Go to www.jiminypeak.com and click on Employee Login


Go to www.jiminypeak.com and click on Employee Login
Go to www.jiminypeak.com and click on Employee Login green button
Click on Create New Logon
Enter your information correctly
Choose a username and password; be sure to put two numbers in each with no more than 10 characters. Write down your
information so you remember it. Keep your login and password private and safe.
Click on HR Actions on the left of the screen
Click on the drop down arrow where it says form
Pick the first document called HR Actions Forms Understanding and Agreement and then click submit. You need
to submit this form only once.
Read the Understanding and Agreement form on the mid left of the screen by clicking on the name and then click on the
drop down arrow on the mid left of the screen.
Click on the yes and then type your name in the first box beneath. If you are a minor your parent must type their name in the
second box.
Enter your information correctly
To set up direct deposit choose the EFT Sign up form and click submit
You can utilize a combination of 5 checking accounts or 5 savings accounts but no more than 5 combined. To set up an
account for direct deposit do the following;
1. Enter your email address at the top of the page so your electronic pay stub can be sent to you.
2. Bank Code: Do not change code.
3. Description: You can give your account a description but it is not mandatory.
4. Bank Routing #: Enter your routing number.
5. Account #: Enter your account number.
6. Account Type: Choose either Checking or Savings.
7. Calculation Type: Choose either % or fixed amount. If % enter the amount of percentage. If all to one account put 100
8. Choose the date that you are filling out the form.
9. Scroll to the bottom of the page and click on Initiate HR Action.
10. It takes 2-3 weeks to begin.
11. You can go back into Abra at any time and change your direct deposit preferences. Please contact Payroll if you want
to cancel your account.
12. Be sure to always log out and close the window to protect your information.