July 2015 - Genesis United Methodist Church


July 2015 - Genesis United Methodist Church
Volume 7, Issue 7
Genesis United Methodist Church
July 2015
Love God — Love Our Neighbor
It’s What We Do
We are in full swing at Genesis this
Summer! As we move into July, our
missions focus moves us in lots of
powerful directions.
Vacation Bible School will have us
climbing to brand new heights as we
tackle “Everest” with our children. We
look forward to many of our neighbors
joining us for VBS this year. There are
many ways to help make this year our
best yet. Head to the table in the
Commons for all the information. Kids
can sign up on our website:
Our ministry to the homeless, Room in
the Inn, resumes this month. Each
Thursday we will host 8 men who need a
cool and safe place to sleep. They will
get a good dinner, fellowship, a
comfortable bed, and breakfast before
being taken back to the Day Resource
Center where they can receive the
support they need to make a new start in
life. Head to the Room in the Inn table, or
see Troy for more info. Room in the Inn
will continue through the summer.
Again this year, we are providing 200
snack sacks a week for five weeks to the
children at the United Community
Centers. This is a major undertaking. We
need everyone to pick up items for the
snack sacks so that we can meet our
What are you doing to get your hour of
mission each week? It’s amazing to see
all the ways the Lord can use us! What a
blessing to get to be a blessing to others.
Sundays at
8:15 a.m.
Communion Service
9:20 a.m.
Adult Sunday School
Youth Sunday School
Ages K-5
Sunday School
Infant to 2 years
10:30 a.m.
Traditional Service and
Fusion (Contemporary)
United Methodist
Dr. Jim Conner
Senior Pastor
7635 S. Hulen Street
Fort Worth, TX 76133
Phone (817) 292-4551
Fax (817) 370-6021
Don’t forget to like us
on Facebook!
Pastor’s Message
Doors of the Church Are Still Open
Last week, I was privileged to participate in a solidarity march from the downtown
courthouse to the historic Allen Chapel African Methodist Episcopal Church. Once we
arrived at the church, we gathered for a prayer service to honor and remember the “Emanuel Nine”, the
individuals who were killed in South Carolina the Wednesday before as they gathered together for prayer and a
Bible study. We sang, we prayed, and we listened to those who shared words of hope and comfort. The
message that evening was repeated over and over: The Doors of the Church Are Still Open!
The very next morning, we received news of the Supreme Court Ruling legalizing same-sex marriages
throughout the land. The shift in opinion in response to same-sex marriages has been telling of our culture, no
matter what side we are on. People of faith have divergent and strongly held opinions on this issue.
Bishop Lowry has written a response to this decision posted on his Bishop’s Blog at the Conference
website (ctcumc.org). I have included a few excerpts:
Wherever you may be on a spectrum from overjoyed reaction to the ruling to deep despair over the
Court’s decision, catch a breath. I cannot emphasize strongly enough that we be a people of love and
care for all in the name of Christ under the guidance of the Holy Spirit! All really does mean all – for
those who we agree with strongly and for those with whom we disagree passionately! While fully
respecting the Supreme Court ruling, the United Methodist Church’s position on same-sex marriages
has not changed. United Methodist clergy are not permitted to perform same-gender marriages and
such ceremonies are not to be held in our churches.
He goes on to share ways that United Methodist clergy can participate in same-sex marriage ceremonies
without officiating. It is interesting reading. Our denominational policies are guided by our Book of
Discipline which is revised every four years following our General Conference Sessions. The next General
Conference will be held in Portland in May of 2016. I will be in attendance as an alternate delegate
representing the Central Texas Annual Conference.
Like you, I have read many posts on social media about the ruling. They have ranged from the joyful and
affirming to the disappointed and condemning. Regardless of your point of view, please be careful, respectful,
and prayerful in your discourse. It is clear as a church that we don’t all see eye to eye on this issue. As a staff,
we don’t all agree. But we are striving to agree to disagree as the United Methodist Church continues to work
on all of this. I am convinced that, one way or another, change is coming.
