June 8-18 •15-25 • July 6-16 • 13-23 • 20-30 • 27


June 8-18 •15-25 • July 6-16 • 13-23 • 20-30 • 27
June 8-18 •15-25 • July 6-16 • 13-23 • 20-30 • 27-August 5
Monday-Thursday, 8:00 a.m. – 10:00 a.m.
Looking to improve on your personal best from the recent track
season? Or maybe you were just a few seconds away from making
the varsity squad? If you want to get faster, stronger, and learn
proper technique, summer Gazelle training is for you! Come join
former NCAA Champion Gilbert Tuhabonye as he teaches proper
running mechanics, drills, stretching, and exciting core strengthening
COST: $100/week
LOCATION: RunTex Riverside, 422 W. Riverside
CONTACT: Gilbert Tuhabonye
[email protected]
512.472.3254, ext. 207
First Name:________________________ Last Name:________________________________________
Address:__________________________________________________________ Age:______________
City:___________________________________ State:__________________ Zip:_________________
Home Phone:___________________________ Work Phone:___________________________________
Email:____________________________________________ Shirt Size: S M L XL Gender: M F
Start (Circle one): June 8-18 •15-25 July 6-16 • 13-23 • 20-30 • 27-August 5
Attach Cash or Check made payable to: Gilbert Tuhabonye
In consideration of this entry, I hereby release Gilbert Tuhabonye, RunTex, the officials of this program
and any and all groups, people, and facilities connected with the RunTex Gilbert's Gazelles Training
Group for any and all injuries incurred to me or by me or any acts or omissions by any organization, or
individual that take place during said program. I further certify that I am physically able to participate in
this program. I hereby grant full permission to any and all of the forgoing to use any photos, videotapes,
motion pictures, and recordings or any record of this program.
Signature:_______________________________________________ Date:_______________________
(Parent or guardian if under 18)

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