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Mobile Messaging
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The Multimedia Interactive Technology Company
Leading the Industry since 2001
What is MiXTV?
The ultimate turnkey solution for broadcasters who wish to
engage their audiences in multi-player TV games and
interactive programs without the need of a return path!
A large audience can easily interact and communicate
through their mobile phones, using SMS, WAP, MMS, IVR
and J2ME Mobile applications
Each player can see his response graphically animated in
real-time on screen
All interactive games are enhanced with chat & instant
messaging features to create a “sticky” virtual community
MiXTV Benefits
Fast time to market & Cost effective production
– thanks to XHTML provisioning based servers and readily
available set of games
Convergence of TV, Internet & Mobile Messaging
Operates on analog, digital, terrestrial and DBS
Real-time synchronized interaction through SMS, WAP,
Interactive ‘back channel’
– by using mobile messaging
Massive, real-time, multi player capabilities
– as part of the MiX Entertainment Server
Leverage on existing content
– capable of using web games and content
MiXTV Entertainment Server
is a multi-platform game session
server, which enables the delivery of
enhanced, interactive TV across
multiple communication barriers, it
processes and analyzes all data before
MiXTV Director is
responsible to inject the
interactive stream to the
appropriate application
then generates broadcast
quality signals
MiXTV Channels
•Enhanced TV
•Fix Odds
Fix Odds channel
•Horse Race
– All games can be played for fun, prizes and/or for real
– Enhanced TV versions of games are available –
games are overlaid on top of program video
– Games are enhanced with community features
Family channel
•Simple Math
•Shoot’em up
– All games can be played for fun and/or for prizes
– Enhanced TV versions of games are available –
games are overlaid on top of program video
– Games are enhanced with community features
– Players scores are saved and leader board is presented
Enhanced TV
Portfolio Samples
Enhanced TV
Optional moderation
Can register a Nickname
Support for Avatars and
Portfolio Samples
Enhanced TV
As the people send their
votes, MiXTV Poll
Center automatically
collects them in inbox.
The received votes are
checked against the
specified voting rules,
and classified according
to the list of the
expected votes. As the
time passes you can
monitor all events in the
voting in real time.
Portfolio Samples
Enhanced TV
Quiz Show
The question is overlaid
the program at the
bottom of the screen
with multiple choice
answers and the SMS
There is a real-time vote
counter and countdown
clock to add to the
Fix Odds Channel
Portfolio Samples
Fix Odds
A game starts every 3
Player can place a bet
up to 10 sec
before wheel spins
Bet confirmation is sent
via SMS to players
Optional moderation &
Portfolio Samples
Fix Odds
Hi - Lo
50 games per hour
Real time statistics
presented on screen
Bet confirmation is sent
via SMS to players
Optional moderation &
Family Channel
Portfolio Samples
Memory game with a
Equal Pairs are cleaned
from the board
Left squares ‘travel’ to
empty places
New round starts once
board is completely
Continuous game,
multi-player game arena
Portfolio Samples
Trivia - Blitz
The question appears on
the screen with multiple
choice answers.
The SMS number is
Chat text scrolls from
the bottom of the
screen in real-time.
Portfolio Samples
Simple Math
Player receives 35 preselected numbers on a
Personal card is
obtained through a
J2ME application
Generated numbers are
presented on TV
Player can clear any
numbers on card that
their sum is equal to the
number presented
New round starts once
any player’s card is
Portfolio Samples
Shoot’em UP
Max 20 players at a
Player’s waiting list to
enter the game is
Player sends direction of
his avatar - up, down,
left, right, etc – to
combat others
Continuous game, once
shot, player is replaced
by next one in cue
A voting dual game
This is a football penalty shoot-out. The player can
choose to be either the goalkeeper or the kicker.
There is an entire team of players behind each of
these characters. The players for the goalkeeper’s
team must decide where should he jump to and how
high. The players for the kicker should decide where
should he kick to and how high. The game’s statistical
engine makes the characters move according to the
majority of their teams. Once the moves have been
sent, the characters act, and the outcome are shown.
In the next round, the players have to change position.
Rock Paper Scissor
• Two teams compete in a Rock Paper
Scissor fight to the end. There can only be
one winning team, and there are lots and
lots of tactics to achieve it.
• Every user can choose the team they want
to play with in this team effort battle of
combinations. But have they made the
right choice?
Blank multiplayer crossword puzzle
A crossword puzzle structure is drawn on the
screen, but there are no crossword definitions.
It is already solved, but the words are not
revealed. Every player can send whatever
word they want to any of the numbered
• Every move affects the other players. If a
player successfully places a word in the
puzzle, he or she blocks the crossing squares,
forcing other players to adjust to the new
letters that appear.
• Everyone can enter this game, and
everyone is on their own.
• In this dynamic board game, players try to
move coloured tiles on the board to form
straight lines and to collect point. But the
one who will win the board is the one who
will be able to gather same-coloured tiles
around a single tile to create a siege, and
to become the conqueror.
The Korean board game
This is the crazy Korean board game that is
played by teams. After the board is displayed,
users choose their teams according to the choice
of piece colour.
• Each team has 4 pieces. The turns are set
according to colours: first red, than blue, then
green and brown at the end. In every turn the
team can make the number of steps that the die
announces. The team only chooses what piece
to move.
• The object of the game is to get all the 4 pieces
to the finish line. There is only one problem: If
another team places its piece on an occupied
square, it will conquer that square and send the
piece that was already there back to the start...
MTV Concepts review
• MTV- Time Square Video boards
• Spike
• Other Viacom properties?
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your content to create converged TV
programs with revenue generating formats
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