At Genesis, we have committed to be a place that welcomes everyone. We are a church where thoughtful,
committed Christians on both sides can agree to disagree with respect and love. No matter what the future
holds, we too are committed to make sure that The Doors of the Church Remain Open.
A Record of Our Faithfulness…
Our 2015 Budget as approved by the Genesis Church Council is $1,251,455.00
Monies received for the month of June: $93,957.54
On Sunday, August 30th, we will be receiving our 4th new membership class off 2015. We will have a
combined worship service at 10:30 followed by lunch It is also the day of our LIVE AUCTION. There
will be a movie shown in the children’s area during the live auction.
Genesis is known for amazing auctions, and this is no exception. You can get everything from getaways,
to exclusive event tickets, dinners and more. If you have an item for the live auction, please get it to us by
August 27th so that it can be included in the lineup. This year, the Silent Auction will take place the
Sundays following the live auction (September 6 and 13). Our auctions have always been vital in helping
us meet our mission commitments. We know that this year will be every bit as important. Please come
and bring your friends!
When we honestly ask ourselves which persons in our lives mean
the most to us, we often find that it is those who, instead of giving advice, solutions,
or cures, have chosen rather to share our pain and touch our wounds with a warm and
tender hand. – Henri Nouwen
Last week at the Shiloh National Military Battlefield a park ranger revealed that gravely
wounded Civil War soldiers of both sides frequently cried out for their mothers and
sometimes imagined them present. His comment reminded me of the Henri Nouwen quote
above. Often our culture, obsessed with analyzing, expressing, and doing, overlooks the
importance of simply “being there” for and genuinely caring about people. That is the
essence of Stephen Ministry. While Stephen Ministers are certified in skills including
one-on-one communication, confidentiality, and stressed reactions to losses, our primary
function is listening without judgment. Rather than solve a care receiver’s issues, we offer
support and affirmation in difficult times. Ideally a Stephen Minister only speaks 15% of the
typical one hour weekly meeting at a mutually agreeable date, time, and place. Kindly
contact Rev. Ginger Watson or Connie Davenport to learn more.
Barb Ann Pimentel
Communion Sunday
12 
Church Conference
6:00 pm
Worship Services: 8:15, 10:30 am (Contemp. and Trad.) Sunday School: 9:15 am
Prayer Team (2nd and 4th): 5–6 pm
Faithful Followers Too: 10:00 am Knitting Group: 10:00 am
Staff Meeting: 9:30 am Faithful Followers Emmaus: 6:30 pm
TCC 42: 1—5:00 pm Chancel Choir Rehearsal: 7:30 pm
Seasoned Adult Fellowship: 10 am—12 pm Senior High TAG: 12:00pm
Room in the Inn: 5:00pm Adult Basketball: 7:00pm AA Meeting: 7:30 pm
Genesis Youth
6:00 pm
Senior High TAG
12:00 pm
Missions Meeting
5:30 pm
AARP Board Meeting
10:00 am
14 ♥
15 
Genesis Bookies
10:00 am
6:00 pm
Stephen Ministry
5:00 pm
UMM Breakfast
7:30 am
16 ☼
Red Hat Event
11:30 am
Parents’ Night Out
6:00 pm
6:00 pm
CSI: Game Night
6:00 pm
23 ☼
6:00 pm
19 
21 ♥
Trustee Committee
Meeting 11:45 am
22 
AARP Chapter #4116
10:00 am
Senior Adult Lunch
12:00 pm
Finance Committee
Meeting 11:45 am
26 
28 ♥
Adult Volleyball
7:00 pm
29 
30 ☼
Parents’ Night Out
6:00 pm
CSI: Movie Night
6:00 pm
1: Cameron Davidson
2: Shelley Couch, Stacy Dodson,
Patricia Graczyk, David Smith
3: Steve Bass, Kirk Broome, Kyle Munion,
Brittany Scott
5: Beata Jones, Heather Nethery
7: Andrew Love, Bob McAllister, Joey Mercado,
Justin Ramsey, Dale Schmidtbleicher,
Will Stroud
8: Carole Ewing, Julia Gwillim, Eleanor
Harkins, Kevin Kilmer, Carson Spies
9: Amanda Cloy, Brandon McComb,
Scott Russell, Ray Thomas
10: Marla Goodman, Brittni Johnson, Sheerie
Sobota, Stephanie Stevens
11: Bryan Bellamy, Chester Crow Jr., Becca
Curtis, Candace Lewis, Pat Poynor, Lou Ann
12: Sara Darwin
13: Janet Fischer, Sharon Hague,
Olivia Morrow, Cindy Stroud
14: Brenda Brock, Emily Estes, Rachel Pope
15: Robert Garwell, William Harris III, Alicia
16: Thomas Green, Jack Harty, David Hooker,
Veronica Wright
17: Elizabeth Holt, Hye Kyung Kwak
18: Seth Allen, Sarah Garrett, Caitie Harris,
Lesley Perez, Michael Phillips, Davin Sands,
Nathaniel Webster
19: Bobby Canales, Sharon Carter, Kathleen
Petterson, Ray Wells
20: James Langton, Mike Nipper, Ronald J.
