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See it here! - Napoli Foods, Inc.
Dream Bomba
Classic vanilla and chocolate A heart of caramel surroundgelato separated by a cherry ed by peanut butter gelato,
and sliced almonds covered coated in milk chocolate and
in cinnamon, finished with a decorated with peanut butter
chocolate coating
Exotic Bomba
Mango, passion fruit and
raspberry sorbetto, all
covered in white chocolate and drizzled with
Mandarin Ripieno
Lemon Ripieno
Orange Ripieno
Orange sorbetto served in Mandarin sorbetto served Refreshing lemon sorbetin the natural fruit shell
to served in the natural
the natural fruit shell
fruit shell
Sicilan Style Cannoli Cream
Choose from a variety of
delicious and easy to
dispense cannoli creams;
pair them with crisp and
light 3-5” shells
Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate sponge base
topped with a rich
chocolate mousse and
dusted with cocoa
Limoncello Truffle
Lemon gelato with a
heart of limoncello,
covered in meringue
3 Chocolate Mousse
Chocolate Mousse Cake
Chocolate Fondant Cake
Chocolate layer cake filled White and dark chocolate A chocolate sponge base
mousse on a sponge base,
topped with a dark
with a rich chocolate
coated with chocolate
chocolate mousse and
cream, topped with a
and topped with white
dusted with cocoa
chocolate miroir
chocolate shavings
Red Velvet Cake
A red-hued chocolate
layer cake, filled and iced
with a smooth cream
cheese frosting, finished
with chocolate drizzles
Coconut Ripieno
Mango Ripieno
Creamy coconut sorbetto Mango sorbetto served in
served in the natural fruit
the natural shell
Peach Ripieno
Peach sorbetto served in
the natural fruit shell
Coconut Ripieno
Creamy coconut sorbetto
served in the natural fruit
Cappucino Truffle
Kid's Bear
Cappuccino gelato with a Chocolate gelato decoratheart of espresso, covered ed bear with chocolate
with coffee flavored
ears and face
meringue sprinkles
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Alternating layers of rich
fudgy cake and smooth
chocolate butter cream,
covered with chocolate
Carrot Cake Pre Cut
Amaretto Cake Whole
Napoleon Cake Whole
Cinnamon, chopped
Two layers of sponge cake Crisp layers of puff pastry
walnuts and pineapple;
filled with Amaretto
filled with pastry cream
covered with a cream
flavored cream; Amaretto
and decorated with
cheese topping; sprinkled
cookies and Chantilly
powdered sugar
with crushed walnut
cream rosettes on top
Black Forest Cake
Chocolate sponge cake
layered with chocolate and
Chantilly creams, Amarena
cherries, and white sponge
cake; chocolate ribbon top
Grandmother Cake
Pastry cream with a hint
of lemon on a base of
short pastry, covered with
pine nuts, almonds and
powdered sugar
Mango Mousse Pre Cut
Monterosa Pre Cut
Mixed Berry Cakes
Fresh mango mousse on a A creamy mix of mascaravailable in 8” or 12”
sponge cake, decorated
pone and ricotta cheese,
Short pastry base with
with a mango glaze
divided by a delicate layer almond cream, topped
of sponge cake, topped with blueberries, raspberwith wild strawberries
ries and red currants
Mini Mixed Berry Cake Lemon Blueberry Crumb
A pastry shell filled with
Chantilly cream, topped Creamy lemon cheesecake
with an assortment of
topped with blueberries
berries; powdered sugar and brown sugar crumbs,
sits on a cookie base
Tiramisu Round Cake
Zabaione cream divided
by three layers of
espresso-soaked sponge
cake and dusted with
cocoa powder
Tiramisu Toasted
Almond Cake
Layers of sponge cake
filled with mascarpone
cream and topped with
toasted almonds
Torta Nocciola Pre Cut
Alternating layers of
hazelnut cake, hazelnut
cream and chocolate
cream, topped with
praline hazelnuts
Tiramisu Ladyfingers
Toscanella Whole
Layers of espresso
A puff pastry base topped
drenched lady fingers
with a layer of pastry cream
separated by mascarpone and Chantilly cream with
cream and dusted with
orange cubes, cream puffs,
cocoa powder
and a chocolate ribbon
Chocolate Chip Cheesecake
New York style cheesecake
studded with chocolate
chips and covered with
chocolate flakes; sits on a
sponge cake base
Ricotta Cheesecake
Cheesecake made with
ricotta cheese, delicately
textured with a hint of
natural orange essence
Chocolate Ganache
Raspberry Cheesecake Peanut Butter Cheesecake
Filled with peanut butter
A sponge cake base
New York style cheesecake
cups; cookie base; chocolate
topped with New York
style cheesecake, topped
with a thick, rich layer of
fudge topping; decorated
with raspberry marmalade
chocolate ganache, on a
with peanut butter
and cream rosettes
chocolate sponge cake base
cream rosettes
Mini New York
Key Lime Cheesecake
Pistachio Cheesecake
New York Cheesecake
New York style cheeseTraditional New York
with pistachio pieces,
A cookie crust holds a
cake with a splash of key cheesecake flavored with A small version of Bindi’s
