What Sumatanga Means to Me...
I am the 3rd generation of my family to
come here. This place has worked many
miracles for me. Love is obviously here.
People here care for us and our journey.
Thank you for keeping the joy ALIVE!
-Summer Camper Jacob
Camp and Conference Center
3616 Sumatanga Road
Gallant, AL 35972
This summer has been amazing….. but
my favorite part of this summer was being able to come to Sumatanga. It is an
experience like no other. I really want to
come back next year and the year after
that and the year after that and even
more summers after that.
-Summer Camper Emily
I heard God’s call on my life when receiving Holy Communion at Sumatanga.
- A Pastor
Affording the Ministry
We Cannot Afford To Lose
Some Summer Camp 2013 Vital Statistics
 100% said this is a Christian place.
 98% experienced grace through forgiveness.
 100% learned ways to serve God and
 73% gained a better understanding
of the Bible.
 94% liked the worship
 95% said they would use what they
learned at camp in their church at
 89% grew in their relationship with
 99% want to come back to camp.
Rev. Mark Parris
Director of Development
[email protected]
You are changing lives… and
with God’s help, those lives will
one day change the world.
Believing that prayer can remove obstacles
and open doors, a prayer ministry for Sumatanga has been launched. Two laywomen are leading and coordinating this team.
The team prays for camp leadership and
staff, and for each person or group that
comes to be refreshed at Sumatanga. They
also pray for God’s blessing and help as
Sumatanga turns the corner into a brighter
What Your Gift Means to Sumatanga and Our Guests
If you desire to be a part of this vital prayer
ministry and receive Sumatanga prayer
updates, email:
[email protected]
Every person who comes to Sumatanga has the
opportunity to experience God in many different
ways – from the beauty of creation to the stories
told by others on the journey. Many people have
said that when they are at Sumatanga it is like
being on Holy Ground because God has
changed so many lives in this special place.
Your gift to Sumatanga will not only maintain,
but enhance our high level of quality programming. In addition to the outstanding summer
camps that are provided for youth and children,
we are offering new camps this year to reach
more people. Horse Camps, Athletic Camps, a
Princess Camp, Adventure Camps, camps for
grandparents and grandchildren...these are some
of the new offerings Sumatanga has for summer
camp this year.
Your gift to Sumatanga will help ensure attractive and comfortable accommodations for our
guests. We are committed to upgrading our facilities and maintaining a high level of comfort and
attractiveness. Already many of our guests are
noticing changes and expressing appreciation.
Your service helps make
our service possible.
Sumatanga has opportunities for service for
your group or church. We welcome volunteer groups to come and “give back” to this
camp you love through hands-on work projects. We have many opportunities to utilize
your special gifts in our ministry to God’s
Contact: Mark “Bruno” Hughes at
[email protected]
But most importantly, your gift will make it possible for Sumatanga to continue the ministry of
changing lives by the grace of God. This wonderful place truly is Holy Ground. Thank you for
investing in changed lives!
We Can Do More!
Yes, I would like to partner with Sumatanga and help change lives!
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3616 Sumatanga Road
Gallant, AL 35972