Annual Report 2015 - HFLA of Northeast Ohio



Annual Report 2015 - HFLA of Northeast Ohio
David Edelman
Executive Director
Michal Marcus
Vice Presidents
Lisa Lowe
Wendy Albin Sattin
Roz Quarto
Larry Dlott
Past President
Stuart J. Sharpe
Board of Directors
Marcia Coven
Bruce Fallick
Michael Fine
Philip Fine
Zeev Friedman
Lorie Gelb
Laura Kleinman
Marianne Lax
Janet Shapiro
Ben Zlatin
Board of
Life Members
Naomi Adler*
Joseph Babin
Keith Belkin
Bert Chernin*
Lewis Frauenthal*
Phyllis Gary
Leonard Senkfor
Peggy Wasserstrom
Office Manager
Roberta Roth
*of blessed memory
Your institution could not
be better managed if it
was a United States bank.
[Investments] pay 100% in
upholding self-respect, in good
citizenship and benefit to the
Mr. Jacob Schiff, Philanthropist
February 6, 1914
111 Years of Planting Seeds and Growing Community
ebrew Free Loan Association of Northeast Ohio was established in 1904
following an influx of immigrants. They were jobless, often without established
families, and searching for a way to build a new and better life here in America. A
group of visionary Jewish men pooled together $501 and started the Hebrew Free
Loan Association in adherence to the biblical directive that money be lent without
interest. There was an expectation that the loans would be repaid to the loan fund so
that the original lenders’ generosity could be paid forward.
or 111 years, HFLA has provided thousands of loans in response to the diverse
needs of capable and able people without access to capital. For some, HFLA
provided the funding to begin a small business. For others, it was the opportunity to
acquire an education, pay off a “payday” loan, secure a vehicle for transportation, or
make a down payment on a home. The needs for loans have changed with the times,
however, there are still individuals who need support and are deserving of support
from Hebrew Free Loan Association. Their respect and appreciation for HFLA is
evident in that 97 percent of the loans made are repaid by loan recipients. Though
the name of the organization reflects its Jewish heritage and ideals, loans are made to
individuals on a nonsectarian basis.
After nine years at HFLA, I still
get chills from the stories of people
we help. I wish each of you could
be present for the hugs and tears we
receive when we help someone pay the
final fees they need to go to school or
train to become a barber, a firefighter,
an EMT; when we tell someone we
can help them pay for their car repairs
so they can get back and forth to
work to support themselves and their
families; when we help a woman pay
off the “payday” loans she took, with
interest rates as high as 700%, thinking
this was the only way she would be
able to escape her physically and
emotionally abusive spouse. There
are so many stories to share and this
report highlights so few of them.
It’s 2030 and my self-driving Apple
Car is delivering me to work when a
bus drives by. On the side is a banner
sharing a list of ways that interest free
loans can help you in times of need.
I smile at what we have achieved
No young adult is skipping college
because he can’t afford the book fees.
No longer does a broken-down car
lead to a lost job. No longer does
a hardworking person find herself
unable to escape a 300% interestrate predatory loan and crash into an
unnecessary bankruptcy.
This is not a dream. It’s a plan.
In 2013, we committed to taking this
111-year-old organization from being
Northeast Ohio’s best kept secret to
a well known and trusted community
resource. Two years later, the results
have been remarkable. In July, we lent
more than $70,000, a number that was
very recently a six-month goal.
As Executive Director, Michal
Marcus has cultivated outstanding
relationships with clients, community
partners, and our financial supporters.
She gets a lot of credit for the massive
increase in loan applications and the
stellar repayment rate: over 97%.
Likewise, the caliber of the board
has never been higher. There are no
“bench warmers” here! This is a group
of hard-working people committed
to building a smart, effective, and
sustainable organization worthy of
the 1904 mission to help Northeast
Ohioans succeed through their own
Now we are looking forward to
2020. Our vision is to grow our loan
fund to $2 million and continue to
professionalize the organization to
I am heartened that after 111 years,
we still have a community dedicated
to helping us fulfill our mission, that
we all believe that people want to
be independent and don’t just want
handouts. With the very hard work of
an amazing Board of Directors who
give hours of volunteer work, HFLA is
poised for growth. We have deployed
our entire loan fund, in excess of
$500,000, and the need continues to
grow. Each loan is a testament to the
power of your investment.
needs our growth, which will ensure
that our neighbors can live with
dignity, contributing to our economic
renaissance and setting their families
up for success. Together we will
continue planting the seeds for an ever
brighter future.