velvety dulce de leche
topped with a light
famous New York cheesea hint of vanilla on a
cheesecake, topped with lime juice, decorated with
pistachio mousse and
key lime glaze and cream sponge cake base; pre-cut cake, flavored with a hint sprinkled with pistachios,
dulce de leche mousse
of vanilla
or whole
and chocolate shavings
on a cookie crumb base
Dulce De Leche Cheesecake
Crème Brûlée
Berry Crumble Cheesecake
Apple Tart
Mini Berry Crumble
Pear Tartlet
A creamy custard
Short pastry base filled Puff pastry covered with a
A moist buttery cake
A cookie crust and creamy
presented in a traditional
with sliced apples, topped layer of almond cream
studded with red currants
vanilla cheesecake,
ceramic ramekin
with an almond cream
and topped with pear
topped with red currants, and blueberries, topped
blueberries and a crunchy with a crunchy crumble
Espresso Crème Brûlée
Creamy custard flavored
with espresso, topped
with caramelized sugar
Crème Brûlée & Berries
A layer of raspberry sauce
topped with a creamy
custard and decorated
with mixed berries coated
in caramel
Coppa Catalana
Crème Brûlée
Creamy custard flavored
with espresso, topped
with caramelized sugar
Profiteroles Glass
Cream puffs surrounded
by vanilla and chocolate
Tiramisu Glass
Sponge cake soaked in
espresso, topped with
mascarpone cream and
dusted with cocoa
Chocolate Mousse Glass
Rich chocolate mousse
and Zabaione, topped
with chocolate curls
Tiramisu Cup
Coffee and Zabaione
cream on a layer of
sponge cake soaked in
espresso, dusted with
cocoa powder
Profiteroles Cup
Puff pastry filled with
vanilla cream and covered
in chocolate cream
Coppa Spagnola
Vanilla and Amarena
cherry gelato swirled
together, topped with
real Amarena cherries
Coppa Stracciatella
Chocolate chip gelato
swirled together with
chocolate syrup, topped
with cocoa powder and
Coppa Yogurt & Berries
Yogurt gelato swirled
together with mixed
berry sauce, topped with
blueberries and currants
Coppa Pistachio
Custard gelato cup
swirled with chocolate
and pistachio ice cream
topped with praline
Coppa Caffè
Fior di latte gelato with
rich coffee and pure
cocoa swirl
Guava Mango Flute
Creamy tropical guava
gelato swirled with sweet
mango sauce
Hazelnut Chocolate Flute
Limoncello Flute
Refreshing lemon gelato
swirled together with
Sabayon, chocolate and
cream semifreddo ice
cream and candied fruit
Blood Orange Marscapone
Edible flower atop a blood
orange mascarpone mousse
with a heart of blood orange
marmalade, all nestled on a
tender sponge cake
Mini Key Lime Cheesecake
A graham cracker base,
topped with a key-lime
splashed New York
cheesecake, decorated
with a key lime glaze
Smooth hazelnut gelato
swirled with rich chocolate sauce presented in a
flute glass
Mini Hazelnut Ganache Sea Salt Caramel Gelato
Layers of ganache and
hazelnut spongecake with Sea salt caramel gelato
a hint of rum, decorated
atop a devil's food cake
with crushed hazelnuts
and powdered sugar
Coppa Raspberries & Cream
Coppa Marscapone
A delicate sponge cake
Creamy custard flavored
holds a layer of
with espresso, topped
raspberries topped with
with caramelized sugar
mascarpone cream and
decorated with crushed
Mini Chocolate
Chocolate Duo Mousse
Ganache Cheesecake
Candied cherries separate a
layer of white and dark
Mini New York cheesecake
chocolate mousse on a base
topped with a layer of
of chocolate sponge cake,
chocolate ganache
finished with chocolate
Chocolate Salted
Chocolate Souffle
Caramel Souffle
Moist chocolate cake with
Moist chocolate cake with
a heart of creamy rich
a heart of creamy salted
A traditional Neapolitan
rum soaked cake
Cream Croissant
Large croissant filled with
Poker di Frolle
Esse Mignon (pictured top)
Dama checkered shortbread An assortment of 4 pastry
Cantucci traditional biscotti
cookies: three short
Bacio Di Dama w/ hazelnut
pastry cookie varieties,
Chocolate Bacio Di Dama
Fragola w/ strawberry (right) plus sugared cookies with
Mandorlino w/ maraschino
an almond on top
Sabbiosino w/ dark chocolate
Chocolate mousse on a
chocolate sponge cake
base with crunchy
gianduia center, dusted
with cocoa powder
Chocolate Caramel Crunch
A flourless chocolate cake
filled with crunchy almond
bits, topped with creamy
caramel and hazelnuts
drizzled with chocolate
Chocolate Truffle
Chocolate sponge base
topped with a rich
chocolate mousse and
dusted with cocoa
Plain Croissant
Large plain croissant
Apricot Croissant
Large croissant filled with
Chocolate Croissant
Large croissant filled with
Profiteroles Dark
24 Puff/Tray
Cream puffs filled with
Chantilly cream and
enrobed in chocolate
Profiteroles White
24 Puff/Tray
Cream puffs filled with
chocolate and coated in
white chocolate
Profiteroles World
30 Puff/Tray
Cream puffs filled with
Chantilly cream and
enrobed in chocolate
BINDI GELATO [1.24 gal.]
