual
Construction and
design manual
Tree Houses
Dörte Becker,
Philipp Meuser
Andreas Wenning
August 2009 | 300 pages |
Hardback | Code 63986 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-655-5 | £60.65
October 2009 | 240 pages |
Hardback | Code 69054 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-696-8 | £51.45
Edition Blondal
Editorial Gustavo Gili
Young German
Next Generation
2G 48/49 Mies Van
der Rohe Houses
Romana Schneider
Jorn Utzon
Logbook Vol. 5
October 2009 | 156 pages |
Hardback | Code 69015 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-603-6 | £35.00
January 2009 | 192 pages |
Paperback | Code 67378 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-678-4 | £31.00
September 2009 | 312 pages |
Hardback | Code 69242 |
ISBN 978-8-79156-723-0 | £54.15
2G 47
Paulo David
DA 65
Rafael Otero
Schlossplatz 1
European School of
Management and
Edited by Shirley Surya
in Eurasia
Simone Voigt
August 2009 | 400 pages |
Hardback | | Code 63978 |
ISBN 978-3-93866-635-7 | £69.50
Paisea 8
River Beds
Edited by Kelley Cheng
Second edition
Philipp Meuser
April 2009 | 180 pages |
Paperback | Code 61887 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-188-0 | £65.00
Land&Scape Series
March 2009 | 112 pages |
Paperback | Code 67544 | £20.00
2G Dossier
New Latin
Marc Armengaud,
Matthias Armengaud,
Alessandra Cianchetta
March 2009 | 144 pages |
Paperback | Code 67379 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-309-9 | £28.37
June 2009 | 180 pages |
Paperback | Code 61889 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-138-5 | £33.65
June 2009 | 144 pages |
Paperback | Code 67545 | £27.00
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 2
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 3
June 2009 | 30 pages |
Paperback | Code 69304 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-122-1 | £9.95
June 2009 | 22 pages |
Paperback | Code 69305 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-123-8 | £9.95
PaiseaDos 1
Natascha Meuser
February 2009 | 144 pages |
Paperback | Code 65627 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-249-8 | £28.37
February 2009 | 80 pages |
Paperback | Code 64089 | £16.00
Editorial Pencil
Paisea 9
Public Squares
2G 59
Sou Fujimoto
Work Spaces:
and Analysis No.1
Singular Architecture 1
July 2009 | 112 pages |
Paperback | Code 67548 | £20.00
July 2009 | 144 pages |
Paperback | Code 67381 |
ISBN 978-8-42522-293-1 | £23.50
June 2009 | 24 pages |
Paperback | Code 69303 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-121-4 | £9.95
Singular Architecture 1
Singular Architecture 1
UK orders delivered within 3 working days subject to availability
Eduardo Souto
de Moura
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 4
Aires Mateus
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 5
June 2009 | 30 pages |
Paperback | Code 69309 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-124-5 | £9.95
June 2009 | 30 pages |
Paperback | Code 69310 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-125-2 | £9.95
Singular Architecture 1
Singular Architecture 1
Alejandro Muñoz
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 6
Singular Architecture 1
June 2009 | 30 pages |
Paperback | Code 69312 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-126-9 | £9.95
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 7
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 8
June 2009 | 26 pages |
Paperback | Code 69313 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-127-6 | £9.95
June 2009 | 22 pages |
Paperback | Code 69314 |
ISBN 978-49371-128-3 | £9.95
Singular Architecture 1
Singular Architect 1
gta Verlag
El dorado Architects Dominik Dreiner
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 9
Work Spaces:
Offices No. 10
Singular Architecture 1
Singular Architecture 1
June 2009 | 26 pages |
Paperback | Code 69315 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-129-0 | £9.95
June 2009 | 32 pages |
Paperback | Code 69316 |
ISBN 978-8-49371-120-7 | £9.95
Work Spaces:
of Society
Juan Blesa Cervero
Luigi Snozzi, Rural Studio,
Andrew Freear, Richard
Singular Architecture 1
June 2009 | 200 pages |
Paperback in slip case |
Code 67500 |
ISBN 978-8-49359-805-1 |
June 2009 | 80 pages |
Paperback | Code 69166 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-2-414 | £10.00
Santa Gilla
A New Landscape
for the Metropolitan
Lagoon of Cagliari
Pamphlet Vol. 12
Christophe Girot,
Cesarina Siddi
June 2009 | 56 pages |
Paperback | Code 69174 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-260-5 | £11.00
Jovis Verlag
Urban Reports:
Amsterdam, Bilbao,
Copenhagen, Dublin,
Zagreb, Zurich
Edited by Kees Christiaanse,
Nocola Schuller, Petra
Yearbook 2009:
Faculty of
ETH, Zurich
Departement Architektur,
ETH Zürich (Hg.) / Faculty of
Architecture, ETH Zurich (Ed.)
