Michigan Moose Association
c/o Robert Staley
28596 Downey Street
Dowagiac, MI 49047
Official Publication of the Michigan Moose Association
Third Quarter 2011
New L.O.O.M. Appointments
Jim Colby, Ann Arbor 1253
Appointed for a 7 Year Term
on the Supreme Forum
Robert Porn, Flushing 1437
Deputy Supreme Governor
John Tate, Wayne 835
Deputy Supreme Governor
New W.O.T.M. Appointments
Charlene Welch, Taylor Chapter 992
Appointed to the International
Academy of Friendship Board
Debby Nutter, Otsego Chapter 672
Deputy Grand Regent
Governor Merit Award Winners
Mike Burkholder, Grand Rapids/Sparta 50
Kenneth McDonald, Otsego 345
Edward Vasas, Ypsilanti 782
Patrick McTaggart, Caro 1049
Gerald Flaws, Westland 2143
Premier Lodge Award Winners
Grand Rapids/Sparta 50 – Platinum
Wyoming 763 – Gold
Ypsilanti 782 – Gold
Livonia 1317 – Gold
Westland 2143 – Gold
Caro 1049 – Gold
Otsego 345 – Gold
Grayling 1162 – Gold
Holly 1168 – Gold
Ann Arbor 1253 – Silver
East Detroit 222 – Silver
Lincoln Park 1665 – Silver
Lewiston 2495 – Silver
edward dalsasso Award
Otsego 345
Freemont Moose Lodge
Tracy Tanis has been the #1
ranked “individual” donation
to the Michigan MS Society for
2009 and 2010 – hoping for
another year in 2011. Tracy’s
grand total since starting to
raise money in 2004 is $74,288.
We have donated the money
when attending the MS Walk in
Traverse City Michigan in late
June each year. For the past four years, Fremont Moose Lodge 1555 has hosted a benefit/fundraiser for the MS
Society. In 2007 we raised $4000, in 2008 we raised $6200, in 2009 we raised $7800 (this includes
raffling a bike off for $1000). In 2010 we raised $8700 and a raffle $3200. In 2011 we raised $7427
and raffled $2820. The way I see it, with the moose’s help, we have raised $40,147 total. We have
raised this money by holding spaghetti and lasagna dinners, silent auctions and having the band
donate their earnings for the night. We need to thank the Lodge for allowing us to use the social
quarters and kitchen to raise all this money. Lewiston Moose Family Center
The Lewiston Moose Family Center #2495
presented a check for $1200.00 to the
Lewiston Little League Baseball Teams.
Presenting the check to Chantal Van Dusen
of First Federal Bank are Township Trustee
Brad Aarons, Lodge Governor Ken Honeycutt
and Jr. Governor Ron Hoadley.
In July, the Lewiston Moose Family Center held a fundraiser for Juvenile Diabetes.
Jenna, pictured right, is the granddaughter of Moose members Cathy and Bob Stafford
of Lewiston. She was diagnosed with JD at 8 years old. She now wears an insulin
pump that helps her control her sugar levels, and gives her more freedom in school,
play and in traveling.
Hotdogs and brats, a 50/50 and a live auction brought in a total of $700+.
Proceeds were given to the JD Foundation. Live music was provided by Harry Pagen,
and Mary Lou Barber from the Lewiston Library did a craft project with the kids.
This fundraiser was done as a Community Service Project by the Moose Lodge.