French Vanilla · Vanilla Bean · Chocolate
Strawberry · Salted Caramel
Hazelnut · Gianduia (chocolate and hazelnut)
Chocolate Chip · Mint Chocolate Chip
Dark Chocolate · White Chocolate
Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip
Coffee · Cappucino · Coffee Toasted Almond
Cookies & Cream · Dulce De Leche · Tiramisu
Greek Yogurt · Green Tea · Coconut
Butter Pecan · Toasted Almond · Pistachio
Cinnamon · Pumpkin Pie
BINDI SORBETTO [1.24 gal.]
Lemon · Mandarin · Orange · Blood Orange
Coconut · Mango · Pineapple
Passion Fruit · Pink Lemonade · Peach
Strawberry · Raspberry · Mixed Berry
Irish Cream Bash Pie
White chocolate
mousse and delicate
chocolate cake
crumbles, tipsy with
the finest Irish cream.
Chocolate Peanut
Butter Pie w REESE'S®
Peanut Butter Cups
The popular candy bar
in a pie! Dark chocolate
and peanut butter
mousse full of Reese's®
Peanut Butter Cups.
Torta Tiramisu
Mascarpone and
marsala flirting with
pillows of cake kissed
with coffee liqueur.
Caramel Apple Granny®
Buttery caramel and
toffee-studded custard
hug fresh Granny Smith
apples piled high in our
shortbread crust.
Chocolate Thunder
Rich, dark cake
exploding with dark
chocolate icing, deep
semi-sweet chocolate
pieces and dusted with
Dutch cocoa provides
the chocolate-onchocolate experience.
Big Apple Pie
Mounds and mounds
of tart, fresh, crisp
apples, saucy with
cinnamon apple cider
and loaded with
crunchy granola'd
Bourbon Street Pecan
Mammoth toasted
pecan halves in an
intoxicating filling,
laced with Kentucky
The Big Blitz Snickers®
Bar Pie The original pie
that eats like a candy
bar! Large chunks of
Snickers® bars, fudgy
brownie, caramel,
peanuts and a tart
cream cheese filling.
Big Chocolate Cake
Colossal... layer upon
layer of dark moist
chocolate cake,
sandwiched with our
silkiest smooth
chocolate filling, piled
high with chunks of
OREO® Cookie Bash
An OREO® cookie
universe of white 'n
milk chocolate cream,
starry with OREO®
chunks, and showered
with dark chocolate
Carrot Cake
From an old family
recipe -- dark, fruity,
and moist.
Chocolate Lovin'
Spoon Cake®
A giant mouthful of
chocolate pudding
between two layers
of dark, moist
chocolate drenched
chocolate cake.
Four High Carrot Cake
Layer upon layer of
moist carrot cake
studded with raisins,
walnuts and pineapple.
Finished with smooth
cream cheese icing, and
a drizzle of white
chocolate ganache.
Red Velvet Cake
Brilliant red velvet
cake layers, stacked
four high, are spread
with deep chocolate
truffle filling, then
filled and frosted with
tangy cream cheese
Big Carrot Cake
Six layers of incredibly moist carrot cake with
our cream cheese icing all studded with pecans
and shards of fresh toasted coconut.
Chocolate Peanut Butter
Turtle Molten Bundts
Moist and fudgy
chocolate bundt with
toasted pecans and a
luscious caramel
center that oozes
when warmed.
Sweet and salty peanut
butter crunch, light and
creamy milk chocolate and
buttery caramel, all layered
twice on our lighter-thanexpected brownie cake
hybrid. Finished with
crunchy honey roasted
Salted Caramel Vanilla
Our super naturally light
but buttery vanillaflecked cake has waves of
caramel cake with a
salted caramel crunch
layer, a creamy custard
layer and a caramel finish.