Steyn, Lisa Woodrum
21: Lou Boyd, Cathy Crader, Laurel
Johnson, Veronica Johnson, Deb Lawson,
Jacqueline Ramsey
Jerry and Betsy James
Dale and Connie Schmidtbleicher
Duard and Anne Pyle
James and Carla Sams
Vint and Susan Boston, Johnny and
Diana Hunt
John and Gwen Gibson
Russell and Carolyn Wilson
Ed and Kay Massengale
Craig and Linda Walker
Reuben and Alice Berry, David and Laura
Carl and Sherri Frey, Allen and Pamela
Gann, David and Anna Russell
John and Martha Inman, Joe and Sylvia
Michael and Kathy Phillips
David and Emily Yee
Chris and Michelle Lee, Scott and Terri
22: Spencer Kelley, Crystal Pearson
23: Frances Dodson, Debbie Pearson, Brent
Pronger, Robert Waterston, Steve Watson
24: Tina Cole, Kimberly Day, Caroline Holt,
Cody Tovar
25: Shannon McAllister, Troy Shepherd, Sam
Vickers, Annabel Young
26: Drew Garrison, Jackson Morris, Bill White
27: Rachel Ford, Sherri Frey, Shane Harrison,
Deborah McDaniel, Anne Pyle, Pete
Scheuermann, Lynnice Taylor
28: Shawn Hamilton, Jeff King
29: Mary Black, Brian Jack, Shirley LupPlace,
David Pace
30: Jeremy Deifik, Lara Pettrerson, Shannon
Poe, Christopher Prater, Charles Rains
31: Karan Arms, Howard Boshers, Catherine
Estes, Bob Holt, Edie Jones, Larry Pimentel
The Moncrief Cancer Institute
and UT Southwestern will hold
free mammograms for "women
who qualify” on Saturday, July 11, at the
Goodwill store on Alta Mesa.
Appointments are required. You can call
1.800.405.7739 for info and appointment
Thurs. July 16th at 11:30 am
3408 Winifred Dr.
Fort Worth, TX 76133
Bring a salad to share, everything else will
be provided.
Hosts: Judy McAllister and Betty
Davenport RSVP to Judy 817-292-6834
July Happenings
July 1st: Genesis Book of World Records
6-7:30 pm in the Great Room
July 8th: Ranger game. Meet at Genesis at
5:15 pm. Ticket price TBA.
July 15th: NO YOUTH due to VBS!
July 22nd: Where’s Waldo? 6-7:30 pm
July 29th: Disney Double Feature night in the
Youth Room! 6-9 pm
Thank you, Genesis family!
