Margharita Style $8
san marzano puree, mozzarella, basil
Shrimp & Cilantro $10
onions, red pepper, spicy tomato cream
Joel’s Local Eggplant & Goat Cheese $9
parsley & carrot salad
Prosciutto & Manchego $10
tomato puree, basil
Available evenings only until 9pm
Have our chefs prepare you a random
five or eight course tasting menu
from items off the
ever-changing a la carte menu.
This will be a blind menu
at the chef’s discretion.
All that is required from you
is an open mind
and a passion for food.
Wine pairing option available.
Five courses - $50.00 per person (plus gratuity)
House pairing - add $20.00 per person (plus gratuity)
Sommelier pairing - add $35.00 per person (plus gratuity)
Eight courses - $75.00 per person (plus gratuity)
House pairing - add $30.00 per person (plus gratuity)
Sommelier pairing - add $50.00 per person (plus gratuity)
Minimum of two people per table.
PEI Mussels $14
ginger, garden lemongrass, coconut curry broth, cilantro
Brasserie Caesar Salad
kalamata olive tapenade, toast points,
shaved reggiano, caesar dressing
$8, half serving $5
White Truffle & Parmesan Fries $6
garden basil aioli
Chick Pea Hummus $6
extra virgin olive oil, grilled pita bread
“Grilled Cheese” $6
soft brie, white truffle, mango marmalade
Devils On Horseback $5
blue cheese stuffed dates wrapped
in smoked bacon, sweet & sour balsamic
Feta Bibb Salad
bibb lettuce, feta cheese, grape tomatoes,
garden cucumber, kalamata olives, yoghurt dressing
$8, half serving $5
Cobb Salad
iceberg lettuce, crumbled blue cheese, smoked bacon, eggs,
tomatoes, haas avocado, crispy onion, sherry vinaigrette
$10, half serving $6
All Salads, add grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or fresh catch $8
Mini Argentinian BBQ $8
grilled steak, house-made chorizo, chimichuri, ciabatta crostini
Crispy Calamari $7
lemon aioli, spicy Cayman sea salt
Chili Glazed Chicken Wings $7
garden kimchi
Chicken Liver Pate $8
onion marmalade, crostini
Brasserie Catch Tuna Tartar $12
pickled daikon, avocado puree, island crisps
Garganelli Pasta $9
brasserie garden pesto, grilled vegetables, parmesan,
alfredo or tomato sauce
add grilled chicken, steak, shrimp or fresh catch $8
Grilled Natural Certified Angus Beef Skirt Steak $15
brasserie pepper jelly, house made pickle relish,
mixed baby field greens, white truffle fries
Quiche & Salad $11
mixed greens, balsamic vinaigrette,
see your server for daily quiche preparation
Caribbean Chicken Pepper Pot Soup
red beans, Cayman callaloo, freshly grated coconut milk
bowl $8, cup $5
Fresh Catch Of The Day $16
from The Brasserie’s own fishing boat,
see your server for preparation
Soup Of The Moment
see your server for daily preparation
bowl $8, cup $5
Seafood Pasta $16
garganelli pasta, fresh fish, PEI mussels, basil broth
“Knife & Fork” Seared Snapper Sandwich $15
house-made pullman bread, lemon aioli, baby arugula salad
The Brasserie supports Cayman’s local artisan purveyors as well as using
produce from our own organic garden. Our fresh seafood is brought to you by
The Brasserie’s fishing boat, “Brasserie Catch”.
Open Face Kobe Burger $14
caramelized onions, Gruyere cheese,
brasserie style fries, red curry aioli
Cayman sea salt for finishing.
A 15% gratuity will be added to your bill.
1/2 Roasted Free Range Chicken $15
garlic whipped potato, cippolini onion,
french beans, thyme sauce
Smoking permitted in our outdoor smoking area only.
