Krawler T/A KX - Suburban Tire


Krawler T/A KX - Suburban Tire
Krawler T/A
World champion rock-crawling
Krawler T/A KX
The tire that has won more rock-crawling
championships than any other tire.*
*From 1/1/04 through 6/29/05, BFGoodrich® tires won 82 of 91 major rock-crawling competitions.
BDD21589 (1 of 2)
Ultra-aggressive deep-lug tread pattern
helps provide exceptional traction in rock,
mud and dirt.
Molded or grooveable tread lets you tune
performance to specific conditions.
Brawny, solid sidewall lugs aid traction and
puncture resistance.
Rim protector helps protect wheel and tire
from on- and off-road hazards, especially
during aired-down driving.
Shape-adapting X-tra traction tread
compound helps conform better to
uneven surfaces for increased traction.
Race-spec carcass for outstanding
toughness and durability.
TriGard® Plus Construction features
three nylon carcass plies plus an extra
sidewall ply to help provide exceptional
strength, puncture and bruise resistance.
BDD21589 (2 of 2)
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