Our group of about 60 youth and adults spent a week in mission in Graham, TX, and it was truly a week of
transformation for the community and ourselves. Thank you, our church family, for all of your donations and prayers for
our trip. We also want to thank each of our youth for taking the time to serve, as well as our adults, many of whom take
vacation time to serve the community and guide our youth throughout this week: James Aghayere, Venessa Amaya,
Tyler Blaker, Emily Causey, Connie Davenport, Richard Fry, Missy Gonzales, Ricky Gonzales, Bob Greer, Liz Greer, Paul
James, Scott James, Denise Johnson, Kenny Johnson, Rhonda Johnson, Jeannie Jurgenson, Trisha Love, Alyssa Myers,
Diane Stout, Jessica Teague, Mike Trevino, Tamara Trotter, Becky White, Bill White, and Chris Youngs.
Mission Moments
Working Together In
MISSION For Christ!
Genesis JFON Clinic
Justice For Our Neighbors
United Community Centers
Snack Sacks Project
Our National JFON Clinic
training was great with a
total of 20 volunteers
attending the event. We
had an opportunity to learn
more about JFON and our role at Genesis
as we prepare for our first clinic on July 8,
1-4 pm in the Education Building.
The Annual July Snack Sack project is sponsored
by the UMW and is in full swing. The project
Our major role as a JFON Clinic is to serve
as a ministry of hospitality welcoming local
immigrants by providing low cost or free,
high-quality immigration legal services to
low-income immigrants and offering
education to our neighbors and the public.
We will be working with JFON-DFW and
their Staff Immigration Attorney, Maria
Macias at our clinics. You can pick up one
of the JFON information cards in the
Common’s area to find out more about
them and services we will be providing.
provides Snack Sacks for the UCC children who are
attending their summer programs at the three
Centers; Bethlehem, Poly and
We will be providing 200
Snack Sack kits per week
beginning July 2 for 5
weeks. This is 1000 packs.
We can really use your help! We hope you will
visit the UMW table in the
Common’s area for information on the project and
pick up one or more of the remaining Snack Sack
item slips to finish the project. Cash donations are
always appreciated. Just mark your checks UCC
Snack Sacks
Thanks for your generous
UMW “Mission u” is coming to
Genesis UMC on July 29-30
Our Room In The Inn program starts July 2nd
This was formerly the School of
and runs through August 27. This program is
sponsored under the direction of the Day
Christian Mission and offers
Resource Center, “DRC” is now their new name.
some of the best education on
The RITI Advisory Council of Fort Worth meets
Missions around! You have the
monthly with all the church coordinators in
Tarrant County involved in the program. We still
opportunity to take some of the
have lots of volunteer slots open for you to sign
up! Please stop by the Room In The Inn table to classes: Created for Happiness: Understanding
sign-up. You may also contract Troy Chapman Your Life In God, Latin America: People and
by phone at (817)297-1840 or you may email Faith and The Church and People with
him at: [email protected].
Disabilities. Check out the UMW’s Table for
DRC and other agencies have a lot of new plans registration or a copy of Mission Ties with lots of
on the drawing board to better serve the
homeless in Fort Worth.
information about the studies.
United Methodist Women
Christmas in July
Do you like singing Christmas hymns? Does the sight of a Christmas tree bring
a smile to your face? Do you like to help children?
If so, then Christmas in July, sponsored by United Methodist Women is for you. The 60th
annual celebration is Monday, July 13 at 7:30 pm at the new Wesley Center, 3600 N. Crump,
Fort Worth TX 76106. Tickets are $2 (or a donation) and are available in the Commons before
and after church in July. All proceeds benefit the United Community Centers. Donations of paper goods are
welcome as well.
We will carpool from Genesis, leaving at 6:45. Contact Judy Graham if you want to go.
Vacation Bible School
Do you like feeding volunteers? Are you willing to do a little something that has a big impact?
Then helping with hospitality at Vacation Bible School is for you. We need volunteers from
Sunday evening, July 12 to Thursday evening, July 16 to provide snacks for the youth and adult
VBS volunteers. There is a sign-up table in the Commons with food suggestions for each night
or you may contact Diane Scott for more details.
Mission u
Do you like learning about mission? Do you like to cook? Then there are two opportunities for you at this
summer’s Misson u July 29 and 30 at Genesis UMC.