a:p Sensing Space
Future architecture
by technology
plan a/Franziska Eidner,
and Nadin Heinich
Krüger Schuberth
with texts by Mike Meiré,
Michael Horsham, Dieter
Bogner, Dan Graham
Converting Berlin
Südkreuz Hans
Heinrich Müller
award 2007/08
Edited by Vattenfall AG
July 2009 | 340 pages |
Paperback | Code 69175 |
ISBN 978-3-85676-228-5 | £36.00
September 2009 | 280 pages |
Paperback | Code 69176 | ISBN
978-3-85676-256-8 | £24.00
June 2009 | 160 pages |
Paperback | Code 69066 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-395-2 | £24.20
June 2009 | 112 pages |
Cloth binding with jacket |
Code 67493 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-361-7 | £42.00
March 2009 | 80 pages |
Paperback | Code 67495 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-002-9 |
Takaharu +
Yui Tezuka Nostalgic Future
Berliner BDA
Volume II
Edited by Bund Deutscher
Architekten BDA Berlin
Dwelling and
From Heidegger
to Koolhaas
Es Moli d’En Morei
Modern Living in an
Old Mallorcan Mill
Edited by Peter Cachola
Schmal DAM
Culture / Nature
Art and Philosophy
in the Context of
Urban Development
June 2009 | 132 pages |
Paperback | Code 69014 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-021-0 | £27.50
March 2009 | 176 pages |
Hardback | Code 67494 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-363-1 | £30.00
Edited by Anke Haarmann,
Harald Lemke
Pavlos Lefas
June 2009 | 392 pages |
Paperback | Code 68801 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-393-8 | £22.00
June 2009 | 176 pages |
Paperback | Code 68503 |
ISBN 978-3-86859-012-8 | £30.00
FREE POSTAGE for all UK online orders over £60
Tom Sólo
August 2009 | 176 pages |
Hardback | Code 69070 |
ISBN 978-3-93963-387-7 | £42.00
Links International
New Exhibition
Jacobo Krauel
August 2009 | 300 pages |
Hardback | Code 69192 |
ISBN 978-8-49696-972-8 | £55.00
Loft Publications
Wood Houses
Ken Liu
Freestyle Graphics
May 2009 | 240 pages |
Hardback | Code 67457 |
ISBN 978-8-4969-906-3 | £28.00
May 2009 | 256 pages |
Paperback | Code 67462 |
ISBN 978-8-49696-935-3 | £32.50
Carles Broto
Sketch Landscape
Edited by Catherine
Collin, Sergi Costa Duran
June 2009 | 500 pages |
Hardback | Code 67757 |
ISBN 978-8-49246-387-9 | £35.50
High Density
Edited by Sergi Costa Duran
June 2009 | 216 pages |
Hardback | Code 69597 |
ISBN 978-8-49246-335-0 | £35.95
RIBA Publishing
Converted Spaces
New Prefab
New Religious
Sergi Costa
Francesce Zamora
Good Office Design
Edited by David Littlefield
Guide to DB05
Sarah Lupton
Edited by Cristina Paredes
October 2009 | 152 pages |
Hardback | Code 68701 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-328-4 | £25.00
May 2009 | 256 pages |
Hardback | Code 67756 |
ISBN 978-8-4924-334-3 | £35.50
March 2009 | 192 pages |
Paperback | Code 63909 |
ISBN 978-8-49693-633-1 | £24.80
July 2009 | 256 pages |
Paperback | Code 63911 |
ISBN 978-8-49693-635-5 | £24.80
Le Corbusier:
The Art of
(a book of
16 postcards)
NBS Domestic
2nd Edition
Shortcuts Book 2:
Shortcuts Book 1:
Structure and Fabric Sustainability
and Practice
Austin Williams
Martin Wainwright
February 2009 | 224 pages |
Hardback | Code 61864 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-244-7 | £19.95
Austin Williams
October 2008 | 16 pages |
Paperback | Code 66904 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-319-2 |
£7.34 + VAT
November 2008 | 104 pages |
Paperback | Code 67168 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-318-5 |
March 2009 | 172 pages |
Paperback | Code 67742 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-321-5 | £25.00
March 2009 | 176 pages |
Paperback | Code 67743 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-322-2 | £25.00
Good Practice
Good Practice
Guide: Building
Condition Surveys
Good Practice
Guide: Inspecting
Mike Hoxley
Nicholas Jamison
Good Practice
Negotiating the
Planning Maze
July 2009 | 160 pages |
Paperback | Code 68971 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-308-6 | £19.95
February 2009 | 184 pages |
Paperback | Code 63510 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-193-8 | £19.95
November 2009 |
200 pages | Code 69963 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-346-8 | £17.95
Andy Grossman
May 2009 | 104 pages |
Paperback | Code 68700 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-312-3 | £19.95
July 2009 | 192 pages |
Paperback | Code 61861 |
ISBN 978-1-85946-269-0 | £39.95
Shaping the City
John Collins and
Philip Moren
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