DB003 40.00-57 68 pr U-11
Product description
The EUROTIRE DB003 premium bias tire for haulage application features a deep E4 tread for
maximum traction and special tread compound for maximum life.
• Premium deep tread delivers superior tread wear;
• Special compounds for exceptional wear and cut resistance;
• Open, non-directional tread pattern provides excellent self-cleaning;
Product specifications*
Product code
Weight (kgs/lbs)
3,605 / 7,950
Tread type
Max load per tire (kgs/lbs)
54,500 / 120,150
Tire size
Overall diameter (mm/inch)
3,575 / 140.7
Rim size/Flange
29X57 / 6.0
Overall width (mm/inch)
1,165 / 45.6
Ply rating
Static loaded radius (mm/inch) 1,612 / 63.4
Load index
Tread depth (mm/32nds)
94.5 / 118
Inflation pressure (kPa/PSI)
550 / 80
Dual spacing (mm/inch)
1,310.6 / 51.6
This product is compatible with:
Komatsu 830E
Terex MT4400, MT4400AC
Available Worldwide:
We provide direct shipment to customers worldwide and maintain regional
distribution facilities to serve your needs.
To learn more about our products or to
place an order visit www.eurotire.net
Caterpillar 793D
Liebherr T252, T 263
Warehousing Facilities:
USA East
USA West
Asia & Pacific
Chesapeake, VA
Houston, TX
Brisbane & Perth,
Constanza, Romania
Odessa, Ukraine
Corporate Headquarters: 1370 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10019
* The above cold inflation pressures are based on the maximum load carrying captivity of this tire design at a maximum speed of 30 mph (48kph) and a maximum travel distance of 2.5 miles (4 km) one way. These published inflation pressures may not be
optimum for your operation. For the recommended inflation pressure for your given operation, please contact your Eurotire engineering department.
All cold inflation pressures are calculated base on TRA and ETRTO engineering design guide for the maximum load carrying captivity of the given tire size and ply or star rating.