First, men and women of the church are invited to participate in one or both of the studies —
The Pursuit of Happiness (Created for Happiness: Understanding Your Life in God Spiritual Growth Study) or Latin America: People and Faith - Geographical Study. Both
studies are offered on both days. You may register on line at the following web site —
Second, your help is needed as we provide lunch for the participants each day. Contact Judy
Graham if you want to help.
If you have questions about any of these opportunities, please contact Judy Graham (817-293-3991)
or [email protected].
Church Conference Meeting
There will be a Church Conference Meeting on Sunday, July 12th in the Chapel
immediately following the 10:30 worship service. We will be electing officers
at this meeting.
JULY, 2015
The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention plays a vital role in protecting us from food borne illnesses.
The center reports that more than 1,000 outbreaks of food contamination occur each year In the US and
during these outbreaks, 1 in 6 people become sick, and some die. Food can become contaminated during
growing, harvesting, processing and distribution. Because the food industry has become global in nature, the
CDC, along with the Food and Drug Administration, (FDA), has the final approval on which countries can
import food products to the US.
Several bacteria, viruses, and fungi can be sources of food borne illnesses. Some, which produce toxins, can
be more serious than others. Two examples are E.coli and Clostridium botulinum. The toxins produced by
these organisms spread to vital organs such as the liver and kidneys, causing life threatening illness and
possible death.
Here are some precautions to take when preparing food for yourself and others:
CLEAN- wash and rinse produce in running water. Remove outer leaves of lettuce and cabbage. Refrigerate
all cut foods until ready for use. Wash your hands before preparing food and during the preparation if hands
become contaminated. Perform an extended hand wash with antibacterial soap if you have handled a pet,
cleaned a litter box or changed a diaper before preparing food.
SEPARATE – keep all raw meats, fish and poultry separate from other foods, especially foods that you plan to
serve raw, such as fruits and salads. Use clean cutting boards and utensils after using them on raw meats.
Place cooked meats on clean platters. After marinating meats, discard the leftover marinade.
COOK – cook meats, poultry and eggs thoroughly. Use a thermometer and follow the recommended
temperatures. Eggs should be cooked until the yolk is firm.
CHILL – refrigerate leftovers promptly if they are not going to be eaten within 4 hours. Large amounts of food
will cool quicker if they are divided into smaller containers.
In addition to following the above precautions, one of the most important ways we, as individuals and
communities can prevent the spread of food borne illness is to report suspected infections and sources of
contamination to our local health departments. By doing this, agencies such as the CDC can move quickly to
contain outbreaks and prevent reoccurrences. Food borne illnesses can potentially affect every one of us. By
taking personal responsibility, we can help to keep our food supply safe.
June 2015
Genesis Library & Cool Summer Reads
The heat is on! It’s time to catch some quiet moments in a cool spot, relaxing and reenergizing with a good book. The current titles above
are all popular reads that have just been added to Genesis Library; consider picking one up to enjoy!
Catherine Hyde’s Where We Belong describes the vulnerability of a family facing tough challenges who finds loving connections, human
and canine, that empower them to reach for a better life. Charles Martin is a writer who is as readable as he is prolific. His newest, Water
From My Heart, takes us into the world of a cut-throat, global businessman who has decided to right the wrongs he has perpetrated.
Another recent addition is Martin’s Thunder and Rain, the story of a Texas Ranger with integrity and compassion who must rebuild his life
in retirement. Amy Brown’s Flight of the Sparrow is for lovers of historical fiction and Brenda Remmes’ Quaker Café takes us to both a
Southern town with quirky characters and into Quaker culture, an interesting combination.
Are you a UMW member who loves learning through our Reading Program?
If so, the due date is coming up for 2015 UMW Reading Program booklists –
they’re due to Laura by Sunday, August 9. Please turn your list in by bringing
it to the Commons Library or to the office Library mailbox, or email your list
of books read to [email protected]. If you have any questions, email
or call Laura at 817-426-0175. Let’s support Genesis UMW with our efforts.
Participate in the Reading Program – let’s read and learn together!
Recreation Ministry at Genesis
The first Tuesday of each
month is volleyball for adults
and high school youth in our
Great Room. The next time
we will play is on July 7th.
