MyCCS Parent Directions
You will need your child’s Student ID number to register.
Please go to and select MyCCS.
Please select “register as a beta tester”.
Please type in your email address and any password you would like to use that is at least six characters in
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Please enter your information exactly as you listed it when you enrolled your child.
(*Nicknames can influence your registration as well as any incorrect information, if you are unsure please
contact your child’s school to verify your information.) Select Save and Continue.
Please enter as many numbers as you like. All of the numbers entered will be contacted in case of a school
emergency. Select Save and Continue.
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Please enter the LAST name of your student, their student ID number, their school and your relationship to
your student. To enter more students select “Add another student”. Once you have entered the information,
please select Save and Continue.
If you receive the following message: “Someone has already registered with this relationship for this student.”
Please verify that you have not already registered with MyCCS or email [email protected] to ask for help.
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Once you have successfully registered, and an e-mail link will be sent to the e-mail address you entered.
Once you have clicked on the e-mail link to activate your account, you may go to the MyCCS login and login
with your username (the email address you entered) and your password.
Select “Login”.
This is an example of the type of screen you will see when you login as a parent. To see your child’s grades,
select Webgrades. The Calendar shown is your child’s main school calendar.
To change your profile information, password, or add a student, please select Account Settings.
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Once you select “Webgrades”, you will see Student Grades, with your child’s name listed. Please click on your
child’s name.
This is an example of what your child’s grades will look like once you click on their name. To see specific class
assignments, please see the “Posted Assignments” section on the right hand side. Grades are taken directly
from the teacher’s online grade book. If there is an assignment that is not listed, please ask your child’s
If you cannot see your child’s grades, please email [email protected]
(Please note: Only secondary student’s grades will appear.)
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