Pina Colada
Coconut layers
saturated with pina
colada syrup, covered
with pineapple filling
and a layer of coconutkissed whipped cream
and toasted coconut.
Big Cheese Brulee
Over 5 inches tall;
hand-fired this
classic NY
Cheesecake for a
provocative and
chef-made look.
Sinfully No-SugarAdded Cheesecake
A creamy, vanilla-flecked
cheesecake on a dense
chocolate crust. Hand
Fired for a chef-made
look. Put this in your
collection to tempt
customers on a low-carb
or diabetic diet.
Orange Cream
Smooth white
chocolate cheese is
layered on a creamy
cheesecake vibrantly
swirled with tangy
orange curd.
Banana Caramel
Cheesecake Xango
Rich, creamy
cheesecake layered
with chunks of banana
and real-butter
caramel within a flaky
pastry tortilla.
Flourless Chocolate
When you crave a knockout chocolate punch in
an unassuming delivery,
the flourless chocolate
torte is for you.
It is also gluten-free.
Crème Brulée
Crème brulée layered
and a-mingle with
the lightest of
cheesecakes. Handfired and mirrored
with burnt caramel.
Rich GODIVA Cheesecake baked with
chunks of milk chocolate topped with
chocolate mousse, chocolate ganache,
and chocolate whipped cream.
Molten Chocolate Cake
Deeply chocolate,
enrobed in chocolate
and filled with a dark
chocolate truffle. Serve
wickedly warm,
unleashing a rush of
molten chocolate to
your customers’ wild
Original Cheesecake
Rich, smooth
cheesecake, with a
slight tangy finish
rolled in melt-in-yourmouth, flaky pastry
Cheesecake Factory
Creamy California
cheesecake with a
graham cracker crumb.
Eli's Original
Simply a combination
of the best quality
slow-cultured cream
cheese, sour cream,
sugar, Madagascar
vanilla beans and
whole eggs. All baked
on our signature crisp
all-butter shortbread
cookie crust
Zuppe Inglese
Classic Italian rum cake,
made with rumflavored
chocolate and vanilla
cake, layered with
chocolate, zabaglione
and rum creams.
Trio Mousse Cake
A delicious mixture of
dark, light and white
chocolate mousse
separated by a moist
Lemoncello Cake
Four Layers of vanilla
flavored with
Lemoncello Liquer and
four layers of lemon
chantilly cream, drizzled
with lemon icing.
Cannoli Factory NY
NY Style Cheesecake
A truly remarkable and
delicious creamy
cheesecake, made with
a blend of creme
cheese and sour
Cannoli Cake
Cannoli filling
with chocolate chips
layers of chocolate
cake, topped off with
mocha cream.
Toasted Almond Cake
A luxurious italian dessert
made with espresso
soaked savoiardi cookies
covered in a special
mascarpone cheese
mixture and finished with
dutch cocoa.
Bacio Cake
Gianduia (chocolate
hazelnut) cream, fresh
roasted hazelnuts,
chocolate genoise and
rich, dark chocolate
A luxurious italian dessert
made with amaretto soaked
savoiardi cookies covered in a
special mascarpone cheese
mixture and finished with a
roasted almond brittle crunch
Black & White Mousse
Cake A buttery oreo crumb
crust fi lled with a layer
each of our scratch made
chocolate and vanilla
mousse topped with rich
chocolate ganache.
Mississippi Mud Cake
Chocolate brownie fudge
cake with scratch
chocolate mousse
layers of chocolate cake,
topped off with
mocha cream.
Hand made Cannoli Shells
that are deep fried to crisp
perfection, with a hint of
cinnamon, vanilla and
other natural flavors.
Mousse Cup Our
scratch made
chocolate mousse
cup is fi nished
with fresh
whipped cream
and topped with Whole milk ricotta impastata
blended together with pure
thin chocolate
cane sugar, mini chocolate
morsels, along with a blend
of spice and natural flavors.
Flaky clam shaped,
multy-layered pastry
shell that is fi lled with
a moist ricotta fi lling fl
avored with diced
orange and a hint of
vanilla. Onced baked,
can be dusted with
powdered sugar or
served with gelato or
ice cream
Hand made cannoli shells
that are deep fried to
crisp perfection, with a
hint of cinnamon, vanilla
and other natural fl avors.
Cannoli shells are coated
with a rich layer of
chocolate inside and out.
Key Lime Pie
A rich buttery grahm crust is
fi lled with a simple
combination of key lime
juice and condensed milk
for a sweet and tart fi nish.
We recommend topping
this pie with fresh whipped
Hand made Mini Cannolli
Shells that are deep fried
to crisp perfection, with a
hint of cinnamon, vanilla
and other natural flavors.