Join us for some
volleyball fun.
Adult tennis starts on
July 22 at 10am in our
Great Room. We will be
teaching the sport as
well as playing games
for seven weeks on
Thursday mornings.
Walkie Talkies
Genesis UMC has a new group for those who
enjoy running or want to start. Whether you
are an experienced runner or looking to give it
a shot, join this new group as they get together
for fellowship and exercise. The group meets
on Wednesdays at 8 pm. Like Run GUMC on
facebook for more information.
Every Thursday at 7pm,
there is adult
basketball in the Great
Room. No matter what
your ability is, it is a
great chance to
fellowship and get
some exercise.
Come join us Monday through Friday
at 9-10am upstairs in the Great
Room on the church walking track.
The rules are simple. Walk at your
own pace. Stop when you need to.
Walk a little while or a long while.
The main goal is to get exercise.
“From the rising of the sun to its setting the Mighty One speaks and summons the earth.” (Psalm 50:1)
With you is the source of life, O God.
You are the beginning of all that is.
From your life the fire of
the rising sun streams forth.
You are the life-flow of creation’s rivers,
the sap of blood in our veins,
earth’s fecundity,
the fruiting of trees,
creatures’ birthing,
the conception of new thought,
desires origin.
All these are you, O God, and I am of you.’
You are the morning’s freshness.
. . . John Phillip Newell
“From the rising of the sun to its setting the Mighty One speaks and summons the earth.” (Psalm 50:1)
In the gift of this new day,
in the gift of the present moment,
in the gift of time
and eternity intertwined
let me be thankful
let me be attentive
let me be open to what has never
happened before,
in the gift of this new day,
in the gift of the present moment,
in the gift of time
and eternity intertwined.
. . . John Phillip Newell
It’s Easy to Request Prayer at Genesis
Email the church at [email protected]
Or call the church at 817-292-4551
Prayers of the People
Longer Term Concerns
We pray deepest sympathy for
Auda Freemon on the death of
her father.
Robert Amaya’s sister, Mona
Maurine Belknap
Donna Blanton’s mom
Reba Alley
Rita Brodeeur’s husband, Philip
Bill Booth
Clara Burke
Tony Whitmore
Don Chandler
Linda Chandler
Linda Chandler’s sister, Mary Lou
Lori Conner
Jerry Cox
David Doles
Collin Farmer
Carrie Fisk’s father
Shirley Heard
Jimmie Hill
Richard Hobt
Nancy Hooper’s dad
Irene Hummann
Elizabeth Jack
Grace & Jett Jamison
Jeannie Jurgensen
Mandy Kittle
Jimmye Sue Kniffin
Ho Joon Kwak
Dottie Logue
Keith Lloyd
David and Katherine Lucas
Hope Marshall
Amy McAllister
Ed Moseley
We also pray deepest sympathy
for the family of Margaret
Bill Brown
Alice Bryson’s nephew, Steve
Carl Harkins
Bill Erion
Cindy Cofield
Judy Russell
Jim Peterson
Bob Arms
Thad Arms
Paula Koontz
The Howses’ daughter, Marsha
Russell Pickett
Marla Goodman
Kenny Mills
Bob Alexander
Ella Grace Rodgers
Lee Johnson
Shirley Wright
Jan Cooper
Rosemary Koppel
Mona Foster’s dad
Mel Hughes
Karen McGee
Ann Pace
Jim Peterson
Doug Priddy
Maple Pruett
Tony Pryor
Virginia Sims
Dee Simmons
Nelita Snow
Nancy Thies
Katherine Townsend
Jane Walrath’s father
Eunice Ward
Denise Williams
Burnell Waters
Mike Young
Karen Younger’s mom
Serving in the Armed
Caroline Adeniji
Burton Ferguson
Douglas Frieir
Doug James
Sean Mitchell
Joey Morrin
Daniel Owen
Layla Plumb
Jacob Rangel
Kelly Rhinehart
Rachel Snider
Matthew Staton
Jason White
Jonathan Wilson
June Memorials
During the month of June, donations have been given to the Memorial Fund in memory of
Jim Logue and Bobbie Younger.
