iPhone Instructions - New Albany Schools website


iPhone Instructions - New Albany Schools website
Click “settings”
Click “other”
Click “Mail”
Click “Add Account”
Click “add mail account”
Enter your info as I did here. Imagine
this employees name is Steve Smith
so his school email address would be
[email protected]
Fill in this screen
So it looks like this one
Click next
Anytime this comes up click “YES”
At this point you will get an error.
Click next again. It may ask you this
again, click yes again if it does.
IMPORTANT: At some point a screen
will come up stating that the email
account may not be able to send or
receive mail. It will give you the
choice to “Save” Go ahead and save.
When this screen comes up click
You are not done yet...
Go back to settings, then click mail,
then choose your new albany
On the next screen tap the “account”
Then scroll down and click the
outgoing mail server “SMTP”
Make sure this says “1586”
It will probably be 587, change it to
Then click “done”
Now Click the “account” button at the
top left of the screen.
Last Click “done”
Now go check your mail. If you get
an error at this point you entered the
wrong password for your school
groupwise email when you setup the

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