A Rodders Life In Focus - Roland Delangen Qld 1923 T Bucket



A Rodders Life In Focus - Roland Delangen Qld 1923 T Bucket
A Rodders Life in Focus - Roland Delangen Qld
1923 T Bucket, 1955 Plymouth, and Wife’s 1947 Vauxhall
This is the story of my 1923 T Bucket, 1955 Plymouth, and Wife’s 1947 Vauxhall
It all started around 1995 when I decided to sell my Slingshot Dragster and build what I always wanted
which obviously was a T bucket. It started out as an OZ Rods starter kit but the chassis was 15mm out of
square so I cut most of it up and made my own. It took 4 years to build and although it wasn’t built to be a
show car I knew in my head what I wanted to build. All the work was carried out by me except for the
Stainless Steel Exhaust and the Upholstery.
The engine is a 1942 Ford Flathead which is now 260 cubic inch. It was factory relieved and only required
new pistons and valves. It has a modified twin carb Offenhauser manifold with a flat adaptor plate to take
the GM 4-53 Supercharger topped with 2 x 97s carbs. The motor had a set of original aluminium heads that
were polished when around 2003 a brand new set of Offenhauser heads was fitted. This whole set up has
proven to be very reliable. The rest of the drive train consists of a Ford 1 _ ton pickup 4 speed crash box (no
synchromesh). The diff is a Bourg Warner out of a Centura. This combination has proven to be built proof.
In April 1999 the T Bucket was registered and was also entered in the Labour Day May Brisbane Hot Rod
Show where I was lucky enough to win best bucket. Every year since it has been in the Brisbane hot rod
Show and so far has had 4 first places, 4 second places, and 1 third place. 2008 It took out a first place. It
has also won many trophies at the different shows that I have entered.
Not only did it do well as a show car but it has also won driving events with the 2001 Cane Toad Rod Run
at Nambour being one and also winning the 2008 Valla Rod Run Go to Woe. The Rod has been to every
Valla Rod Run since 1999 and also been driven on a trip to Sydney around 3 years ago.
This Rod has only let me down once (at Valla) where it had to be brought back to the park on the back of a
tow truck after a Cruise when a very small piece of casting in the Supercharger just locked up the rotors as
I went to start it. Lucky no damage done. Once back at the park it was just a matter of pulling the
Supercharger apart, Draw file across the inlet opening and put it back together and it has been fine ever
since. I have been very luck as this Rod has been very reliable and comfortable to drive.
Some interesting features of this particular T bucket are,
It has clear Perspex guards so at first glance it doesn’t look to have any mud guards.
The Alternator is actually mounted at the back of the gearbox and has a pulley and V Belt running off
the tail Shaft. This set up works really well but it doesn’t start to charge until you reach a speed of
around 40 ks plus.
The windscreen wipers are actually bolted threw glass of the windscreen.
The body on this Rod can be removed off the Chassis in _ an hour by one person. I have to first remove
the Windscreen Stays, Then the 6 Body to chassis bolts, The 4 seat belt bolts, Remove the Steering
Wheel, Also undo the Brake and Clutch pad of the pedal assembly, then finally unclip the 3 Trailer
wiring plugs and with the special lifting jig lift the body off. This makes for real ease of maintenance
and cleaning.
Well this is just the Readers Digest version as there has been many memorable moments and stories
driving around in this T Bucket including the many many smiles and waves from passing motorist and
pedestrians alike. I mean how often have you come to a T intersection or even a roundabout and
motorist have actually stoped and waved you threw just so that they can have a look and follow you for
A Rodders Life in Focus - Roland Delangen Qld
1923 T Bucket, 1955 Plymouth, and Wife’s 1947 Vauxhall
a while. Or when you fill up at the Petrol Station and people come over to have a look and a chat and
so it takes 30 minutes to fill the tank and move on but what the heck, it makes you feel real good that
you can bring a smile on someone’s face just because you own a T bucket.
My son and his new Bride going from the Church to the Reception
A Rodders Life in Focus - Roland Delangen Qld
1923 T Bucket, 1955 Plymouth, and Wife’s 1947 Vauxhall
I am also the proud owner of a 1955 Plymouth Belvedere . When purchaced 3 years ago it had only 63000
genuine miles on it. The car was all original except for the flames that had been painted and that it had been
lowered. All that I have had to do was have a new radiator made and replace the Valves in the original side
valve 6 cyl engine. This car is on full rego and is used as a daily driver.
All the gauges on the dash still work perfectly and as does all the running gear. Since purchasing the car I have
been given 2 spare engines (that run) plus a spare gearbox. Again for its age and for the fact that it has not been
restored this Plymouth is in very good condition and is still a pleasure to drive. P.S. I have the full history of this
car including the previous 3 owners and what was done in the way of repairs and maintenance.
The only reason that I’m selling the T bucket is my wife’s eldest daughter (Amy) is getting married in late 2010
and she wants to use the yet to be finished 1947 Vauxhall that I brought for my wife around 4 years ago. It was a
restored (Off the Chassis) car; all it needed was wiring and upholstery.
Now most of the Chassis work is done but now I need the money to really finish it off. I have got a little carried
away as I am also building up a 302 Ford Windsor V8 for this Rod but it will have a Wade Supercharger on top
along with 6 Stromberg Carburettors. All the work except upholstery will be carried out by me along with help
from my brother in law Cameron Martin.
A Rodders Life in Focus - Roland Delangen Qld
1923 T Bucket, 1955 Plymouth, and Wife’s 1947 Vauxhall
1947 Vauxhall
This photo, (above), was taken just days after the 47 was purchased and had all the running gear and front end
removed. The wheels and tyres were off the T bucket and just placed in the wheel wells. (The car is just sitting
on jack stands). The Vauxhall had a perfect body with brand new rubbers all round. Even the window winders
were new old stock so as you can see I had an excellent car to start off with.
As I mentioned I will be trying to finish this Rod off within the next year or so with the help of my brother in
law. Now Cameron Martin also has a rod that the both of us have been doing some work, to including the
replacement of the engine with a 290 HP crate 350 Chev motor. This engine was pulled down and Blue Printed
and Balanced before the 6-71 GM Supercharger went on it and reinstalled into his 1947 Chev Sedan.
Yours in Rodding - Roland Delangen Qld –
Thanks Roland. Rodders Life Team –Web Admin Mark.S

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