Member Services - Credit Union 1


Member Services - Credit Union 1
Why join Credit Union 1?
Membership is easy
Switch Kit Checklist
Make sure all checks have cleared on your
old checking account.
Make certain enough funds are available in
your old account to cover any automatic
payments that may yet need to be withdrawn.
Double check maturity dates if transferring
a Certificate of Deposit in order to avoid
possible penalties.
You qualify for membership at Credit Union 1 if
• You are employed by an eligible Select
Employee Group. (ask for details)
• You have a family member who is currently
a Credit Union 1 member.
• You live or work within designated
Community Charter areas.
• You join the Credit Union 1 Educational
Development Association Inc.
Credit Union 1 is a cooperative,
not-for-profit organization.
Send written notice to your direct deposit
vendors (payroll, social security, CD interest
payments, etc.) that you want your direct
deposits to go to your new Credit Union 1
Send written notice to your vendors who
automatically take your payments from
your checking account (utilities, insurance
companies, internet service providers, etc.)
providing them with your new Credit Union 1
account information. Check for possible
online availability to make this change.
This means that:
• You own an equal share in the credit union
and vote to elect the volunteer Board of
• Profits earned by the credit union are
returned to you in the form of lower
interest rates on loans and higher dividend
rates on deposits.
Credit Union 1 is committed to
fulfilling your financial needs.
Send notification of new account information
to vendors who you want to start a new
automatic payment with. Check for possible
online availability to make this change.
Send written notice to your old financial
institution, or visit local branch office, notifying
them that you are closing your account.
Mission Statement
Credit Union 1 is a member-owned and
controlled financial institution dedicated to
providing convenient and competitive services
as a means of improving the ongoing
economic well-being of our members, while
promoting growth and maintaining the credit
union’s long-term financial stability.
Products & Services Guide
• Primary Savings Accounts
• Vacation Club Accounts
• Christmas Club Accounts
• Secondary Savings Accounts
• Share Certificates of Deposit
• Individual Retirement Accounts
• Money Market Deposit Accounts
• Express Checking Accounts
• Express Plus Checking Accounts
• Auto Loans
• Signature Loans
• Secured Loans
• Mortgage Loans
• Home Equity Loans
• Visa Platinum Credit Card
Additional Services
• Visa Debit Cards
• 1-Touch — Automated Phone Service
• Online Express — Home Banking Access
• Online Bill Pay
• eStatement Express
• Direct Deposit
• Courtesy Pay
• 24 hour ATM’s
• Shared Branching Locations
(800) 252-6950
Open Your New Credit Union 1 Account
• Your first step in switching starts
when you open a new account at
Credit Union 1. All you need is $5.00 to
open a Primary Savings account and
become a member.
• Now you can start enjoying the full
benefits of membership at Credit Union 1.
See back panel for a complete list of
products and services.
• Be sure to open a Checking account
and sign up for eStatements and online
bill pay.
Switch Automatic Transactions
Close Your Former Account
Next use forms 1 and 2 included in this
packet to contact the companies you
currently use for automatic transfers. The
checklist below may be helpful.
Be sure to allow a few days for your automatic
payment transfers to be processed and
established at Credit Union 1 before closing
your former account.
Direct Deposit: Use form 1
Use form 3 included in this packet to contact
your previous financial institution to close
your account and request a check of
account balance(s) to be sent to you.
Payroll Department
Retirement & Pension
Social Security Administration
Automatic Withdrawals: Use form 2
Mortgage Company
Auto Insurance
Life Insurance
Make sure you allow enough time for any
checks or debits to have cleared your former
account before closing it.
Switching is a Snap
Fill out each simple card
and we’ll have you switched
in no time. If you are switching
multiple accounts, feel free
to make as many copies
as you need. If you need
assistance, visit any of our
branch locations or contact
us at

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