The Permanent Endowment Fund and the Genesis Music Ministry received memorials given in
memory of Jim Logue.
To offer a memorial or honor gift, you may contact the church, mark a gift accordingly or
go to our website, www.genesisumc.com.
What better way to spend some time than participating in CSI:Genesis events. If you are single, age 40 and better,
you are invited to be part of the CSI:Genesis Singles ministry. Check us out at http://genesisumc.com/singles or stop
by the CSI:Genesis information table in The Commons across from the Library. There is always a place waiting for
YOU!! Interested in hosting an event or offering your home for a Salon? E-mail suggestions and ideas to
[email protected].
July 2015 EVENTS
Each Sunday Immediately After Second Service: After-Church Lunch Bunch
Meet at the CSI:Genesis Information Table…we will pick a nearby place for lunch and conversation!
CSI Service Project for July: Vacation Bible School, July 12-16.
Contacts: Loretta Mahaffey 817-370-8606, Edie Jones 817-292-5668
Wednesday, July 1: Summer Vacation Fun dinner, 5:00pm; location TBD; Stay tuned.
Friday, July 3: First Friday at the Modern
Time: 5:00 pm.
Saturday, July 4: Concert at Arborlawn UMC.
Time: 7:00PM
Admission free. No reservations required.
Wednesday, July 8, Summer Vacation Fun dinner; 5:00pm; location: TBD; Stay tuned
Saturday, July 11: Old Fashioned Picnic and Salon
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Mona Foster's home, 8205 Cedarcrest Lane, 76123, 817-289-9130
Sunday, July 12: Vacation Bible School begins
Wednesday, July 15, Summer Vacation Fun dinner, 5:00pm; location TBD; Stay tuned.
Friday, July 17: Game Night
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Dining Room off Great Room
Bring: A snack to share and a friend.
Contact: Joyce Jones 817-263-5424
Wednesday, July 22, Summer Vacation Fun dinner, 5:00pm; location TBD. Stay tuned.
Wednesday, July 29, Summer Vacation Fun dinner, 5:00pm; location TBD. Stay tuned.
Friday, July 31: Movie night
Time: 6:00pm
Location: Small dining room (Off Great Room)
Feature: "Singing in the Rain"
Bring: a snack to share and a friend
Contact: Joyce Jones 817-263-5424
*What is a Singles Salon? The premise of the Singles Salon is quite simple. CSI:Genesis members gather in a
member's home to discuss a topic of mutual interest. Judy Clarke serves as the Salon's facilitator. Members will receive
a list of discussion questions. And, no discussion would be complete without a potluck dinner. This is truly a time of
incredible fellowship, fun and food!
United Methodist Church
7635 South Hulen Street
Fort Worth, Texas 76133-7477
NON-Profit ORG.
U.S. Postage
Fort Worth, Texas
Permit No. 1890
Return Service Requested
Next Genesis UMM Gathering:
Saturday, July 11, 2015, Dining Room In Large Hall, 7:30 A.M.
Special Guest Presenter, Karen Oakley, Director of Marketing and Church
Relations with Glen Lake Camp and Retreat Center
We had a great breakfast at Rise & Shine in June. Russell Wilson led us in Prayer. We
had breakfast and then each individual gave a short check-in on what was going on
with them. It was a chance to hear from each person about the important events going on in their lives. It
was a very special time. A special thanks goes out to Becky White for helping to get our First Friday meal
together for the Cornerstone Living Center and Bob Howse for getting it delivered.
Planning continues on our first ever Genesis United Methodist Church’s Men’s Retreat to be held in
September. Dr. Jesse Sowell, Professor Emeritus at Texas Weslyan University, will be presenting a
topical and inspirational study at Lake Arrowhead Camp, September 26-27, 2015. If you have not
already done so, please mark your calendars for this special event.
Be sure to come to our July meeting and hear KAREN OAKLEY, DIRECTOR OF
tell us all about what’s new and great about our very own Glen Lake UMM Church