Thank you for all you have done to
help us continue fulfilling
our mission,
Michal Marcus
Executive Director
We need your continued help
to keep growing. Northeast Ohio
support large-scale micro-lending. I
invite each of you to get involved:
1.Volunteer for the Board, for the Next
Generation Board, in the office or for
an event.
2.Donate to our loan fund. Every
dollar you donate not only transforms
a life, but is repaid and put to work
3.Spread the word. Tell someone
today about how interest free lending
is helping people in our community.
We have an opportunity to make
Northeast Ohio an example of how
investing in good people builds a
strong community for generations.
Let’s make it happen.
David Edelman
from HFLA
A young adult
attends college
A young woman pays
the certification
exam fee for her
nursing license
A family pays off
Predatory Lenders and
avoids bankruptcy
Over 97%
repayment rate
A young man repairs a
car and keeps his job
A small business
owner buys critical
Mom has the utilities
turned back on
following illness
The Power of
Recycling Your Investment
New Lending $350,000 $300,000 $250,000 $200,000 $150,000 $100,000 $50,000 $0 55 loans 64 loans 59 loans 73 loans 75 loans 2011 2012 2013 2014 2015 as of 10/1 Audit Excerpts
Total Assets
Net Assets
Total Public support, revenue
and other additions
Net unrestricted assets
beginning of the year
Total unrestricted assets end
of the year
Our Loans at Glance 2013
A complete set of financial statements audited by Zinner & Co. LLP
is available by written request
General Lending An3-­‐Predatory Lending Business Educa3on Default Rate vs Total Lent $279,414 $205,112 135,391 0.19% 2011 $157,732 0 2012 0.79% 0.47% 1.05% 2013 2014 2015 Default Rate Financial
$184,780 Amount Lent Mission
The mission of HFLA is to meet the needs of capable and able persons in
Northeast Ohio, without easy access to capital, by providing interest-free
loans. In support of this mission, HFLA
Respects the dignity and self-worth of those it serves.
ultivates a personal relationship with its borrowers.
Honors the biblical directive and Jewish ideal that money be lent without
charging interest.
Loans are made on a non-sectarian basis.
Vision for the Future
The vision for HFLA by 2020 includes these milestones:
The Loan Fund will have grown to . million to enable service to more
people and to have a larger humanitarian and economic impact in ortheast
HFLA will have improved its financial position and sustainability through
robust fundraising initiatives and the ac uisition of larger, more diverse and
stable sources of revenue.
HFLA will enjoy increased community awareness, brand recognition and
strategic relationships.
HFLA will benefit from exceptional board leadership, governance and financial
There will be expanded professional staff and volunteer capacity to advance
the strategic priorities of HFLA.
Over 25,000 Lives Transformed...
Jazmin Long
Co-Founder of The Cleveland Young Professional Minority Women’s Group
“The Hebrew Free Loan association has made an incredible difference in my life. I am so grateful
that during my time of need, while attending Case Western’s Mandel School of Applied Social
Sciences, I was able to receive a loan that helped me accomplish my goals and move closer to
my dreams.
I am now fully employed at Global Cleveland and I credit much of the success I had in my final
semester of Grad school to HFLA. A major weight was lifted off my shoulders, financially, by the
HFLA, which allowed me to focus on my studies and finding full time employment.”
Linda Hirsh
“Three years ago, my Lyndhurst apartment burned down due to a gas line cut. I was going to
bundle my car and apartment owners insurance on April 1st. This will come as no surprise to
anyone who knows me--the fire happened on March 28th. I had no active apartment rental
insurance. The apartment management only gave us three days at a hotel.
Thank God for wonderful friends. Thank God for HFLA. They did not judge, they just helped. I
went in for a meeting, discussed my needs and they came through. Without them I would not have
had a roof over my head. I would have been unable to replace any of my furnishings. HFLA is an
amazing organization. I want everyone to know about this group. An interest free loan. A place to
go when you need a helping hand. Hands down the best helping hand in Cleveland.”
“HFLA has been an enormous blessing to my children and me. As a single parent with 3 high
school age children, I was facing huge financial stresses as I attempted to rebuild a life for our family
after the collapse of a 20-year marriage and financial hardship due to a family business failure. As a
teacher, I know the value of education. When my son wanted to attend University, I had no means
of securing a traditional bank loan. HFLA lent our family the money to fill in the gaps that the
three jobs I was holding could not fill. My son got a job and together with these collective funds we
were able to pay his tuition. Today, he is a successful businessman. Subsequently, HFLA was there
to help my second son and daughter with their education as well.
They took the blessing which we were given and used it to help them set goals and work hard to
achieve them. We are grateful for the financial support we have been given and hope someday to
help others as HFLA has helped us in our time of great need.”
