May 15, 2016 - Immaculate Conception Catholic Church


May 15, 2016 - Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
Est. 1789—the oldest Parish in Southeast Missouri
605 Davis Street
New Madrid, MO 63869
Parish (573) 748-5183
School 748-5123
[email protected]
The Very Rev. Jaroslaw Z. Skrzypek,
J.C.L., V.F., Pastor
e-mail: [email protected]
The Rev. Mr. James Darter, Deacon
Ms. Gail Shy, Admin. Asst.
Giving Summary
May 8
May 1
Apr 24
Thanks for your support
$13,845.27 $17,505.86
$12,380.13 $14,434.66
$14,030.07 $21,499.89
One Church, East to West : Loving Jesus, Serving Jesus, Sharing Jesus
May 15 — Pentecost Sunday
Sacrament of Reconciliation — Saturday, 4 to 4:45 p.m.
Confessing our sins may be difficult for us, but it brings us peace. We are sinners and we need
God’s forgiveness. Pope Francis
Mass Schedule
Vigil, Pentecost Sunday
RCIA Candidates
Pentecost Sunday
May 15 Sun 11 am
ICS 8th Grade Graduation Mass
May 16 Mon 12:10 pm No Mass
May 17 Tue 8:15 am
May 18 Wed 12:10 pm
May 14 Sat
5 pm
+Ms. George Birish
+Margie Lewis
May 21 Sat
5 pm
Vigil, The Most Holy Trinity
+Robert Retz
+Linda L. Hunter
+Maria &
Mieczyslaw Skrzyepk
May 22 Sun
11 am
The Most Holy Trinity
Parish Family
Extraordinary Ministers
May 14
Sarah Ezell
Harry Gremore, Malinda Grunwald
May 15
8th Graders
Peter Rost, Charlotte Hogan
May 21
Harry Gremore
Kevin Carlisle, Glodine LaValle
May 22
Ed Riley
Malinda Darter, Ann Evans Copeland
To date our parish has given $6,780.00 toward our $13,229.00 goal. Thank you! If
you have not yet made your pledge, please add your gift, whatever the amount, in
unity with those who have already given by returning a pledge card.
Thank you for your generous response. To date 35 of 150 parish
families have responded to our request. We are asking each family to
make a generous donation of $50 or more. You may put your donation
in an envelope labeled “Bereavement” and place in the Collection basket at Mass or
drop off at the Parish office. The Bereavement Committee
Congratulations and welcome to our Parish Family through the RCIA
program to Jimmy & Julie Powell and their daughters Alaina & Alexis.
Collection Counters
Jake Nesselrodt
Lydia Fowler
Judy Daniels
Jeannie Harrington
Update : Total Gross $45,000
See attached insert for winners.
The diocese purchased the current bishop's residence on Walnut Street in
Springfield in 1960 for $75,000. All of the bishops of our diocese have lived in
this residence.
to our 8th Grade Graduates.
Camille Ash
Carson Cooper
Lily Johnson
Lizzie Bennett
Caroline Hampton
Emmie Wescoat
May God’s love and blessings
be with you as you graduate
and remain with you always.
Bobbi Moseley
Lynette Fowler
Ladies Seiko Watch
Cardinal Tickets
Kevin Carlisle
Brad Kolwyck
Pfister’s Corn
Nashville Hunting Trip
Fr. Jarek! & Kyle Ezell
Mary Shy
Sponsored by Immaculate Conception Catholic Church
And thanks to the cooks, the teachers, the workers who played games, sold tickets, setup or cleaned up and helped in anyway. It was truly a TEAM EFFORT.
$45,000 +
Special Thanks to Nancy Riley and her team, Casey Rost, Lori Brotherton,
and Ashley Long, for reaching the highest RiverFest Gross ever!
Our Students, Our School, Our Community
...and the BIGGEST WINNERS. . .
Prettiest Legs for Men
Yeti Cups
John Paul Wescoat
Patrick Carlson
Tree Service
Soil Sampling
Lauren Cook
Gavin Long
Alex Hampton
Bobby Lynn Nesselrodt
Fishing Trip & Pole
BowFishing Trip
Mary Kay Carter
Olivia Carlson
John Deere Riding Lawn Mower
Gas Grill
J. V. Robinson
Christy Hampton
Diamond Ear Rings
Marcel Jones
JoBeth Williams
Reelfoot Get-Away
Destin Vacation
And the Winners are . . .

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