Manawai - Vibrant Energy for Life


Manawai - Vibrant Energy for Life
Sharron Norton HHP
Nationally Certified
Sharron has acquired a deep
understanding of the relatedness
of all body systems. Her intuitive
wisdom, supported by extensive
education in multiple disciplines,
is life changing.
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...feeling a little off ? pain? ...feeling down? recovery? ...depressed?
A ‘Personal’ Wellness Retreat
Enhance your life! Take this moment to manifest your “heart’s desire”
for radiant health. A retreat uniquely designed to meet your needs
and health goals. Manawai, offers a magical healing environment
with these distinctive therapies.
Maybe It’s Time To
Aquatic Bodywork:
Watsu-Jahara-Healing Dance-Water Dance
Imagine yourself floating, weightless... receiving massage and gentle
stretches. Surrender mind and body to this warm water embrace.
This acupressure massage creates vitality, freedom of movement,
and a flowing release from stress and pain.
Theta ‘Energy’ Healing
We all have core beliefs, that manifest in the physical realm, and
limit our expression. By uncovering and clearing them, on a
purely energetic and often unconscious level; we embrace a new
life experience.
Evaluates and balances physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual
energy. Removes any obstacles which may sabotage your ability to
make “life enhancing choices”, and accomplish your goals. Brings
harmony to all aspects of your being... Mind ~ Body ~ Spirit.
Sports Rehab ~ LomiLomi ~ Shiatsu ~ Thai ~
Swedish ~ Myofascial Release ~ Resonance and Reike.
Our transformational bodywork interweaves a host of modalities,
tailored to your specific needs.
Monarch Beach Wellness Center
28 Monarch Bay Plaza, Suite E
Monarch Beach, CA 92629
Phone: 949 355-2727
email:[email protected]
Vibrational Integration Bio-photonic Energizer
Vibrational Integration Bio-photonic Energizer
The V.I.B.E. consists of technologies based on
4 Improves The Immune System.
the theories of Lakhovsky, Tesla, Rife and Clark.
4 Regenerates & Reprograms Cell Frequencies.
Using these pioneering techniques, this device
4 Restores Natural Sleep Patterns.
4 Heightened Energy Levels.
increases the body’s cellular frequency to its
4 Enhanced Feeling Of Wellbeing.
“original” healthy state. Imbalances in the body
are created by; toxic substances that we eat,
4 Mental Clarity With Balanced Emotions.
pollutants we breathe, exposure to negative
4 Reduces Drug Dependency.
energetic environments, and how we handle
4 Speeds Recovery And Helps Heal Injury.
our thinking and feeling processes. Our body
4 Decreases Inflammation.
has a higher frequency or vibration when it is
4 Improves Joint Mobility.
healthy, and a lower vibration when it’s sick.
4 Noticable Improvements In A.D.D.
4 Relieves Anxiety Disorders.
This device creates long-term positive effects
for the body. Call Now for your appointment.
(949) 355-2727
Detoxifying Foot Bath
The “warm water ionizing foot bath treatment”
which efficiently draws toxins out, through the
feet, using the skin as the body’s 2nd largest
elimination system. Designed and proven in
clinical trials to create ion fields which restore
the body’s energy and balance in just an
18 - 23 minute treatment.
U.S. Patent 6,933,819
What Does It Do?
The Bio-Photonic Light produced
by the V.I.B.E. sends out frequencies
of healthy human cells increasing the
inner-connectivity within your DNA.
This is a technological breakthrough
that provides essential energy directly
to the cell, enhancing the human body
by enabling it to reach its optimum
vibrational energy level.
The “Royal” Treatment
We recommend booking the discounted 10 session “Royal”
treatment package of 10 Vibes with 10 Footbaths. We have
found that this has shown the most lasting beneficial effects
when using the Detoxifying Foot Bath in conjunction with the
Vibe; toxins, lymph, and heavy metals are more easily drawn
out of the body. The Vibe is currently in several clinical studies.
It’s time you we’re treated like Royalty.

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