Janette Pellas
“I am forever grateful to HFLA for helping not only me but also my son in our time of need. The
both of us cannot express enough what a world of difference this made to us. God bless you all.”
Interview with
Philip (Mike) Alvarado; Firefighter
Growing up in Cleveland, 28-year
old Mike Alvarado had always wanted
to be a firefighter. After graduating high
school, Mike worked in entry-level retail
positions, and he did a course to get his
EMT (Emergency Medical Technician)
certification. Seeing an ad for the Fire
Academy at Tri-C, Mike wanted to enroll,
but he realized that on his part-time salary
it would be very difficult to afford the
tuition. The secretary at Tri-C suggested
he call HFLA.
The process was a simple one.
Meeting with the loan committee, Mike
felt they understood why he needed the
money and that this was what would help
him advance in his career. Following the
Fire Academy, he started working part
time, and he was able to pay on his own for
a paramedics course. Mike now works full
time for the Cleveland Fire Department,
and, five years after getting a loan from
HFLA, he was able to purchase his first
“There really weren’t other options
for me to pay for the academy other than
high interest credit cards at the time,”
Mike says. “I now recommend HFLA to
family or friends that I see need financial
help. This loan helped me succeed in my
career. People looking to give back should
definitely donate to HFLA and help pay it
Benjamin Franklin said, “If you would know the value
of money, go and try to borrow some.”
Audrey and Albert Ratner congratulate
The Hebrew Free Loan Association of Cleveland
for 111 years of dignified, interest-free,
compassionate lending.
Congratulations on 111 years of
interest free lending
and helping those in need.
Dan Zelman
The cause of HFLA is my passion
as no other organization helps so
many diverse people become selfsufficient.
In turn, these people repay their
loans and many become annual
contributors to the HFLA. These
repayments and contributions
multiply out to help HFLA make
even more people self-sufficient.
May my passion be emulated by
others so that HFLA can continue
to make our community flourish.
Zeev Friedman
The purpose of life is not to be happy.
It is to be useful,
to be honorable,
to be compassionate,
to have it make some difference
that you have lived and lived well.
— Ralph Waldo Emerson
Zinner & Co. applauds the Hebrew Free Loan Association
for its unwavering commitment to helping others,
serving the community and creating positive
change for individuals and their families.
Congratulations on 111 years of
making our community stronger
through loans without interest.
Best wishes on the next 111 years!!
Larry and Susan Dlott and Family
3201 Enterprise Parkway, Suite 410 • Beachwood, Ohio 44122
216.831.0733 • •
Mazel Tov on 111 years!
May HFLA go from
strength to strength!
Congratulating the
Hebrew Free Loan Association on
111 years of interest free lending
to help Clevelanders in Need
Mark Howard Associates
Lisa Arlyn Lowe & Rabbi
Steven Denker
“Congratulations on
another successful year!”
Sandra J. Buzney, JD, LISW
Providing legal services with a social worker’s touch
A lender is greater than
one who gives charity.
Babylonian Talmud 63a
Mazal tov on 111 years of
promoting self sufficiency
with dignity.
Wendy & Bill Sattin and Family
“Lending money interest free
preserves a sense of self-sufficiency
and esteem to the borrower and is a
high form of tzedakah for the lender.
Congratulations to HFLA
for 111 years!”
Linda and lifford Wolf
Congratulations HFLA
on 111 years
of helping people in
Northeast Ohio in need!
The Senkfor Family Foundation
Congratulations on
111 years of interest free
lending in Northeast Ohio.
So proud to be part of this
wonderful organization
Congratulations on 111 years!
Lorie Gelb, Mark Silverman &
Arielle Silverman
Congratulations to HFLA on the
remarkable achievement of 111
years of interest free loans to
people in need. We do not know
of a more worthy organization to
donate our time and resources.
JK Investment Group
5005 Rockside Road, Suite 915
Independence, OH
Congratulations on
empowering our neighbors
to succeed for 111 years.
Sanjay & Amy Bhargava
The Edelman Family
Ian Abrams
Robert S. Abramson
Daryn & Kevin Adelstein
Aladdin’s Eatery
Doreen Alper
Alson’s Jewelers
Ella Aminov
Judith & Bruce Amsel
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Leslye & Keith Arian
Michael Armin
Alan B. Arons
Richard Bain
Marcia Bakst
Joyce Barkin
Stuart Barmen
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Amy & Scott Bilsky
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& Jerry Zahler
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23300 Chagrin Blvd. Suite 204
Beachwood, OH 44122
Tel: 216.378.9042
Fax: 216.378.9007

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