See your server for today’s vegetarian option $14
P EI M uss e l s $ 1 6
C a r ibbe an C hicken Pepper Pot Soup
ginger , gar den le m o n g r a s s , c o c o n u t c u r r y b r o t h , c i lant ro
r e d bea ns , C aym a n c a llaloo, fr eshly gr at ed c oconut m ilk
bo wl $8.00, cup $4 .00
C h i c k P ea H u mmu s $6
e xtra vir gin o live oi l, g r ill ed p i t a b r ead
So u p Of The Momen t
s e e you r ser ver f or daily pr eparat ion
Trad it i o nal C hee se Fondue $14
bo wl $8. 00, cup $4 .00
warm c ayman se a s a l t e d p r e t z e l s , w h o l e g r a in m us t a rd
Fe t a B ibb Salad $8
“ G r i l l ed C h e e s e ” $6
bi bb le t tuc e , fet a che es e, gr ape t om ato es, cucum ber ,
s oft br ie, wh i t e t r u f fle, m ang o m a r m ala d e
ka la mat a olives, yoghurt dr ess ing
D e v ils O n H o r seb ac k $4
Mixe d Baby Field Gr eens $8
blue ch e e s e s t u f f e d d a t e s w r apped
ba by c a r r o t s, r ed onion, c el er y, haas avocado,
in sm oke d b a c on, s weet & s ou r ba ls am ic
r a di s hes , y uzu vinaigr ett e
Mi n i A rge n t i n i a n B B Q $8
gri lled st eak, house- m ade c ho r i z o , c h i m i c h u r i , c i a bat t a c ros tini
C ris p y C a lam a r i $6
Fres h C atch Of The Day $2 4
lemon a iol i , s p i c y C a y m a n s ea s alt
f rom Th e Brass erie’s own f is hing boat ,
s e e you r ser ver f or daily pr epar at ion
Chil i G l aze d C h icken Win gs $7
g a r d e n ki m c hi
Grilled Na t u ral Cer tified Angu s B eef Skirt St eak $1 8
br as ser ie pe pp er j ell y, gar den sw eet potat o au gr at in
C h i cke n Liv e r Pa t e $ 6
J o el ’s pi c kl ed eggplant , gr ille d gr een onion
oni on m a r m a lade, c r o s tinis
Po r t Br aised Lamb $20
L oc al Y e l l o w F i n T u n a T a r t a r $ 14
r o as ted fing er lin g po t at o, brasser ie garden sa lad, natura l jus
pickled dai ko n , a v o c a d o p u r e e , i s l a n d c ris ps
1/ 2 R oa st e d Free R ange Ch icken $15
Brass e rie C a t c h C e v i c h e $ 10
ga r l ic wh ipp ed pot at o, cippolini onion,
fresh cocon ut mil k, g inge r , cil an t ro, l im e,
f ren ch beans , th ym e s auce
s eas on p ep p e r, island c r i s ps
Sa u teed S h r imp with Hou se-Made Fettu cini $19
Ar t i san C h e e se Pl ate $9
zu c chin i, po r t a be ll o c o nf it, loc al eggplant, t om ato bas il sauc e
see you r s e r ver f o r d a i l y p r e par at ion
Op en Fa ce K obe Burg er $ 14
c a r a mel ize d onio ns, Gr uyere c hees e,
br as serie s tyle fr ies , red curr y aioli
“T as t e f or Today” $2 4
The Brasserie supports Cayman’s local artisan purveyors as well as
using produce from our own organic garden. Our fresh seafood is
brought to you by The Brasserie’s fishing boat, “Brasserie Catch”.
s ee you r serv er for to day’s s pec ia l
16 o z. Nat u ral C er t i fied Angus Beef Cowboy St eak $38
c ris py c ass ava, chimichur i,
bras s erie garden gre ens
Se a food Past a $20
ga r g ane lli p as ta , fr es h f ish , PEI muss els ,
po ached s hr im p, bas il br ot h
Caym an sea salt for f inishin g.
A 15 % grat uity w ill be a dde d to y our bill.
Sm o king pe r m itted in our outdo or smoking area only.
Se e you r serve r f o r today’s vegetar ian option $19
Valrhona Chocolate Fondant
salted pecan caramel, crème fraiche vanilla ice cream
Chocolate Raspberry Bon-Bon
godiva dark chocolate liqueur, chambord,
vodka, heavy cream
Roasted Banana & Tortuga Rum Bread Pudding
walnut caramel brittle, caramelized banana
South Sound Coconut Crème Brûlée
rum & lime cream, chocolate cookie
Local Lemon Napolean
(Layered Lemon Meringue Pie)
crispy phyllo, wild berry compote, dark chocolate
White Chocolate Martini
absolut kurant, godiva white chocolate liqueur,
white crème de cacao
Espresso Martini
vanilla vodka, tia maria, kahlua,
lavazza espresso, orange zest
Local Pumpkin Cheesecake
vanilla cream, pecans with organic maple syrup
Dulce de Leche Float
dulce de leche ice cream, vanilla vodka,
bailey’s, coca-cola
Create Your Own Tasting Menu
choose three of our daily house made
ice creams & sorbets
Ice Creams - crème fraiche vanilla, coconut, dulce de leche,
Barrington espresso, peppermint,
dark chocolate & Cayman sea salt
Sorbets - papaya lime, local sorrel & ginger,
malibu coconut rum & lime, grapefruit, mango
All Desserts $7.00
Tiered Dessert Tray
selection of our desserts,
perfect for parties
Artisan Cheese Plate
with wine $16.00
Spanish Coffee - tia maria
Irish Coffee - jameson’s
Café L’amour - cognac, amaretto
Nana’s Smooth Operator - bailey’s, kahlua, frangelico
Café Au Cognac - cognac, lemon
Mexican Coffee - tequila, kahlua
Le Café De La Brasserie - rum, cinnamon
Liquid Desserts & Special Coffees $8.50
See Wine List