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Coming Soon!
Coming Soon!
Jakes Day @ CEWC—May 7
National Centershot Tournament—May 13
Archery Day Camp May 31— June 4
Shooting Sports Camp June 13-18
Archery Day Camp in the Newnan
Area. Other camps are being held
throughout the summer. Contact
us to have one in your area!
Duck Craze FCAO outdoor event @ Fox Hall August 6
Atlanta Buckarama August 5-7
Perry Buckarama August 19—21
Shooting Sports Camp 2016
Help spread the word concerning this great opportunity! Exhibition shooting by
world record holder Micah McMillian! Instinctive training by James Rutland!
Cost is $285 register at:
or contact Paul Dennis for more info or to learn how to scholarship a camper.
Check out the New Ministry trailer! We are grateful for
God’s provision and we are currently looking to acquire two
more smaller box trailers for the ministry. Thanks to Dale
Morrell of Morrell Targets and Keith Kelly and Hank Parker
with C’mere Deer and Swhaker Broadheads for providing
much useful equipment! Below is a productive use of the
fishing equipment at Farm Day 2016 with some of the
kids from Jay’s Hope.
The BASS Elite Series is off to a big
start as well as HS fishing! Please
pray for Micah Frazier and those
representing Christ and FCAO on
the fishing trail.
Volunteers Needed!
If you would like to help with FCAO, email or call Paul Dennis at
[email protected] or 404-642-7819
If you would like to donate to this ministry go to:
Visit us online at
In the last 6 weeks we have seen over 150 people
accept Christ! The Lord has graciously saved souls at
sportsman banquets, archery events, skeet shoots,
school huddles, community events, and church
Fish On!
John 1:12
“But as many as received Him, to them He gave the right to
become children of God, to those who believe in His name.